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  1. Sounds good Roger as this is a very serious safety issue- I am thankful that no lives have been lost- not everyone with a TR6 is in this forum but obviously the suppliers will issue recall notices to all customers thankfully.
  2. Thanks for the information Waldi i wil see what i can do about getting one made- such a pity i cant buy a quality product fit for purpose from a normal supplier
  3. My metering unit return has a screw in fitting so can i buy an ethanol proof flexible hose that has this fitting?
  4. So who or where do we buy a quality hose for our cars please or do we have to make our own???
  5. Just watched it, nice programme
  6. So what flexible pipe is safe to use on the metering unit fuel return pipe- has anyone got a decent one or recommend one as reading through this thread no mention of any ?
  7. This hose looks exactly the same as supplied by David Manners and Moss Europe having just checked their websites- not good news, also i have bought the same hose as i recognised the red ends from the photos from a different supplier which i have not even fitted yet so will be looking to change it as i dont feel safe fitting it - perhaps nobody else makes this hose and all suppliers are selling the same one? Very annoying!
  8. Can anyone point me to a supplier for an Iwis timing chain for my TR6 please - i have looked online with no luck so far. Thank you
  9. That was an extremely cheap TR6, i guess it was a gamble as it had not been started for ten years- all the fuel pipes will need replacing etc but still not a fortune to sort out.
  10. What year did this get sorted out Aston for those of us who dont know please?
  11. Maybe it is Harlequin but i prefer to do things properly - each to their own.
  12. Sean having done both top and bottom bushes outside of the car i would say that yes you could leave outer in place just to do the top bush. You could simply drill the two rubber nipples either side poking out the outer column and then drive the inner shaft upwards until the steering lock inner locator hits the bottom of the bush to drive old bush out completely- obviously you would need to disconnect the bottom of the inner shaft to do this.
  13. John Reilly they are talking about the tiny strip of trim that runs around the inside edges of the windscreen frame
  14. Gone off from when? From filling up months ago? From filling up recently? From filling up from a particular petrol station? From filling up from a particular part of the country? NTC please give more details as we are not mind readers thank you
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