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    Current 1974 TR6 Mimosa Yellow also known as Yellow Peril
    Far to many to mention, but a few would be. Two Spitfires and a Midget in my youth, then boring cars but loved my Discovery 4. Present cars are Mercedes GLC 250 4 Matic BMW 5 TOURING

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  1. Can’t help, but welcome to TR6 ownership. Be prepared to spend money, but you do get to smile a lot.
  2. Mimosa Yellow its the best colour Angus, jury’s is out on the spoiler
  3. Paul Hill

    Car cover

    I am quite lucky in that the garage is integral and the house is timber framed so the outer wall is well insulated, add to that I fitted a insulated electric folding door which as no gaps. So I will check when I get back home what it’s like now the cold weather is here (been away on a Cruise for three weeks now, hope she starts)
  4. Paul Hill

    Car cover

    Depends how dry cold or warm your Garage is I suppose.
  5. My two grandkids love Yellow Peril, that’s the nickname
  6. Hi Andrew Nice to know it will get looked after in later life Paul
  7. The wiper control on my car. 74 RHD is the square one which you turn clockwise for the wipers, then push the same square control for the washers which are electric
  8. I am going to Alicool for my tank,they are only a mile from me. I visited them earlier in the year, they put my mind to rest with the answers they gave regards to points in the above posts, also he pointed out that the fit is spot on. Paul
  9. Paul Hill


    I have seen my fair share while looking last year, as John said a fair price would be 12k to 13k
  10. The people who manufacture the alloy tanks are only one mile from my home, and will go see them to make sure.
  11. Hi Mark i am almost certain it **** in the tank again, the symptoms point that way so I am thinking of swapping it for a new Alloy tank. I did have a old seal from a leaded addative bottle that was in and wrapped itself round the outlet, the pump made a terrible racket
  12. Hi Bruce just to add I now have the angry bee noise but not to loud, the bottom cylinder on the pump is where the noise is and it’s getting warm after about 4 miles just took her out before the rain came.
  13. The pipe work is 10mm so should be ok and the tank is over half full. I am starting to think it may be some debris in the outlet of the tank.
  14. Will do Rob thanks for that Paul
  15. My pump as been performing well of late, we went on a good run yesterday 130 miles round trip with the last 35 miles very spirited on twisty turny roads. When we were nearly home we encountered some standing traffic and the pump seemed to be revving, it had no effect on performance but not heard it like that. The pump is wired separately and about 8 months old. There is not a pre pump filter as I can see, and the tank is the original. Turn the ignition on and listen at the filler cap and good healthy return to the tank. The pump is in the boot My question is anyone know of an expert local to me in Staffordshire or West MIdlands where I can get it sorted once and for all many thanks Paul
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