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  1. And from a slightly different (non-TR) beast
  2. I usually have to draw the H section down onto the chassis using the bolts and then it pops in.. Suspect a tight fit is better then loose. tim
  3. There are also a load of fuses put there that fail internally but look fine.
  4. Just be careful. I managed to snap the frame stalks off the windscreen getting mine out. Luckily I already had a dry state replacement as the original was quite rusty.
  5. I just use one like this connectect to my existing stereo. Blue tooth to aux tim
  6. Had similar on a couple of valves supplied by one of the smaller TR suppliers. Duff batch perhaps.
  7. Ask friends to drive behind you and flash their headlights if your bulb blows. Its what all my many many friends allow over the country do for me. Tim
  8. You were luckier than I was. This is the state of one of my injectors after a drive to spa to watch the racing. Tim
  9. Really appreciated OD when we did the 10 countries. With the supercharger it 4th and OD 4th worked great up the passes. I fitted the logic unit before the trip. I agree, it is not a perfect solution but I do like the fact that it prevents me inadvertently using OD3 when when I change down to third in a hurry. Tim
  10. Peter, That's interesting. As you know, I am running the Moss Supercharger setup with CR around 8.5:1 and a Holley 2 barrel. Seems pretty good on Fuel efficiency running better than 30 mpg on long runs. Some of this comes, I think, from the SC being taken out of the system at high manifold vacuum. Have been playing around with increasing the ignition advance when the supercharger is out of the circuit which may help somewhat. Cheers Tim
  11. South Africa also had low compression for their saloons. Precovid I used to travel to SA regularly. So did some investigations but no luck.
  12. Hi All, I took my car in for an MoT today. I have recently installed LED headlights. Looks like the new guidance is in place as it wasn't queried. Even better, there was no need to re-align the beams! Tim
  13. These are quite hard to get hold of. Spent 6 months looking for one for my supercharger project without much success. Eventually had to increase the size of the combustion chambers to get the desired CR.
  14. I know the CTM chassis reuses the front assembly including the turrets and cross members. Usually they have one on the shelf and you deliver your old chassis front end as an exchange. It is unlikely that the new chassis (if from CTM) would have the same issues as the original and I am pretty sure it is all jigged up before it is returned. Tim
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