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  1. Phil H 4

    Flasher Unit

    Mike, right first time. I replaced all the bullet earth connectors and sleeves in and around the area and hey presto normal business resumed - flashers working correctly. Re the melted wiring, nipped down to DPJ auto electricians today for a chat, thanks for the intro Roger they think it may be the overdrive wiring...car booked in on Wednesday so we'll see. Regardless what it is I consider it a lucky escape. Phil
  2. Phil H 4

    Flasher Unit

    Having had a good route around I may have found the issue ! I think a complete check / overhaul is in order will be down to Auto electrics Uxbridge next week. Just as well it was only the indicators, looks as if it could have been far more serious. Phil
  3. Phil H 4

    Flasher Unit

    Mike, Roger. All looks secure but will give another check and if not I’ll pop in on the people Roger suggest as they are very local. Thank you. Phil.
  4. Phil H 4

    Flasher Unit

    Fine dry morning so took the opportunity to go for a spin, exhaust smoke my previous post on October seems to have evaporated ! as suggested by PodOne it was probably condensation after the car sitting for a while. Interesting drive today particularly on roundabouts as unknown to me at the time when indicating, repeaters flashed both sides.( Front and Rear ) The car being a 72 Uk model didn't until today have hazard warning lights. A new electronic flasher unit was fitted 1500 miles ago when the lights were upgraded to led. Is it likely the issue is the flasher unit or more involved. If so any recommendations of a good auto electrician in south Bucks would be appreciated. As always many thanks to the generosity of the forum assisting those of us that wish they had the technical know how somewhere equal to the love of their cars. Phil.
  5. Thank you all for the direction, best get the blanking grommets ordered and the axle stands out. Whilst under there is it a good idea to coat the floor panels, currently body colour when replaced with stone guard or waxoil. Phil
  6. Thinking of doing some chassis protection through the winter and seem to have read about drilling the chassis and injecting wax oil and then inserting rubber bungs. I'm having difficulty locating the thread but my question is, do the bungs need to be or a certain composition so as not to be effected by the waxoil. Any guidance appreciated. Thanks Phil
  7. Phil H 4

    Car cover

    Having read the thread about covers and Carcoons. I thought there might be interest in my solution. I think the Carcoons are very effective but as Andrew said a pain to access not only when you are using the car but when you have an hour to do some tinkering. I used some heavy duty clear PVC tarpaulin and some 4" x 2" and 2" x 1" and a regulated dehumidifier to make my own Carcoon within the garage which enables me to work on the car within the environment, access through an internal door flap. Keeps my pride and joy away from the wife's wet 4 x 4 and the tumble dryer ! Cost around 200 quid and the dehum which i had. Phil.
  8. Phil H 4

    Wiper Blades

    Hi Rog, Thanks for the heads up. I had a quick look at Revingtons but the PIAA blade on the site seems to fit into the carrier differently. I'll give them a call in the morning to check. Alan, at £6 pair not a lot to loose, may give them a whirl. Phil
  9. Phil H 4

    Wiper Blades

    Considering the weather we've been having new wiper blades have moved up the list of things to do. I have read a few posts regarding wiper blades on the forum and PIAA silicone blades appear to be the way to go. My wipers are 11" long with the blade fitting into a steel channel / carrier. Blade reference SKR52E from www.tdcautomotive.com mentioned in Tim Hunts post are too short and whilst longer options are available, I'm not sure about the carrier as previous post speak of re cutting a notch, not required as my carriers have a bayonet end. Has anyone purchased PIAA silicone blades for these carriers.( Pic below) Phil
  10. Hi Angus, Interesting. Is the purpose to adjust the airflow at the rear of the car to help with exhaust fumes being drawn back into the cab, something i have been experimenting with ? Phil
  11. Hi Tim , looks if she's having a cuban cigar or vaping, hope all's sorted now.. Update. No emulsion in radiator oil filler caps. Plugs all look fine, slight overheating on cylinder 6 plug if i was being critical. No apparent loss of brake fluid, or contamination or gain in radiator overflow, oil pressure good. Choke control fully closed. Test run will have to wait...we don't do rain if we can help it. Phil.
  12. I think after a check of the obvious another test drive is in order before I get the spanners out. Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll let you know the outcome. Phil
  13. Hi Peter, Thanks for the thought but the car is used regularly and probably filled up a week before I stopped driving so only about 7 weeks. Had half a tank in at the time. Phil
  14. Thanks all for the prompt responses. So possibly the head gasket will check as suggested, no overheating but didn't go too far and have a secondary electric fan fitted. If its brake fluid I assume this would show up in the vacuum pipe. Hi Pete, it's a PI. New HT Leads and plugs look ok but haven't check individually for spark. So a number of possible causes to investigate tomorrow. Definitely not Diesel contamination. Given the amount of white smoke for the first mile or so unspent fuel could be the culprit...I hope...would this reduce as the engine warmed up ? Might be coincidence but she was running great until left to her own devices for 6 weeks.
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