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  1. Or you could just mend the puncture! John.
  2. Welcome then James, you have aplan, go with it. John.
  3. Let us have a name, we are a nice friendly forum, and welcome. jochem has it in one = Why. Strombergs are a fine carburettor, I've had them on my TR4 for over tewnty years because although it came fitted with the 'wrong' SU's, Strombergs were correct for my car. So I did the swop, never regretted it and see no reason to change, They stay in tune, I've never had to change a diaphram, though do carry spares and for me it has been a success. The ONLY reason you might consider moving to SU's is a greater availability of needles, perhaps useful if you wish to alter /experiment with your car, upgrades, rolling roads etc., but other than that I really can't see the point. John.
  4. Hi dave, our groupstock mandrel measures;- Smaller Diameter.................. 2.622 inches Larger Diameter measures.. 2.818 inches. Any Good, and where abouts in lancs are you? John.
  5. Lubricant must be only soap, fairy liquid etc, or your tyre will be kaput anyway. John.
  6. hi dave, welcome to our forum, What is the exact size of mandrel you need? John.
  7. Welcome Jon. If you need any help with our forum - just ask. John.
  8. ooh early Christmas Pressie! John.
  9. Richard thats just great, I was completely in teh dark. Cheers, John. P.S. You also have a PM.
  10. Hi all, are the SS rad cowls still availle, badged for a TR4A/ Cheers, John.
  11. Really helpful photos Richard, many thanks. Just one question, picture one, showing teh tube that goes from Wiper motor to first wheelbox, can see the radius clearly, can you just tell me is the tube flat, i.e. only curved in one plane? John.
  12. Welcome Mark, DU6 carbs were used of the 1962 le mans racing TRs's, there will be one or two folk here will have some info for you, John.
  13. Hey Mark, not saying it doesn't happen, but I used to run used Jags, so in comparison -ouch. As I said others will be along to advise, but my tuppence worth would be that as its a pain, to pull the gearbox, it has to come through the cockpit, I would buy the best clutch components, you will want a perfect crosshaft and tapered pin and the fork crossdrilled and roll pinned, then its really hopefully fit and forget. John.
  14. Hi mark, and welcom eto the forum, if you are involve dwith a Tr3 restoration, you'll find lot sof help here. Don't know about a series 2 L/R clutch fits, but I wouldn't have said there would be much of a mark up on Tr stuff really. Let us know if you find to the contrary. John.
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