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  1. That was emphasised by Whitty and Vallance (plus their stand-ins) ..... they stressed the point that testing for the sake of testing (to satisfy the popular cries) was of little value if the results could not be relied upon. They expressed the view that they wouldn’t proceed down that path unless the quality of the results was high. i do hope that the noise from the crowd has not swayed their stance ....... Andy
  2. AndyR100

    MOT et al.

    I understand that any MOT that expires on or after 1st April is automatically extended by 6 months so it should show as having a valid MOT which will enable RFL to be purchased and insurance remains unaffected. Of course, it doesn’t alter the ongoing requirement for the owner to ensure their vehicle is roadworthy whenever used on a public highway. ...... Andy
  3. I changed to white on my 4, but when driving at night I found they were just a bit too ‘crisp’, changed to green now which I prefer. ....... Andy
  4. Lovely! I can’t find a green-with-envy’ emoji to use, they are wonderful ....... Andy
  5. ARE Silverstones.... in that finish they may be more recent replicas (GC360 Enterprises ?) ....... Andy
  6. To my mind all vehicles were made to be used rather than stored away .... hence using mine for my (in normal circumstances) daily commute. Also allows a better appreciation of any changes to noises/bumps/squeaks/rattles etc. ....... Andy
  7. Here’s mine, currently having a rest! ........ Andy
  8. Students (some of whom would usually be fruit-picking anyway) could easily step in to fill that need. ....... Andy
  9. No idea of the costs involved (probably large), but the instrument binnacle replacement in the Lotus Esprit restoration on Car SOS recently was an interesting option. ........ Andy
  10. Indeed, there are many locations identified and the numbers will not be reducing in the immediate/short term. ....... Andy
  11. I had to cancel a car hire reservation, I did so expecting to have a minimum of an admin-fee penalty, but full refund back with me the following day .... I know who I will be using in future when all this settles down. ..... Andy
  12. You can rest assured that this location will be on the (long) list of possible venues to re-purpose. ..... Andy
  13. Everything coincides with the pump-change.... I’d go straight back there. ....... Andy
  14. AndyR100

    OAP Lockdown

    I have not, personally, heard Government officials use the term ‘lockdown’ .... usually ‘self-isolation’ or ‘stay at home’ . Lockdown appears to have been reserved for news agencies, political commentators and various media sites who like a dramatic-effect and headline. ...... Andy
  15. Unless you have taken ownership of one within 3 days of last contact I think you can sleep-easy. ....... Andy
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