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  1. Our forum - the way forward. Many of you will know, that a team was set up to look at all aspects of our forum, including the rules as proposed and accepted at the AGM, in November. Following lots of feedback from forum users here and other members via TR Action, a set of recommendations was put to the MT in early March. Even before this, one excellent development was the appointment of a dedicated MT member with special responsibilities for our forum, Namely Mick Forey. Following the submitted recommendations, Mick Forey, and Wayne met with Brian and John for a very long, extremely fruitful face to face meeting, where every aspect of the recommendations was discussed and explained in detail. Mick and Wayne then took the full recommendations to the MT meeting, on Saturday April 6th. The MT voted unanimously to accept the recommended changes to the forum and the forum rules. It was clear from the feedback received, that many forum users, both internationally as well those in the UK who do not attend a local group, regard the TR Register Forum as, 'Their Group' and asked why it could not be recognised as such? We did look at this, but soon realised that to designate the forum, as another group, was too narrow, in fact what the forum has become is a;- TR Register World Wide Community. We wished to acknowledge this, and treat our forum accordingly, so we can announce the following;- The forum will have its own coordinators to ensure the smooth, continued growth of this community, namely A Forum Community Coordinator (FCC) A deputy Forum Community Coordinator (DFCC) and A Forum Technical Coordinator (FTC) These group of, 'Go To' folk for anything to do with our forum will have a direct line to our dedicated MT forum Rep. Mick Forey. We all see this as a great step forward in ensuring smooth running and growth of the forum. One of the roles of the FCC, will be to write a regular column for TR Action, entitled Forum Focus, detailing the help and advice our forum has provided in recent weeks, and pointing at specific posts of interest. The First Edition of Forum Focus will appear in TR Action 313. We hope this will convince more members to take a look at the forum and see what a friendly and helpful place it is. The main role of the TFC is to resolve questions about the functionality and administration of the forum itself. This will relieve Wayne of a large workload and should provide a faster response to forum technical issues. As an interim measure, and to ensure the smooth adoption of this new way to see our forum, John Morrison has agreed to take the role of FCC, Stan Foster has agreed to take the role of DFCC, and Tim Burgess the role of FTC. As stated these are interim appointments and it is intended to hold elections, via a forum poll, for all the Coordinators posts in due course, we do feel that Stan and Tims acceptance of the relevant roles really enhances the international feel of our forum, long may this continue! Of equal significance are the other changes that have been made in accordance with the feedback received from fellow forumites;- Three sections, namely;- TR Competition, Rallying and Car Preparation will be amalgamated into one section. A new section will be incorporated into our forum, entitled, 'Out and About' it will be open to members and non-members alike. This follows the feedback that apart from the technical forum there was nowhere to showcase what members get up to with their TR's and to encourage members and non-members to join like-minded people in doing what this club is about; Getting Out and About in their TR's. So if you have been somewhere or plan to go somewhere then let people know. It's the ideal place to arrange a meet up at short notice and then let others know what they missed. 'Alec's inn', will remain in the members only section and will be for discussions on a wide range of subjects of interest to members. Wayne is looking into changing the forum registration process. In the short term making the registration more user friendly and less intimidating, In the longer term only having a single log-in to the forum and the website members only sections. Having duel log-in has caused a lot of frustration, particularly for newer members. Our forum rules, have been re-visited and amended to better suit our forum, these amendments in detail will be posted under separate title in due course. All these changes have been agreed and will be instigated forthwith, you will also understand that with the now established lines of communication between, forum coordinators and the MT. it should be possible to ensure rapid attention to any particular issue, and to effect further change in a simplified way. We feel that these changes are tremendous improvements to our forum, simply put they make it better, and by definition that makes the TR Register better. Finally, we would all wish to acknowledge the help and support of both Mick Forey and Wayne, without this we would not have been able to make the progress we show here. Now it is up to us all, to spread the word and make the forum even more welcoming to all TR enthusiasts wherever they are in the world. Stan Foster, Tim burgess, Brian Ranshaw and John Morrison. forum post version five.doc forum post version five.doc
  2. Fabulous stuff, Philip, hope someone can help with your search. John.
  3. Alls well that ends well, and your confession may prevent another tr'er making the same mistake. cheers, John.
  4. John, unwise to show emails etc here, best inside a PM. john
  5. OK guys, Reading from the top, one or two posts here got a little bit close to the mark. Please, stay civil, we are all grown ups, we can 'Agree to disagree' and stay friends, no need for anyone to get hot under the collar. John.
  6. IF, You wish to go to alternator, you could do worse than read Ian C,s wonderful article on TR technicalities, Totally idiot proof conversion detail. My experience was that running in heavy rain, wipers on, H4's on, demister on and overdrive engaged, the O/D jumped out, collecting my thoughts, and touching nothing else, I switched the wipers off and the O/D came back in. Thats when I re-read Ian's article and did the conversion using a Lucas 17ACR, kind of kept it in the family. No regrets in nearly 20 years. John.
  7. Hi Monty, even taking into account milages today and modern oils, you are running an old engine. Personally every twelve months or 3000 miles, whithout fail, whats an oil change cost £20 - £30,? for me anything else is pennywise and pound foolish. John.
  8. Looking to protect a J type overdrive with an in line fuse. Some clever person want to tell me what size fuse to use? John.
  9. Welcome back dave. John.
  10. Update time folks. Gearbox is fitted and both gearbox and overdrive work well. Quite a satisfying out come really. One final question, we jury wired the overdrive, to test, we are using the saloon type gearknob switch, which I have to say does fall very readily to hand. Looking at final, proper wiring now, and picking up supply from the keyed fuse at the fusebox, just wondered if an inline fuse would be a good idea, and if so what amp fuse to use? I was surprised how 'Light' the gearknob switch and wiring is. John.
  11. Good Man Panch, common sense has prevailed. John.
  12. On thisl ovely sunny day, this is an unashamed 'Bump to Refresh' John.
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