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  1. Phil H 4

    No Heat.

    Flat tyre and roll bar installation delayed investigation... will revert. Phil
  2. Phil H 4

    No Heat.

    Thanks all. Will advise the outcome, may be benificial to others with heater issues. Phil.
  3. Phil H 4

    No Heat.

    Hi Ian, Yes it's a CP, i hadn't appreciated that it would get hot air through, tells how many times i've used it in the winter. Thanks.
  4. Phil H 4

    No Heat.

    Chris, Is that dash out etc to replace
  5. Phil H 4

    No Heat.

    Hi Rog, Heater value is in the fully open position. No hot air to my feet ( difficult to tell with hood down and a blanket over my legs ) but coming through the side dash vents. Fan working OK. I will try the garden hose tomorrow, if that doesn't work should i replace the heater valve ...what type is best. Phil
  6. Phil H 4

    No Heat.

    Having just driven for 2 hours through freezing fog with the hood down...that's another story I appreciated how ineffective the heater was / is. Essentially I don't have any heat at all, was OK'ish last year. Suggestions where to start appreciated. Thanks Phil
  7. These pictures of the rheostat removed might help.
  8. If your overhauling the gauges worth looking to see if any of the glass needs replacing along with seals. May as-well do it all at once whilst the dash’s out.
  9. Put LEDs in last year, and put in a Smiths clock at the same time. LED's from Classic car LED's and Clock from Speedy Cables - no connection just good service from these suppliers.
  10. Stage 2 of the safety protocol completed. Fluid / fume barrier fitted using 3mm aluminum composite sandwich. Lower areas sealed with intumescent sealer. Wings sealed to metal flanges and arch covering to prevent fumes entering the cab. Appreciating this isn't to the standard required for track use but at the very least makes me feel a little safer should the tank rupture following a collision.
  11. Just looked at Mine CP77689 0 on the commission plate but CP77689D on the V5 ( has overdrive).
  12. Hi Colin, That's great, do you want to PM me regarding how much you would like for it and if you've a picture, Many thanks. Phil
  13. Good Point Mike, No not my daily, have a 4x4 for that, not sure i'd take the 6 out in the snow Steve but with global warming not sure it'll be an issue for long
  14. Thanks both Peters I like the look of the Safety devices 4 point with diagonal. Has anyone installed one of these and can give any info as to what minor modifications are required to the hood ( As stated in manufactures details).
  15. Having just fitted an inertia fuel cut out switch to my TR6 I started to consider other worthwhile safety features and with winter looming I'm considering using the time to fit a rear fire wall and a roll bar. Can anyone point me at a good supplier for a roll bar that will allow me to retain the hood. Thanks Phil
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