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  1. Hi Waldi That's a good idea I think I will change mine, it was quite difficult to solder a new nipple onto the cable end in the foot well. Thanks Bill
  2. Hi Andy I don't know about fitting Konis to the front suspension but 40,000 miles/over10 years ago I fitted the CTM mod to the rear suspension using Konis, they are still performing well. The mod transformed the rear suspension, I will eventually fit Konis to the front when the standard shocks fail, they have also performed well for 40,000 miles! Cheers Bill
  3. Looks like Waldi has done the same mod, he posted while I was composing! Bill
  4. Hi Mark I did a mod to the throttle cable, I cut back the outer sheath to where the brass ferule is crimped and fitted a bicycle brake adjuster in the throttle cable hole in the bulkhead, see photo. The cable lasted for three or four years but having said that I did have to fit a new inner (purchased from my local bike shop) a couple of weeks ago when the nipple accelerator frayed off. Doing the mod does require cutting off the nipple at the accelerator end and soldering crimping or clamping a new one when cable fitted. I hope this will help Cheers Bill
  5. Stuart would it be possible to do the demo in the open - weather permitting?
  6. Hi Tommy If you want to know anything about TR overdrives look here - http://www.buckeyetriumphs.org/technical/technical.htm WWW.buckeyetriumphs.org/technical is one of the best Triumph TR technical websites. Restored my TR frrom a basket case with a lot of help from Buckeye Triumphs. Hope this helps Bill
  7. HiJohn I have just had similar problem after removing the head to replace the pistons on my TR6 with CR throttle linkages, not sure what you have on the Vitesse. On start up after replacing pistons I could not get the engine to run below 1500 RPM. After much faffing about I adjusted the linkages so that the throttle butterflies were fully closed (no feeler gauge) making sure the 'choke' cam was not opening the butterflies. I then adjusted the idle revs to 850 with the air bleed valve screw but I am not sure if you have one. Have you tried adjusting the butterflies fully closed? Try it it may help. Cheers Bill
  8. Hi Pete This may help http://www.buckeyetriumphs.org/technical/TR6Top/TR6SoftTop.htm Cheers Bill
  9. Kevin Did you realise that there is an online copy of the TR6 Repair Manual on the main TR Register web site in the members area Technical Section. Cheers Bill PS also TR2 to TR4A Repair Manuals as well
  10. Hi Dave I have just bought a set of TR6 +.020'' County pistons from The TR Shop £160 inc VAT, including gudgeon pins, rings and circlips. Got to be a bargain! Cheers Bill
  11. Thanks Chris will put it on the list, plenty to do under there. Amazing what you find when you can get under the car properly! Bill
  12. Thank you gentlemen for your help especially Mike, today I finally got the lift working (I bought the E4G MR06GR Portable Mid-Rise Scissor Lift - 2.7 Ton, 1ph from Equipment4garages https://www.garageequipment.co.uk/Garage-Lifts/Mobile-Scissor-Lifts/E4G-MR06GR-Portable-Mid-Rise-Scissor-Lift---27-Ton). My TR6 is quite low and although the lift is only 116mm high fully lowered I had to buy a couple of scaffold boards so I can park over the lift and position the lifting arms. I chose this lift because it only has one cross member and 1300mm lifting height, access looks pretty good but I have not actually worked on the underneath of the car yet. Thanks again gentlemen your help, much appreciated. Bill Sorry can't get pictures vertical!
  13. Hi Guys My new scissor lift has arrived, the operating instructions state that the centre of gravity of the car must be positioned over the centre of the lift. Does anyone know the position of the centre of gravity of a TR6? I suppose the position will vary due to amount of fuel and items in the boot. Thanks for your help Bill
  14. Hi Tommi You may find this helpful when you come to reupholster the seats http://www.buckeyetriumphs.org/technical/Seats/ReupholsteringSeats.htm Bill
  15. Sean This may help https://view.officeapps.live.com/op/view.aspx?src=http://www.buckeyetriumphs.org/technical/TR6_SSFasterners/Stainless_Steet_%20Fasteners_for_TR6.xls Bill
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