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  1. That was an extremely cheap TR6, i guess it was a gamble as it had not been started for ten years- all the fuel pipes will need replacing etc but still not a fortune to sort out.
  2. What year did this get sorted out Aston for those of us who dont know please?
  3. Maybe it is Harlequin but i prefer to do things properly - each to their own.
  4. Sean having done both top and bottom bushes outside of the car i would say that yes you could leave outer in place just to do the top bush. You could simply drill the two rubber nipples either side poking out the outer column and then drive the inner shaft upwards until the steering lock inner locator hits the bottom of the bush to drive old bush out completely- obviously you would need to disconnect the bottom of the inner shaft to do this.
  5. John Reilly they are talking about the tiny strip of trim that runs around the inside edges of the windscreen frame
  6. Gone off from when? From filling up months ago? From filling up recently? From filling up from a particular petrol station? From filling up from a particular part of the country? NTC please give more details as we are not mind readers thank you
  7. Great news today! I had a chat recently with Past Parts regarding the non plating if my part and today received the plated item all finished looking like brand new and they saved the Girling tag too brilliant!
  8. Happy day today - found old wiring loom along with the ignition cover boot! Problem solved yey
  9. Thank you. I have ordered a silicon cup shaped cover that is the correct diameter to fit snuggly over the ignition housing and decide when fitting back onto car how the wiring will come out of it.
  10. Mines a 74 car and the wiring is new -( part 93 on moss diagram) to match the new wiring loom- which it does after just checking - so still no further forward- perhaps i will have to make a cover from something else.
  11. Ive seen that before which is the wiring coming straight out the back not to the side
  12. Has anyone got a picture of what the cover looks like on the rear of the switch on a CR series where the wires come out at the side not straight back. See my photo of wiring - is there something that anyone knows of suitable to cover these wires neatly other than insulation tape? Thanks in advance.
  13. £395 for one tyre? Ive bought Michelin tyres for modern cars and never paid more than £125 for a single tyre and that includes for a Mercedes SL R129 series. I appreciate quality and build quality but those classic tyres are a modern day rip off so i will stick to normal tyres at sensible prices- i bought 4 Bridgestone tyres for my TR 6 years ago and they were £200 for 4 fitted and balanced!
  14. Not accusing you of anything, nice company - did you try clicking on the microsoft partner logo?- Im not interested in what you have im interested in protecting people thats all lets leave it there shall we - you do what you want - but i do know what im talking about and got scammed by a nice company playing the same game thats all.
  15. My first car was a mk2 Escort- awful car lost track of the times i ended up facing backwards, badly made car that wasnt even undersealed from the factory you know. I cannot see why anyone likes these cars- a rally Escort is far from a road going car so no comparison really and i can think of many £40k cars far superior to this boxy saloon- give me a Cossie any day for example lol.
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