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  1. Nothing wrong with you - you must simply be a perfect match to your seats ....... Andy
  2. Old subject, but probably worth mentioning that this is the only forum I frequent which doesn’t have this feature enabled - in my view it is an odd choice, although I also thought the reaction of some posters to the likes/dislikes their posts received from others could be very strange. ....... Andy
  3. You really should be using a suitable spring-compressor - a search of the forum will find many threads on the subject and examples ranging from the original Churchill service tool to various home-made options. All use a big strong threaded bar through the spring with appropriate plates. do be careful - there is a lot of compressed force in there, using a decent tool would be wise. ...... Andy
  4. Many people fabricate a tool to loosen it off - but try not to apply all the force to just one point, brass isn’t the strongest material - but it is very much easier with the (~£20) tool. Yes there is a fibre sealing washer. Both available from ORS in Sheffield, and probably elsewhere. ....... Andy
  5. My parents have Airband at their rural location - it works well for them, around 40mbs download and 10 upload. I suspect the choice of supplier will be governed largely by the location of your prospective property, the choice (and therefore level of competition) could be quite narrow. their phone is VoIP using the same service. ...... Andy
  6. I’m not sure what the current prices are, but The prices were crazy the last time a went to the NEC - so any pre-payment discount has to be a good thing. …… Andy
  7. Good call, This is exactly what used to happen to my car with worn throttle spindles - rebushed and all was well ......... Andy
  8. Hi Stuart - I have managed to locate mine in the highly (dis)organised system I have, so I won’t need to plunder your stock many thanks for your offer of help though. ...... Andy
  9. That is very good to know Stuart - I will check all my usual just-in-case storage places in the garage, I will give you a shout if I come up empty handed, much appreciated ........ Andy
  10. I have one of the newer spin-on adapters..... I have had a nagging drip between the adaptor and the housing despite renewing the two seals as well as the filter at each change and ensuring all was flat/clean and tight. I just need to find the old housing that I put away in a safe place (hmmmm, perhaps too safe ) and I will be reverting to the canister type I think. ....... Andy
  11. Super! Good to hear it has found a new custodian ...... Andy
  12. That’s is my first thought as well ....... Andy
  13. I found that the only time Became overly-anxious about the temperature of my 4 was when sitting in a traffic jam or very slow-moving traffic for a while - obviously more of concern during hot spells (which we had more of this summer) The std 4-blade fan was - in my view - never going to cope very well with my commute which would often involve stop-start slow moving traffic. simplest way to address this for me was to fit an electric fan - I chose a SPAL with a Revotec variable controller mounted in a boss in the water return pipe, with a manual override switch. All wired from an auxi
  14. ..... and one from a little later at Gledrid
  15. Well done Tim, congratulations on completing a super event! (And to all the other participants ) ....... Andy
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