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  1. Probably glued on had that before. Mark
  2. 250

    Hardtop brackets

    I agree its great for the dog and there is more rear space as you haven't got a folded soft top filling it. Mark
  3. · Hi Allan after the tub and all panels etc are fitted and lined up this is what I will be doing, not my list something I was sent by an American friend I have a 250 but its all relative. Bonnet release cable · Pedal box · Wheel boxes and wiper tubing · Washer tubing · Dash pad · Demisters · Windshield frame with new vinyl installed. Would be best if doors and windows are already installed to aid in adjusting windshield rake · Windshield installed in frame · Wiring harness · Check operation of wipers. Can be done with jumpers if nessassary · Wheel box cover plates · Install and adjust cable to heater door lever, leave it hanging · Heater and hoses along with right side air vents hose (before glove box, especially if cardboard glove box) · Connect demister hoses to demisters and heater · Pass oil pressure line, Tach and Speedo cables, choke cables and heat valve cable through bulkhead · Metal dash with lower steering column clamp, crash pads, glove box with switch and bulb installed, heater switch and ignition switch if TR250 or 69 model · Connect choke cables and heat valve cable and cable to heater door lever · If early model, connect and adjust scuttle vent lid rod · Steering column “H” bar, Stiffening rod and support rod for TR250 and 69 model · Place steering column lock with padded cover installed, N/A for TR250 and 69 model · Steering column with switches installed · Feed switch wires under column · Attach steering column lock to column, N/A for TR250 and 69 model · Connect inner shaft to lower shaft while adjusting column position, turn signal cam position, and steering wheel hub position · Clamp steering column, don’t forget the heater ground wire in Fwd clamp inner bolt · Connect glove box light bullet/sleeve · Install air vents and hoses; don’t connect driver’s side hose to heater just yet · Place cut toilet paper tube over steering column · Put wooden dash in place with small gauges installed and connect gauges · Screw down dash, shim around glove box door as needed for flush fit, connect check strap · Connect dash switches and warning lights. On early models, wires can be fed through holes, connected and then switches pushed in. Not sure about later models, maybe switches should be installed before dash is fitted · Install Speedo then Tach · Clamp and connect driver’s air vent hose previously left unclamped Mark.
  4. 250

    Paint codes

    Hi jfg, Hope this helps Mark Ten Shades Formulas.pdf Ten Shades of Standard Triumph Grey.pdf
  5. Me to got something I've been looking for, for ages Mark.
  6. Hi Roy, image attached Mark.
  7. 250

    Radiator Cowell

    It does match your shoe Dave or is that Grafton's foot
  8. Get me some also, might suit the 250,s new paint colour Mark.
  9. "Round gear knob at 2:00 min. 250`s came with those leather coated ones, I presume." Not necessarily my 250 has a round knob which is original fitment, Mark.
  10. Morning Mark, FYI My 250 tub and all panels is being picked up tomorrow by Ribble Technology Prices quoted below , pick up is nearer than you though. Bake & wash £540 + Vat De-rust & Phosphate` £330 + Vat Primer finish £375 + Vat Transport £160 + Vat (collection and delivery) Regards Mark.
  11. Hi kerry Low oil pressure and brake warning lamps on my 250 so assume same on some spec 6's Mark.
  12. Hi Guy, Just a thought you may have done or know this but check the carbs if they have a red label on them they are emission controlled which I don't think are adjustable. Regards Mark. http://www.buckeyetriumphs.org/technical/Carbs/CarbsI/CarbsI.htm
  13. 250

    Rear suspension

    Doug, Having just replaced the ones on the 6 (although on the trailing arm) different location I think on the 4A I tried penetrating oil but no good I applied a little gentle heat with a blow lamp and then used a small chisel on the steel ring the rubber attaches to, to start them off and then used mole grips to unscrew worked well. Mark.
  14. 250

    TR4A Seat Query

    Hi Barry, Probably for the tonneau strap? Mark.
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