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  1. Thanks all. The fitting is fully tightened as Ken has stated over tightening could cause an issue. All the connectors supplied by Moss were replaced when the pump was about 3 years ago. I assume the threads are correct? Have applied PTFE tape and will take for a spin if the rain ever stops.
  2. I have also been trying to tackle the fuel smell in the boot. Pump, PRV , fuel lines and neck gasket were replaced about 3 years ago. I talcum powdered all the joints , when for an hour's run and noticed a very, very slight weep around the thread of one of the connectors. pic of both top connections, one dry, one damp around the thread. Would this be enough to cause a smell in the boot. If I remake the joint, would a coating on the thread of Hylomar blue be suitable?
  3. I've been speaking to Paul regarding a set of seats for my 72 TR6 the only concern I have is will they fit with the roll bar I have. The existing seats have headrests and leave about 2.5 inches to play with. I note Andrew has a windbreak in place and the MX5 seats work. Has anyone combined a roll bar and MX5 seats. Thanks Phil
  4. Thank you all for the guidance. So Speedo and Tacho out and then view best method. Could be lucky like Tim and someone had already replaced the bolts. What are the thoughts regarding replace or have rebuilt and best source for new locks. Phil
  5. Hi Tom, sounds too easy. I think ? You are describing the method for a dash mounted switch. Mine is column mounted within the steering lock. Probably right about the ibuprofen though...
  6. The problems back ! Extremely difficult getting the key into the lock so it looks like a replacement barrel is required or at least removal to allow to clean properly. Guidance on the removal procedure greatly appreciated. Thanks Phil
  7. Hi David, Sorry no, I tend to hang onto the original parts should I decide to revert to them or if the car was sold. Best Phil
  8. Using a couple of paperclips and a squirt of Blaster managed to get the key in, jiggled leaving in overnight...fingers crossed. Thanks for the help... Phil
  9. I had also been looking and it appears as you have said, I was just hoping for some fairy dust
  10. Thanks guys, Assuming i get the key into the lock how do you remove the barrel.
  11. The tumblers in my ignition key barrel have jammed. I can not get the key in. Is the barrel available separately from the ignition lock and can anyone advise how is the barrel removed. Many thanks Phil
  12. Thanks Matt is it self adhesive or do you use a non/ flam contact adhesive.
  13. Can anyone recommend a heat matting for the foot wells to reduce engine heat transmission. Should this be used in addition to or replace the carpet underlay. Thanks Phil
  14. If you haven't a wiring diagram or the loom has been altered, tag and label the wires.
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