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  1. Ed why did you go to led bulbs then, wasn't the alternator powerful enough? Are you still using the original Lucas wiring harness? Michael
  2. Thank you Steve will be ordering one soon. Michael
  3. Right I shall be looking for a higher rated alternator then as this is an original Lucas and I would feel happier with a bigger amperage. Thank you Michael
  4. I'm converting from Stromberg carbs to Lucas Pi, fitting fogs front and rear along with a radio. On original car the wipers were extremely slow if the headlights were on- couldn't see much with headlights either even on full beam so a new wiring harness and now going through the electricals to make this a safer car. Michael
  5. What alternator model is this please as I am trying to work out if it is up to the job for my TR6. I'm guessing it's a ACR 16 as there is a mark next to the 16 but I don't know for sure hence the question. Michael
  6. Just so we know where not to go having read all that
  7. Leaking after a couple of years Waldi? Wow how disappointing, I had my original one refurbed at considerable expense after reading on forums about poor quality new parts so glad I did now - I hate doing things twice or paying good money for poor parts. Also still haven't had an answer from NTC regarding what I asked about what he knows about previous new part issues. Michael
  8. That looks great Sean and i hope i can have my chassis looking something like that this year! Michael
  9. Thanks Sean, my inner cable looks fine and I felt it would be a waste to buy a replacement when the existing one is still perfectly serviceable. My question was somewhat out of curiosity as I said it's hard to tell what it's made from but as it's lasted all these years I would find it hard to believe its just mild steel considering its totally exposed to the elements for the past 46 years! I tried to shine it up with a wire wheel but had no success. Michael
  10. Any ideas then anyone what this cable outer sheath is made from? Michael
  11. Can't find a magnet which was my original thought, not plastic coated - the shiny part looks like the hose on a stainless steel shower hose. Michael
  12. What is the outer sheath of original handbrake cable made from as seen in photo below? Is it stainless steel, aluminium or cadmium plated steel, I can't determine what it is but at first I did think it was stainless steel. Your answers greatly appreciated thanks. Michael
  13. If you are going to sell then leave it as it is as you will never get back the money it costs to do the conversion- theres a lot to do as i know to do it properly eg replacement wooden dash and metal dash , new rhd steering rack, some dashboard padding parts, couple of brackets to support steering rack either side of bulkhead( to do a proper job - some folks dont bother with under bonnet support but hey each to their own but not me), alterations to wiring loom, brake pipes need altering, interior pedal mounting bracket and new brake pedal, clutch pedal, accelerator pedal, speedo and tacho cables possibly too, some welding and cutting, drilling and painting a bit i think that covers just about most of it and you could also be tempted to do other works if you did convert ( as i have done going from conversion to a full restoration - my damn OCD kicked in and that was that lol). Have fun whatever you do. Michael
  14. Thanks very much Stuart excellent response. Michael
  15. Hello learned people. In the process of converting from LHD to RHD and sorting out brake pipes. On a LHD car there is a PDWA valve with a sensor--looking at Moss and Rimmers brake diagrams a RHD Tr6 does not have this valve - I have a few questions: Does the UK TR6 have a PDWA valve at all as I haven't seen one on any diagrams? Can someone show me the brake pipe routing for the UK TR6 with photos please? If UK TR6 has no PDWA valve then what purpose does the brake light serve on the instrument guage(speedometer/tacho- I forget which)? I look forward to your answers. Michael
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