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  1. I would say thats a bit low. You are correct we all drive differently and you'll have a disproportionate amount of choke, with the driving you describe. Whenever I check my MPG, and thats not often, on mixed but mostly distance, and not slow, then I seem to always get 30MPG, give or take a decimal point. John.
  2. Chas, Hello, and welcome to our forum. I've changed the title of your post from, 'Mr', hopefully to help with both more information for you now, and to help with future searchs. Hope this is alright? John.
  3. Bugger, Scicily is now on the bucket list. Great film, Deggers, many thanks for posting. John.
  4. Mods beaten to the job. But good advice from Andrew - Thanks. John.
  5. So four guys fron North of the county, met for a coffee at Penrith, and just took off heading up the Eden Valley, and across the border into SW Scotland for a picnic. Great stuff and a real, un wind and a chuckle. What could be better with likeminded friends? John.
  6. looking to get the car MOT'd, and a set of detail photo's I'll be back! John.
  7. Was the adjustment the same on both sides? Also the cylinder can, over time 'Dig' into the backplater reducing of stopping movement, do a search here but remedy is to change or weld up groove and gring back. Do not doubt that you didn't notice a difference, but you might under an emegency braking situation. John.
  8. Hi all, looking for a 2HP, motor for a project, anyone have any contacts, or got one they are thinking of taking to the local recycling? Cheers, John.
  9. I'd put a stip of angle behind it and Mig up and then dress back - be invisible. then. John.
  10. Lot like mine, I also carry a towing strap and flexible eye, A decent , long set of jump leads and a full head gasket set, cause if you are abroad, and you have the bits with you, you'll soon be on your way. John.
  11. Happy Birthday gordon, have a good day, and I hope you wear the T Shirt. John.
  12. Excellent Ralph, A properly working overdrive, adds so much to the TR experience, I find especially from Third to Overdrive and back again, especially on B Roads. John.
  13. Location is Cumbria. 1962, originally LHD and exported to the USA March 1962. Originally White with Red Leather Interior. Has overdrive, re-imported as a rust free example 1992. As I said owner of 20 years, needs to sell, to buy a house. £15,500 for a quick sale. John.
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