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  1. I waited 45 years to buy my TR6 after being smitten in the seventies. The Tr6 is sports car and should be driven as intended, that way you get the rewards and as a bonus a smile on your face, just change your UJ's more often if need be. Roger
  2. Steve Judging by the number of cars you have owned I am sure it's OK. Roger
  3. Hi Steve You shouldn't need to dip the clutch when engaging or disengaging the O/D especially the J- type overdrive which should engage/disengage smoothly. A lot of people just keep their foot to the floor. Great fun. However, if you have a tired rear end you might want to dip the clutch! Roger
  4. Your right Waldi and Kev long term, but short term I think with sun shining Chris maybe wanted a quick fix to put a smile on his face and get out on the open road. Roger
  5. Hi Chris There is lots of info on this forum on this subject. You need to be a bit braver and try bleeding the injector with the engine running. First of all get a large jam jar, start the car and then pull out the injector and point into the jam jar. If you don't get a spray then point the injector upright. If there is still no spray after a minute try gently pulling out the pin at the top of the injector at same time as holding it upright. If you only get dribbling at this stage more often than not putting the injector back in will get it spraying. I don't bother with the jam jar and put lots of rags on the manifold and point the injector at them. I would not advise doing this with a hot engine. If that doesn't work you can blow air through the injector and it should pop at around 50 PSI. This should clear out any debris that might be in the injector. I use a electric tyre pump with a camping bed adapter. Best of luck Roger
  6. I thought the other day that the camber on the rear of my tr6 looked a bit negative so I used my iphone which has a level measurement on it which can be used on the vertical. I used a straight edge on the outside of the tyre with the phone and the readings were rear 1degree neg and front 0 degree on both sides. I know its not very accurate and only shows steps of one degree, but it made me happy. It only took a minute. Maybe useful for a quick check. Roger
  7. Mine also came with Dot 5 Automec and bills show that TRGB did the conversion in 2014 with new MC/wheel cyl and upgraded Goodridge Hoses. I have had no problems with a firm pedal and nice clear purple fluid after 5 years. Roger
  8. Hi Sean The picture is right for the right hand side of the car and wrong for the left hand side if you see what I mean. Roger
  9. Hi Sean The way I read para 14 it says the open end of the spring should lead in the direction of the wheel rotation which makes Neil right! Roger
  10. Yes Neil is correct just checked in the Bentley manual. Learnt something today so will have another job to do next week. Interestingly the Haynes manual has a seperate spring and retainer washer, can't get that the wrong way round. Roger
  11. Hi Jochem Thats a interesting one, I'm not saying your wrong, but I have always installed the clips pointing the same way, although they point in the opposite direction to those on Andrews car. I looked on Buckeye Triumphs and they intall them pointing the same way. Is there a right way? Andrew have a great trip. Roger
  12. Hi Dave Looks like number 2 injector is causing your problem so I would first swop that injector with another one, other than number one. Bleed the injectors and take it out for another drive. If you still have a problem with no 2 then you know it's not the injector. I would then work backwards and have a look at the one way valve or o ring at the Mu. I might first check that your wiring to the pump is not overheating as that can cause your symptoms. I had similar problem and it turned out to be wiring. best of luck Roger
  13. Hi Dex I can't really say that I have noticed. Did you clean the disc after installing to make sure there was no grease or dirt on them. If yes I would run a metal ruler over both discs and pads to check they are flat if your worried. I do remember a few years back when installing new pads on a Audi that the they were slightly concaved. It puzzled me at the time, but thought maybe they were designed that way to help bed them in. Roger
  14. Andy I agree with you about inbuilt reflectors and Police enforcement, but your not correct saying only pre 1/1/75 vintage can display Black number plates. The rules have changed and all Historic registered cars can now display Black number plates as stated in previous post. Regards Roger
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