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  1. OPV? Hello and welcome to our forum, a name makes things more friendly! I have change your subject title to one that will hopefully bring more direct answers more quickly. John.
  2. Eli, I too would give a 10 out of 10 for your posts, so useful and what TR'ing, with its learning curves etc., is all about. John.
  3. Lets wish all our friends across the pond, a very happy fourth of July. Hope you have the best day possible with all this virusy stuff going around. John.
  4. Hello old Sid? and welcome to our forum. Had this very issue on a TR4 A, remove the cover plate at the bottom of the bell housing, four bolts including the clutch slave cylinder mounting bracket, and with a telescopic magnet, go fishing! We got everything, including the broken split pin, assembled them on the bench in order, to ensure we had left nothing, quite straightforward really. John.
  5. Paul, its your birthday, have a really good one. John.
  6. See our TR 6 section, for details of a daughter trying to locate her dads old car. John.
  7. Find the largest scissor jack you can find, remember it needs to be able to get quite low, a TR with a flat is not a long way from the road! Alter the saddle as per the picture, I used 20 x 20 x 3mm angle, and while you have the welder out, fix a spare wheel nut on to the jack screw, then your wheel brace doubles as the jack tool. John.
  8. hi Nigel, enjoy your day. John.
  9. Hi Jo. If you PM me your email adress, I'll send you info on teh gearbox crane I use, the info. also has some tips for removal replacemenr of teh box. Two fundamentals, especially if you have an overdrive, get a second pairof hands, and the box has to come out through the car, John.
  10. Looks promising Anna, do be sure to let us know how you get on. John.
  11. Hi Steve, answers wil be along shortly, I altered your title so folk can home in on the question. John.
  12. The two peice has been tried, but without great success, keeping the water out was the issue. In answer to Bilbo's question, No, the hardtop does not readiliy fit on the boot, and is not an option to transport, its fit or leave at home I'm afraid. John.
  13. I'm with Stuart, but changed the hand crank for a an old steering wheel, which I find much less of a reach. john.
  14. Thought spots/fogs could only be used together with main beam? So the feed to your switch/relay would need to pick up from the main beam supply, is that correct? John.
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