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  1. Martin, so sorry to see this, you have my sympathy, had the same - twice, but if no one was hurt then thats the important thing. I.m away just now, but I MIGHT have a spare wheel cover, if you are not sorted I check after the weekend. John.
  2. Brian, two things for you to consider, buy a complete unit, they are about and can come with a warranty, quicker, and gives you your original box to sell on. Also as you have no column switch at the moment, consider the O/D switch mounted on teh top of the gear lever, as Stag, Saloons and others. I've driven lots of Tr's equipped this way, and the switch does fall very readily to hand, I think if I was starting from scratch, then this is the way I would go. John.
  3. Hi Adrian, As a starting point, I would not think those pressures are a mile out. Have you actually checked the pressures? For me I'd probobly go 28Fr and 30 Rr, but to be honest, 27 all round wouldn't cause you massive problems. You could also check whether any of the tyres are feathering or wearing unevenly. John.
  4. Hi Dave really interested in your solution, any clues as to supplier ,type, cost? John.
  5. You also need to tell us about your tyres, and the pressures you run, biggest single issue with a car on the road is tyres and pressures, and the easiest sorted! John.
  6. Hi Mike, before you go down this route and expense, might I suggest you clear everything from the TR4 boot, including spare wheel cover board etc., You will be amazed at the depth you have, and it might just be that your good ladys scooter will fit, then if it does we can discuss spare wheel alternatives. John.
  7. Hello Peter, and welcome to our forum. I'm curious as to why you ask the question? It is certainly the case that most folk go the way of removing the mechanical fan, and fitting electric. John.
  8. Yes , buy I x lt can, then decant from larger cans, with a decent compressor job goes really well. Also the 1 lt container will fit inside an old, electric kettle, to soften the wax. Test the pattern/spray inside an old jam jar. Highly recommend the system. John. John.
  9. Hi all, do we have any info on a club discount for the above, Nov 12th -14th. Anything will help cause Friday tickets are £36.00!!!!!! John.
  10. Hello Chap, a name would be nice, makes things so much more informal. You look to have bought a lovely car, and sure you'll have much enjoyment in the coming months and years. Ask any question, you'll find help here, but think about going along to your local group meeting, and joining the TR Register as well, all great moves that will much enhance your TR'ing time. ATB John.
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