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    Cannock Staffordshire
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    Current 1974 TR6 Mimosa Yellow also known as Yellow Peril
    Far to many to mention, but a few would be. Two Spitfires and a Midget in my youth, then boring cars but loved my Discovery 4. Present BMW 2021 X3 2.0d with toys

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  1. Bet you were glad you did not have to drive it home in those conditions.
  2. That will look nice I would bet, great colour combo
  3. My first choice was Magenta but they are rare, so Mimosa was second choice, I have grown to love it
  4. Looks like you have collared a nice one. Mine was restored in 2012 and has never seen a wet road, well not in my five years of ownership.
  5. You will love TR6 ownership. I am into my 5th year now and it’s big smiles every time I drive it. Keep the top down and just listen to that distinctive straight six. Enjoy.
  6. Plus 1 here for Howells in Walsall, my home town. They did a great job on my Midget Bumper’s a few years ago.
  7. Paul Hill

    Which Coil

    Hi guys I have installed Iumenition ignition and the car is so much better. I did not change the coil it as been on from when the car was restored, it’s always performed well but just wondering if I should upgrade or not. A picture of what’s fitted if that’s relevant.
  8. Paul Hill

    TR6 Seats

    The point is TR6 seats are total rubbish, uncomfortable and downright horrible, the only reason people change is for those reasons. Why would you say buy an MX5 when your interest is in a TR6 just because of seats
  9. Paul Hill

    TR6 Seats

    Hate to disagree but the original TR6 seats are the worst ever so uncomfortable. Each to their own but I would not drive a car that had rubbish seats just to keep it stock, it’s not as if the Mazda or later designs look ****.
  10. By todays standards a well sorted TR6 is just above mediocre. It’s all about the fun and the exhaust sound. Enjoy.
  11. Paul Hill

    E10 fuel

    I have had my car for four years and only use Tesco Momentum may have used the tank of Esso but no problem reported by me, all my pipes are fine
  12. A wonderful feeling, well done
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