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  1. Quick post to say I had an excellent customer experience with these chaps, v helpful. Last minute change of plan with my seats etc and they were first class about it. JDC
  2. 1 year later...but better late than never.
  3. Hi all Received one of these class bits of engineering today, fits like a glove. Would definitely recommend. Jeremy
  4. Hi Stuart, once again great advice, back to 4 BTDC and temp now comfortably where it was before - thankyou. Hi Phil, having read a few posts, the bypass restriction seems a good idea. I plan to use a couple of inches of smaller diameter hose in the bypass but what worked for you? Jeremy
  5. Thanks for the quick reply Stuart, I'll put it back to 4 BTDC. Jeremy
  6. Hi chaps I've done the valve clearances and the static timing, both as per the Macy's Garage instructions. Having read posts on here regarding unleaded, I've set it to 8 BTDC rather thaN 4. I've also checked the distributor, weights are moving ok, springs are in place and all looks ok to my noobie eyes. Set points to 15 thou. Cleaned rotor arm and removed and cleaned/checked/gapped plugs. Plugs were all ok, 3 & 4 a little darker, possibly running a tad rich? Was then able to get idle to a fairly smooth 850- 900 rpm. Anyway, went for a good run this afternoon and noticed the temp gauge
  7. Hi Ralph No, wasn't me, I was under the bonnet on Sunday. Nice to hear from another Yorkie TR4, not far from me either! Jeremy
  8. "Where's the other one though?" That one is in my toolbox, it's the one I was using to adjust bonnet bumpers
  9. Opened the bonnet this morning to do valve clearances using the excellent Macy's Garage article, to find something interesting - see pic. I did wonder where they'd got to. Been there since Sunday, jammed between rocker cover and inlet manifold. Imagine the racket/damage they would have caused if... Now where did I put my spectacles...?
  10. Hi Jim, yes it is the Revington one. Fitted quite nicely after a little trimming. The pic I posted was work in progress, it's now riveted every 25mm or so and sealed with intumescent gloop. Same 3M product as yours I think, but mine was white. Then stuck some sound deadening panels on it and hey presto done.
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