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  1. So, looking through the items I have, on this long term rebuild. I find I do not the original 3A temp guage. Quick scoot around the usual suspects shows non around, so a question for you clever types, would converting to TR4 type electric guage, only require the sender, the guage, a voltage regulator and some cable? Or am I missing something? Cheers, John.
  2. Thanks Hamish, thats useful as I really like the look of your car. There actually many, many shades of Black, and some do notsuit particular cars. John.
  3. I was going to type, 'Thanks to Lockdown' but thought better, so thanks to the recent extra time we've all had, I've turned to my long term 3A project, and I'm thinking about final colours. Does anyone have the modern codes for Triumph Black, and Silverstone Grey, my car built in Sept 59, and registered march 1960 John.
  4. Hi Pete, How are You? Becareful what you fit, I had something similar to what you describe, and itcame instuck, and knocked an inhibitor switch connection off. John.
  5. There is a brake caliper rewind tool for >£8, think thats good. John.
  6. Have a great Day Tony, and thanks for all your input here as well as elsewhere. John.
  7. Seems to be some stuff worth a look, Philips 150% H4 Twin set at £20 caught my eye, anyone used these headlamp bulbs? If so are they as good as Osram Nightbreaker? John.
  8. Always think an MOT Pass with no advisories is really a pat on the back for a fastidious owner. Well Done Hamish, really lovely car. John.
  9. Hi Andrew, I have a Machine Mart 151TE Mig Welder. Had it a long time, probobly a decade, and it has done a monumental amount of work, allsorts, and would cope with anything on a car. As others have said, don't go for gasless, use a large Argon Mix Bottle, hobbyweld or similar, there are lots of different suppliers now, DO NOT USE CO2, I never had any satisfactory results, swithed to 5% Argon Mix, it was chalk and cheese, and buy a decent auto helmet. Very recently bought a replacement from Aldi for £23.00 and am very impressed with it. John.
  10. Hi Bob, welcome to our forum. I've added the reg number to the title, to help focus memories! I have also deleted your email address from your text, It can be a really bad idea to have personal emails here, as those dodgy types trawl forums for any genuine mail addresses. Bob if you really want it included just answer here and I will re-instate, Much better though to ask for a PM (Personal Message) You would see any replies adjacent to the small envelope symbol top Right. John.
  11. Thought they wouldn't ship across the pond? John.
  12. Wayne, The Tooting Popular front, From the programme 'Citizen Smith', worth a catch up somewhere, written by John Sullivan, who went on to write 'Only Fools and Horses' and Starred Robert Lindsey. Very Funny Stuff. Wayne your education is incomplete! John.
  13. Gert , welcome to our forum, and I'm so sorry to see the photo, can the car be saved? did everyone remain unhurt? John.
  14. Thanks Chaps, reasurring to know I'm not cracking up, well not totally anyway. ATB John.
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