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  1. +1 Multi electrode plugs, NGK BUR6ET or Bosch WR78. Better starting, smoother idle, resistant to fouling and last forever (almost). What's not to like!? Nigel
  2. 15 years after fitting a Phoenix tubular manifold, the standard starter motor fitted before I bought my TR6 20 years ago still works fine! Nigel
  3. I would also suggest Phoenix. Their 6-3-1 manifold fits and seems to give a bit of a boost to mid-range torque, plus a nice exhaust beat. Phoenix were helpful in supplying the bits needed to link up all the pipes on my TR6. That was 15 years ago and I'm still pleased with their manifold. Nigel
  4. Thank you Marco, that's clear now! Nigel
  5. +1 I've just fitted the CDD stepped studs using Alasdair's kit of drill, jigs and taps. It's a fairly straightforward job. Recommended! Nigel
  6. Here you are Marco, advice to use the anti squeal pads supplied by Mintex. Nigel
  7. Lovely car, well done for getting her home safely. Thorough cleaning after the trip will be a great way to get to know her better, a job you're bound to enjoy! Nigel
  8. Sorry to see that Ian. If it wasn't for bad luck, you wouldn't have any luck at all with this engine. This was a new engine as I recall, with a hot cam and triple Weber DCOEs. I agree that you will need to pull the engine to investigate the extent of the damage and rectify. The biggest question is why did it happen? Without knowing why, there is clearly a real danger it could happen again. You know I like to ask questions! - How many miles had the engine done since it was built? - What running in regime did you use? - How were carbs set up? Could the mixture hav
  9. Then I would drive some more and see if it clears. Nigel
  10. I believe originally the camshaft bearings were specified for Spitfire Mk3. For 6 cylinder engines, various suppliers stick them e.g. Chris Witor: https://www.chriswitor.com/proddetail.php?prod=CSB6274 Nigel
  11. Not thoughts but questions first.... - is the engine running normally in other respects? Oil pressure? Water temp? Performance? - are there any traces of water and oil mixing, in the radiator, the sump or mayo in the rocker cover? If the vital signs are normal and there's no sign of oil and water mixing, I would drive it again, get it thoroughly warmed up over a run of 50 miles plus. Then check all of the above again. If the smoke has gone, happy days... If not, further investigation will be necessary. Just my views, I will be interested to see what others suggest. Nig
  12. T-Cut certainly would do the job, but will also remove some of the lacquer coat. I like the idea of WD40, as it's non-abrasive. Nigel
  13. Unlucky... But well spotted! Nigel
  14. Good luck Jonny, I hope the car is everything you hope for. Nigel
  15. Thank you for the tip. Sounds like the Ferodo pads have all the positive attributes of M1144, without the squeal. Nigel
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