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  1. Tim D.

    Supercharged TR6

    I think they discontinued it for a couple of reasons. But certainly carbs were an issue. The Holley that they use had to be specially drilled so that it could get the correct pressure signal from the manifold. I have this setup and it does work well. Great on the mountains of the 10 countries run last month. Tim
  2. One thing to be aware of.. some companies don't use new shafts in the gearbox. Instead they fit sleeves to the bearing surfaces.. Worth asking the rebuilder the question. tim
  3. Got mine down by Mike papworth in Coventry. Great service at a very reasonable price. He uses ORS for some of the work on the overdrives. Tim
  4. Yes that would make sense. I fitted the adjustable ones to mine so I could adjust camber easily if I started to play with wide height. Otherwise the geometry is standard (helped by having a new CTM chassis) Tim
  5. Strange comment.. machanisms that allow continuous adjustment are always superior to discontinuous. Or would you rather a torque wrench that only did 10, 20 and 40 ftlbs rather than 10-40 continuous Tim
  6. Hi Tim, Sorry my terminology was a bit misleading. When I said "stock" meant my one personal stash of spares. Fitted the camber only brackets. Think the shims are easy to change for toe in. When I went to fit helicoils is discovered that 1/4 of them had already been done! Tim
  7. Interesting. Went through this very process last weekend. While on the 10CR (alongside Tim Hunt). We noticed that a lot of the TRs seemed to be running excessive camber. My own 6 didn't look to bad. However I had to take the rear suspension appart when I got back to fit CV axles and helicoil (had bought the jig when I was in the US) the studs in the trailing arms (mountain passes + supercharger stresses the system somewhat). I also measured camber and it was 2.5 degrees. I had some adjustable trialing arm mounts in stock so I fitted them. Adjustment back to spec was super simple.very much recommended. Cheers Tim
  8. Tim D.


    Got the local garage to tighten em up. Tim
  9. Tim D.


    Fair enough. Just wondered whether my definition of torque was correct. I'll sort a more analytical method.
  10. Tim D.


    Cv axles nuts. Cheers Tim
  11. Tim D.


    Ok. So I have a nut i need to torque to 200ftlbs. My wrench only goes to 100. I weigh close to 200 lbs. If I set my breaker bar connected to the nut parallel to the ground and balance on it at 1 ft from the nut and it doesn't move does that equate to 200 ftlbs? Tim
  12. Well done. Looks like good progress. You may be new to this but in the end these cars are relatively simple. 3 rules that have stood me in good stead. 1) ask for advice before you begin (which you did) 2) if you hit a hitch, have a cuppa. Too many times I have got frustrated and done more damage rather than cooling off and considering options. 3) celebrate when things work (beer, wine whatever) Cheers Tim
  13. Hi Chaps I have a set of adjustable trailing arm brackets to fit. Thinking about it last night surely you only need to fit one each side to the inner bracket position? Changing the height of the pin would then tilt the hub angle. Adjusting one on the outer bracket position to my mind would have minimal effect. Tim
  14. Hi All, Replacing my wobbly trailing arm studs. Helicoil UNF (have the Patton jig) or drill and tap for UNC? Cheers Tim
  15. Tim D.

    Rev Limit

    Generally keep below 5 although I know it will go over. But then with the supercharger the fun is from the low down grunt and Not the top end. Tim
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