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    Current 1974 TR6 Mimosa Yellow also known as Yellow Peril
    Far to many to mention, but a few would be. Two Spitfires and a Midget in my youth, then boring cars but loved my Discovery 4. Present cars are Mercedes GLC 250 4 Matic BMW 5 TOURING

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  1. When The Central Weather with Des was on he was saying sharp showers in the afternoon of Saturday and Sunday, I will see what it does tomorrow.
  2. Weather is not looking to good for Sunday, bloody typical been lovely all week, cold and wet here in Staffordshire.
  3. Went to Aston Martin at Gaydon on Sunday with Pistonheads, one of the AM Staff told me to park in this bay , made me chuckle and a few other people as well The highlight of the day was the new Vanquish Concept model which I think is about to be signed off, I really hope so, its stunning, a close second to the TR6 of course
  4. Paul Hill

    A Day Out

    Went to the Aston Martin factory with the Pistonheads Sunday Service had a fantastic day. Never noticed till someone said is that the first electric TR6
  5. If the weather is fair I am going, so that’s another 6
  6. Did a brim to brim used 3.24 gallons did 91 miles = 28 mpg well pleased with that. It was mostly A roads
  7. Paul Hill

    Power Steering

    I had a cost from Alastair Southall for his kit fitted £1500 that does not include for the upgrades, to electrics, you have to do those
  8. That looks very nice, I bet you are proud of it and righty so. Let’s have some pictures engine bay and interior. Happy driving Paul
  9. Paul Hill

    Oil Cooler

    Was an Oil Cooler standard fit from the factory
  10. That looks a really sweet car, enjoy the great weather this weekend
  11. Reverted to black plates Before After
  12. I have an original steel wheel with a really good tyre if you want it
  13. Here are a couple of pictures of mine if they are of any use
  14. Quite fancy a touch of bling in the engine bay, but cannot seem to find an Air Manifold. TR Bitz had them at the spares show £90 I think they were, been looking all over but cannot find them. Anyone got one fitted with a picture
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