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    I have some Hardtop fixings on backorder from them so I would not count on them being able to supply any time soon. I was lucky, my top came with the two brackets in place.
  2. Relatively new here myself so maybe not the best person to advise on etiquette, but I just started a thread about my car and add to it whenever something happens.
  3. Well done, your first victory Now more pictures please and let's hear about your plans. Thanks Sean
  4. Love this club, sorted within the hour! Steve, thank you for your kind offer but I'll take up Graham's so I can have one to hand for the future. Graham, PM sent. Thanks to both of you :-)
  5. Title says it all really. Looking for a spare cap so I can Bleed my Brakes with my Eezibleed. The standard kit doesn't have a cap that large so I'm planning to modify a normal one. Out of stock with all the usual suspects. Thanks Sean
  6. Same here, CP51xxx and mine is in the plinth.
  7. Hi John Only difference is your hood probably isn't as essential as mine :-)
  8. Just fitted one supposedly updated to 65 Amps as a replacement to the 15ACR in my 1970 TR6
  9. Working on the premise that the Alternator ought to have enough oomph to supply the car's electrical demands on its own in normal circumstances I decided an upgrade was in order. Decided against going for an A127 as I found a supplier selling upgraded 18ACRs which visually are indistinguishable from the standard 15ACR fitted. New alternator arrived during the week and it was a straightforward job to swap. Quick test drive revealed the ammeter went strongly into charge initially before dropping back to neutral and no combination of electrical demand could push it into discharge for more th
  10. Thanks for clarifying Gareth. Had my second fail to proceed moment today. Due to being in between registrations last week I couldn't use the car last weekend as I was waiting new plates with its new (old) number. So this morning I had to drive over to the bank to pay a cheque in. It was foggy but looked like it was clearing so I decided the 6 was the car to use. So off we went. Now I've always had some concerns about the ammeter as it seems to spend more time in the -ve half than the +ve Today it was solidly -ve, what was different today? I had the lights on for the first time hmm. Got wh
  11. Early cars have the key in the centre console, if you're happy to sacrifice the security of the steering lock it would I imagine be trivial to convert to that arrangement.
  12. The switch has way more contacts than needed. Presumably they fulfill some function when used in different applications. If you look carefully they are numbered as per the diagram Roger provided the link to above. Mine was wired back to front and not earthed so no surprise it wasn't blowing!
  13. Yes, need to get new ones ASAP, but not got new V5 yet, this means I can't use car at present as the old reg has already been struck off according to the online registration check. Thanks Sean
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