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  1. Ship ahoy matey Ntc, think he meant gasket. Definitely get the head and block crack tested or you could be wasting money and time - it's not expensive to get done at all. My 2p worth
  2. All this talk of ropes- hit the bolts with a big hammer and penetrating fluid on a regular basis- eventually it with come free it has to its just corrosion between the bolts and the holes in the head.
  3. Yep banging with hammer, penetrating oil, heat more penetrating oil, big hammer, nuts welded on, basically try all of this and with sweat, perspiration lots of swearing you will succeed, it just sometimes takes some time- I had two bolts rusted in my head and after a week of trying it eventually came free- I wasn't going at it every hour for a week but spraying etc for maybe an hour or two each day as it was seized on solid! So we are all on here encouraging you to keep going keep going don't give up- it's only a furball lol.
  4. Put one nut on and then tack weld it onto the stud- this worked for me.
  5. I went for the Vasey Cosworth hubs and the uprated driveshafts for my car due to bad press in some of these CV conversions.
  6. Well he said they were bought in good faith and would remove them if he found they were not NOS. If you look since I contacted him he has ended the listing!
  7. I've sent the seller a message asking him to either end the listing as it's not truthful or to amend it. If he doesn't I will report him to eBay.
  8. Stuart I have seen some of the TRF commissioned parts sold here in the uk- for example fulcrum pin sold by Moss here in UK comes packaged with TRF made in Taiwan on the actual part- ask me how I know. So I stand by what I said I would not bother, all the items I bought from TRF had actually been sourced either from UK or the usual parts manufacturers in the far east. Anyway I'm not arguing it's up to the individual where they buy their parts.
  9. No spring John. See photo attached
  10. John I have some original cylinders so will have a look to see whether there actually is a spring in there.
  11. No these are not NOS they are new parts made wherever. I have bought from the Roadster Factory and they sell the same parts that UK sellers supply so no advantage but they do a lovely catalogue and I got stung for import tax etc so altogether an expensive exercise to obtain what can be bought locally- don't bother. Michael
  12. Hi John can you post a picture of this spring you are talking about please? Having done a full brake overhaul I'm not sure what you refer to. Michael
  13. If anyone is wanting to fit the correct sump for their earlier TR I have two spare sumps with front facing plugs both in great condition.
  14. Peter that was my point- over 50 years there may have been a different size propshaft that has been used even if TR ones are same as you said Stag was longer and fits a TR6. I've measured my propshaft (photo attached)to help Richard Crewe Read to see if his is the same size as nobody has actually given any dimensions - I measured 26 inches from yolk to yolk or 66cm - fully compressed.
  15. Maybe originally Stuart but after 50 years perhaps parts have got mixed up - just an idea.
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