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  1. Yep, used one to inject/spray Dinitrol using 1L containers, seemed to work OK, not sure you could use one with a 5L can though.
  2. In the middle of fixing mine just now. You can gain some space between the wheel boss and slip ring by slackening off the clamp on the steering column and easing the wheel back by a few mm, however the main culprit seems to be a bit of play in the top column bush which I'm replacing in readiness for its MOT, if the horn still goes off after that the boss is going in my Lathe and I'll turn down the protruding bit.
  3. Is the Saab Slave a concentric in Bellhousing one?
  4. Shell V-Power will remain as E5 which is what I use routinely in my 6 already. Thanks Sean
  5. Aligns with my understanding. My car had OD from new, whilst a lot can happen during the 50 intervening years it wears an Injection badge but not an overdrive one. I'm sure I read somewhere that they had one, or another, but never both.
  6. A lot of it is irreplaceable New Old Stock, sell it all quickly now, or slowly it's still all gone when it's gone? Maybe they've just reached a tipping point where it's time to push hard on shifting what's left, presumably they pay a lot in storage costs.
  7. It is genuine, they have been putting stuff on E-bay for a few months. Most of the good stuff has gone already. I have managed to bag some goodies for my Dolomite.
  8. Sadly not Richard, I'm up in North Yorkshire near Whitby. Appreciate the recommendation though. Thanks Sean
  9. I had a scan of the Brown Bible but couldn't spot equivalent data, didn't think to look in my Dolomite version (I also have a Dolomite!) But on that basis my bad wheel is definitely out of tolerance and the other one is probably if not out then on the extreme of what's acceptable.
  10. Has it ever run smoothly since fitting the Bosch pump? They are quite demanding of their power supply in my experience, I had a marginal Alternator and my idle and pick up improved significantly when I upgraded it. Thanks Sean
  11. Hi Paul I must confess I'm not sure I could have spotted it! It was in a line of slow moving traffic so he was only half a car length or so behind. Sean
  12. I don't have a spare so will retain the better one for that purpose. SC Parts are the cheapest, suspect they are all made by the same source. Interestingly Moss state that theirs look different from original wheels but helpfully do not go into specifics. Will order a pair from SC Parts. Related question, were trim rings standard? My car has them but they trash the paint on the rims, I'm wondering if this is the time to stop fitting them. Thanks Sean
  13. Thanks Ed I make 0.030" to be 0.75mm so yours was somewhere in between my two. Did you retain it or replace? Sean
  14. Hi Roger, sorry I should have mentioned, these are steel wheels. Thanks Sean
  15. Whilst out driving the car I was flagged down by a driver following me to tell me one of my wheels was wobbling. Have investigated today and wheel in question has a runout at the rim of approximately 4mm. Swapping it to another side and the runout moved with it so it looks like the wheel is bent. Checked the others and two run true and another has about 2.5mm variation. It's worth pointing out that none of this was detectible whist driving. Couple of questions:- Anybody know what is acceptable runout at the rim? Where is the best place to get replacement (s)? Thanks
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