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  1. Thanks Ian, interestingly they were the only company out of 6 I emailed who even bothered to respond David
  2. My early 4a (mar 65 - 52373) had flat bump stops and no bonnet dimples, both believed originals Rgds David
  3. I'm cleaning up my guages with new bezels and touched up paint, generally all working well pre-restoration. When I opened up the speedo I noticed the small red plastic cogs (1 either side) have identical splits in them. The speedo seems to function ok, but what is the purpose of these red cogs, they don't lookas though they are meant to move??? If I need specialist help, given the above comments in earlier threads, who is recommended? Many thanks David
  4. Dave, the swinging 60s race on Sunday at knockhill was brilliant to watch, well done the TRs!! Rgds David
  5. Great racing on Sunday, Tr4s & 6s were very impressive David
  6. Hi Les, I got a good pair of MX5 seats from www.autolinkmx5.com, they are a bit closer (Castle Douglas) and pretty reasonable Regards David
  7. ok thanks Stuart, would you agree with Tim's cable length adjustment? David
  8. This is a timely suggestion and sounds a very sensible mod. I take it that cutting the outer cable sheath with a cutting disc is the best approach? Thanks David
  9. Can anyone help with photos showing how the felt seals fit between the air ducts and the metal fascia panel (4a), I failed to take adequate shots of how the felt seal fits around the lip of the plastic vent grille and the metal duct, every way I try to fit it some part of the fascia structure is in the way Many thanks David
  10. So yes the Spit header rail does fit, I retained the handles and fitted the Revington TR4a screen top conversion kit, which is rather more intrusive, however it suited me given the complete restoration I was undertaking Rgds David
  11. Hi Rich, my challenge is that I started with a non-overdrive box as a fair number of US 4a exports seem to have. The GT6 mount bracket doesn't work on that configuration unless the chassis gearbox cross member is modified (ie the height is dropped) David
  12. Hi Rich, I fitted the same bracket as shown in Peter's photo above, this has a cut-out to accommodate the solenoid which has the potential to weaken the bracket as described; this can be further exacerbated by owners needing to further open that cut-out to clear the solenoid. I had a non-overdrive gearbox on my 4a originally, so I believe that chassis bracket is different again. The alternative bracket you mention with the GT6 mount would be a better solution but the height is wrong using the existing chassis bracket (on a non-o/d 4a as described)...so it depends what chassis bracket you have
  13. Peter, I would be interested in where this bracket failed (pic?), had it been in use for long? I have that bracket fitted on a J Type conversion, car still at the pre-final paint and gearbox easily accessible. I purchased an alternative version (from MEV spares) using a Spitfire/GT6 gearbox mount on a solid base, but the resultant height doesn't look right
  14. Stuart, most useful thank you. I'm sending you a PM if you would be so kind Rgds David
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