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  1. and so as to be even-handed, Boris's new plane livery is almost completed. John.
  2. See today that the organisers have had to cancel, what next, bloody Christmas? John.
  3. really good advice from Mick, I would add that when I ran this, I wrapped the spare belt, in cling film, so that it was worth fitting if it had been there a decade or more. John.
  4. Ye sall teh best for today, spoil yourself, or better still have someone else spoil you! John.
  5. really good to see, us TR'ers shaking off the cobwebs. John.
  6. For any cat people out there in TR Forum Land.
  7. Four of us in Three TR's took off for a day in the Yorkshire Dales today, 170mls, with a very good pub lunch made for a cracker of a trip. All day Tops Off driving, and the cars all ran like Swiss Watches. Photos show us at Langthwaite, the hump back bridge in the background can be seen in the opening titles to The Original BBC TV Series All Creatures great and Small. John.
  8. Hello David, and welcome to our forum, easiest thing to check is oil level in the gearbox, first call and then get back to us. David, I have changed the title to something more relevent to your question, it will get you more answers and aid searches for other forum users in the future. John.
  9. Mick, go do an engine!!!!!!!!! John.
  10. Nigel you have a PM from me, - click on the small envelope top right to open. John.
  11. Cracking job Roger, think many of us will be looking at this over the winter! John.
  12. No need to panic yet, is your photo showing the actuating lever area and solenoid plate. thats bolted to the od, might need tightening, or there is a gasket behind,might be leaking or the plate might be buckled, lots to check before anything too major, but you are correct it's too big to leave. Trouble is, sure you have other considerations just now! John.
  13. Anyone know if the five chromed, 'Finishers' are all the same? They look like two narrow ones and three slightly wider? John.
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