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  1. So that's around 143bhp at the wheels Harry pretty good, have you had the cylinder head ported and flowed? Regards Michael
  2. michaeldavis39


    Do you mean the pi Pedestal seals? as that's what your picture looks like--the pedestal does have 2 seals which are hard but not that difficult to fit if you make sure the assembly is absolutely clean and add a little lube on the outer surface of the seal whilst making sure you press them in square on - I used a socket of the nearest diameter if I remember rightly. Michael
  3. Confused now, I've read on this forum that it was OK to zinc plate nuts and bolts provided they are put in the oven afterwards to heat treat them now someone is saying they shouldn't be galvanised which is same process isn't it?? Confused dot com Michael
  4. I got mine from one of the TR suppliers that has stock of old parts TRGB I think it was, part was cut from a rhd bulkhead so needed cleaning up but fit perfect once done.
  5. Mm fitting anything to any car with 60 year old wiring would concern me- unless it was removed and thoroughly checked end to end for continuity and decent earthing for example, yes led bulbs would help on current draw and stick with engine mounted fan rather than an electric to keep the originality too. Everyone is different and we are all entitled to our opinions - it's not worth getting upset over it life's too short as we all know. Forums are great for sharing info, experiences, advice that's what they are here for. Yes some people can be arsey but you get that walking down the hi street or should I say in the large shopping malls - try working in retail for years like I did and you will really see how unreasonable and arsey folks can really be!
  6. Peter- Around 5 times the price of standard plastic number plates - but in the grand scheme of things these old sportscars are no longer cheap if your doing a full restoration either yourself or someone doing it for you.
  7. Is it a photo shoot for an advert? Slogan could be along the lines of: "Remember what we produced before joining the EU- let Britain Triumph again!"
  8. No worries there chopper the original style will be on mine - you know the reflective yellow background and the reflective white with raised letters-just need to find who makes them -no reflection with silver and black obviously which will have been why the dvla changed them though the old TRs before the 6 do suit the old plates as they are period correct. Happy motoring everyone. Michael
  9. Those black and silver plates look so wrong, these cars never had them. I would have the original metal plates in yellow with the raised black plastic letters as originally used.
  10. I would be interested to know what size hose everyone has fitted to this valve as the original hose is not the same diameter. Michael
  11. From what I have read the Armstrong were designed to have a slight weap to keep them lubricated, some owners have had modern seals fitted, I had mine refurbed and uprated but haven't fitted them yet so no idea if they leak. Michael
  12. If you were thinking of buying a new chassis for your TR6 would you buy a replica from CTM or the Ratco frame from USA? Or is there an alternative being sold anywhere else as both these cost around the same with shipping costs and obviously the USA one will incur import duty etc. The Ratco frame claims to have improvements over the original Triumph design which havent been done on the CTM chassis - has anyone driven a car with both these chassis to compare - I would love to hear forum members thoughts on this. Michael
  13. Who may I ask is the gearbox guru?
  14. I would not recommend the stainless steel bumpers, a set were fitted to a friend's car and he asked me to clean some dust off them -in doing the dusting I noticed that the surface scratched! I could not believe how easily this happened and I didn't put any pressure on the cloth and the cloth was a brand new microfiber cloth. I regard the quality of these bumpers as very no extremely poor compared to chrome - don't waste your money on them they just aren't worth it and I should know as I was considering buying stainless steel but no chance now it's re chroming all the way which is around the same price anyway. Michael
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