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  1. John Morrison

    Tr4a rear floor panel

    Hi, - be nice to your name - If you click on my name or even the big 'J' you will go to my page just about dead centre is a box marked message, click there and type away. Cheers, John.
  2. John Morrison

    Tr4a rear floor panel

    Guy sif these are available, I think I have a member who would be interested, could I get the contact details please? John.
  3. John Morrison

    TR4 fuel tank repair

    Old ex army guy once told me, that they used to feed exhaust fumes into a tank they needed to repair, for say 20 mins, do the job, and then swill with the relevent fuel. Think thtat would work? John.
  4. John Morrison

    Replacing letters/badges

    Hi all, getting round to re-fitting all the letters, bonnet badge etc, following some paint work. Whats the current thinking about using something like non-setting windscreen sealant, just to stop any rattles, thinking a tiny blob, in the plastic cap, before locating on the letter pin etc. John.
  5. John Morrison

    TR4 fuel tank repair

    Hi Mark, think you need to get this done properly;- I would not try resealing in situ, it will come back to bite you No garage, but a speciaisit radiator repair shop, usually does petrol tanks. No. No. I fitted an aluminium tank in my TR4 about three years ago, without issue, both fitting and since. John.
  6. John Morrison


    Just fabulous, John, very well done! John.
  7. John Morrison

    spare wheel

    The ONLY SAFE WAY to repair a puncture is to remove the tyre from the rim, and examine inside for secondary damage. John.
  8. John Morrison

    TR4/4A door remote control assembly

    Definately handed. John.
  9. John Morrison

    TR4 Front Drum Brakes

    Well welcome Brian, must let us know about the drum braked TR 4. John.
  10. John Morrison

    Sports exhaust

    Way you go Tom! Tell it as you see it, Lovely to see you post. John.
  11. John Morrison

    TR4 Front Drum Brakes

    Good luck with this one, I too thought all, TR 4 had front discs, as indeed all TR3A's John. P.S Let us have a name?
  12. John Morrison

    Sports exhaust

    Phil, not to the tune of £550, 4 branch manifold used to be claimed to be worth 4BHP tops, don't know about the sports exhaust, but Thats a lot of dosh for what you might not even notice, noise is a personal thing, I run one long silencer on my standard car cost was a minus cost, (I didn't buy the second one) and I like the sound, noticable but not intrusive. John.
  13. You have a PM Richard. John.
  14. Hi Richard saw your post re the diff collection.

    Are you sorted, if not, I MIGHT be able to get someone, a non forum user to help.

    give me a ring, with the postcode etc.,

    07775944 786

  15. John Morrison

    LED Tubes

    Firstly, thanks to all the replies, I had looked at you tube, and it seems the way to go. It seems there are two types of LED, those that can in fact be used to simply replace an ordinary tube. the other type requires simple internal wiring mods, to use, the type that will be in new compete fittings, - wha tBob says. My issue is that I have 5 x 6ft double fittings now, and it seems for the price of a 6ft replacement tube, either kind, I can probobly buy a new 5ft double led fitting. Thats is going to take quite awhile to recover those costs in a garage. John.

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