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  1. Hi Bob, I'm not an expert but it's exactly what I've had to do over the last 12 months. I ended up taking the body off the chassis because there was some damage to the NS fr suspension (common) and I wanted to do the chassis strengthening work with the CTM kit, I think whatever you do, you will end up taking the body off and back on again a number of times over the rebuild. But as everyone says, as long as your chassis is sound and straight it's the best jig to work from. Good luck and if you need any pics let me know Regards David
  2. Thanks John, the felt would be easy to source, I'll see what Conrad comes back with
  3. ah, don't think they were there when dismantled, I'll have another check in the box o bits
  4. Thanks Conrad, PM me if you get a chance to check? Regards David
  5. ok thanks Ian, but not available otherwise?
  6. Thanks Rich, I've got them, I was referring to item 22 (see in Ocheye's post on sidelights a couple up from this one) Rgds David
  7. So I was wondering whether the Register keeps any sort of running tote of generally non available items (ideally with alternatives or potential sources); my 2 most recent challenges are: Side indicator lamp gasket with bulb holder Moss number - 616628 Plenum air vent soft rubber seal Moss number - 610639 Anyone help with these? Rgds David
  8. John, neat idea, I was wondering what to put in the ash tray slot, I think you solved it! Rgds David
  9. Thanks George, yes I think it could be made to work, I'll keep you posted! David
  10. ok thanks George, that would be appreciated. I need to see whether the 4a header rail could be modified to do that...
  11. Thanks Mick, I trawled many of those posts, I couldn't find any that talked about using a TR4 soft top header rail (which I have), and I couldn't see why not.. David
  12. Thanks George, that makes sense, have you any pics of where the front bar pins fit into the header rail/screen cap? Can't quite picture that David
  13. any of you experienced builders add to this Thank you David
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