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  1. +1 Can't understand why the garage said the crank needed grinding, then ignored their own advice and fitted new shells to the old crank surfaces. Bad practice and a waste of money/rip off. Nigel
  2. Hi Grant, Sorry to hear of you car's problem. Like Pete Bfg above, I would be surprised if the big ends have failed in 10 seconds of high revving without load. Does the engine turn over or is it seized/jammed? If it turns on the starter motor, a compression test may reveal valve problems. Also, spinning on the starter motor with plugs out should generate a little oil pressure, but if there's zero oil pressure then crank bearings are indeed suspect. Further investigation is needed before concluding the engine must be rebuilt. Remove the rocker cover and look for bent pushrods, pushrod
  3. I've had this on my GT6 a couple of times. First time, many years ago, it was due to wheel cylinder failing to slide easily on its backplate. More recently, a similar problem was due to a seized wheel cylinder. Nigel
  4. There are plenty of fake branded spark plugs for sale online. Try another set from a reputable source e.g. Green Spark Plug Co. Nigel
  5. I can't help with detailed numbers but Bill Piggott's excellent book 'Original Triumph TR4/4A/5/6' states that for TR6s, overdrive was optional on all cars until December 1973, when it became standard on PI cars. Overdrive remained optional on carburettor cars. There's also the type of overdrive to consider, A-type until late 1972, J-type thereafter. Nigel
  6. Another option would be to wire the ignition switch to trigger a relay that powers up the usual circuits. That should prevent voltage drop, and the old switch will probably survive a lot longer when only connecting a few milli-amps to energise the relay. Nigel
  7. Happy birthday Conrad. Hope you're enjoying the sunshine in a TR today. Nigel
  8. Very neat installation. That BMW engine looks like it was meant to suit in the TR engine bay! Nigel
  9. Sounds like a good engine choice, I used to have a BMW E36 coupe with the slightly later M52 engine, smooth, great performance and bomb proof. Engine bay photos please! Previous advice about the brake lights is spot on. Nigel
  10. That all seems encouraging. I'm sure you won't regret having a thorough job done. Nigel
  11. Sounds like your PI system needs the throttles balancing. A standard CP TR6 should be able to trickle along smoothly at 1,000 rpm. Nigel
  12. Well done! In my experience of a couple of TRs, gears 1, 2 and 3 can be hard to engage when cold but improve once warmed up. If the gears are still difficult after a few miles driving, suspect clutch disengagement as above. Nigel
  13. Yes, 3 in 1 applied sparingly should do the job. Nigel
  14. Also consider the angle drive adaptor on the side of the overdrive. One of the gears inside the angle drive can become loose on its spindle. I know from experience it gives exactly the symptoms you have described, with the speedo flickering before it fails completely. Nigel
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