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  1. Quite fancy a touch of bling in the engine bay, but cannot seem to find an Air Manifold. TR Bitz had them at the spares show £90 I think they were, been looking all over but cannot find them. Anyone got one fitted with a picture
  2. If the weather is good I will have a run down, its not that far for me
  3. I have been planning a Breakfast meets over on Pistonheads Sunday 12th May 10am to 2pm at RAF Cosford M54Jun3 anyone local who wants to pop in with their car please PM me PS if I am out of order posting in here then Mods can delete it. It’s all very informal.
  4. Also not questioning the originality but I have not seen any decals that close to the light. Much prefer where mine are
  5. Here are a couple of pics
  6. My T looks central and from the horizontal part of the T it’s 30mm from the Lens ps don’t forget the decals are opposite on the other side T first on the drivers side 6 on the nearside
  7. The car was finished two years ago not by me, I was just looking through the rebuild pictures. The front diff mounts were boxed in as part of the Chassis strengthening
  8. Thanks Richard that explains it. I did wonder how the body would go on with those sticking through.
  9. Hi Guys I am learning all the time with my car, but as I am no mechanic could the knowledgeable chaps on here could explain something in the picture below. Of all the pictures of chassis I have seen there is no all thread bar in the springs up to the turrets, is this a strength upgrade thing. I can see the Diff pins are upgraded which is reassuring to know
  10. It would not hurt buying those essential parts that you know you will need, now. I definitely would
  11. Same here. Originality is best by a long way
  12. Cookie I have put up for sale the very pipe you need I paid £64 from TR Shop it was never used. Yours for £38
  13. Hi Guys I bought this from the TR Shop last month and its was never used Hose pump to DIAPHRAGM PRV and the union fitting was £64 inc shipping so if someone wants it say £38. Paul
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