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  1. 2kg Foam is the way to go John
  2. Very sobering, and yes a shame. Does anyone know the car, and therefore the owner, be nice to offer some consolation, maybe even help? John.
  3. Just had a complete system from Carl, spot on. John.
  4. Think, I used the brass screw from a three pin mains plug terminal? John.
  5. Hi Don, could you also please add my best wishes to Menno and his family for the future. John.
  6. Hi guys, thoughts sought on best ways to free a stuck clutch, see another thread here. John.
  7. Hi Mike, welcome to our forum. How long is very long, in other words how long has the clutch plate been on the flywheel? I would suspect thats your issue, and needs freeing off, lots of old ideas about how to do this, I'll start another therad asking for the best. John.
  8. Enjoy your day Graham. Happy birthday John
  9. Good Morning Steve, and a very warm welcome to our forum. Firstly I have taken the opportunity to enhance the title of your post, to better describe your question, hopefully to get you more responses and to aid future forum members with similar enquiries, I hope this is OK? Secondly, I run a TR4, and the odd whiff of petrol on the dipstick has never caused me any concern or problems, I wouldn't worry. John.
  10. Thats quite a coincidence, must be fate. John.
  11. John would it be possible to send me a copy of your gearbox crane rig? I've just tried to PM you with my E mail address but I cannot send you messages??


    Many thanks Adrian

  12. Mark, may I bid you a welcome to our forum, hope you swing by from time to time. John.
  13. Proper job, Greg Now you have it, likely you'll never need it. John.
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