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  1. Haha! There may or not be secretly texting with Richard, but CBJ always performs perfectly for me. Nigel
  2. Really pleased that we are now in touch. When we meet, and we surely must, you should drive CBJ again. Nigel
  3. Hi Richard, Welcome! What to say? I was amazed and delighted to read your post. I happen to be the fortunate TRR member who owns CBJ 257H these days. I bought 'The Thug' as we call him in 2002, from a private seller in Portsmouth. I'm the 6th registered keeper (5 previous on the log book). It's great to hear about my car's past and your restoration, which held up well, though I needed to fit new front wings, sills and door skins in 2011. That's after plenty of miles and a couple of winters without a garage! The highlight of this period was a trip to Ireland and driving the Ring of Kerry. CBJ has a slightly more sheltered life now though still gets a good leg-stretching when the weather is decent. He shares my workshop and car port with a 2.5 litre GT6, a Spit Mk3 project and Scimitar GTE. There's another TR6 in the fleet, of the two wheeled variety, a 1970 Trophy TR6R 650. Pure coincidence that when I was looking for a Triumph bike, I ended up with a 1970 TR6R! The photo below shows CBJ, driven by my partner Trudi, with me on the other TR6. CBJ is sometimes to be seen in Practical Classics, where I'm a contributor, featuring in my Staff Car Saga and in the technical pages. It would be great to meet up and get your old TR and latest acquisition together. There's so much I'd like to ask about CBJ's history, and much I could tell you about his last 18 years. Let's talk soon. I'm also sending yo a PM but meanwhile, welcome back to TR6 ownership. Nigel
  4. Nigel Triumph

    TR GT

    That's right. He is very particular about getting his cars running properly but he's not a fan of Lucas PI. His TR5 has an EFi conversion. Nigel
  5. Nigel Triumph

    TR GT

    I've just found a shot of Bernd Amling's shooting brake, taken at Malvern IWE 2014 if memory serves. Nigel
  6. Nigel Triumph

    TR GT

    I feel Bernd Amling's TR6 shooting brake looks much better. The marriage of Michelotti GT6 roof with Karmann TR6 body doesn't work well. Gentle curves on top of squared off body isn't pleasing, at least to me. Sorry, because it must have taken a lot of work to create. Nigel
  7. My 1970 CP series TR6 doesn't have a hazard switch. My '72 GT6 does, and I suspect for the TR6 hazard warning lights came in with the CR series. Nigel
  8. +1 for Waldi's advice. That's exactly what I did on my 6. The fuel pump runs noticeably faster when receiving full battery voltage via a fused relay and thick cable. Nigel
  9. There must be too much air entering the inlet tract. Just closing the the choke enrichment lever on the MU wouldn't allow excess air in. I would be looking for some/all throttle butterflies not closing completely, idle air valve too far open, or air leaks between throttle bodies and cylinder head. Less likely but possible would be an air leak from the servo, or a punctured diaphragm in the MU. Or possibly serious wear on the throttle spindles allowing excess air in at idle. Nigel
  10. I would recommend TRGB, they know TRs and are just an hour or so down the A14 from Northampton. Nigel
  11. Well done Waldi, your car looks amazing. Congratulations on reaching a big milestone in your project. Nigel
  12. DIY balancing of reciprocating parts, i.e. pistons and conrods is possible with care. As has been said above, balancing rotating parts, crank shaft and flywheel, requires special equipment and expertise. DIY attempts could even be dangerous. Don't forget to include the front pulley when balancing the crank. However, the results in terms of smoothness on the long stroke 2500 engine are well worth the expense. Nigel
  13. Fascinating history, thank you John for posting. Nigel
  14. Here's my soggy spanner, enjoying a 2 hour walk in the rain. He's home and almost dry now, not expecting to hear much from him for a while. Nigel
  15. Please could I ask if anyone who can recommend a windscreen fitter who knows how to properly fit a front screen to a GT6 Mk3? These are quite tricky because of the stainless steel trim that fits on the rubber. It's a wide stainless channel, much like fitted on the Stag and quite different from the simple plastic chrome effect strips that press in to TR screen rubbers. Since the car was resprayed a couple of years ago, it's had a cheapo plastic copy of the original stainless trim which doesn't fit well, spoiling the look of an otherwise very presentable car. I've managed to get an original stainless trim set and really want to get this finishing touch on the little GT6. Very few modern screen fitters have either the experience or the wish to tackle this job. I knew an old chap in Rugby who could do these but he's retired now. I'm happy to have a mobile fitter come to me or to travel to his premises. As I'm in Market Harborough, ideally the fitter should be based in Leicestershire or Northamptonshire. Thank you in advance for any recommendations you can give. Nigel PS: I will also post this on the TSSC Forum.
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