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  1. Great, Many Thanks, John.
  2. Have a non interent group member, who is struggling to get close to fitting a new hood. Asks the following, can anybody supply the measurement along the centre line of the hood from say adjacent to the filler cap right over to the edge of the hood on the windscreen frame, think he needs to know wether it is his new hood or him! We have discussed, cold, warming the material, but he reckons, it not even close. Cheers, John.
  3. We tend to go round right hand corners a tad faster because we 'See' them earlier compared to left hand. John.
  4. Hi daz, photo of my home made one, note the use of old front wheel bearings to help when things get tight. I didn't use a plate on the base, but some 1 inch box, it has the advantages of not only not turning inside the four studs, but also its easier to handle and locate, also it is what I had lying around! I can sort you out with my spare, it is slightly different in that it has a welded nut about 1.5 inches from the end, this goes into the top S/A hole, and a washer and nut on the top, clamps the whole thing up, letting the user just turn the bottom end. Pm me an address. John.
  5. Daz, I,m away for the weekend but sure I have a spare. Ifyou Don,t get sorted I take a dekko Monday. John.
  6. Thanks Waldi, all locked now, unless anyone can advise differently John.
  7. Welcome Steve, and a good question! Rogers advice above is spot on, ask locally first, if thats not possible, depending where you are, there will be a number of suggestions here. John.
  8. Sunday 9th. See you there. John.
  9. Deepest Darkest Yorkshire! - Thats Where. Cumbria Groups last outdoor run of the season, organised by Phil and Sue. Fourteen cars, risked the Armageddon Type weather forcast, for what turned out to be a good half a day of top down TR'ing before the heavens opened! John.
  10. Seems to be going well Russell! Nice to hear of your Cumbrian Connnection. John.
  11. Hi John, and welcome, lots of good folk, who are very good at this job, dependent on the geography. John.
  12. Love all this Hamish, and it sounds like he left you a great legacy. John.
  13. HelloJose, if you have the tunnel out of the car, I definately would change the gearbox mount for a new one. I also find shortening the studs on the mount aid fitting and I would wrap the mount in plastic, or something similar to help long life, there is usually some oil in the vicinity. John.
  14. Hi Phil, and welcome to our forum. Short answer to your question is no. Studs are cut down to accomodate the wire wheel adapter, and consequently are too short to safely take a standard wheel and normal wheel nut. If you want to swop between the two, you need the longer stud and then a spacer when using the wire wheel adapter. John.
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