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  1. Used them twice.... first time their price was higher than I would have got anywhere else and they didn’t chip the online-price at all. Second time they did try to chip their price, but we came to a sensible agreement. If you have a vehicle with multiple scratches/scrapes/imperfections per panel and have not described it correctly using the online tool you will get a lower price than you expect. If they chip you, don’t accept their first offer, it will increase at the second time of asking (but not dramatically) remember, you can always walk away ....... Andy
  2. AndyR100


    I’ve used them a few times - excellent way of presenting a very competitive quote to a local dealer and asking them to try and beat/match it. If they fail you have an instant path to get a great deal. Have bought for the Carwow-dealer twice, no problem at all. Once Carwow have connected the two parties you are simply doing business with the dealer. .......Andy
  3. The advice to try an alternate browser is sensible - personally I use Firefox as my primary alternate browser, Chrome is my 3rd choice. Depending just how new your replacement device is, it may not have completed all of the patch updates yet - there will be a few for MS Edge. ..... Andy
  4. AndyR100


    I don’t think anyone has shown an example of using a 2-piece shield, as mentioned earlier it removes the linkage puzzle and simply concentrates on shielding the float-chambers (ignoring the question of whether it is, or is not, necessary!) ........ Andy
  5. My space is limited, so I chose a pair of CJ autos hydraulic ramps (CR012) Mine came from a closing down business on eBay - these are rated for a higher weight than the slightly cheaper CR01’s. Introduced more recently are the CR06X (or XHD) which, personally, I would chose today - having 4 would be great, but (unless you get very very lucky) rather expensive. ....... Andy
  6. AndyR100


    Not usually considered an essential item, but If you do choose to add heat-shields I’d suggest going for two separate ones rather than a one-piece shield - a cleaner path for linkages and you can tweak the shape of each independently if needed. ....... Andy
  7. The installation instructions don’t mention an issue with the master cylinder, it does use a different slave cylinder ...... Andy
  8. Hey Marco, great to see this coming together for you, i will also have fingers crossed for your first-fit - big thumbs-up from me. ......Andy
  9. I didn't add anything on this point on the other thread - my heater-box direction flap looked like it had been in a few fights, so i did a bit of straightening out, but i also finished it by using some edging i had in the garage (i think from Wollies) something like this: https://www.woolies-trim.co.uk/category/330/pvc-edge-trims With that helped reduce the gap all he way round - not perfect, but certainly better than it was. I toyed with the idea of using something like this: https://www.woolies-trim.co.uk/product/1767/rubber-extrusion but in the end used what i had in-stock - i think it could help with a real rubber extrusion, although over time it will probably deteriorate. Roger's idea sounds like a good option as well. ...... Andy
  10. AndyR100

    Heater Fan

    Excellent! glad it has helped you...... i do hope we havn't started a shortage of 5.5" SPAL fans ....... Andy
  11. AndyR100

    123 dizzy!!!!!

    That is surprising, i have heard many positive thoughts on these, i'd be surprised if it wasn't something quite simple...... I will watch this discussion with interest as I have one on my wish-list. ...... Andy
  12. AndyR100

    Angela Merkel

    The whole likes/dislikes (or other options of Love/Haha/Confused/sad/thanks) get a rather strange reception on this forum. The practice of adding a quick reaction to a post is widespread throughout most platforms (insta, twitter, F/book, youTube and shed-loads of blog/vlog sites), and is here to stay. If someone wishes to add a more verbose response they can type as well. The world is full of so many opinions (which is good) they will generate some differences - personally, i don't see this as rude/underhand/sly/covert, its just people. Oddly though, on this platform, the ID of whoever placed the reaction isn't displayed (it is on just about every other platform i've used) - that should be a simple forum config change, then the system-based behaviour would be the same as that used more widely. One for the Admin to mull over, just a thought, i'm not particularly precious either way. ...... Andy
  13. AndyR100


    I suspect, if originality is at the forefront of your mind you'd need to opt for a 'slip-on' 60's accessory - i think later 6's had headrests, but again that wouldn't match the theme of originality in a 4. ...... Andy
  14. AndyR100

    Heater Fan

    Well, having just spent some effort doing the job, it seemed daft to wait until the cold morning commute to test it out. Yes - the roof is often up for the drive to work as well, i try and avoid the drowned-rat look on arrival (usually) ........ Andy
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