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  1. So to follow up on this saga, I discovered that the black circular springy clip on the choke barrel behind the dash had slipped off during several different cable routing attempts, clearly this allowed the half moon locking segment to fall out. I hadn't realised just how tiny the half moon piece was - really small! I shall have a go at making a replacement from a bit of hacksaw blade as suggested, first few attempts the blade snapped into bits when I put it on the grinding wheel - perseverance! David
  2. I used Frost's Chassis Black, brushes on really well and not brittle, very pleased with it David
  3. I know Roger, I hadn't sussed the correct term "ferrule", Thanks Peter, much appreciated David
  4. Thanks Peter, much appreciated David
  5. Ok so I've tried gently pulling it upwards and tapping it downwards; absolutely doesn't want to move. I've looked at every SU Carb diagram I can find and they all show that hollow tube as part of the carb body and not sold as a separate part. So unless anyone has a suggestion I think I'm stuck with the front carb location - not sure it makes much of a difference?? Rgds David
  6. also the triangular plate that locates the connecting rods, I'm not sure mine is the right way round although it looks kinda right and it seems to work. I've seen phots with it flipped around the other way but then the connecting rod to the throttle linkage looks to be at an awkward angle Rgds David
  7. I'm just missing the hollow tube that sits in the carb body that the choke cable sits in, are they removeable?
  8. Ok so I removed the cable as suggested and there is no half moon plate evident; I also noticed that every time I pull the choke knob out and back in there are some fine (brass?) filings deposited on the plinth! To answer your question Roger, the cable routing is as shown below, the bends don't look too serious to me, however if you see the second phot with the cable route to carb, I fear I may have cut the cable too short to avoid the bonnet rubbing and created a bend just as it enters the carb hole-thing. You will notice that my cable goes to the front carb rather than the rear as normal, thi
  9. Thanks Roger, I remember that project, but I was beyond that point when you posted it and I didn't have the motivation to take out the heater box and chop it up; brilliant though the idea is! I'll investigate the 1/2 moon clip and report back Rgds David
  10. Thanks Roger, my new cable has the notched central piece and a multicore cable (like a bike brake cable), I fear I might have chopped it a little neat, however the choke doesn't stay out even when twisted 90 deg. Does anyone sell them with a solid core? (and the correct knob attachment) David
  11. Having got the choke cable run sorted with help from the useful comments above (S HS6s), I'm finding that the very expensive (Moss) choke cable won't stay out and is very stiff to operate; any ideas on how to rectify this? I did trim the cable down in length slightly so there wasn't such a large loop under the bonnet..... Rgds David
  12. Great to see you back Roger! David
  13. I noticed in the Vintage Triumph Register archive https://vintagetriumphregister.org/tsoa-archive/ That March 1965 seemed to be the first arrival of the 4a in the USA, is that right? If so my re-imported 4a (exported to US 26 Mar 65) could be one of the first? Rgds David
  14. Thanks, I'm trying to visualise that one Ian David
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