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  1. Has anyone fitted a high intensity rear light to their TR 6 rear panel? If yes a photo would be helpful John
  2. Yes Don many happy returns of the day John
  3. Missed this one Conrad. Hope the day went well. John
  4. Its not a bad idea, but wouldn't have thought really necessary for a few weeks. John.
  5. Confirm above, it should be 100mm or so from the tip of your Right toe when it son the throttle pedal. John.
  6. Exactly the kind of issue that would need to be discussed? John.
  7. Hi all, Firstly credit to Ian, for airing this topic. On the face of it a very good idea, and if it could be combined with TR Transport, a real boon to fellow TR'ers. That said, I'll ask for a discussion with fellow mods, not I think its a moderator issue, as well as MT to see any potential shortfalls. John.
  8. Not quite sue-able I fear but then flattering I suppose John
  9. Some of Cumbria Group having a day in The Dales. Met was the goat Cafe on A65 by Ingleton - great coffee and the bestest bacon butties! John.
  10. Andy, can see th epoint of th eabove, other thing to try, obviously copper slip on the back of the pads, and chamfer the edges of then just a fraction. John.
  11. Confirm;- 11/16th, six sider, 65lbs and use some threadlocker, they can work loose, ask me how I know? John.
  12. Plus ! You are a talented man Roger, looks like you will need a production line. John.
  13. Good morning David, hope you still 'Growing' into your 'New' TR4! As I think I told you I use a 13 inch, flat wheel with a thick rim, suits me fine, with no issues. Bought a long time ago now from that infamous internet auction site. David I've altered the title of your post to better suit the content, hope that's OK? John.
  14. Hi Ted, welcome to our forum. I,ve changed the title of your post, to hopefully better target responses, hope this is OK? John.
  15. Tried to message you Roger, and am told you can't receive messages - inbox full? John.
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