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  1. Should also say I ran with the engine fan for many years, and have one on my triumph saloon. Work fantastically. Tim
  2. Hi Chris. Yes very true. My current fan is definitely over specification. But makes me feel happy. The usual classic car thing. Feeling happy that the car will survive even rare events :-) . Mind you the last 10CR we ran up mountain passes in unseasonably hot weather. I knew the fan would hand it if called upon! Could also use it to dry any washing we had in the car Tim
  3. Rob, I think the issue is that some electric fans look pretty and are cheap but the fan blade and motor design is not good. These are areas )that are the most costly in the development and production process) are where the cheap fans cut costs..
  4. Should say it kept the car cool in crawling traffic on the M5 with outside temps in the mid 30s.. Kept the car cool but I almost boiled over :-) Tim
  5. Snap... I have the same fan on my own homemade brackets.. It is a beast!
  6. Roger, Couldn't agree more... I compared a Cheap EBay fan and a Spal equivalent on my supercharged TR (Don't want this baby overheating!). Both fans were the same size and similar wattage. Ebay fan was awful, moved very little air and ran continually to keep the car cool at a standstill.. Spal, way more air movement.. Air coming out from under the car would have embarrassed Marilyn Monroe! Fan only needed to be on for short periods to cool the car.. Only downside was the number of amps the Spal pulls (definitely needs a relay).. lots more amps than the cheap one which also made
  7. Git the CV hubs from CCD. Done 1000 miles so far. Definitely feel a change in the suppleness of the rear suspension compared to the original sliding splines. My wife says the car is more comfortable. Only issue is they are quieter and I cam hear the dif whining now :-)
  8. Aardvark, As ever with our hobby its all about what you personally want in your car. That's the fun of the thing. I tried a 6 with XAS and Vriedenstien and for me they felt loose compared to modern tyres. But I agree they were much lighter on the steering. I wasn't really saying that these old style tyres were unsafe. Just that they may not be the best performing ones out there. Agree regarding handling and road holding. However there is plenty of evidence of tyre companies selling vanity tyres that look good but do not perform optimally. You can still by crossplies:-)
  9. Had Cinturatos last time.. worked very well
  10. With the risk of being counter to everyone on the thread so far.. I would consider the fact that you don’t do too many miles.. It means that your tyres will go hard and hence become unsafe well before you wear them out.. might be upsettting if you have paid top dollar for these expensive tyres that simulate original equipment. I have modern 195s at less than half the price.. slightly heavier steering at parking speeds.. But great grip in the dry and wet (modern tread pattern... There is a reason why we don’t use the tread patterns like the Vredenstieds and XAS any more). We’ve d
  11. Hi I have the moss kit on my 6 very happy to help PM me.. Tim
  12. Much like the comment on the Jam Jar method, you just crack open the bleed nipple and then pump away, when the bubbles stop you stop pumping and close the bleed nipple. The system is a closed system into which air cannot enter.
  13. I use a modified version of Stuart's method. 4 metre long piece of clear silicone tube. Attach to the nipple on one end.. other end placed in a jam jar in plane sight from the driving seat. Slowly pump the pedal until no bubbles are seen. I have also used this set up with the jam jar replaced by the master cylinder reservoir so that it is a closed system and no need to top the system up. Only concern with this is re-introducing air bubbles into the reservoir, but my observation is that they float to the surface. Cheers Tim
  14. Interesting. are you allowed to auction V5s without the car that goes with it? Thought it was Illegal? Tim
  15. lived with these leaks for a fair few years before the engine was rebuilt.. Only thing I had to remember was to not park the TR on my mother-in-law's block paved drive!
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