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  1. Hi Worth checking that the steering wheel shaft to the steering rack is as straight as possible so that there no big angle at the UJ. Roger
  2. Jerry Will do. Thanks Roger
  3. Graham Thanks for your info and I will check whether the caps are alloy or not. I don't think they will be as the engine was rebuilt in 1989 and has done around 40,000 miles since. Waldi/Mick I think you are right it is probably a sticky valve. I am a bit worried that if it happens again at higher RPM that it will wreck the engine. There was a lot of oil around when I took the cover off and the tappet was moving smoothly in bore. I think I will assemble the push rod and then take out the spark plugs and turn over the engine to check that the valve is not seized. If ok I will do as you say Waldi then run the engine to check that its oiling properly. Many thanks I will let you know how it goes. Roger
  4. Looking for help please as I have never experienced the above before in spite of driving some really old cars with worn out engines in the early seventies. I have just taken out my TR6 1975 CR to the bottle bank for the first time this year approx one mile and on the return journey and almost immediately I notice the engine was misfiring a bit( not unusual for the first journey of the year). Then I noticed a rattle from the engine above 1000 RPM. Stopped immediately had a looking thinking I had left something under the bonnet, but no such luck the noise was coming from under the rocker cover. I limped home keeping the revs below 1000rpm avoiding any tapping. On investigation at first I couldn’t see anything wrong after taking the Rocker cover off. Then I noticed that the inlet valve push rod on cylinder No 1 was disconnected from the rocker and resting on the next push rod cylinder no 2 which must have been the source of the tapping. The only work I carried on the engine apart from changing the oil and filter this year has been adjusting the tappets. I am pretty sure I adjusted it correctly as I always do them twice. Ok so on a quick inspection there seems to be no damage to the push rod it looks straight and the cup and ball ends look fine. The rocker appears to have no wear and the adjuster and nut are not loose. Has anybody experienced this before and what the likely cause is. My hunch(hoping) is that I haven’t adjusted the tappet correctly although there was no loud tappet noise during the first part of the journey. I have partially lifted the tappet using the push rod by suction and it seems to lift smoothly and nothing seems to have broken off it. Should I take it out to inspect and if so suggestion on the best way to do it would be great. Any ideas on what I should do. I am leaning towards having a look at the Tappet if I can and if ok reassemble the push rod and see what happens. Roger
  5. I am afraid it's an old car and I am not sure I would even have left a car idlying in the seventies for that long. With no air being driven into the engine compartment it would get pretty hot in there and cause as keith said fuel vaporation or maybe dirty plugs. Modern cars automactically adjust the idle and we no longer have to blip the throttle like we had to in the old days. Also the PI runs rich at idle. Glad you got back home Ok and did it pass the MOT. Roger
  6. Rogcastle

    Lowering springs

    Hi Lea I have the same uprated springs tt4212 and I am pretty sure they are standard height when new. Here is a link for more info. https://www.triumphexp.com/forum/6pack-tr6-list-archive.13/coil-spring-id.795498/ Roger
  7. Hi Paul I have had this problem occur a few times on the standard TR6 wheel and the cure is as per Roy6 comments above . Easy fix and no more red blushes. Roger
  8. Rogcastle

    tr6 misfire

    Phil I would look first at the bits that you have recently changed before doing anything else. Start with easiest to check first, leads/plugs and then electronic distributor. Best of luck Roger
  9. Rogcastle

    Rear wing seal

    Stuart and Andrew Thanks for you advice. I think I will try the digging out method as the other wing attachment points have been nicely finished off. Not sure if I am going to have a problem matching the paint. It was painted in 2003 in Ford Purple Velvet (Escort 1600E met colour) I like it, but both my sons said Dad you can't buy a TR6 in Purple! You can't please everybody it would seem. Roger
  10. Rogcastle

    Rear wing seal

    Waldi I think Stuart is right in fact I am sure he is. Seam sealer was used on my TR6 by previous owner and then painted over. It's cracked and annoying as your eye goes straight to it. What do you do now?. Roger
  11. Nothing to say that on their web site I hope not.
  12. Charlie Try the Lebara network which is part of Vodafone . It has a Sim pay when you want. Roger
  13. Sorry Charlie it’s used on a phone didn’t know 2g isn’t compatible with 3g. You are quite right 3 mobile 3/4/5g roger
  14. 3 mobile do a decent PAYG sim only. I have been using one for a number of years and have been very happy with it. If you are going to use a lot of data/calls/text you can also get a a temporary add on for a month. https://www.three.co.uk/Store/SIM/Pay_As_You_Go Roger
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