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  1. Pm me an email and I'll send you all the gen on the crane, it includes tips on fitting /removal, and if you are doing this on your own, will make the job a safe one man operation. John.
  2. Great Advice Tom, and a reminder for us all. I,m trying to remember if it was Alec who stated here once, 'if you couldn't put it out by peeing on it' walk away its only a car! John.
  3. Ah, just in case I inadvertantly caused confusion, I meant in addition to straight 40 in my O/D Box, I use Morris 20/50 in my Engine. Andy is correct about using 20/50 in a O/D Gearbox. John.
  4. Ouch, but not the end of the world, you'll be mobile again in no time. John.
  5. Just so Andy, and over here, use the Blue, don't touch the Orange and change every couple of years, simples! John.
  6. Heads up folks, plan to be here once again, if anyone wants a forum "Hello" swing by the Register stand say between 12.30 and 1.00PM. John.
  7. That's an absolute cracker of a route. John
  8. Ct borders raiders Dave? don,t know that. John.
  9. Many thanks Roger, hope you are well chuffed with yourself- you should be. John
  10. Used Morris straight 40 for a decade now, plus their 20;50 engine oil without issue, Great value product. Thanks for the link Roger, and a great test rig. Can you detail the coupling between the motor and box. Cheers, John.
  11. Hello Pete, it was not Wayne but in fact me who eventually locked that particular thread. Posts were starting to add less to the subject factually, but becoming more abusive, 'Where are the Krays when you need them' etc. Experience tells me that when this starts to happen, we have a habit of 'Spiralling down,' with little new facts, just abusive comment. What I would say is that should another, different situation arise, then a new post advising all of the facts, should be started, but keeping to facts and not just insults and inuendo. A search on the subject will reveal lots of info, plus an article printed in TR Action, 314, entitled 'How not to spend your retirement fund,' is a heart breaking read on the expensive and soul destroying things that have happened. What I am saying Pete, is this story is not new, and those of us in the TR Register knew all about this. Pete, the other thing to add is that therad is only locked, not hidden or deleted so is available for anyone to read John.
  12. So took the oppertunity today, to collect a pal (Ex TR 3, 4A and 4 owner) and together we did just shy of 100 miles, up Hartside and into the North Pennines, Great almost empty driving roads. John.
  13. Thanks Marco, plan is to buy a new 'Wide' belt at The Stonleigh spares day and hope that 'Cures' the excess noise, if not then I think we will look at te dynamo pulley, being the simpler way to a cure. John.
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