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  1. Evening everyone, appreciate any experience and advice on the following two issues with my car. 1) The driver's side window touches the windscreen frame. It clearly needs to move away and there seems to be two theoretical options but I'm not sure which if any exist. First option is to reduce the rake of the windscreen, if that is an option I assume it would be a case of loosening the brackets under the dash and easing the top forward. Worth noting Passenger side is fine. The other option would be some kind of adjustment of the window channels in the door. I suppose there's a third option
  2. Welcome Richard, as a newbie here myself I can promise the welcome will be warm. Lovely looking Car. Sean
  3. Quick update after another weekend of tinkering. During the week a delivery from Rimmer Bros arrived mostly of Hardtop bits. The plan was to do a dry run test fitting but I quickly realised I'd ordered the wrong seal, so parked that for the time being. Weather was rubbish on Saturday so no opportunity to do much, whilst I can work in the garage it's more comfortable rolling the car out. Sunday was better so I took the chance to wash it for the first time and really get a good look at the paint. No grot discovered although it did show up some more imperfections I hadn't previousl
  4. Doh!, hadn't even clocked that (pun not intended) where's my list gone.... I agree about the colour, it was a major incentive in going for this car. Thanks Sean
  5. Evening all, weekly update for those that need something to send them off to sleep of an evening New Ignition switch arrived and it was a relatively simple job to replace. The lock barrel is released by inserting something thin into the hole in the body of the switch. You can only do this with the key in the off position. I have read that the key needs to be in other wise the tumblers fall out. I decided not to temp fate and left the key in! This is the back view of the old switch, terminal at 3 O'clock was loose and there is evidence of overheating of the main switched live te
  6. Afternoon all, time for a short update. Replacement adjuster arrived during the week so job 1 was to fit it and sort the adjustment out. Old adjuster put up a fight, as previously mentioned the nuts had rounded. One succumbed when I forced a slightly smaller metric socket on but it's mate was having none of it. So got the power file out and carefully ground it away until what was left of the nut fell off. New adjuster, spring washers and nuts quickly fitted and Brakes reassembled, Drum fitted and adjusted up. Excited to road test and see if there was a noticeable improvement but fir
  7. Thanks Derek, I will get in touch with Graham and take his advice. Sean
  8. Derek Absolutely fascinating, thanks for sharing. Had no idea car had been out of the UK for so long. Windows are etched with the Swedish registration. It would appear it moved to Norway in 2003. Last date on the Norwegian registration documents I have is 2015 and correspondence with DVLA starts in 2017. So what are my chances of reuniting the car with CRT303H? Thanks Sean
  9. Only taken one so far, will get a few more over the weekend. Still waiting for adjuster to arrive.
  10. First progress update then. Misfire, having spent most of the last ten days reading back through this forum I started by feeling for pulse on each injector line. No pulse on 2 (sort of expected that or 5 based on what I'd read) and no.6 Pulled injectors and nothing coming from either. Tried bleeding but no change. Swapped injector 1&2 that left me with nothing on 1 either! Had taken the precaution of ordering a set of Distributor pump seals so decided to pull Pump and replace O rings on Banjos and NRVs. One banjo seal was very slightly distressed but nothing major. Put it all back to
  11. Morning all, follow up to my thread asking for advice on prices here is a bit more about the car and what I'm planning to do with it. It's an original right hand drive car CP51418 but it's spent about a decade in Scandinavia, paperwork suggests Norway but there is a sticker on it from a Swedish owners group. Came back to the UK around 2013 and is now on an age related plate. Be good to know if car is known to the club, papers in post to the Registrar as we speak. I bought car off PO's widow so history is a bit sketchy. Two of PO's friends finished off a few jobs to ready car for sale and
  12. Apologies Alan, drive home involved a Motorway so didn't fancy top down for that. Rest assured it was folded shortly after pic was taken
  13. Well today was the day and I picked the car up this morning. Bodily condition is as I remembered it. Driving it during the day has revealed a few issues that need addressing but that's to be expected in a 50 year old car that's had little use recently. Will start a new thread to share them.
  14. Morning all, thanks for all of your feedback. Went to see a relatively local car last night. 1970 car, not immaculate but very tidy. Lots of new parts including full retrim with MX5 seats. Still needs a few small jobs finishing. Comes with a hardtop. Got it for 18k which I think was fair. And it's White which is my favourite colour for them too. Will share pics when I get it home. Thanks Sean
  15. Thanks Colin, I'm in North Yorkshire. PM sent.
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