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  1. Nigel Triumph

    What Motorbike(s) do you have in your garage?

    Thank you Tim. It's been dressed up to look like a TR6C track bike but in truth, it's a TR6R road bike. I will restore it to original condition... Eventually! I'm very pleased to have two TR6s in the garage, two wheel and for wheel variety. Nigel
  2. Nigel Triumph

    What Motorbike(s) do you have in your garage?

    My bike to keep is a US-import Triumph TR6R, or 650 Trophy, the single carb version of the renowned Bonnie. From 1970, it's arguably the best year, before the oil-in-frame models. SInce this pic was taken, I've put it back closer to standard spec. When I retire one day long in the future I will restore it nut and bolt but meanwhile, it's a bit scruffy but it runs well and gives a lot of pleasure. As long as I can kick it over, it stays with me! Nigel
  3. Nigel Triumph

    Front shocks; Gaz,, Spax or Koni what's the verdict?

    I've had problems with some aftermarket shocks but Gaz work well in my experience. My TR6 was fitted with Gaz all round before I bought it 12 years and many miles ago. They are still good after much use, and easy to adjust too. I've tried several other brands of aftermarket shocks on my other classics but today, my GT6 and Scimitar also run on Gaz. So that's my recommendation, based on several cars and many years and miles. Nigel
  4. Nigel Triumph

    Her first start

    +1, from me. Nigel
  5. Nigel Triumph

    Her first start

    That's a good advice, timing's got to be close or the engine won't run, valve timing and ignition. It's all too easy to get the ignition timing out by 180 degrees and the engine may cough occasionally while cranking but it won't run. The injection timing is less critical, if the metering unit is timed wrong the engine will usually start but won't run as well as it should. I almost hesitate to say, but are you sure the plug leads are connected right, if one or two cylinders fire but not the rest? Sorry, I'm not trying to patronise but sometimes in the heat of the moment we overlook the simple things. Waldi, I have felt the same frustration but don't worry, you know the bottom end of your engine is good because you have oil pressure. A logical approach going through all the variables (valve and ignition timing again, fuelling too) will get the engine running in the end. I rebuilt my GT6 engine a few years ago. When the big moment came, it wouldn't start, so here's my little story of a simple thing I got wrong... There was a spark, the carbs were full of fresh fuel, everything was connected but no joy... not even a fart! In the end, I found I hadn't adjusted the choke cable properly and the mixture wasn't rich enough to start a cold engine. Such a simple thing. As soon as I tightened the choke cable it started, and has run beautifully ever since. I'm sure you will find an equally straightforward explanation for your new engine's reluctance to fire. Good luck, Nigel
  6. Nigel Triumph

    Bosch Pump woe's & Noise

    Yes, the kit I have includes the braided PTFE hose. I'm not aware of any harmonic knocking, just the expected muted buzzing when the pump is operating. I fitted one of Malcolm's PRVs when I fitted the pump kit over 10 years ago, so perhaps that's why there's been no knocking. It's been a 'fit and forget' installation, apart from cleaning the filter occasionally. Nigel
  7. Nigel Triumph

    Her first start

    Good luck Waldi. It's a great feeling when a new engine draws its first living breath! Nigel
  8. Nigel Triumph

    Bosch Pump woe's & Noise

    I'm using the Bosch kit from Malcolm at Prestige. It includes a large diameter tank outlet and a suitable low resistance pre-filter. Never had any problems with cavitation, though if the fuel level is very low the pump can suck air when cornering. No surprise, as mine is an early car without any baffles/swirl pot built into the tank. Nigel
  9. Nigel Triumph

    Bosch Pump woe's & Noise

    Did your Bosch pump kit include a large diameter outlet pipe from tank to pre-filter? An increase from 1/4 to 5/16" outlet is included with many kits and works well. If you're still using a 1/4" fuel tank outlet then the restriction noted in the previous post is very likely to be the cause of the trouble. Nigel
  10. Nigel Triumph

    Where do you look on the forum?

    I tend to look at General Technical and TR6 Technical first, because I'm interested in tech and have '6. They are the forums/fora where I can both learn and sometimes offer advice. After looking at the tech stuff, I will usually dip into the member's area but don't often contribute there. Nigel
  11. Nigel Triumph

    Compression Test kit

    I've had a simple Gunson compression tester for years, bought from Halfords. It's perfectly adequate for our cars. Nigel
  12. Nigel Triumph

    SU HIF6 Carburettor to replace Stromburg 175s

    The main advantage of SU carbs over Strombergs is the greater range of needles, effectively giving wider choice of fuel maps. If your engine is standard, Strombergs will be just as good as SUs. If the engine is modified, you may find fine tuning to get the optimum fuel mixture across all operating conditions is easier with SUs, because of the range of needles. Nigel
  13. Nigel Triumph

    Powerspark Distributor

    If the Newtronic has worked for the last 12 years, chances are it will work for the next 12! If it ain't broke... Nigel
  14. Nigel Triumph

    Feeling of achievement

    Well done. I know that feeling, even better when followed buy a pint and a good dinner.. You've earned it! Nigel
  15. Nigel Triumph

    Headlight Bulbs

    That looks impressive. I will have to try them in the Lucas reflectors on my TR6 and maybe the GT6. Nigel

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