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  1. Hi Tim, old post I know, I too have a dynamo ( +ve earth ) where did you source your LEDs Regards john mellor
  2. Hi, have a pertronix ignition ( +ve earth ) and I'd like to carry a spare coil for a European road trip ( sensible? ). I hear about unreliable products so unsure about choice. REgards John Mellor
  3. Hi, just changing 5:90 x 15 cross plys. 2008 and almost full tread, ok for anyone wanting to show with originality. Yep 07968529511
  4. Hi Peter, ?not a TR4 fitting. My lock has key hole in middle of the handle and the pins or nibs on the escutcheon seem much longer than mine - though not to say it won't work
  5. Hi all, local locksmith made a key from the barrel, however when locked the whole will rotate and it seems the "nibs" on the escutcheon are worn and don't grip the bootlid. It seems the only way to have a secure boot is to buy a complete handle. Not sure about the quality of these available on ebay etc - the benefit of someones experience would be nice -- thanks John Mellor
  6. Hi all, thinking about a lift as my failing musculoskeletal system is a problem. Seen a few on the net but don't want to make a mistake; anyone near Southend on Sea got one I could look at. John Mellor
  7. Thanks folk, looks like it is grease from the water pump, back of the pulley shows a surface of grease which I guess is spun off as it warns up, shame it's a bit of a mess but will clean up. Simply followed Triumph service regime of one squeeze of grease gun per service Once again thanks for help
  8. Dave, definitely not glycol, dark and oily, coolant looks as it did after I changed it 600 miles ago. Something thrown from belt or pulleys seems to fit with straight line pattern on bonnet Rich, did give pump one "squirt" of grease few months ago. Now winter is here won't get much use so guess I'll have time to sort it - or seek help Thanks. John
  9. Across bonnet between inner wings and a very light (?)spray more generally over the inner wheel arch
  10. Hi folks, just noticed what appears to be a fine oil mist/spray over right inner wing and a "straight line" close to leading edge of the bonnet. It's only done a few hundred miles over the last 5 years and this summer ( bought in March ) in the dry i've put about 800 on the clock. Changed fluids after I bought it Is this normal for an early TR4, doesn't seem right to me. Oil level steady, has needed about 250 mls coolant top up
  11. Hi all, seems wise to change oil; 10 years and 6K miles since last change I suspect. Question is the large castellated drain plug - is it vital to have a special tool for this or can a way round be found. Also is there a gasket required. Thanks
  12. how embarrasing, lifted the distributor cap to change condenser as per suggestions above;the nut on the post holding down connections from condenser was loose +++. My fault I guess as it was me who changed points and condenser after buying the TR last March. However what to do about smokey plugs 1-3 - ?nothing as it runs and starts really well
  13. Addendum: coil or condenser should cause problems at normal running speed or at start up?? - or am I just 40 years too late to go back to a TR. Lack of soot on 4 fits in with that cylinder running hot ?? I couldn't open blockdrain when I flushed and changed coolant and didn't want to break tap as I did on radiator so left it; I was going to poke around there to try and release crud which others say builds up and causes hot liner. Am I liable to do harm? Sorry about the numpty lack of knowledge but haven't maintained my own cars for 30+ years and one does lose confidence as well as becomi
  14. Hi all, thanks for suggestions. Answers to your questions; (1) engine rebuilt 10 years and 6000 miles ago by Neil Revington as a personal project( many of you may know the car , I'll add a pic ) (2) idlespeed around 900 (3) Can't believe it's running lean, it pulls like a steam train and it was running and starting so well when I bought it early this year I decided not to meddle with carbs (especially since it's been 40 years since I last did that with a colourtune plug - they still around? ). However will check static timing,try new condenser, then coil then enrich the mixture and finall
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