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  1. SAE 40, I use Morris, no issues in years. John.
  2. Phil, be well chuffed with yourself, so much more satisfying to do the job than have it done for you. John.
  3. Yes Rob, congratulations on your purchase, and feel free to ask all you want here. You'll find folk only to happy to help. John.
  4. Hi All, hope I'm remembering this correctly, but did someone here once point us at a supplier? Tried a search but to no avail. Thanks, John.
  5. I have an ally rocker cover that does not have any type of retainer for the cork gasket, years of never quite getting it sealed, as any degree of tightening, just caused the gasket to slide, later, I made a plywood jig. With an inset, now I fit the cork to the ally with well seal, nip down and leave overnight, grease between cork and the head and no issues. John.
  6. Mick, I've been banging on about this for years, save your time and energy, there are none so deaf as those who will not listen. John.
  7. Roger, no, so thanks I'll cut up a Marigold or something. John.
  8. Hi Stan, if you are happy that you have fuel at the carbs, and you didn't fill up with fresh, and that there is no **** got into a fuel line, then I would be looking at ignition. Obviously all the components, Condenser, rotor arm, points etc, if you have electronic, then swop it back for a test. But also the obscure, like a failing lT wire at the coil under the lucar plastic? King lead ends etc. John.
  9. By the time you get that relay onto the doormat it will have cost £110.ish - Really for a relay? John.
  10. Welcome Cal. I too vote for the coil being your issue, and moving to the wheelarch will help, personally I carry a spare mounted there, so in the event of an issue, switching the cables and king lead takes seconds.
  11. It is John, told me once he was model, think I know what for! John.
  12. Took thirteen cars to Caerlaverock Castle, South West Scotland, for a picnic, and a run along the North Side of The Solway Firth, Loverly!
  13. Hi all, since the demise of lead replacement petrol, I.ve used the above, See its not now branded as Castrol, but classic valvemasterplus, my question is does it have a shelf life? I have a number of unopened bottles I have had for some time, perhaps years, its too expensive to chuck, if it still works, anybody know? John.
  14. Thanks Keith, I've never seen a more comprensive description, no excuse for any of use 'To be in the Dark,' now. John
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