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  1. Yes just like that any idea why they've disappeared off the shelves?
  2. Hi Roger, not with the Triumphtune logo on
  3. So does anyone still make the Triumphtune rocker covers, Moss now seem to be NCA for some time, any other outlets? I had them on previous Triumphs and like the look Rgds David
  4. qkingston

    paint choice

    Thanks Ian, I'll stick with the new shade....Gopping Green
  5. Is there such a thing as a Lucas overdrive switch for the TR4/5/6? I see Lucas switches advertised (indicators etc) but no overdrive switch. If no Lucas item, who sells the better quality ones or are they basically all from the same chinese factory? Rgds David
  6. qkingston

    paint choice

    Interesting; when imported back from the US my 4a was painted a gopping shade of green over the original Triumph Racing Green, I'm wondering whether this was Apple Green....still gopping David
  7. Anyone got any recent experience with sourcing a front LHS outer wing repair panel (lower section - obvs)? I see Moss/Rimmers etc will charge £100 plus for this small piece of metal!! Any other options? Many thanks David
  8. Already done. It is indeed. I plan to do the floor pans and underside with bonda primer as well! Next is the floor replacement project, big deep breath David
  9. So I had the body tub bead blasted and the outer panels soda blasted (except the boot lid which i did by hand), very satisfactory results. Now acid etch spraying the body before starting a few panel repairs. For anyone in the W of Scotland, these guys are highly recommended (you can see my chassis in his picture gallery) https://www.scottblast.co.uk/services/automotive/ David
  10. Waldi, that is very timely advice; I was in 2 minds about taking the underseal off before the body tub gets bead blasted on Monday; now I will definitely do that. Do people advise against blasting the outer panels, even with soda? Thanks David
  11. The pistons in my 4A have 105W 49A STD stamped on them, anyone know what these are?
  12. Useful advice, my 4A head is similar with more pitting between the 2 tear drop shaped holes(the rest looks fine), interesting that the copper head gasket has an oblong hole rather than 2 seperate coolant holes, guess the crack isn't going to cause any coolant flow issues???
  13. definitely a 6 box, I know where it came from; the holes line up but the bolts won't go through, although they will go through the gearbox flange on it's own, speedo can be sorted later, it's odd
  14. Having converted my 4A to J type overdrive using a TR6 gearbox, I find the front propshaft flange and the gearbox rear flange don't quite line up, very nearly but not quite (yes I've tried rotating it round), any top tips to resolve this? Fitting a TR6 flange to my propshaft? Much appreciated David
  15. And port and starboard, but their navigational buoyage system is back to front! David
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