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  1. The Anti-rattle plunger definitely wants to be there - it may not have been replaced properly during previous work. For an alternative solution you may find helpful try taking a look at this old thread ……. Andy
  2. Delighted for you, time to drive it as Mr Triumph intended and enjoy the fruits of your labour - have fun! ……..Andy
  3. I’m guessing it is an optronic - the fitting instructions do include some testing instructions - link to a set is here: https://www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk/files/transfer/technical/doc/optronicinst.pdf …….. Andy
  4. In my view the SU’s are usually preferable due to the large range of needles available to accompany other engine and breathing mods. Of course, you may have a set of Strombergs that are already set up to suit your motor so you could save yourself a few quid. Stormbergs just need the occasional check of the diaphragms as well. …… Andy
  5. Just to round this one off…… I have managed to return to normal handbrake operation courtesy of @John Morrison who had a spare pawl release rod and posted it out to me super-fast, thank you John! Peter @BlueTR3A-5EKT suggested piano wire could be used to fabricate a replacement - you were quite right Peter! I have used some 3mm piano wire to make a spare just in case I have a repeat performance. Thanks Bob @Lebro for suggesting a decent model shop as a source for the piano wire - our local shop disappeared years ago but the Addlestone Model Centre came up trumps! For anyone d
  6. Thanks John - really appreciate your help cheers….. Andy
  7. Hi Michael, to be honest it isn’t that much of a problem - but there is certainly more room in there without the handbrake. I think I’ll replace like with like - I have always appreciated the good leverage provided by the long lever and the chrome finish is rather stylish (in my eyes). Fortunately, John has come up trumps on the rod, so I should be brake-legal again soon cheers…. Andy
  8. Hi Lou, as mentioned, it shouldn’t need a specialist trimmer to do this for you, but if you did want to give the job to a local company with a good reputation I’d suggest giving Jay a call at Crown Classics in St Margaret’s, they must only be a couple of miles from you. ……. Andy
  9. Thanks John - I have dropped you a message cheers….. Andy
  10. Hi Peter, I was wondering whether some 2.5/3mm steel bar could be worked fit and do the job - I had’nt considered piano wire. I do have an iron in the fire which Hamish kindly pointed me to and hope to know one way or the other tomorrow. Thank you for your kind offer of one to take a pattern from - if I can’t get hold of one or fail with my fabrication-efforts I may well take you up on the offer - it is greatly appreciated! cheers….. Andy
  11. Unfortunately, after a few phone calls I haven’t been able to get hold of a pawl-release rod for my handbrake, I will need to keep searching. ……. Andy
  12. Hi Michael, many thanks for your reply - I tried to do it today but unfortunately discovered that it was more than a button-malfunction. The pawl release rod has actually broken close to the pawl - at least I know the real reason for the button popping off. I don’t think the rod itself has been available for some time, the guys at The TR Shop are going to have a search in their spares to see if they can help me out otherwise I’ll have to try and fabricate something that will do the job. On the positive side, my left leg will probably enjoy the extra room …… Andy
  13. Hi All, quick question which I hope someone can confirm - the button on the end of the fly-off handbrake on my TR4 decided to live up to its name today - it flew off Before I do any unwitting damage - does it just need to wiggle back onto the pawl release rod from the top? Any particular technique to make sure it stays put (at least for a while!) Thanks in advance for any help……. Andy
  14. Yep, It is at Stafford ……. Andy
  15. Excellent! Glad you were able to get a good result - looks very nice …… Andy
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