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  1. Totally get that technology has moved on, my daily is a Golf GTD, I think the other thing that's improved is great accessibility of the available performance. However, what hasn't changed in 50 years us the duration of a second. Most contemporary sources suggest a 0-60 time for a TR6 in the mid 8s, which whilst not remarkable by today's standards remain respectable at least? It doesn't feel like it's turning in that kind of number. Out of mechanical sympathy I have no plans to do any timed runs anytime soon. Thanks Sean
  2. Approaching 2 years with my 1970 CP TR6 now, most of the bugs have been shaken out, starts,stops etc. The one thing I worry about is if just doesn't feel as quick as I expected it to be, now that could be me having unrealistic expectations, but I would describe it as perky rather than fast. Appreciate its subjective but should a well sorted 6 feel fast by todays standards? Thanks Sean
  3. Has anyone experimented with routing the pipes around the back of the engine rather than over the top? Getting the Rocker box back on and seating correctly seems to be a game of chance otherwise, I resorted to removing the injectors to get it all out of the way.
  4. Macleesh

    Hardtop removal

    Almost exactly the same arrangement I have! Cheap roof bar off Ebay and a Canoe lift and job was a good one. I have yo say I am yet to relax enough to let if hang, I lower it to the ground when the car is out and rest it on it at other times.
  5. Surprised by this, I understood Pilkington to have absorbed Triplex at some stage and are effectively OEM suppliers?
  6. I wonder how they would know? My TR6 spent a substantial time in Scandinavia. On its return PO applied for an age related plate. When I bought it I set about trying to get its original reg back with Derek's help. DVLA said as far as they knew it had never left, number was still live and of course I could have it back. Lady I spoke to was a bit embarrassed they'd allowed another reg to be allocated to the same chassis number !
  7. I have been afflicted by this too, it went away when I renewed the column bush though. There is a raised lip on the boss that shorts out on slip ring. If the new bush hadn't worked the boss was destined for my Lathe to have the lip turned down.
  8. Useful thread, have same make on my car and was wondering how they were set. Will wind them fully off and see how it feels.
  9. I've not really thought about it but that is backside first. Most other cars of that period send fresh air to dashboard eyeball vents. I may have a look to see if they can be swapped around. Of course fresh air is not in short supply in our cars when driven top down but this may be desirable with hood up or Hardtop on?
  10. Was that welding done by BMHT? If so I could pass as a professional
  11. Just basic tools carried here to allow tightening or adjustment of anything that may work loose but I have no expectation of anything failing, if I did I'd change it before setting out so if anything happens that requires new parts then it's coming home on the back of a truck (and it has when the ignition switch failed)
  12. Think that's what's called an overwhelming endorsement. Thanks all Sean
  13. My car has quite pronounced Triumph Twitch. Looks like the rear end is ready for a good coat of looking at. New CV driveshafts are a tempting fit and forget solution. Looks like I have two options, Limora, or CCD, bit put off by the former due to the faff involved matching the hub to halfshaft using engineers blue. Any other makes I should consider? Thanks Sean
  14. I'm sure a request from the TR register for a supply agreement would be well received. I'm in the Dolomite club too!
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