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  1. Hi All Couple of good ideas. Not sure about the bending thing as the enamel is basically glass so to become flexible i think it would need to be very hot and not sure how easy that would be to achive and not over heat, But got some ideas to try and i'll see how it goes. Cheers Keith
  2. Hi All Just a quick note to moan about poor parts, doh. When I dismantled my poor old 6 I notice the grille badge was a little scabby. Decided I didn’t want one of the foil things so hunted for an Enameled one, but not expensive. And I found a new one locally, some guy selling all sorts of spares out of his shed, looked great. Not 100% but nice enough, lettering a bit thin but hey bargain, Yeah. Until that is a found it does not fit the mounting plinth, because it’s just not curved correctly. GRRRR. Trouble is because it enameled and the black is basically glass is I force it to ben it will just crack and I’ll be back to square one. Can’t remember exactly where the guy was and it was ages ago so lesson learned. I suppose I could fit it anyway as who looks that close at the grille. Cheers Keith
  3. Hi All Hadn't thought of a plank (except me!!!) even though thats what i used to raise the pass side of my car to stop the door hitting the low wall. But as you say it was a pain moving and falling aprt (old like the car ) So i got some of these, cheap as chips (like 20 quid) and of course being ramped easier to get a couple of wheels on than a plank. But i simply hadn't though a TR6 would be low enough to need a low rise jack so that was the suprise for me. But you mention low profiles and i'm on 165/80's, but surely if it makes that much diff the speedo must also be out? Of course people could eb running uprated suspension and shorter springs buty i was just relating it to my car. Cheers Keith
  4. Hi All Must say i'm slightly puzzled by this? On the basis its in the TR6 forum i assume we are talking about lifting a 6. But i've never had an issue lifting my 6 on a standard home trolly jack with the simple bar handle. And although i've reached the top of the lift i can easily get underneath full length on my crawler board. To do that i lift either end half way then use axle stands and lift the other end then raisde the other end to max height my trolly jack will go to. So i've never needed a low jack of any kind, maybe if the tyres are dead flat but not as normal. By 6x2's i assume you mean those really low ramps. I do have some of those but only bought them so i could use them to lift the pass side of the car a couple of inches so at least i can open the door with enough clearance to stop it smacking into the low wall between my drive and next door. But no need to use them to get my big jack underneath. Cheers Keith
  5. Keith66


    Hi All Looking at making the switch from std bulbs to LED’s and looking for some views and feedback. No issue for the interior and the exterior bulbs like indicators brakes etc, but unsure about headlights. My car currently still has the original type sealed beam units and I know they are not great so I do want to upgrade, but a few choices so I thought I’d ask for some feedback from those who have the diff options fitted. First and simplest would be to upgrade to Halogen units but does it enough improvement. Secondly Xenons, my understanding is that fitting Xenons although legal is much more complex and difficult but more info would be welcome. LED’s. Again i think LEDs can be fitted but not sure bulbs can just replace Halogens or a whole LED specific unit is required. Also some of the lenses I’ve seem for LED units look way to modern aesthetically for an old car so are there alternatives? Cheers Keith
  6. Keith66

    Car lifts

    Hi Michael I absolutely love Mick’s set up and it would be choice. I’m sure Mick has said in the past his is a Strongman Clifton with the central section being uncluttered and that is more expensive new. But they also do one called a Montford which also has a clear centre and that’s about £1500, but only lifts to 1m rather than 1.2m so I guess its all about compromises. A clear central section and no wheels on the floor but at a little more cost and a lower max lift height. I’ve not got anywhere with my version of this project as a single integral garage is a little tight anyway and I’m still not sure I’m allowed to spend so much on a garage lift and SH units are quite rare it seems. But i think you've got to be fairly confident on the strength of the floor, it would not be god if the pressure on those rear wheels made a tiny section of the floor fail and destabilised the car. Cheers Keith
  7. Peter I'm in the same position with a 72 and was thinking what to do some time ago, so popped a post on and didn't do anything about it. But your post has peeked my interest again and i'm going to give it a go. So i've just taken the plunge a bought some CR pulls off the bay, well Spitfire ones which i'm hoping are the same (most seem to be labelled TR6 and Spitfire) and they were cheap so nothing lost. Changing the internal door skin should be simple enough its just the case of tacking in a small panel in with an appropriate sized hole. The alternative shaped rease bar might be a bit more difficult but easily do able if I take care and measure twice before i cut it. Door cards will be much more difficult but mine are quiet scruffy so if i do get that badley wrong its not the end of the world. So ta for getting me moving. Cheers Keith
  8. Hi Guy's I’d assumed as much but wanted to check. Thoughts are to try to update the Radio with modern USB and Bluetooth capability with the original look and maybe keeping this period speaker. I’ll see how it sounds. Great to have the original installation instruction for interest, so thanks Derek. Cheers Keith
  9. Hi All Just a bit of a curious really. When I got my beastie it came with what I think was to normal radio for the time a Radiomobile 1070X. But it also came with the pictured speaker box situated behind the seats on the bulge in the rear floor, it contains a single 6 inch (approx.) speaker. Now it looks pretty period and as my car has no evidence of any other speakers I was wondering if this was standard fitment, an option or dealer fitted as I cannot see anything about radios in my, admittedly slightly earlier, brochure. Cheers Keith
  10. Billy It really depends on how hands on you want to be and what if anything might be wrong. But I'm with Waldi on this one and basically did the same on my CP, although i did crack one of the glasses it was easy enough to get a replacement. The only difference was my tacho was U/S, stuck at 2500rpm with no engine so i got a full refurb done at Speedograph Richfield in Notts and it came back very nicely finished, so pretty happy with them. Cheers Keith
  11. Hi All Just want to do a quick check on IGN timing for a 72 Pi. The brown book lists the static timing as 11 degrees but no timing at idle, unless I’ve missed it, though it does for US cars. Now it’s a bit of a pain to slowly turn the engine over to get evrything in the right to check esp when the fan is in place and rad full of water. So two questions, is there a sneaky way or turning the engine over or what should the dynamic timing at idle, so circa 800rpm. Cheers Keith
  12. Hi Guy's This thread does make me think about a different but linked question. So firstly i've fitted the T seal and they are ok and the wheel arch is all stone chipped and then body colours topcoated and looks very nice after its body off repaint. So the question is what about wheel arch liners? In some ways will they be that important as i'm sure my car as in common with most 50 year old soft tops will be driven mainly in the dry so wet mud getting stuck in all of those 1970's rust trap crevices may be not something to worry to much about. Thoughts or recomendations. Cheers Keith
  13. Hi All Thanks for the replies, esp Andrew, great to see the different strips side by side. Surprisingly the difference is more noticeable than I expected so I’ll be fitting the age correct ones as I’m trying to keep things reasonably original, esp in terms of aesthetics. Cheers Keith
  14. Hi All Adding some of the finishing outer trim items and on to the chrome (alloy) lower side trims. Now for my 72 car they should be part 623421 at 7/16ths wide, but also listed is 625212, but they are slightly wider at 5/8th, but they are a fair bit cheaper. So given i won't see them till i order them is the width the only difference and is that slight diff even noticable on the car? Cheers Keith
  15. Keith66

    TR6 Radio

    Hi All Seem to be a couple of options if wanting to upgrade the capabilities of the old unit. Fit a modern unit, but it may look a little out of place. Get the old unit fitted with modern internals, as already mentioned. Couple of companies that supply off the shelf units or will update your own to various specs. But if you go full house it aint cheap, go Bluetooth, USB support and DAB and you are into the thick end of a thosand quid. (other suppliers may be cheaper ) It is a choice i'll face fairly soon and i would prefer the original look but i very much doubt i'll be going the 1000 quid route. Cheers Keith
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