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  1. Yes, I heard this a little while ago - RIP Kas.
  2. Personally, I wouldn’t go any colder than your current plug, try a tank-full of Shell VPower or Tesco99 and see how it goes. ...... Andy
  3. Absolutely, but they are usually pickupable (should be in the dictionary) for around half that on eBay - I paid £200 for mine. ....... Andy
  4. Hi Mark, i’m assuming the valve timing was set correctly when your engine was refurbished. for the ignition timing the book says 4 degrees btdc, from memory I think I have seen folk recommend anything between 4-8 degrees btdc as the static timing start-point, bearing in mind that that is initial, you’d then adjust again as part of your tuning and what you encounter when driving. In your case, it sounds like you are a little too far advanced with pinking and running on. I’m sure others will add some additional thoughts (surprised you hadn’t had a few more replies already) la
  5. Great work Christian! Well done Sir, I’m sure there is more to come ....... Andy
  6. Safari, Chrome and Firefox on desktop, laptop or mobile build working fine for me ...... Andy
  7. I would be surprised if it is manufactured in the UK - you could drop an enquiry to the supplier : sales@simonbbc.com , I’m sure they could confirm. ....... Andy
  8. Just to add to Bob’s comment, if you do choose to go the Pertronix route you may find a fair price at https://vintageperformance.com/retrorockets/lucas.htm depending on current exchange rates. The interesting point is that the item will be dispatched to you from within the UK (their premises are close where I live), so no need to worry about a customs import bill ....... Andy
  9. Many learned folk on here like sticking with points/condenser (decent quality from Distributer Doctor or fully refurb dissy from the same). Personally, I would switch to electronic ignition. Range from points replacement Accuspark/powerspark/Aldon (Pertronix) Ignitor type (Depending on pocket-depth), some like Lumenition Optronic (I’m not a fan). Top of the price range goes to CSI/123Ignition electronic replacement distributors. If you want just points replacement I’d go Pertronix. I’m sure there will be some more views .... Andy
  10. Only currently applicable to the front axles of lorries, coaches, buses and some minibuses, some details here: https://www.fbhvc.co.uk/news/article/dvsa-tyres-over-10-years-old-will-be-banned-on-heavy-vehicles Not currently a proposal for cars, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the position evolves in the years ahead. ....... Andy
  11. Rodney used to mention it at his after-diner speeches and referenced in a newspaper interview here: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2009/may/21/seven-deadly-sins-football-alf-ramsey-rodney-marsh Of course, his memory may be worse than mine either way, a nice quote ....... Andy
  12. That was Sir Alf speaking to Rodney Marsh - it was indeed his last cap ....... Andy
  13. Good to know that the revised guidance has landed ....... Andy
  14. Not sure why, but Rogers link starts half-way through the move..... it is the few seconds earlier which shows why this goal was a bit special (and don’t forget the reaction of the referee) Imagine the media superlatives had Messi or Neymar served that one up - RIP Mr Worthington ....... Andy
  15. I have sent you a Personal Message with the details I have for Paul ...... Andy
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