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    Cannock Staffordshire
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    Current 1974 TR6 Mimosa Yellow also known as Yellow Peril
    Far to many to mention, but a few would be. Two Spitfires and a Midget in my youth, then boring cars but loved my Discovery 4. Present cars are Mercedes GLC 250 4 Matic BMW G30 5 Series Sedan

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  1. Hi Waldi Never leave mine more than 3 weeks without starting her, always try to coincide it with a run of at least 8 miles (it as to be dry and no salt) it’s been no problem in three years
  2. Paul Hill


    This is the PRV Carl supplies, fits
  3. I will put some sponge it the cup of the trolley jack
  4. I am right in thinking I can lift the rear of the car on the Diff so lifts centrally, then put axle stands each side on the chassis rails.
  5. I have been to Carl’s place he fitted a pump PRV and rewired it. Top mam. His place is in Stockport
  6. Paul Hill

    Fuel filter

    Dunno why you need a another filter as there is one on the Bosch pump already after the pump
  7. Carl supplied and fitted my pump no problems since
  8. Be hopes the brakes have been upgraded.
  9. Take the injector out and blow some compressed air through it should do the trick. I do use a Foot pump get a good seal and pump. Since I changed my tank etc never happens now
  10. It’s were that crud gets is the reason they rust on the joints and inner panels.
  11. If the suns shinning my 7 year old grandson expects me to pick him up in the TR His friends comment your grandad as come in the cool car
  12. Good on yer, that’s taught him a life lesson
  13. I have used the TR Shop they know their stuff, but of late I have purchased some bits and bobs off James Paddock up in Chester, good customer service and competitive on the items I have purchased. Paul
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