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  1. Some heavy engineering there Stef, you do this yourself? John.
  2. Hi George, photo of the anomolies would be a help, plus full number, I'll check stuff tonight, ben away. John.
  3. Pete you need to start trying some TR's are you going to teh Internatinal Weekend at Straford, this August, or do you get along to your local group meets? John.
  4. Looks like folk are in for a very good time, wish I was with you all, John.
  5. Understood Roger, just trying to give him and his dad a better chance, than he would have, simply in the TR5 Section, I'll move this thread back,and create another here with a pointer. John.
  6. Ian, moved to section titled Alec's Inn, you will get many more views, John.
  7. Well Pierre, think you'll get your wish on the weather front! Incidentaly, you on the same trip as our octenergarian member from the Isle of Man in his TR 4? John.
  8. Special photo that, Hamish, just lovely. John.
  9. Yes Pete, but these usually have a decent spreader plate under each pad and are braced to the wheel arch. I think you are correct in saying better ones pick up the chassis, but these are. better than nothing, folk who know more will be along. On another tack, with your dimensions, getting in and out of the TR, smaller steering wheel - yes, and to get out, Right leg first, Left hand on tunnel, and then backside, this way you keep the Furflex/Trim on the A post, you won't get away with spinning your legs around whilst sitting on the seat, ask me how I know! John.
  10. Had a member who cut and boxed the wheel arch base so the seat went back far enough. can still have a roll over bar mounted on the rear squab. John.
  11. Original aluminium, IF it has good glass and a good seal, £16/1800. John.
  12. Eurocarparts, Flash Sale -TODAY ONLY. June 11th. 50% off Car Batteries, John.
  13. Eurocarparts, flash sale 50% off batteries, today only, June 11th. John.
  14. John Morrison


    Yes Ian, but the fundamental mistake folk make is that anything is worth what it costs - it ain't! it might cost what it cost, but it's worth what someone will pay for it, no denying that to put a tr4 together might cost close to the asking price, but it's still only worth what a punter will pay. Interestingly you are already commenting on how you might have done things differently, me too, agree wholeheartedly, only good thing about wire wheels is how they look, so if we're looking at said car, it's having wires is a minus for us, and on it would go? John
  15. Think that's the angle of the drawings, can't remember it being anything other than obvious , the orientation when fitting. John.
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