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  1. I understand that Costco are currently selling the Quickjack 5000 for £960 inc Vat, maybe of use to anyone interested in that option, but not certain of it is intended as an on-going line or short-term stock ..... Andy
  2. I have a set similar to those that Stuart has shown, good value and do the job (and hopefully others) nicely. ...... Andy
  3. Sorry to hear that Paul, I’d expect Mike to handle this sensibly. ....... Andy
  4. That is easily solved by flipping the seatback forward to keep the seat-base in the shade, added benefit of not finding bird-mess on the seat-base when getting out of work in the afternoon The heated seats give me some more reasons to smile on the Drive to work when the temps are not so pleasant. ...... Andy
  5. Hi Waldi, i would not recommend using the seat-mounted ones.... essentially you would be relying on the strength of a thin floor-pan to save your neck, I don’t fancy the odds on that one. removing them was easy, nothing to cut or grind, just a single fixing on each seat per the photo below (Credit for the picture to TR Trader, I grabbed it from their website).
  6. Thanks Waldi, the seatbelt stalks are an illusion - they are fixed to proper mountings in the tunnel, the Mazda ones have been removed from the seats. i like the centre console, handy extra storage and a useful arm rest for driver or passenger (although perhaps not both at the same time!) - only held on with heavy-duty Velcro so easily removed if needed. ....... Andy
  7. It is a Surrey, I suspect the mid-section was hastily fitted to enable filming to be completed as the rain arrived ....... Andy
  8. Good news, the new fuse supply works great on the heated seats.... switches found a home in my Moss centre console and are quite discreet. ...... Andy
  9. Spent an hour trying to find the fault with my instrument illumination..... before realising that i’d Inadvertently wound the rheostat right down .... Andy
  10. Without an agreement then it should revert to a regular export (no VAT charged at source) but tax is due at the applicable rate of the destination country (payable locally) ...... Andy
  11. AndyR100

    Su carbs

    Another option would be a set from Andrew Turner ...... Andy
  12. Looking good Waldi.... wise choice to add the heaters now, saves the hassle of stripping them back in the future, enjoy! ....... Andy
  13. I’v always used EP90.... but this subject usually generates plenty of debate ...... Andy
  14. From what I saw in his workshop, MX5 Seats seemed to be a big part of his work, probably worth contacting him directly to see if he has an appetite for refurbing others. ...... Andy
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