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  1. Looking down the bores of the followers, the cam lobes look, but will get a second opinion on this. Bearing in mind that this was a US import I can see some numbers stamped on the shaft of the camshaft - C2417 0703. Does this mean anything to anyone? It would be nice to know what it is. Rgds David
  2. Thanks all, lots of good advice there. I'll check out the cam as suggested and replace the followers in any case Rgds David
  3. Thanks Richard, Problem is I know the engine has been rebuilt and evidence suggests fairly recently (6000miles, but I can't prove it despite several attemts to contact the PO in the States) so I'd be loathe to change the cam unless there is clear evidence of a fault with it. I will certain plan to replace the followers
  4. Putting my 4a engine back together and I have a couple of questions; picture of cam followers below, all look nice and clean (engine rebuilt fairly recently by PO) and flat on the contact surface, except for the one second from right which has some pitting on the surface. Any idea what might have caused this on an isolated piece? Also what is the opinion on composite head gaskets? I have some advice which says go that route, others say copper/grease (as original) Many thanks David
  5. resurrecting this topic; recognising the importance of decent head stud washers, where do people recommend to purchase from, or what is to be avoided? Many thanks David
  6. What is the purpose of the blanking bolt at the top rear LHS of the TR4a cylinder head? Can it be used for additional lubrication, does it need to be? Thank you David
  7. I'm preparing to fit the steering column support bracket as part of the RHD conversion. Can anyone give me a measurement from the bottom of the LH leg to the top of the seam beneath it? Picture below Many thanks (again) David
  8. Thanks Rob, yes I had been considering that, might be a good plan Regards David
  9. Gents, many thanks, most helpful. I'll digest that and I may come back with further clarification Best Regards David
  10. Hope you all had a good Christmas. So I'm looking for some advice on the sequence and extent of a floor repair on the 4a. Car spent all its life in California/Utah and is 90% free from corrosion....except for the front LH footwell, which I've seen on a number of US imports; possibly scuttle drain leak or a damp drivers foot mat? Anyway, I'm going to replace the footwell (have panel), but the bottom 7 or 8cm of the front LH bulkhead and the corner of the inner sill are also corroded. how much to cut back and what sequence? I was thinking minimum cut back and floor last? Any advice much appreciated. Pictures below. The rest of the relevant panels are blasted and completely sound. Many thanks David
  11. Ok so after extensive searching I've reached the same conclusion, the UK version of the 7" Valeos are out of stock (other than a couple of silly prices), so any recommendation for the next best alternative? Rgds David
  12. would these be ok? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/7-INCH-ROUND-HEADLIGHT-KIT-2-HALOGEN-HEADLIGHTS-2-PLASTIC-BOWLS-H4-XENON-BULBs/264519434734?hash=item3d969641ee:g:w68AAOSwePpdvXTu
  13. Gents, this is all extremely useful and I thank you for taking the time to post all the detail; this should probably be all kept as an easily findable resource for all those who undertake this project, muvch more detailed than somre of the advice available on the web Rgds David
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