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  1. AndyR100

    Where do you look on the forum?

    i very rarely go to any particular section - I simply use the 'unread content' link. The only occasion i will go to a dedicated section is to narrow-down the data prior to a search ---- oh, and the classifieds because the unread content doesn't cover that one ...... Andy
  2. AndyR100

    CJ Autos Mini Tilting Car Lift

    I got a pair of CJ Hydraulic ramps (cr01) with lead-on ramps (cr01b) for £200 off eBay .... they come up quite regularly, just need to keep an eye out when something local appears (they are heavy, so would cost a few quid to courier) ....... Andy
  3. AndyR100

    SU HIF6 Carburettor to replace Stromburg 175s

    I’v used HIF6’s on a couple of cars always found the very reliable, just double-check the depth you have available; the internal floats mean the overall measurements are a little different to the older designs. ..... Andy
  4. AndyR100

    Battery specification

    I opted for a Bosch S4 027 for my alternator-equipped 4 ..... 630 CCA and 70ah , bought from Costco for £70. ..... Andy
  5. AndyR100

    Removing ACF-50

    Top choice Andrew, enjoy your CB
  6. AndyR100

    Replacement seats in a 6

    I have PM’d his details to you. ...... Andy
  7. Thanks Sean, will do, we try and go every couple of years, it is usually a great time of year to be here - although looks like we’ll miss out on the white stuff on this occasion. ...... Andy
  8. I rolled the 4 out of the garage so I could get our suitcases out.... short break to Boston, Mass ..... rolled back inside ok to ...... Andy
  9. AndyR100

    Body panels

    Looks very nice, great job! ...... Andy
  10. AndyR100

    Fitting location for additional fuse box

    Thanks Ian, I have had a check through the article..... vertically does seem to be the consensus! Cheers, Andy
  11. AndyR100

    Fitting location for additional fuse box

    Hi Roger and Stuart..... that is great, many thanks for your advice.... and for cinfirming my fears about option 1. ........Andy
  12. AndyR100

    Fitting location for additional fuse box

    Thanks Ian, yep, I’ll probably end up giving Revington a call.... although sometimes other creative ideas are out there. ....... Andy
  13. AndyR100

    Fitting location for additional fuse box

    Thanks for the replies, much appreciated. regarding searches, I have searched earlier, looked through many old threads, but the question of where to site the box itself when using the Revington box/loom is rarely answered. ....... Andy .
  14. Hi all, I’m adding the extra aux fuse box kit and relay from Revington to my 4, before choosing to situate it somewhere which seemed like a good idea but wasn’t, I would just like to ask where others have fitted theirs and if they had any problems. Choices appear to be ; 1. horizontally on the near-side bulkhead shelf (where the master cylinders would be on LHD models) or 2. Vertically on the inner wing. the first option could be a bit vulnerable to siting water in the rain, what is the must popular? lastly, any gotcha’s with fitting the kit? thanks in advance, Andy
  15. AndyR100

    Greeting from the Weihnachtsmarkt

    Looks great.... I have never been to the Porsche museum, but I did spend a cool couple of hours enjoying The V8 Hotel exhibits, there were even a couple of TR’s there at the time ....... Andy

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