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  1. I am sure a rebuilt distributor from the Distributor Doctor is a great choice and quality is very high, but it will only have one advance curve..... I’d have thought a CSI or 123 will give the flexibility to get the setup aligned more uniquely for a particular engine with trial/error or on a rolling road. ...... Andy
  2. Formerly S & M Triumph..... there are old threads on the subject ....... Andy
  3. It is doable, but tedious.... I think there was some good info on the method available on The technical section of Triumphstagnet. http://www.triumphstag.net/start/index.htm Not looked for a while, but was quite a good resource. ...... Andy
  4. I think your engine is indeed RWD Dolomite. It could have had plenty of paint and mechanicals replaced from donors over the years.... just indicates a colourful life ....... Andy
  5. Certainly looks like a typo..... from the description; “With the best, show, examples now commanding £15-20k+ and poorly maintained / resto examples being cost prohibitive to restore finding a a nice MGB isn't as straight forward as one might think. ” I’d guess they meant 11995 (still steep in my book) ........ Andy
  6. AndyR100


    The orientation should be swapped over from that in your picture. the ‘shaved’ edges sit toward the outside-edge of the car. ....... Andy
  7. Peters very last sentence is always worth bearing in mind...... sometimes when you read things they can sound complicated, some folks tend to be quite detailed in their descriptions, or use terms you may not be familiar with - but it is generally all pretty straightforward. Learning by trying and making a few mistakes along the way is all part of the pleasure - I am sure most people can hold their hand up to making plenty! ..... Andy
  8. I think it may be worth double-checking on the phone - I also interpreted the Classic Car LED offer as being for a pair, the price drop-down lists a single as an option. if it is for a pair it is an attractive offer (about the same as that offered by the MGOC) ...... Andy
  9. I’m afraid I don’t have the seller details anymore, but I think they were located in Slough. yes, they fitted and work fine - mine have 2 heat-levels rather than 3 or 5 which some have. ...... Andy
  10. I just got some from a UK-seller with decent feedback on eBay.... about £30 for the pair. ....... Andy
  11. I bought a couple of s/steel ones off eBay, they fit fine and only get in the way occasionally. ...... Andy
  12. If you do choose the Ali route, I have had a good experience with the the long-neck one for my 4..... picked up at Stoneleigh a couple of years ago for a cracking ‘show price’ at the end of the afternoon ........ Andy
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