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  1. Hi Eddie, Despite what I said re cleaning the solenoid and replacing O rings, although it appeared to work on the bench and it looked good, it would not work when fitted to the OD although I could hear it function! I substituted the solenoid from my TR6 which has a 'J' OD and it worked, so pointing to a solenoid problem. Further discussions with ORS Ltd revealed that most of the problems with 'J' OD's not working are solenoid related and they have experienced similar problems. So I have bitten the bullet and purchased a new solenoid from them and it now works. Go figure .
  2. Hi John, I'm guessing not as ORS Ltd quote different part numbers for the A and J pressure gauges. The difference is probably the pressure point plug thread. Rich
  3. Hi Colin, got it from ORS Ltd when I ordered a gasket and seal kit. I think there is only one internal, (can't remember for sure) but two external, Give them a call and they will confirm. Problem is at the moment most of the employees have been pinged and are self isolating!! Rich
  4. Yes Peter, used Buckeyed triumph as a guide when rebuilding the overdrive. Problem is I don't have an old rear hose to modify or a gauge of the correct range! To buy both of these would be more expensive than getting the proper item from ORS. Thanks Rich
  5. Hi Eddie, The solenoid on the 'J' overdrive I recently rebuilt was not working. However I removed the small circlip from the end and withdrew the piston. I found tapping the end of the solenoid did not fully remove it, but a self tapping screw that just engaged in the hole in the end of the piston allowed it to be pulled out. Cleaned it up, fitted a new O ring and reassembled. Now works. Worth a try. Rich
  6. Hi Guys, Having completed the rebuild of an 'J' type overdrive now mounted to the gearbox on the bench, I need to set up a power drive to the output shaft and check its operation before fitting to my 4A. Whilst the overdrive may function during this test, I would also like to check the oil pressure. However, a pressure gauge has to be connected to the test point to do this. Before committing to purchase a pretty expensive adapted gauge available from ODS Ltd and others, for a one of use, I was wondering if anybody had been down this route and had such a gauge that they would h
  7. Thanks John, Tried SC parts but they get it from Moss and are out of stock also. so no help. The French supplier would be possible, but it would be pretty expensive when adding on import tax/delivery. Rich
  8. Hi Bob, No but I will. However as the TR shop seems to get such items from Moss, I'm guessing they won't be able to help. Thinking about it though, all I really need is a measurement of a A type gearbox front engine fixing to rear mount position. That will do it! I can work it out from that. Thanks Rich
  9. Hi Guys, I am going to fit a 'J' OD box into my TR4A. Old topic, plenty of information available in the Forum. However, Moss do a bracket and fitting kit Pt No 211361X which allows the fitting of the J OD in an A chassis, but this item is on Backorder with no availability date. I believe I could easily fabricate a similar bracket, but rather than wait until I have the new 'J' box mounted onto the engine before working out the bracket dimensions, I was wondering if anybody had a dimension between the 'A' type mounting chassis welded lugs and the 'J' type chassis mounts lugs?
  10. Hi Roger, When you put the gearbox back in, normally always frustrating trying to twist the gearbox to get it past the floor and line it up. I found that by connecting a cargo strap from the strap under the glovebox, then under the gearbox and the other end around the steering column. This provide support to the front end of the gearbox under the dash and by adjusting the cargo strap it can be more easily aligned to the 3 studs to make the connection to the engine. By this method there is no need to lay under the car trying to support the GB on your chest and trying to align it
  11. Not sure how this 'highly modified' classic TR car can qualify as 'tax exempt ' though? Rich
  12. Hi Deryck, Thanks for your concern, but all I am doing is replacing an incorrectly fitted 2nd gear which is only suitable for use with the earlier brass bush and should not have been used in this gearbox by the previous rebuilder! The later style 2nd gear, post 1974 that I have purchased after discussion with Pete Cox will put the gearbox back to the correct fitment of a steel bush, only suitable with the later 2nd gear, and thicker adjustment washer. All should be good. Thanks Rich
  13. Hi Guys, Having had to bite the bullet and buy a new 2nd gear from Moss at £107 + postage. I now have an excellent pre 1974 TR6 2nd gear available to sell to offset the cost (picture above). According to those in the know, good original 2nd gears are getting difficult to find as are the later gear, as I have found out. Currently these are on backorder at Moss and sell for £137. PM me if your interested. Thanks Rich
  14. Hi Guys, Third paragraph of the original script, 'gear' should read 'bearing'. Rich
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