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  1. Advance apologies for slight thread drift... I love Rich's story of the tuned Mini, having also fitted an MG1100 engine to a Mini as a teenager, when Triple C was the must have car magazine. I rebuilt the engine, including gas flowing the head per David Vizard and fitting a 997 Cooper camshaft. Fuelling was via a pair of H4 1.5" SUs and the exhaust was big bore with a long centre branch manifold. Eighteen year old me thought it was the dog's whatsits! The car could hold 1275 Cooper S away from the lights. Then I saw the light and bought my first Triumph, a Spit Mk3, and I've owned Tr
  2. That kit deserves to sell well. There's no shortage of rusty donor MX-5s. Nigel
  3. Alloy parts clean up very well with vapour blasting. The previous owner of my recently acquired Triumph Trident bike had the cylinder block and head vapour blasted last year. They are quite complex castings (with deep cooling fins) and still look like new. Nigel
  4. Well done Lewis, richly deserved. How about a simple new rule for awarding honours? Any career politicians are automatically ineligible. Nigel
  5. That's the kind of wheel I like on sixties cars! Better still with chrome hub caps. Nigel
  6. Hi Ian, Hope my comment on the alloys didn't cause offence. I really do like early GT6s, but I'm more attuned to slot mags on seventies cars, like a Mk3. It's just me... Now a set of sixties 5.5J Dunlop steelies with chrome hub caps,, that would do it for me. Very hard to find any in the correct offset these days though. Nigel
  7. My answer to the question posed in the title is simple: As soon as we no longer enjoy driving and looking after them! Nigel
  8. Great looking car Ian, I love the look of the Mk1, and I say that as Mk3 GT6 owner. Not sure about those alloys though... Just my opinion of course, and they can't be seen from the driver's seat! Nigel
  9. Stainless bumpers have often been discussed here, for example: Several more similar threads can be found using the forum search facility. Nigel
  10. Ernest has said it's a CP series car, and I thought they are all A type O/D, J type coming in with CR series. I am wondering if the problem lies with the 2nd gear inhibitor switch or its wiring. Nigel
  11. No, it's not necessary to get the gearbox and overdrive out. The H frame under the dash must be removed, then remove the gearbox cover. After that, access to the solenoid is easy. Adjustment of the solenoid push rod needs to be done accurately after the new one has been fitted, follow the instructions in the workshop manual and it's not difficult. Nigel
  12. Same as Speedy Cables in Caerbont. They converted the tacho of my CP TR6 to electronic about 5 years ago, did a great job. Nigel
  13. There is another Triumph forum I use often, based on the same software as this one I suspect. Over there, you can like, award a cup, laugh, applaud but you cannot dislike. It works very well in my opinion. Nigel
  14. Haha, does Google know all my aliases! Nigel
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