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  1. If you do choose the Ali route, I have had a good experience with the the long-neck one for my 4..... picked up at Stoneleigh a couple of years ago for a cracking ‘show price’ at the end of the afternoon ........ Andy
  2. AndyR100

    TR8 breakdown

    my first port of call would be to change the coil - albeit a couple of months after the original post, sorry. the factory MGB GT V8 did run a low-tune variant - 137bhp ..... Andy
  3. Agree with the comments above, there are plenty of efi conversions about, if starting from scratch you’ll need to expect some set-up time but it sounds like that part has already been done for you. I’d guess that only the people who have a strong desire for originality would view it in a less-positive light - it wouldn’t put me off. ....... Andy
  4. Welcome to TR ownership..... I suspect Beech Hill Garage (predominantly MG, but does do work on Triumphs) could help with the tracker fitment. enjoy your car! ....... Andy
  5. Mine is used for my daily commute, whatever the weather, wouldn’t say it is completely watertight but probably never was when it left the factory either. Rainex and heated seats are my friends. I do have a cheap-as-chips 12v aux blower to help with demisting but it never wants to stay at the right angle and I rarely bother with it these days. ....... Andy
  6. Just ignition isolators, but nothing which will prevent it being put onto a low-loader. I do like the idea of installing something along the lines of that used The Mechanic, but I have stopped short of that. ......Andy
  7. I have PM’d you an additional landline contact number for Paul which isn’t in the thread Alan referred to. ....... Andy
  8. The usual suspects are Bosch, Varta and Halfords .... the latter is made more attractive if you have (or have access to) a Halfords trade card. ........ Andy
  9. No personal experience, however a search of the forum shows up many folk saying positive things. ....... Andy
  10. Most people start off with the mid setting, then alter based on their particular set-up...... many will get left at the mid-point. ....... Andy
  11. the link John has provided should cover your needs quite nicely .... alternatively you could pay a teenager to move it for you (stopping short of child-labour) ...... Andy
  12. When I brought a set of SS bumpers for my Stag that is exactly the logic i used - I went to a uk supplier. ...... Andy
  13. A later registration date can appear on a V5c if the vehicle went missing for a while and was restored (and therefore re-registered) - doesn’t always mean anything underhand, just a consequence of a colourful life. ...... Andy
  14. Welcome Russell, As Roger has said, that looks in pretty good order to have some TLC applied.... have fun! ...... Andy
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