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    Current 1974 TR6 Mimosa Yellow also known as Yellow Peril
    Far to many to mention, but a few would be. Two Spitfires and a Midget in my youth, then boring cars but loved my Discovery 4. Present cars are Mercedes GLC 250 4 Matic BMW 5 TOURING

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  1. As said there are worst places to break down. If it were me I would hope the part lands in a couple of days time. Enjoy
  2. Went to Hinckley Motor Show was a lovely day out
  3. I just put a new one on yesterday £30 from TR Shop
  4. I did try the Italian tune up as I came across Cannock Chase as it’s a fast Road needless to say it didn’t work
  5. Went out in the TR last night just a bit of a spin out to a country pub for a meal (mineral water for me ) the car ran faultlessly, loads of admiring glances when I parked up. Came out the pub started the car up it was terrible lumpy and missing like crazy, went straight back home, terrible drive. Got back home and pulled the bonnet felt for the pulse on the fuel injection hoses (picked that up at the garage)no2 dead zilch Nader. Now I am not mechanical at all but I just kept wondering shall I have a go at swop or cleaning the injector, so out came the big brown book, I found the page and followed the instructions using my Stirrup pump to blow through the injector, I carefully put it back in, checking and re checking, all looked fine and dandy. Now the moment of truth, I turned the key she roared into life first time with a great pulse in the hose. Took her out for a spin, back to her best. I know it’s small beer to most but I got a lot of satisfaction from doing it. Paul
  6. Done a bit of searching on the Cars for sale Pistonheads and Auto Trader and there are many cars which have them thick end to the front as there are thin end to the front. Mine are staying as they are
  7. Thick end at the back, more aero efficient
  8. Paul Hill

    Best fuel

    Always run mine on Tesco Momentum, never a problem, and it contains less Ethanol then others. So I am told
  9. Wow big rant and I can see you are really pi££ed. I would sourse a really good expert to fix your MU problems they are out there, tell us where you are and people will help
  10. Paul Hill

    Fuel leak

    Make sure it’s a Viton rubber O ring
  11. I know you can only contact him by email, nowadays, and he was still working a couple of months ago.
  12. Nice convoy and a beautiful backdrop
  13. Paul Hill

    TR6 owner

    I am in South Staffordshire Jun 11 M6 your welcome to pop up and see mine, it’s a PI 1974
  14. Not to far today but a nice Breakie meet with Pistonheads members at Lichfield Staffs. Have to keep the TR6 flag flying. Nice eclectic mix of cars
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