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  1. Park Lane Classics have a soft, flexible black vinyl that matches the Triumph original pretty well. They specialise in the small Triumphs and don't seem to offer kits for retrimming TRs, but will sell the vinyl according to their website: http://www.parklaneclassics.co.uk/A_Range_Vinyls.htm I used their kit with this exact vinyl to refurbish the crash pad on my GT6. It's sufficiently flexible to stretch around curves and has a nice soft feel. Owen at Park Lane is very helpful and I'm certainly pleased with the results. Nigel
  2. Someone has done a good job installing that heavy V8 well back in the engine bay. Ready to rumble? Nigel
  3. I've always used copper slip, applied sparingly to the splines. Never had a problem with clutch sticking or slipping after replacement. Nigel
  4. Guilty as charged... Too much time, too much imagination and too little knowledge! Nigel
  5. It's so obvious that I can't see why this hasn't been done before. Conventional valves only allow gas flow for the roughly 270 degrees of crank rotation that they are open. These new valves will flow significant volumes of gas for the entire 720 degrees of the four stroke cycle. That's got to be better! In fact, since they don't need to be open to flow, the camshaft, push rods and rockers can be binned, giving a further weight saving. Nigel
  6. I had the same problem on my GT6. Took a while to work out what was rattling on bumpy lanes! Welded it and re-drilled as Roger says. It's been fine for almost 20 years and 40k miles. Nigel
  7. It's recommended to change every 2 years to maintain anti-corrosive performance. Hydrometers are available to measure specific gravity and hence glycol content and freezing point. Not really worth worrying too much about these details. Just replace every 2 years with Bluecol or similar at 33% to maintain corrosion protection. Nigel
  8. I did as Waldi describes but got the new screws and spindles from Malcolm at Prestige. The binocular tip is spot on, it works. Nigel
  9. I've just got home and had a look at the Phoenix 6-3-1 on my TR6. None of the primaries touch each other, though 4 and 5 are very close. At the closest point I would estimate there's no more than 2mm clearance between the pipes. The manifold has been on my car over ten years and I've never had any problems with it. Hope this helps. Nigel
  10. Decide how much you want/are able to do. Naturally the more you do yourself, the less you pay the painter. I have stripped cars to bare metal before sending for body repairs and painting. The paint stripping is time consuming but doesn't need the skill (or hourly rate) of a professional. I would strongly recommend getting the body shop to do the final prep before paint, otherwise any problems with the final paint finish will lead to difficult discussions about who is responsible. I've been very happy with the job done on my GT6 at Complete Car Care in Theddingworth. It's East Midlands, between Lutterworth and Market Harborough. Nigel
  11. I agree, overdrive is well worth having. Easy m-way cruising at 70+, better fuel economy, what's not to like? My '70 TR6 has an A-type O/D and apart from once needing adjustment of the solenoid operating rod, it's been very reliable. Just keep the oil topped up! Nigel
  12. I bought one similar from Lidl last year. Have to think the western world of living on borrowed time, given the capability, costs and energy of China and others. Nigel
  13. Hi Waldi, Great news!! If ever there is a problem with a new engine start, 9 times out of 10 there's a simple answer. Well done for finding it. Time for a beer... Or 3. Nigel
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