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  1. Thanks Rob, I am going back to H Bowers to see if I can get this unit replaced David
  2. Hi Marco, the warning light has remained as an incandescent lamp as advised by Duncan Rickards at Classic Car LEDs, but thank you David
  3. Thanks Peter, the ignition warning light is in a separate holder on the 4a and yes I tried that, no change. I have a voltmeter fitted vice the ammeter, but thank for your thoughts David
  4. Having followed a thread on the 4a Forum re alternator options, I thought I would move my latest chapter to a more general area. I have a Lucas LR101 alternator fitted to a 4a with the thin belt conversion. New wiring loom with no Control Box. When engine first run last year, the ignition warning light extinguished when the engine started and the voltmeter indicated a charge when revs increased (also checked with multimeter). Then recently the ignition warning light stayed on; I did a number of checks (fan belt tight, no charge indicated when revs increased, connections checked for tightness).
  5. So after a bit of consideration of the advice above, I have replaced my Lucas LR101 like for like; the ignition warning light was staying illuminated and the alternator wasn't charging; I have fitted a heat shield and placed the alternator wiring in some convoluted tubing wrapped with metal reflective tape. I discovered something I didn't know that the left or right hand alternator description doesn't refer to the side of the engine it is fitted, but the side to which the top bracket attaches, so for the 4a you need a LH model-confusing! I might in the future convert to a Nippon Denso alternat
  6. Same with mine, I'm sure they are meant to come pre-drilled David
  7. Hi Roger, is this the one you have used, it states as a replacement for the Lucas LR100 https://www.gsparkplug.com/dynamos-starters/alternators/alternator-prestolite-20130142-replaces-lra100-lra102-lra103-lra106-lra226-12v.html Rgds David
  8. I would be interested to see how you get on with that one Roger Rgds David
  9. Hi Roger, I have the same problem with that seal, I can get the boot lid shut by leaning on it, but it's pretty tight. I'm hoping that it will settle down eventually David
  10. ok thanks Stuart, the fulcrum is brand new so I would hope not, I get your point about the fulcrum swivelling on the shoulder, I'll try tightening the bolt more to see if that sorts it David
  11. I have found that the shouldered bolt which locates through the bellcrank and the throttle support bracket has some play in it on the support bracket when the bellcrank rotates (all new parts from Moss). The thread on the shouldered bolt is 5/16"unf and the hole in the support bracket is 11/32 (0.34in), is that correct or is the shouldered bolt slightly the wrong size? (or the hole in the support bracket too big?) There is enough play to fluctuate the throttle /idle setting and making it difficult to get the carbs set up Many thanks David
  12. So I have the Surrey pretty much fitted - phots to follow (header rail conversion) has anyone got a phot of where the centre side popper goes on the soft top above the window; how high up/low down does it go? I've seen some phots with the popper on the hood section, others at the top of the flap below the hood, which is correct? Many thanks David
  13. ok thanks Stuart, that makes sense
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