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  1. Short trip today, local varied meet-up at local pub.... lots of interesting cars and people .....Andy
  2. I took a folder full of receipts into the shop, brought something at the trade-counter and asked very politely if I could have one and showed the folder to demonstrate I brought a fair amount of car related stuff. the manager said yes, and that was it. I understand that some branch’s are a bit more precious about dishing them out though. i figured asking couldn’t do any harm. ...... Andy
  3. Right car/colour, but not on that road ....... Andy
  4. Yep, definitely worth highlighting..... my approach was just to soften that end of the hose in recently-boiled water for a minute before pushing into place. ........ Andy
  5. Pitched up at a local ‘anything goes’ gathering this morning .... lots of variety, particularly American. TR was a little dwarfed by some of the company! ...... Andy
  6. AndyR100

    paint choice

    The colour-chips posted by littlejim earlier show the subtle difference nicely.... whatever colour you choose, I’m sure it will look great! ......... Andy
  7. Finally got around to fitting a secondary bonnet-release, better early than late ....... Andy
  8. I write the ads on my personal device, then just cut/paste to eBay when an offer appears - takes a few mins including uploading the photos. ...... Andy
  9. Quite right, I won’t try and sell anything of real value unless it is under the max £1 selling fee offer. ...... Andy
  10. Super! Great to hear your plans have finally come together and you are now a proud 7 owner! good luck with the house purchase and look forward to seeing the other pics - enjoy your TR ........ Andy
  11. Wow! That Is a spectacular failure.... very disappointing and frustrating ......... Andy
  12. Sound like you are after paint for a full respray, if so then Signal Red code 32 usually hides under ‘Rover’ colours on the system that most body shops use. As mentioned earlier, colour matching via a scan is also possible - but be careful because the scan may tie it to the closest shade its database knows of - which may still be wrong! ........ Andy
  13. AndyR100

    TR4 trim

    I’m nowhere near you, but if there are particular photographs/areas/angles you need just shout, I may well be able to help. ...... Andy
  14. Hi Rich, the extra background is good info, I understand that this isn’t a primary business for you and i am surprised you didn’t have more interest..... One thing I didn’t think of earlier is whether the event was aimed at people attending with an up-front intention to make some major purchases (which you could cater for) , or perhaps their primary intention was to meet-up, socialise, have a wander, do whatever makes them smile etc. If that (guess) holds any water then a better target might well be the Stoneleigh spares show where it is geared more at purchases, with the Club -stuff being more of a background thing. Mikes point about less purchasing simply to have in-stock is probably valid as well. ....... Andy
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