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  1. Hi Dave I found the following on the AA site which might help. I would check the age of the tyres as you might have been sold old tyres. It doesn't sound as though they have been damaged by Sun light as the cracking is on the inside of the tyre. I would stand firm and expect them to replace them as they are not that old. Have you been in touch with the seller. Best of luck Roger https://www.theaa.com/driving-advice/safety/tyre-life-and-age#age
  2. Good point Stuart. Maybe I could amend the tip by adding take the car out for a drive using the O/D after filling up and then check the oil level. Roger
  3. I read a good tip on the Forum to fill up the O/D, which was to jack up the front and then fill the gearbox with a bit more oil than the capacity. Leave overnight then drop the car down in the morning and with a bit of luck it should overflow a little bit. If not top up. Roger
  4. Are you aware that there are two chambers to the master cylinder. The front chamber is for the rear brakes and the rear chamber for the fronts. It’s not easy to spot the front chamber. It could be that there is no fluid in the front chamber resulting in no rear brakes and the fronts need bleeding. Roger
  5. Hi Andrew Andy is right the paper filter for the bullit filter is too fine for a pre filter. The SS filter is 50 microns whilst the paper one is about 10 microns. It should with a bit of luck get rid of the noise. Roger
  6. Hi Andy I think you will find the rear ones are for the seat belt and the front ones the plate is on the top. Nothing attaches to it. Your Tr looking good. regards Roger
  7. Rob Here's a link on a similar discussion back in 2014. You can even review Bob's comment way back then. Roger
  8. Hi Colin Try TRGB they have the large bore outlet for £8.94. https://www.trgb.co.uk/search?q=large+bore+fuel+tank+outlet regards Roger
  9. Let us know how you get on, if you continue reading the article it might help you adjust the Camber when the time comes. Roger
  10. Hi Marco This link might help. It's at almost at the end of the article. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwjL5ObEvf3qAhWMN8AKHRd3A3cQFjALegQIAxAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fstatic1.squarespace.com%2Fstatic%2F5c6dec53b10f25d4edf0b3f7%2Ft%2F5c6efe8cfa0d6054b95e50e3%2F1550777997286%2FAdjusting%2BRear%2BSuspension.pdf&usg=AOvVaw1LmsIkJtM9QT1uRH0FA2IS Ride Height Change (Spacer) = (1.8) X (Spacer height) Roger
  11. Colin I bought my o rings from Chris Witor and they were fine. You could give him a ring. Roger
  12. Hi Colin They will go in if your sure you have the right size O rings. Make sure the rings are well lubricated and inside the tube, then do as Gareth suggests. Roger
  13. If they are spraying OK then thats fine. If set to low they will dribble and to high they night not spray at all. Roger
  14. Hi Colin I have dismantled the injectors quite a few times and replacing the o rings is quite easy after you have done it few times. Be careful when taking off the metal retaining ring & do it in a plasic bag if your worried. I use a piece of wood to press out the inside ,shaped like a round pencil. Use a bit of vasaline when putting on the o ring and re assembling as there is a ridge in the bore of the injector, to avoid damage. I then use a tyre pump with a inflatable bed adapter which is coned shaped to check that injector is popping off of at about 50/55 psi. Easy to adjust.
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