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    1974 TR6 Mimosa Yellow also known as Yellow Peril
    Far to many to mention. but a few would be Two Spitfires and Midget in my youth then boring cars but loved my Discovery 4. Present cars are GOLF GT BMW 5 TOURING

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  1. Paul Hill

    Bosch Pump woe's & Noise

    That's my intention Gary but will install a new tank with baffels
  2. Paul Hill

    Bosch Pump woe's & Noise

    Update I started the car this morning fired up first time, tootaled off down the road for a couple of miles running normal Pump noisy as before. I came back around the island and put my foot down car pulled like a train through all gears then after a mile engine died and cut out, I came to a halt, turned the key fired up first time drove two miles back to home car ran faultless. Pulled on to the drive into neutral engine died and would not start. I then opened the boot and felt the pump, the bottom (intake) was hot, the top one (out) was cold, I left it 5 minutes and it started first time.. I am thinking it must be some rubbish from or in the tank outlet, its an original tank and when the car was finished it did stand over two years only doing 500 miles. Does that sound as it could be the problem. I am more or less convinced that I will replace the fuel tank as I want baffles in to stop the fuel starvation when turning left. Now chaps what's the best tank to buy, I was thinking the steel one from the TR Shop Paul
  3. Paul Hill

    Bosch Pump woe's & Noise

    What Waldi said in an earlier post makes sense that there could be a restriction from the tank ie rust flake or old fuel, it could make the pump work harder to pull it in
  4. Paul Hill

    Bosch Pump woe's & Noise

    It’s run for Two months perfect and changed nothing. The pump noise is beyond how loud a pump could be has anybody had had a faulty new Bosch pump
  5. Paul Hill

    Bosch Pump woe's & Noise

    But why would it run perfect back to home.
  6. Paul Hill

    Bosch Pump woe's & Noise

    Hi Guys I had new Bosch Pump, PRV to suit MU and injectors it was all set up and as been running fine during the last 8 weeks and around 250 miles. Monday morning I started the car up and noticed the pump was more noisy then normal, like it was racing. I pulled out on to the road running fine got to about a mile from home and the car just started jumping, missing etc. I manged to get to the garage where the work was done and as I pulled on to the forecourt it cut out. They had it yesterday and checked a few thinks out Filters all clear Fuel Tank clear Pressure to the pump ok Fuel tank showing between I/2 & full When I got there this morning it started but the pump was still making the same noise, and after starting and running the engine cut out. We put some more fuel in just to make sure and started it up pump noise still there I decided to take it home which is about three miles, all the way back it was faultless but the pump noise is still there. Before this started the pump was a tad noisy but that's to be expected and I could live with it, but how it is at this moment no way could I live with and I think its not running as it should. The garage are going to have it in early March and check it top to bottom, I have also told TR Shop about the problems with the pump and went through their trouble shooting list Any ideas chaps Paul
  7. Paul Hill

    Speedometer problem

    Flippin heck did you go into Hyperdrive Warpspeed. Never heard of that happening ever
  8. Paul Hill

    Cheap PRV

    Chinese stuff tends not to last. I bought a airless spray unit for the business, the suppliers said it was manufactured in Ireland, it’s was built in Ireland Chinese materials, lasted about 4 months. In the end they had it back and I bought German, had it 5 years and only had the pump rebuilt once. Me and Chinese mechanical, no chance
  9. Paul Hill

    J Type Overdrive delay engaging

    That’s sounds right I thought mine a tad slow on Wednesday
  10. Paul Hill

    Feint High Pitch noise

    I spoke to guy who looks after the cars oily bits he said if it really feint not to worry. I did think about the fan belt I will investigate next time its out. The car as stood for two years and only done 500 miles with in that time, but people have said its not uncommon for a Clutch release bearing to go after a year. Paul
  11. Paul Hill

    Out for a spin

    You may Sir, and I suspect you have too,if so can I see a picture. Paul
  12. Paul Hill

    Out for a spin

    Hi Andy will PM you come the Spring
  13. Paul Hill

    Out for a spin

    Hi Andy if it’s dry and no salt on the road I love to take the TR out. I live just by Five Ways just off the Cannock Rd. My next door neighbour has a TR4A Red. Must see the 5 sometime Paul
  14. Paul Hill

    Feint High Pitch noise

    Pulled on the drive when I came back from my spin out and noticed a very feint high pitched squeak on tick over, depress the clutch and its gone. Any ideas Paul
  15. Paul Hill

    Out for a spin

    Took my grandson for a walk around National Arboretum as its not far from us, he is only six but he loves to go and look at all the names, it troubles him a little when the talk gets to all the soldiers that died. But I think it teaches values which is no bad thing these days o On the way back over Cannock Chase I thought I would inject a bit of colour into the dreary January landscape. He also loves a trip out in the TR

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