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  1. Thanks guys, I do much prefer the round, rubber button type, and Geko has it one about location. Thanks All. John.
  2. I too think it is almost the end of an age. Always stuck me as he 'Was his own Man' I too was surprisingly moved by the very sad news. John.
  3. Hi all, trying to work out which is teh correct type of solenoid for which car. My TR4 has teh round with a push button, plas 4A has teh square type. Moss book doesn't seem to show a switch over chassis number, just lists Round ones and Square ones, bot work but is there a corcet one for each car? John.
  4. hi all, have a group member with a TR3A, who has changed the light switch, twice in just over twelve months because of burned contacts. Any thoughts, and would relays on the headlamps be a remedy? John.
  5. No not at all Pete, loving your detail, keep it up. John.
  6. I've used Morris's straight 40, in GB and OD for years without issue. John.
  7. Mostly some geat rugby, England disappointed badly, change needed there. John.
  8. Excited at the prospect of another season starting. What about the senario, that racing is closer than in previous seasons, Red Bull are contenders but ultimately Mercedes and Lewis Triumph. Lewis is crowned undoubted greatest of all time, and retires in Triumph? John.
  9. Welcome Mattias, you will see, that you will have all the help and advice you will need here, on The TR Register Forum. Good Luck, John.
  10. Thanks Ralph, a number of us in teh group use Morris, have for years, and found it excellent. John.
  11. Where did you buy this Hamish? John.
  12. Some wonderful, joyous stuff coming this way folks, Please Keep it up, our world is a bit grey just now, and this helps enormously. John.
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