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  1. AndyR100


    Hi Andy, You are welcome, great to hear that you found it straight-forward to do, and you have now added even more to the story by showing how to reuse the original resister which I don’t think anyone had done earlier - good job, thank you! I’m sure you will be happy with the result - I was out in my 4 couple of days ago - 2 degrees and well fogged up screen - and the demisting power was tremendous..... plenty of heat as well (but that is more down to the new std. matrix I fitted at the same time) enjoy the drive and not having to shell out vast sums for the improvement
  2. AndyR100

    No Heat.

    Marco’s advice is spot on to get a decent diagnosis.... feel the hoses to/from the heater valve and the heater box. You should feel an increase/decrease in the temp of the hoses when altering the valve position (assuming it isn’t blocked so badly that it hardly alters) As mentioned, be sure to have the outside air scuttle-flap open otherwise the matrix won’t be getting any airflow. if you get to the point of flushing the matrix and hoses with a garden hose be careful not to crank the pressure up too high - you could damage the matrix. ....... Andy
  3. I have used it - I had always assumed it was the same as Tesco 99 which I am happy to fill up with. if it doesn’t suit your set up then i’d Go back to the Shell station ....Andy
  4. Cardice is used in some of the intended logistical storage devices for extending shelf-life prior to usage
  5. Yep, as mentioned on this thread 6 days ago ...... Andy
  6. Further EUA granted by the FDA for baricitinib in combination with remdesivir. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/baricitinib-receives-emergency-use-authorization-from-the-fda-for-the-treatment-of-hospitalized-patients-with-covid-19-301177712.html ..... Andy
  7. i have used TRF, paced order and had it delivered to my accommodation address when travelling with work or on holiday - although not much chance of either of those in the near-term! Good service, quality and knowledgable folk on the phone. ...... Andy
  8. AndyR100

    In style

    Good to see a TR being used an advertising. If I was going to use that number of fasteners to fix the number plate to the boot lid I’d have made more of an effort to get it straight (unless the super-wonky look is a trick of the camera angle!) ....... Andy
  9. fortunately it does not come out of long-term storage (-70) and straight into the recipient
  10. Long-term storage -70 to -80 degrees. When stored at the more common -2 to -8 refrigeration it will spoil after 5 days. Therefore - for some positive perspective - it remains viable to use for up to 5 days once moved to regular refrigerated storage - based on info at the current point in time. ....... Andy
  11. Yes, for those close to the realities of the many lines of research and development related to CV19 this EUA is very positive - in my view the reason Bamlanivimab hasn’t triggered the kind of publicity that media outlets drool over is because it is (currently) a niche therapy for particular patient-groups who have caught CV19, subsequently with elevated risk of becoming seriously unwell, it does not stop a person from catching it in the first place. ..... Andy
  12. Anyone who purchased their TR as an investment will be interested in the view which Charlie has described..... and probably thinking of moving their money into another ‘commodity’. Anyone who purchased their TR as a car, to use and enjoy will carry one enjoying it in its current form for as long as fuel is available, when the outlook for petrol stocks makes running in current form unviable a power-transplant could be arranged - the options for they power-plant may be somewhat different in 30 years than most folk would consider based on the practical constraints in place today. in the
  13. Ignoring all the inaccuracies in the article - yes a boat-load of Bristol (and other) stuff in the former BOAC headquarters facility which Bristol Cars (partially) moved into a little while ago. The inventory is no longer there and the site will become the new global HQ of Gordon Murray Design. ....... Andy (I live a short stroll from the site)
  14. My understanding is that you would need to provide the Bill of sale/purchase receipt. ...... Andy
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