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  1. John skinners do good quality stuff David
  2. Thanks Stuart, I don't quite understand that, my LHD dipswitch was on the LH bulkhead by the LH driver's left foot, are we talking about different things?
  3. Thanks Roger, any apparent purpose?
  4. So I've taken the 4a body tub off again before painting in a week's time and reminded myself that there a couple of mystery holes/bolts that I cannot account for. From my photos of when I got the car 3 years ago, I can't see what these holes/bolts were for (bearing in mind it was LHD when I got it). First 2 phot in the engine bay looking aft, L + R of gearbox tunnel. The last phot is obviously one of the rear light pockets, but why would a 4a have a hole into the inner wing space (or is that where the number plate light wires come into the car? - not the case when I got it) Identification
  5. Thanks Stuart, I'll give that a go, sounds like you've done that before! David
  6. The bumper needs re-chroming as well anyway and new ones are expensive! I'll expand my search up here
  7. All the places I've tried wanted any repairs done before they would do the re-chroming, any recommendations?
  8. Thanks Richard, I guess I could. I was hoping for some cunning way of doing that without surgery. How's your side of the Gareloch?
  9. So I think I have decided to get the rear bumper re-chromed, It's pretty good and straight but I have one annoying dent in one overrider. Particularly awkward to get to with the mounting bracket in the way of access to the back of the dent; any neat tricks to knocking out dents such as these before I get the chroming done? Many thanks David
  10. Found it #273 Mar 14 thanks Ian
  11. Ian, I've checked TR Action 274 (May 14) can't see the guide you refer to; was it published separately as a pull-out? Rgds David
  12. As Stuart will probably tell us, if you ask for a standard 56 Triumph Royal Blue using modern pigments it can have a purple hue to it, Ken & Lyn Paints developed a slightly darker shade for Stuart's car which is what I have just received from Ken David
  13. So I stripped down the doors again pre-painting and checked the window glasses, definitely both TR4 variant. I've also fettled the slight bends in the winder arms, I hope that will sort that issue. The large round pivots on the regulator arms are pretty sloppy, can these be replaced, is there anyone who specialises in such a repair? Regards David
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