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  1. Frustrating experience! But interesting the the filter was okay for 4-5 years before the mesh swelled. Could it be that a change in the fuel composition has caused the nylon mesh to swell? Increasing ethanol content perhaps? Nigel
  2. Yep, that's the one I would have in my dream shed! Nigel
  3. That's my experience too. Lidl tools are fine for general DIY use. Everyday, worked hard in a professional environment, perhaps they would come up short, but still good value. Nigel
  4. Around 10 years ago, there was a Le Mans Classic competitor who had to retire due to a blown head gasket. When I asked him, he was convinced the gasket failure was due to localised hot spots in the engine when running under racing conditions with waterless coolant. He went back to traditional glycol/water he never had another head gasket failure. It can never be proved that the waterless coolant caused the gasket failure, so the individual concerned would probably prefer not to be named. I've never been tempted to try waterless and suspect there's as much (or as little) proper science inv
  5. From the location of the terminals, I would expect that southern England and the Midlands would be covered from Esso's own terminals, but not northern England or Scotland. South Wales would probably be supplied from Esso Avonmouth and when I was involved with a garage business in mid-Wales, their fuel was supplied from Birmingham. North Wales may not be so lucky, as likely to be supplied from Ellesmere Port (not an Esso terminal). Nigel
  6. Nigel Triumph

    Head ID

    308351 casting is correct for TR5 and early TR6, so unlikely your head has been swapped. Nigel
  7. Thank you Michael. I do indeed have CDD shafts, and I'm very impressed with them. So I will be back to Alasdair at CDD for a pair of his hubs, plus his updated studs. Nigel
  8. I fear this is a typical scene in towns and cities throughout England. It's hard to see how the Westminster government can control the spread of covid, short of total lock down. The general public seems unable or unwilling to accept nuanced guidance in order to maintain some desirable social freedoms. Add to that the political game playing over placing Manchester into tier 3 controls, and perhaps the only way to control spread of the virus is complete, nationwide lock down. Sadly, if the population won't accept current lesser measures and the politicians can't work together to provid
  9. And should add, false economy, I didn't fit the CCD hubs at the same time. After Stuart's advice, I'm going to fit either CCD or Quaife hubs soon, sounds like a little winter project. Nigel
  10. +2 I was amazed by how much the CCD driveshafts improved the ride and handling of my TR6. Much more supple. Nigel
  11. No, he reused the original stub axle with new Timken bearings. It's now fitted to my TR6 and I'm getting worried. Think I will fit a pair of Classic Driving Development replacement hubs... Very soon. Nigel
  12. +1 You're very unlikely to remove the hub flange from the taper at home and there's a high risk of damaging it. I've photographed a professional reconditioning a TR6 rear hub for a magazine article. He used an 80 tonne press, reckoned his 20 tonne press would struggle. There was a hell of bang when it came apart! Nigel
  13. Hi Richard, Welcome, you look to have a great car there. No doubt that pastel colours and superchargers suit TR6s well! Nigel
  14. +1 I also use the full lift method, aiming to set the camshaft timing up to 1 degree advanced if the exact figure can't be achieved. I would say from your photos that the cam is 180 deg out. Nigel
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