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  1. cooling the fuel before it gets to the pump is the answer.
  2. I agree and have fitted the solid pipe. This is what was offered at the time. Fitting the new solid one was a pain with all the bends. Next to change the flexible pipe at the metering unit. But have been reading the posts on these in the TR6 section Roy
  3. Changed when I moved the PRV from chassis in the 80s
  4. Is the correct spec pipe now available from any traders out there ? or are we still waiting. Roy
  5. Check the TR5 section as this may apply early TR 6s ROY
  6. Avery lucky escape. As a luverly weekend promised i got the 5 out saturday morning but strugled to start. When i reversed out of the garage there was a large pool of fluid on the floor. Checked and it was petrol . Got under the car and it was the failure of the pipe that connects the PRV to the metering unit.151229 in the moss book. Now my PRV has been moved from the chassis into the boot the pipe connecting the PRV to the original union was of the flexible type metal braided with a rubber outer. A victim of the new fuel type i assume. Had changed the low pressure pipes for the
  7. in the B/W photo the headlight rims don't seem to be chrome ???
  8. Thanks Bob now need to find someone with long arms Roy
  9. Dose anyone have a photo of the clamp fitted position ?
  10. I don’t think any of us have mentioned rotor arm. Yes agree with the fueling comment but you say no spark in the lower rev range so still electrical for me. Roy
  11. If 2 fire and 2 don't then this is where your problem is . As Neil says check the leads by swapping a bad one with one of the good ones. With the cap off when you turn over the engine can you see a spark at the 4 points of the distributor cam ? if so then its cap/leads/plugs. I have as reported in the past suffered several poor plugs [ NGK ] purchased from known companies and internet. Roy
  12. roy53


    A good showing of TRs at Knockhill this weekend, Now thats a long way. Hope you all get back safe with cars in 1 piece Roy
  13. Oh i miss read the times posted. Still you got to take it back home in one piece. Thats a plus. Roy
  14. What car was that fitted to Pete ? never seen it but always learning. Roy
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