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  1. Also worth talking to Mike Papworth. I was on the second attempt to get my Gearbox refurbed. First rebuild (reputable company) lasted <10K miles. Upon disassembly it was clear the shafts had not been replaced just sleeved. Mike's comment was that for a gearbox that was running this was probably the worst he had seen. Cheers Tim
  2. The other thing with type 2 is to ensure you have the ones that attach to the main chassis rail as well as at the lever shock mount. CTM used to make this type. But also agree you need to shocks to be matched with the setup so the original bump stop on the trailing arm is in use. Tim
  3. Hi I am in Kenilworth and happy to help if it can be done under the current social distancing rules. I have an Air fuel ratio meter so can get a proper reading for your mixture. Ideally I would normally do this on a drive but that might be tricky under the current conditions. Also happy to just look over the set up for anything obvious (i ran PI on mine until i fitted the supercharger) Cheers Tim
  4. As far as I am aware you can only get the correct provide in plain rubber
  5. Hi All, Took my supercharged TR6 (Holley carb) over the Gross Glockner pass (8000 ft) on last years 10CR, Only issue was a reduction in tickover and a need to change to third gear on some of the steep bits (would have been 4th normally). I had PI for sometime before fitting the supercharger and I think the reason some people get away with altitude is the setup of their PI. out of the box they are rich, partly to make up for the lack of an accelerator pump but also to be on the safe side. To lean at full throttle can be bad! Using an AFR meter I was able to back off on the mixture a fair way and the car remained entirely driveable. You can tell when you have overdone it as the car hesitates at snap throttle openings. The whole process added a fair few MPG to boot... I followed the German modification of the MU to adapt to altitude. Nice piece of work but could help but think that for all the effort you could have EFI. Tim
  6. Tim D.

    Column movement

    You are not kidding that it is weak aluminium! Mine sheared during the Round Britain Reliability Run! Fixed with some well placed rivets! Tim
  7. Standard glue for repairing surf boards. Guess because they get plenty of access to sun.
  8. I swapped it to the column. Used an overdrive cowl and I think a column light switch from an Austin of some kind.
  9. Stuart, sadly too late. We'll see how they stand up the RBRR if it is on. We blew the gearbox last time :-)
  10. Keith, Yes, not something I fancied trying, some of the hairpins on the grossglockner were pretty slippery. It was nice to be able to drive pretty much all the way up in 4th gear though! Unfortunately it did for the rear halfshafts, UJs started singing in Austria. We got home but the UJs were toast. Now experimenting with CVs. I have also acquired a 2500 TC saloon which has hydraulic PAS, very 70s feel but I kind of like it! Unfortunately the SC precludes fitting it to the TR. One thing I have noticed however. These cars are sensitive to front toe in (something I suspect is exacerbated by wider rubber). I have a laser kit to set toe in. I backed it off a little (admittedly it was set with more toe in than the book) to half way between the book setting and paralell and the steering became noticeably lighter at medium speed and the car felt more pointy.. Cheers Tim
  11. Have 195s on mine and have driven 165s and yes the latter is much lighter. Still not sure whether to change when the current boots wear out as I am not particularly effected by the weight of the steering. We did the 10 countries rally on 195s and was pleased with the grip on the mountain hairpins in the wet particularly on the rear with the torque from the supercharger. Not sure whethe the 165s would have been the same? Tim
  12. 12 v planet are good. I've recently moved to the spade terminals that have a separate insulation. Much better than the blue, red ,yellow connectors. But you do need the proper crimper. Tim
  13. Have the original type on my 2500 saloon and uprated ones on my supercharged TR6 and K series midget. Both start the car fine. Quite like the sound of the modern one.. but well only know how long the modern ones last compared to the old one in 40 years. certainly enjoy the smaller size and lower weight when I am doing maintainance.. Tim
  14. Was one like this Column dip switch Cheers
  15. I just found a column switch that was the same style as the OD switch but that acted as a dip switch fitted to the other side of a column. Think it was from an austin Westminster. Then just fitted using another OD shroud so that there is one on each side. Tim
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