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  1. Hi Eddie, Got mine from the TR shop fits well and looks good. Mark.
  2. I wondered that, more likely an addition by manufacturer or owner like side stripes etc. Mark.
  3. Hi Eddie, Mine is still LHD but I fitted a RATCO (US company) cable conversion works well Speak to Bob https://www.rat-co.com Mark.
  4. John/Iain, I went through several websites and talked to people to find a definite code for Silverstone Grey (seems to be mainly used on TR3 in the USA) I got several companies to mix me samples the final one based on ICI 3277 and got close. Spoke to Ken (Ken and Lyn) and he couldn't find it in his original paint manuals or recognise the Valentine, PPG, Martin Senour codes and said it was not easy to mix to the tint %. I finally agreed on a colour I was happy with and had a swatch made and sent it to Ken who mixed to suit and made me enough to paint the car and have some left over
  5. And unless I'm missing something still no TR250 key fob?! Just as miffed. Mark.
  6. Paul, Imagine owning a TR250 which technically came before the 5 (IMHO) it is always the outcast brother when the others are mentioned. Mark
  7. Happy birthday Dave Mark and Claudia
  8. As we all know quality control back then wasn't always the best so both could be right? Mark.
  9. All bezels, screws, hinges etc; black on my 250 Mark.
  10. Hi Chris, It looks like the one I have, got it from Halfords, Auto Marine Blade Terminal Fuse Box @ £8/9? Mark.
  11. I painted mine off the car and then used the black windscreen sealant in the joint before bolting them up it is fiddly but doable. Mark. .
  12. Hi Tom, you mean this sorry not the best quality, Moss does mention the radius but yes have seen some with it at coming to a point. Mark.
  13. Eddie, As far as I'm aware the beading was painted body colour originally, mine is but subject to ones own liking. Mark.
  14. Eddie also just found this in my files mark. tr250bonnetstripe.pdf
  15. Hi Eddie, Yes it goes over the wing beading and under the side light. Mark. See attached
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