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  1. Hi David, Sorry no, I tend to hang onto the original parts should I decide to revert to them or if the car was sold. Best Phil
  2. Using a couple of paperclips and a squirt of Blaster managed to get the key in, jiggled leaving in overnight...fingers crossed. Thanks for the help... Phil
  3. I had also been looking and it appears as you have said, I was just hoping for some fairy dust
  4. Thanks guys, Assuming i get the key into the lock how do you remove the barrel.
  5. The tumblers in my ignition key barrel have jammed. I can not get the key in. Is the barrel available separately from the ignition lock and can anyone advise how is the barrel removed. Many thanks Phil
  6. Thanks Matt is it self adhesive or do you use a non/ flam contact adhesive.
  7. Can anyone recommend a heat matting for the foot wells to reduce engine heat transmission. Should this be used in addition to or replace the carpet underlay. Thanks Phil
  8. If you haven't a wiring diagram or the loom has been altered, tag and label the wires.
  9. PPaul, I'm not that well informed but : If you do a search this was discussed some time ago... from 2017. It blanks the hole that paint drains out of when the shell was paint dipped when made. If you look up under the rear valance you will also see two similar pressings to the one in the boot/spare wheel floor. Those two were not pierced on anything but very early shells. Phil
  10. Guy, While you're waiting for your seats from Paul you may be able to raise the head rests. If you feel down the middle back of the seat you will feel a central post with two lugs sticking out if you can pinch these and pull the head rest at the same time you may be able to raise them. Mine kept dropping so I put a few cable ties around each post. Worth a try Phil
  11. Has anyone fitted the Mx5 mk2 seats with a padded roll bar. My existing seats fit ok but would like to confirm before purchasing from Paul Bishop. Thanks Phil
  12. That’s Neil, I’ll have a look at the Garmin.
  13. Insured my Daughter today as she was back from Uni just for the run to Tesco. Started first turn but the clutch suffered a bit I guess I should have moved
  14. I tend to connect to a trickle charger when the car isn't used for reasonably long journeys but as Paul I try to get out all year if the roads are salt free and it isn't pouring down. Four months without turning the key is quite a while, good to know she fired up for you even after such neglect
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