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  1. I know you've said it before Stuart, but remind me, how many of that size of pack do you need for a 4a? Do you use this under the bonnet, or do you use a heat resistant type instead? Best Regards David
  2. Rich, I did a lot of research on this but from a slightly different perspective because my US import project didn't have one fitted. Opinion seems to be split between experienced TR owners, if you have one and it works ok, leave it alone. If you don't or it isn't working, don't bother, vent to atmosphere with a pipe leading down to the chassis. There seems to be a view that the PCV was a bit of a gesture to US emission regs at the time, but that it isn't a particularly effective device... Rgds David
  3. and this is what mine looks like. How much does that end nut need to be tightened and what tool is needed? Rgds David
  4. Is there a special tool for tightening the Bendix Spring retaining nut on the TR4a Starter Motor? Thank you David
  5. ok thanks chaps, I have some graphite powder from starter motor refurb Rgds David
  6. Stef, this was very useful as the workshop manual doesn't go into this detail. Both door & ignition lock barrels changed over; as long as you start and finish the job in one go, it's not too difficult. Should apply a little GP grease in the mechanism? Rgds David
  7. Thanks Roy, useful stuff
  8. Hi Nigel, I just made one of these out of aluminium sheet, got some 8mm letter /number stamps off the bay. Don't think anyone sells them Rgds David
  9. Thanks Roy, I can only find the usual suppliers at around £66 with SC Parts at £107, did you find an alternative? Rgds David
  10. Mine's not a 4a one, TR6 I think; gotta go. £66 for a cable still seems excessive
  11. So why is a TR4a choke cable around £66 when a TR7 (& MGB) twist/lock cable £12. Are they that different, why such a huge margin? Rgds David
  12. I see the road version (lower pressure) states up to engines of 1600cc, does that work ok on a 4a? David
  13. I used right angle Dexion Bar, seems to have worked well during the rebuild Rgds David
  14. My 4a restoration project came without the body tag and commission plates, which I have sourced/made replacements. Can anyone tell me what size the numbers/letters are on each plate and any top tips on finding/loaning the necessary stamps to complete the process? Many thanks, David
  15. Happy Birthday from sunny Scotland Conrad
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