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  1. AndyR100


    Legally, you do not have to get your vehicle MOT’d, but you do need to ensure it remains roadworthy whenever in use on the public highway. When renewing your Road Fund Licence the declaration is done by a tick the ‘MOT exempt’ box on the form (electronic or paper) Many people encourage having the MOT carried out to get an independent set of eyes checking over the car for peace of mind. .......Andy
  2. I have them on my 4..... they work really well and, as you say, half the price of Sprints. The downside is that the side-wall doesn’t look as nice .... but I prefer the extra pennies in my pocket (or in the fuel tank!) .......Andy
  3. Thanks Roger, I havnt tried that so will give it a go as well ......Andy
  4. The early MGB one is interesting, I have been trying to sort out rattle on my 4 for ages, I think I’ll give that a a try - thank you for the pointer John .......Andy
  5. AndyR100

    An apology

    Neil is spot-on about Ian ‘Del’ Lines There have been quite a few articles in the classic car press about it. The Mustang-engined ZT/T’s were absolutely bonkers - in a good way ...... Andy
  6. Lots of opinions ..... For engine oil I used to use VR1 mineral 20/50 in the TR and Stag but it’s price has increased more than I felt reasonable...... been using Classic Oils mineral 20/50 for some time now, the only one that I am aware of clearly stating its zinc as ZDDP on the label and at a sensible price https://www.classic-oils.net/Classic-Oils-Heritage-20W50 ...... Andy
  7. That is a very good deal, thanks for the heads-up, I’ll be heading in that direction shortly! ....... Andy
  8. I needed more legroom in my 4, I got enough by fitting MX5 seats and a smaller steering wheel. There was an old thread which included some measurements from the seatback to the he pedals which may be helpful ...... Andy
  9. I am a big fan of ratchet spanners, I brought most of mine while in the United States where AF is the norm - Sears Craftsman range used to be tremendous value when the exchange rate was more favourable, they are are still ok if you catch one of the numerous sales - quality is very high. the downside is that many Sears stores have closed as part of their restructuring i have only brought a metric set over here though - Halfords (with trade card) is good quality and value. ...... Andy
  10. I need to buy some reading-matter for a flight next week.... looks like I have found a good choice thanks...... Andy
  11. Early cars vent the crankcase gases directly out via a dog-leg tube near the fuel pump. They do not have the pipe work you refer to. later cars, rather than vent straight out, use the hole in the rocker-cover the route the crankcase gases to the carb inlets so that they are burnt. This was all part of making the car a bit more environmentally-friendly back in the 60’s ..... Andy
  12. Super! Very nice indeed, I am sure you will enjoy every moment behind the wheel! ....... Andy
  13. I have used this one for a while, there are probably others, hope it helps ..... Andy
  14. My memory may be fooling me, but I think BP5es would equate to an N12Y, a BP6es (being a bit colder) would probably be an N9Y. your BP7’s would be cooler still, so an N7 in Champion ...... Andy
  15. Nothing ‘cheap’ or ‘wisecrack’ in my comment..... Simply letting folk know where it was, and also informing that you need to keep eyes open for its location. Oh well. ...... Andy
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