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  1. This pic shows how the angle drive fits onto the overdrive (but not sure if that's what you mean). If your angle drive is slipping, there are a a couple of options... Open it up and re-solder the cable tail to the driven gear, or replace. There are some aftermarket replacements that don't last well but Chris Witor has replacements from another source that he believes are good. Originals in good condition are hard to find. So far, the Witor replacement is working well in my TR6. Nigel
  2. That looks like an early Bosch conversion to me but couldn't be certain. Mounting it vertically probably won't make any difference. Wiring through relay with a heavy duty fused power supply from the battery always improves pump performance by reducing voltage drop. I would check fuel pressure at the metering unit input before thinking of changing the pump. Should be 105 to 110 psig. Nigel
  3. I use NGK BUR6ET. Triple electrode with same heat range as original. The triple electrode plugs last for at least 20k miles and give easier starting, smoother tick over and crisper pick up/acceleration. They also tolerate fouling better, from cold starts/over rich mixture. Try searching the forum for BUR6ET, it's been discussed in the past. Nigel
  4. When restoring an old Triumph (or no doubt an MG), it used to be possible to check when the bodywork had been repaired. After digging out the filler, just look for the date on the newspaper! Nigel
  5. This from Moss could be what you need: https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/stud-steel-wheel-long-114282xl.html I have these on the front of my TR6, which has 15x6 Revolutions on 6mm spacers. Nigel
  6. Sainsbury's tomorrow, in the Scimitar. Plenty of space for the whole week's groceries but may just struggle to fit enough beer in the back. We're having a lot of virtual pub conference calls during lock down and beer consumption has risen accordingly! Nigel
  7. Rather laying my classics up for lockdown, I'm currently using them in rotation for essential trips to the shops. This is of course allowed under the current restrictions but I realise the police may pull me over suspecting I'm simply out for pleasure. I take a shopping list and carrier bags, which should provide some evidence that my journey is essential. Nigel
  8. Hi Ian, Thank you for posting. The Vulcan remains hugely impressive, watching that video brings back memories, including seeing the final flight from the end of the runway at Bruntingthorpe. Nigel
  9. Seems very tough but I only applied it a month ago. Others may have more experience. I can't imagine the MG fraternity would use it on dashboards if it doesn't last. Nigel
  10. I've used the same paint as Alan on the H-frame of my Spitfire. It works well but does really need stoving, I put in the oven at about 80C for an hour. I tried this paint because it's what the MGB boys recommend for their crackle black dashboards. Nigel
  11. Every time I reorganise my garage/workshop space, I end up buying something else, big tool chest, sometimes a car or a bike, never anything smaller than a Triumph engine. Then I'm right back to square one, tripping over stuff and struggling to find what I really need, or where I carefully stored the parts I know I've got but haven't seen for a few months. So I'm sorry, no useful answer from me. Nigel
  12. I've just received an email announcing the new dates for the Practical Classics NEC Classic Restoration Show, which has been postponed from 27-29th March. The new dates are from 7-9th August. That's just one week before the TRR/TSSC joint event at Stratford. Let's hope the pandemic has abated by then, and we can enjoy both events to the full. Nigel PS: I'm also posting this on the TSSC forum.
  13. Peter, I completely agree with you. Given the nature of this global viral pandemic, we need proper science. We need to take the advice of those who understand the true nature of the problem the world faces, as opposed to acting on the opinions of those who don't/can't fully comprehend it. People such as chief medical officer Chris Witty have the knowledge to lead us out of these dark times. Health beats wealth every time. Nigel PS: Trump risks killing a lot of US citizens with his approach to the crisis.
  14. Brilliant, keep them coming! Nigel
  15. +1. But be careful how you drain the fuel to avoid spillage. Cat litter trays are cheap and useful for catching spills. Nigel
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