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  1. Hi all, yup joining Register ( seems slow for some reason ) - 45 years after being a member with UTU888 , 1955 TR2 - always said I'd get another. Wife persuaded me to sell spares I'd kept for years ( "you'll never get another" - how wrong she was ). Based in Southend on Sea where the car was commissioned by the local constabulary in 1962 so I've brought it home!!
  2. Hi Rich, membership not yet through and been blocked from your "for sale" . ?send me info to johnmellor@doctors.org.uk Regards
  3. Sorry to raise this again. Wish to make passenger seat usable in highly original TR4; is it poss to use existing runners with mx5 or whatever seats so to make easy conversion back to stock. Similar issue with changing to inertia feel belts, don't want to drill more holes
  4. Looks to retain originality as this is the Revington built police high speed pursuit TR4. Seems he went full on o/e spec wherever poss
  5. Hi all, car is garage with dehumidifier set at 50% relative humidity permanently switched on
  6. Hi all, I'm sure most know the a 10% discount on Brittany ferries is available with a code which you can get from any member of their club voyage. I found if you do two European trips a year I think it's worthwhile joining yourself. The member gets a small discount. Please contact me for code Regards. John Mellor
  7. Thanks Andy, not keen on "washing" the days of pouring stuff down the drains as in the 1970s are long gone!! My local tip won't take petrol based material. Regards
  8. Hi all, have original pancake filters for my 62 TR4. Not much enthusiam for "washing them in petrol" - what does that mean? The alternative filters K&N on't actually seem to be paper cartridge also do they use the same mounting bolts. Would keep originals on garage shelf to maintain o/e
  9. Folks thanks for helpful replies. As always differing opinions but in my field differing opinions present usually means it's not a critical decision. The restorer was Neil Revington circa 2000 miles and 10 years ago so feel sure about things done correctly
  10. Any researched info on this for very low mileage classics. Just acquired a car that's done 5k miles since a nut and bolt rebuild about 10 years ago. Changing fluids and filters and oil still looks clean, silicon brakes will leave alone. What about the future plan, probably do less than 2k/year
  11. Newbie here and I may well be missing something - but why bother? Mine is a +ve earth ( 62 TR4 ) which I guess was factory
  12. Hi bought from Classicwise ( Newark ) it was sold at auction in Buxton in 2019 and I think the seller was the extremely high end Dutch dealer - his showroom is more like a museum. He did a UTUBE video of it; I guess to help the sale. Forgot how heavy steering is on a TR and need an appointment to brake - pulls like a steam train and sounds great. My wife complains it's smelly when put back in the garage after a run.
  13. Always said I would get another TR, TR2 1971-73 when I was a member and TR6 1975-1976. Finally done it, trouble is I can get down on the ground ok but getting up again is difficult! Still got a few AF spanners and sockets but confidence low on tackling jobs. Fortunately the car is wonderful having been rebuilt by Neil Revington about 10 years and 5K miles ago; he very kindly discussed the car over the phone. I brought the ex-police car back to its birthplace in Essex ( Southend on Sea )it puts a smile on every face!!
  14. Thanks all, very impressed with your records Mike
  15. Owned as a student in early 70's. Appears to be off road, would dearly love to see,/acquire whilst I'm still fit enough to refurbish. Any help, advice much appreciated John Mellor
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