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  1. Well you asked a question so I gave my opinion and some relevant experience on value. 'Complete Triumph CP series engine stripped for buyer's inspection' seems a good way to advertise it. Once again, just my opinion and yours will likely differ. Nigel
  2. I think engines are worth more as compete units than broken into individual components, though others may have a different view. I paid £380 for a slightly worn but complete 2.5 litre saloon engine on eBay a couple of years ago, which may be a benchmark. Nigel
  3. Hi Waldi, Thank you for your greeting. Virtual beer has been consumed here, and some real stuff too!I I hope you're well. Nigel
  4. Happy birthday Alan. Though I don't think we've met, we have at least two things in common... TRs and our special day! Hope you're having a great day. Nigel
  5. Thank you gents. 65 today and I still can't get my pension! Not that I want to stop working yet... not while I've got Triumphs to fix. There's a bit of pottering in the garage here today but the main celebration is going to be a little socially distanced gathering in the back garden on Sunday. Thank you again for your good wishes. Nigel
  6. I haven't needed to buy any for a couple of years but had no problem buying them on eBay in the past. For example, from here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/c/1456969273?iid=302571910886 Nigel
  7. Never tried PTFE tape on an exhaust joint but it makes perfect sense... It seals, it's non-stick, and it's thermally stable to at least 250 degC. Next time I refit an exhaust I will ditch the usual sealing paste and use PTFE. Thank you Rod. Nigel
  8. I've been using Mikalor for clamping exhausts and hose connections for a while. As a band clamp, on exhausts the Mikalors exert a more even clamping pressure around the joint and can be done up tight to prevent leaks without crushing the pipe in the way an over tightened U-bolt clamp can do. Recommended! Nigel
  9. Hi Richard, 500-550rpm is definitely a bit too slow. Opening the idle air valve a little should allow you to bring tick over up to 750ish. If it doesn't idle smoothly at that speed, next step would be to check airflow and balance the throttle bodies. Nigel
  10. Chris Witor sells County pistons, and they are good, maybe not as accurately sized as OE but acceptable. His camshafts are made by Kent Cams, who have a good reputation. My 2.5 litre GT6 runs County pistons and a fast road cam, all from Chris Witor and all working well. Personally, I wouldn't risk fitting a County camshaft, it would be a trip into unknown territory with a critical component. Nigel
  11. PayPal is generally fine for buyers and I use it regularly. When selling the fees can be expensive for the seller, especially with a big ticket item like a car. On the rare occasions when I sell a car on eBay, I always ask for bank transfer or cash, as do many others. Nigel
  12. Even the Daily Mail has picked up on vitamin D: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8432321/Government-orders-review-vitamin-D-role-Covid-19.html It's mainstream now, Boris dare not ignore the Mail! Nigel
  13. Another vote for Chris Witor. After researching what was available, and not wanting to compromise on this most vital component, I fitted one of his pumps when building a tuned 2.5 litre engine for my GT6 last year. Nigel
  14. I'm not happy with the idea of the Type 1 conversion, transferring some suspension loading to body panels that were never intended for the task. I've had Type 2 brackets with Gaz on my '6 for about 15 years and never had a problem, even when touring southwest Ireland fully laden on some appalling road surfaces. Nigel
  15. I also hook this spring into the RH engine mount, using a length of coat hanger wire I bent specially for this purpose many years ago. Nigel
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