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  1. Phil H 4

    Luggage Racks

    Thanks Guys I'll look into boot bags. Phil
  2. Phil H 4

    Luggage Racks

    I'm considering buying a luggage rack to help with the clobber I will be carrying during some road trips this year. Has anyone experience of the type with rubber vacuum cups supplied by Revo-Racks. Short of picking up what I assume to be an original rack ( as picture) is this the best option. Phil
  3. I used a thin cord inserted into the new rubber channel , only needed at the rear edge of the boot in my case to make a good seal like Kevo_6 suggested. However I would also be interested to know the method ntc Neil has, come on Neil share with the group. Phil
  4. Considering the Laon weekend at the end of May. Has anyone experience of previous years to share. Phil
  5. Hi Paul, Linking on to Grahams post and your suggestion of a possible Coast to Coast trip this year. I would be interested to hear more. Graham I see you are not far from me if you fancy a spin when the rain stops to clock up some miles give me a shout. Phil
  6. Hi Markus, The mesh wind deflector came from Just Roadsters Ltd. www.justroadster.com. I made some alterations to the brackets to raise a couple of inches which made a significant improvement.
  7. Having been given a Mota- Lita l wheel as a birthday present and pleased as i was to receive it, the horn would sound when making a sharp turn to the right...caused some funny looks. When the car was with Enginuity in Acton for some work they cured the problem by taking a slither off the boss in a lathe..apparently its a common problem. Phil
  8. I had fitted new boot and light seals but the most effective solutions have been Wind break and Tail pipe extensions.The extensions are temporary until I can fit a new bespoke rear section with slightly longer tail pipes.Pipes not to every ones taste but no smells. Must get the mixture check then perhaps the pipe extensions can come off.
  9. Spotted a nice Yellow TR6 with matching hardtop today on the A40 at Gerrards Cross, waved, no response ! Wife then pointed out we were not in the TR Corrected this with a run out into the Chilterns in the afternoon, hood down for coffee and cake in Wendover. The weather looks good for Monday so planning a trip to The Cwtch coffee shop at Willow Marina near Wargrave for a spot of lunch with a friend who has an MG..education still in progress. Phil
  10. Phil H 4

    Finally painted

    Good paint job and great panel gap. A nice close to the year, you must be very pleased...roll on spring. Phil
  11. Thanks for posting Magnus, Good reference document. Phil
  12. So your staying for Christmas !!
  13. Tacho first it is then, thanks Mike. Nice job Gareth, certainly worth doing. Phil
  14. The car is complete, it has a new dash so hopefully the gauges will not be too difficult to remove,as i assume they will have been removed to fit into the new dash. I'll start with the speedo and see how it goes Phil
  15. Is it necessary to remove the gauges from the dash to remove the rims and the glass. I've been reading that its not too difficult to remove the gauges from the dash apart from the rubber seal that tends to dissolve into a glue but as I'm just looking to clean the glass and the face I wondered if this is possible. I was looking at Spiro's car on the stand at the NEC, he has magnolia gauges from Speedycables..look very smart with his cream interior. Phil
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