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  1. Hi Bob, it seems your inbox is full, John.
  2. Well everyone, its Waynes Birthday! Have a great day young man. John.
  3. see how this guy made and fitted works copy vents. John
  4. Colin, welcome to our forum, and congratulations on your car - just love it. John.
  5. At The Lakes Weekend every yera there was a Sunday prize giving. One of the prizes was for technical innovation, and I, again from a distant memory, think this car won the prize one year. John.
  6. Thanks Mike, hardly reassuring is it? John.
  7. Certainly been done before, I can remember seeing a TR 4 with one, on a Lakes Weekend years ago. John.
  8. Any developments on a new date yet for this, or ticket refunds info? faced with losing a considerable amount on pre booked accomodation for the group, be nice to know the ticket monies was safe. John.
  9. Of Course, man lied on his form what took so long, its a no brainer. John.
  10. Thanks Guys, and Bob thanks for the offer to have a look. I'm away from home just now, so it will be early next week, before I can check if it still receives. Annoying, a) cause it was my stupidity, and b) It lives in a dedicated slot in my H frame, so simply buying an other is not the preferred option. Be in touch. John.
  11. I'll hold your coat Mick. John.
  12. Soldered surely on this tin, I would think as original so desoldering the top was the first thing, cut the body and solder back on, test for leaks, with compressed air in water and repaint would have thought that was a simple enough job. John.
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