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  1. Tim D.

    10 countries

    Cool car Mike. Done the RBRR 3 times. This will be our first 10CR. Going to be fun to see how the supercharger copes with the climbs. Tim
  2. Tim D.

    10 countries

    I'll be in this one... If people want to be included on the whatsapp drop me your phone number by personal message (best not to share on public forum!) Tim
  3. Black thing is a carbon canister. I had one sent to me with the supercharger. Tim
  4. Tim D.

    10 countries

    Was just wondering about swapping numbers or setting up a whatsup group? Tim
  5. Tim D.

    10 countries

    Hi All, I am taking the TR on the club triumph 10 countries event at the beginning of Sept. Anyone else from the register coming along? Tim
  6. Mine. http://72tr6.blogspot.com/2017/ cheers tim
  7. Tim D.

    Exhaust Fumes

    Also used extensions. Worked fine even without a wind deflector. Still get a smell in the boot though. Tim
  8. Tim D.

    Engine management

    John, I played around some years ago with an AFR meter and the MU on my TR6. The numbers you have are not too bad. The trouble is if you mean out much more you'll get bogging caused by a transient lean spike during snap throttle opening. I tuned until this happened and then richened the mixture a tad until no hesitation was felt and left it at that. Even then it was leaner than the standard setting. Tim
  9. Tim D.

    Slipping Clutch

    OK... Could it be that the flexible hose is acting as a non-return valve (known issue with old flex hoses). Meaning that when you take your foot off the clutch pedal after changing gear the slave is not able to empty fully leaving residual pressure on the clutch plate and hence the slipping..? Could also be caused by some crud in the slave preventing backflow.. pushing the Pistons back in could have dislodged this.. Tim
  10. I used epoxymastic two pack and it seems to have worked pretty well.
  11. I have the same thin chopped brown wire on mine. Would be interested in knowing what it was Tim
  12. Interesting what was said about having the radiator duct angled from a short width to a large width at the radiator. I have a costin designed bonnet in my midget and the configuration is just this. However the duct has a gap to place the oil cooler next to the radiator.. On my tr6 I have the oil cooler tight against the front lower section of the water radiator
  13. Yearly service in prep for 10 countries rally in September tim
  14. Tim D.

    An apology

    Also closet MG owner. Slightly older, 1970 midget with mgf 1.8l engine and type 9 5 speed. Should be fun! tim
  15. It's just a terminal connector. Sits on the inner wing.
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