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  1. I like pinstripes on a TR6, have a red stripe on my Triumph White car. Nigel
  2. Will do, probably next week. Nigel
  3. I will try the O ring replacement 'cheap fix' in the next week or two. If it doesn't work, I will be fitting a new solenoid. Nigel
  4. J type solenoids can also stick, and from experience this seems more likely when hot. The solenoid on the J type O/D in my GT6 tends to stick in the engaged position when hot. I'm going to try replacing the O ring seals on its piston, inexpensive fix compared to a new solenoid... if it works of course! Nigel
  5. Okay, but when the backlash is in the diff, it's unusual for it to be one side only, that's why I asked about half shafts. Hoping someone more knowledgeable will be along soon. Nigel
  6. Ooh, I like the look of that. Where did you buy it? Please could goy share a link? Nigel
  7. Good idea, I will try similar in TR6 end GT6. Nigel
  8. Are you absolutely certain the play is in the diff and not the half shaft, UJs or splines? Nigel
  9. Sounds interesting, I would also appreciate seeing a photo. Nigel
  10. +1 Sealant around the push rod tube side of the head to make certain it's oil tight. Other than that, composite gaskets don't need sealing compounds. Nigel
  11. Well done Jon. As for a GT6, they're cracking little cars but beware, you and your wife may end up fighting for the keys! Nigel
  12. TRGB sell individual brake pipes and list the flex hose to caliper pipes. It's part number CBPCAL/I for imperial or /M for metric, essential to get the correct threads for your calipers. Nigel
  13. Sticky speedo drive cable or failing angle drive are common culprits. Nigel
  14. A properly set up Lucas PI system works fine, in fact it's a joy to drive, and keeps the car original. As stated, sorting out the existing PI system will be cheaper than converting to Webers. The Webers will probably need setting up on a rolling road to give their best. No question what I would do! Nigel
  15. +1 I bought +20 thou County pistons from Chris Witor for a 2.5 litre saloon engine I built for my GT6 a few years ago. The machinist who rebored the block followed the same clearance spec John mentions above. He also said the 6 pistons were remarkably consistent in their dimensions. The engine runs very well and has so far clocked up about 3,000 trouble free miles. Nigel
  16. I've been using NGK BUR6ET or Bosch WR78 in several Triumph sixes, standard and tuned, including my near standard CP series TR6. In my experience over more than 10 years, these multielectrode plugs give better starting, smoother idling and crisper pick up than single electrode NGK or Champion. Nigel
  17. Happy birthday Wayne, have a great day! Nigel
  18. Nigel Triumph


    Another +1 from me. Nigel
  19. Nigel Triumph


    I'm done with F1 after this season. Stewards making up the rules as they go along in order to deliver the scripted result? That's not sport. Nigel
  20. +1 for brass bleed nipples. Beware metric vs imperial though. Nigel
  21. Hi Rob, I think from the diagram on p17 and list of components on p18, it's item 4 'outer calibration screw and locking ring'. Nigel
  22. Don't understand lunges. Or did you mean lungs, as in drive it hard for a few miles first? I drove it hard for about 15 miles before the test but had to crawl in traffic for 5-10 minutes before arriving at the test station. It doesn't idle so smoothly after sitting in traffic and needs a couple of quick miles to settle down again. Nigel
  23. Yes, wind the largest adjustment ring on the metering unit up or down to get maximum vacuum. Idling speed will increase when the mixture is spot on, so the idle air bleed screw can be closed slightly. Nigel
  24. Hi Bruce, There's no obvious black smoke on acceleration, and no soot stains on the rear valance or bumper, so it isn't very rich. But 5% CO and a Lambda reading of 0.9 does suggest it's a bit rich. My 2.5 litre GT6 runs on twin SU HS6 carbs shows 3.5-4% CO and Lambda 0.95 at idle; it performs very well. I feel similar figures should be possible from the PI system on my TR6. Time will tell! Nigel
  25. Thank you Gareth. I've done that once before, following the instructions of a retired Lucas PI Service engineer. His advice was the same as yours, plus he used a vacuum gauge to set the mixture at tickover for maximum vacuum. He used to tune up the 2.5 PI saloons for the police and apparently this technique always gave the best performance. Nigel
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