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  1. The top half of that bracket over the column should be fitted the other way round I believe so the flange is closer to the stay, you shouldn't need the space nuts then Rgds David
  2. FWIW I ordered interior trim kit from Skinners 9 Nov and still waiting; I know supplies etc are tough at the moment but their customer comms are very poor. I emailed several times no reply and eventually got someone on the phone, I was promised an update and delivery soon....it doesn't take too much effort to drop a quick email and many suppliers seem to be on the ball, Skinners maybe not so David
  3. Hi David, Welcome to the Forum and look forward to meeting up with you sometime when it is allowed Best wishes David
  4. Thanks Guys, all really helpful Best Regards David
  5. Thanks Bob, what do you mean by reasonably heavy wire? 30A, 40A? (Lucas LRA 100 Alternator), and was that using a connector block of some sort?
  6. Thanks Stuart, of course the vent flap rod - I knew there had to be a reason, just couldn't quite see what it was! Best Regards David
  7. Ok so I've fitted the thin belt alternator conversion to my 4a restoration project (+ new loom) and am looking for a bit more detail on the modification to the old control box. I assume you can remove the internals and replace with a suitable heavy duty connection to link the correct wires? I've seen a couple of posts with the 'Dynator' fitment but not sure if the alternator arrangement is a bit different; this is not about the wiring set up but more about the modification to the old control box internals Many thanks David
  8. Ok so I'm having fun with this task as many have described, however I have an additional twist (literally). The centre section of rigid tube has a slight curve at both ends (it came out that way), however the curve is not equal at either end (see pic). Can anyone describe (or with pic) which way round this tube goes? I've tried every combination I can think of but it doesn't seem to sit right, any clues?
  9. Will do Jase, I'll forward you the pics I was sent by them
  10. I'm waiting for mine to be delivered but there has been a delay as they are moving premises Rgds David
  11. +1 for the Hawk Pads (HP Plus) after a lot of research
  12. Hi Stuart, that's the colour I plan to do my 4a, so if I quote that to Ken & Lyn they will know what it is? Seasons greetings David
  13. Interesting that 4, 5, 6 VC all show as TR4s, 3VC just states 'Triumph' but the engine size might also suggest a 4 given it was issued in 1962? Are they all known? (I know 4VC is)
  14. Thanks Graham, fascinating background, apologies for digging it up again Best Regards David
  15. Yes OK, you're right, Vitesses. My point was that is it a coincidence that the VC number plates were used (on the road) on the race Tr4s, did Triumph have a series of them?.........
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