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  1. Gareth and All With these entirely cosmetic things the decision over what it looks like is a 100% personal thing. So whatever you do on your car is correct, even polished carbon fibre or body colour (lol) When refurbing my (Original, as afr as i can tell) dash I decided to stay with what I think is reasonably close to the original look. Luckily my dash veneer was I quite good nick and just needed a few repairs. The lacquer as normal was not so needed to be completely stripped. To replace it I went with multiple coats (5+) of satin with a light key between each. I’
  2. Hi All I'm def no expert engineer but logic would tell me there should be way less chance. So assuming the bump stops don't come into play before the strut bottoms out there would be massive (depending on pot hole size) stresses transmitted vertically to a fixed point, namely the top of the new strut bracket, so pretty strong. Well the ones I fitted seemed to be. So a locked strut attached to a V strong bracket and a massive road shock leads the weak point failing, i.e. the alloy trailing arm shock mount. With lever arms there are many areas of flex, both vertically and hor
  3. Def not gonna buy mine from there then, if they have numerous outlets they'll leak all over the engine bay
  4. Hi David The first thing to say is its your car and 100% upto you which way to go and what you want out of it. But for me one of the things about the 6 is the fuel injection is very much its USP and makes it a bit unusual and not just one of a number of 60's / 70's mechanically conventional sports cars so for me its get the Pi working. I;m sure there are people who can recomend someone close to you to sort it. Cheers Keith
  5. Hi All Hi All I think these days we need to be pretty careful when buying tyres. I doubt many of use wear them out and as has been said 10 years or so is about the limit due to rubber aging, hardness and cracking. Tyres over 10 years old are already outlawed on the steering axles of LGV’s over 3500kgs due to weight. But with a Range Rover weighing in at 2600kgs how long is it going to be before they start extending that to cars. It was being considered for taxi’s but was shelved as part of the LGV thing but who knows for how long, so we def don’t want to be buying tyres that hav
  6. Dave Hopefully they will come back with something realistic. There should be an expectation that wear and physical damage excepting tyres should last a minimum of 10 years. Unless you spill Acid all over them. To have been fitted less than 5 years and be all but scrap because of cracks is unacceptable. The 10 years should be from fittment date or we should all reject fitment of tyres over 3 months older than manufacturing date. It is reported that classic cars average about 1200 miles per year, so based on Dave's under 5 years from fitment to scrap it gives you 5000 or
  7. Hi Dave I've had a number of tyres crack and fail am MOT, well more like get advisory and the comment that it won’t be passed next year. They were Goodyear F1’s on my, the wife’s the wife’s, little used (Cough Cough) MG- TF, but they were 10 to 12 years old from memory and I kind of expect them to only last that long esp as it has to live outside due to the TR being garaged. My recent-ish Vredestein 165 TTrac2’s were looking ok last time I looked, maybe time for an inspection. But tyres on a cars stored inside or at least out of direct sunlight should last 10 years at least.
  8. And exactly because of that i have a credit card with a lowish limit that i use for internet purchases only. This means day to day physical transactions are kept separate from internet spending and if the card gets compromised the other one is still ok and of course that applies both ways. Maybe i'm being over cautious but hey what the heck, hacks can happen. Cheers Keith
  9. Stuart, interesting. Do they say that is because they think that is a contributory factor or just looking for a get out? Always tended to prefer parts from someone you've heard of rather than a generic Chinese part. Though who knows where they are actaully made, the assumption is they've got a name to protect. Cheers Keith
  10. Hi All Now this may sound like a pretty basic question but my car is hoodless and has been for err a while and I just want to make sure i've got things righ before I go fit my new hood. What are the snap fasteners on the rear for? That’s the 5 directly below the rear window and the one each side of the window. It seems to me that the bar glued to the hood then bolted to the body keeps the hood in attached to the rear deck and the three snap fasteners at the top of the rear wing keep the hood attached to the rear wing. So are those 7 snaps on the rear just to attach the
  11. I don't disagree Roger, I do think Climate Change is a thing we all need to be concerned about. So i think for most people to whom a car is simply a device to get from A to B, you know the equivalent to a Fridge Freezer in that it just does a job, an EV (or any zero emissions car) is great. But for us daft enthusiasts (hence the steam train analogy) its just not the same. Asking me to swap my TR for an EV is like asking the Severn Valley Steam Railway to run Hitachi electric trains, its not going to happen. So as an enthusiast I won’t be swapping my 15k TR for a 150k Tesla anyti
  12. Peter i think you are underseling the reliability and longevity of modern cars, it's is way longer than 15 years. Sure a 70’s or 80’s car was toast after 15 years but todays are way better, Take my 17 year old MG Zt, sure it’s got a few rattles and creaks from the interior but the big stuff like the engine, gearbox etc are spot on and look like they will last many many more years and its got almost zero rust, which was the big car killer. Ok so bushes and belts need changing and maybe the odd ancillary like an alternator or starter, but stuff lasts if its maintained and I’m sure in the ea
  13. Seems like sacrilege now, but I suppose at one time the wheel trim off the five looked a bit “old fashioned” and someone wanted the newer look. But nowadays I’d love to have a car that “should” have those wheels. Cheers Keith
  14. Hmmm, its personal choice and each to their own, its their car and many have individual preferences or needs as has been said. But saying that i can't really imagine wanting my steering to be lighter. It is, i feel, no heavier than the power steering in my MG Zt, but then the wife doesn't like that and prefers the one finger PS in her Mazda hatch, so as i said it is each to their own. Cheers Keith
  15. Keith66

    Soft top

    Hi Jas I think lots on here would give a recommendation for a top quality Mohair or DD to Don Trimming in Erdington B'ham, although threy are not cheap. Cheers Keith
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