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    Current 1974 TR6 Mimosa Yellow also known as Yellow Peril
    Far to many to mention, but a few would be. Two Spitfires and a Midget in my youth, then boring cars but loved my Discovery 4. Present cars are Mercedes GLC 250 4 Matic BMW G30 5 Series Sedan

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  1. It’s usually best practice and easier to change it now the box is out, I know I would
  2. I have a Mohair hood and it’s always a bit of a stretch but not difficult. During the winter months I do have the roof up in the garage and when I go out.
  3. Paul Hill

    metering unit

    The guy who purchased Malcolm’s business is called Carl, nice guy who fitted me one of his fuel pumps and PRV with diaphragm, he knows what he is on about and did a great job for me a couple of weeks ago.
  4. Not close to London but you can in Yorkshire so you could make a long weekend of it classiccarhirenorth.co.uk 01535 279152. Or 07788 276304
  5. I am no expert but you might have a problem with the Banjo bolts someone will be along to explain in detail.
  6. Hi Bruce Hardly any noise at all the PRV with the diaphragm puts paid to that
  7. Picked the car up from Carl this morning and it was a delight to drive home without the beehive in the boot. Can highly recommend Carl and his work. Now to put the older pump and PRV on EBay
  8. Decided to get my fuel pump nose woes sorted, so I took it to Prestige which is now Carl in Stockport as Malcolm as retired. Anyway it’s done and I will pick it up on Monday, can’t wait for the drive back without the noise.
  9. Paul Hill

    MX5 seats

    I have the Mk1s in my car and the support my back just fine, and I think they look fine
  10. You might have a A type and you don’t know it. Really I ain’t got a clue, but like you I thought only J type worked in 3 & 4
  11. I assume the PRV is fitted when the fuel exits the pump, a filter between tank and pump
  12. Hi guys Can someone send me some pictures and an explain to me the pipe work arrangements for the Bosch pump. If someone can show me what goes in what order. The pump is wired direct with a relay, there is half of an Amp drop at the rear which I was told it’s nothing to worry about Many thanks Paul
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