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  1. Welcome back Rod, you've a nice pair there. John.
  2. ...and there you have the answer Richard, Our forum to the fore again! I just love thi sforum. John.
  3. Andy the centre section is the supply, you should have a Bakelite type base with a centre contact, with the cable running through your square hole. Earth is as it should be, Don,t paint inside that is the earth contact. can help with bits when things free up. John.
  4. Rob, you certainty going through the rough at the moment, remember me to Mrs. B. And we,ll chat soon. John.
  5. I have to say Tom, I do find your rants, prejudices, half truths and non facts really very tiresome. John.
  6. Hello John, wishing you the best birthday you can have under the current regime. John.
  7. On behalf of Andy, who has IT issues, thanks to all who repied. John.
  8. Been a Vulcan, on the ground at Carlisle for a number of years. John.
  9. Ah, as my old dad used to say, "Its not easy being a man." John.
  10. Well I'm not happy! During the necessary shop yesterday, a pack of 16 lessor quality rolls was duly purchased, to mainatin levels should we say. Might add that there was plenty in stock. On arriving home, said necessary examination of quality, texture, strength etc, was duly made by the Morrison Household, qaulity assurance department, and the report came back, - "You can use these, I'll keep the Andrex!" Equal rights my ****! John.
  11. I stand corrected sir, though I would have liked my description to have been correct. John.
  12. True, especially in the days of Empire, P.O.S.H. Was written on the ticket, hence the term. John.
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