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  1. Thanks Mick looks like i need to invest in some soon. Rebuilding at the moment so all taking apart done. Be interesting to know if he tried it on the head bolt/stud Roy?
  2. There you are Tom found your next purchase when the cosworth seems tame. Roy
  3. It's easy to deal with now or even as Neil mentioned make a thicker plate. A couple of drips was 2 to many for me. Roy
  4. Pete i have had 2 gearboxes leak from the plate gasket just under your pointer. I don't use the rebuilder anymore as it's a gearbox out job to rectify it and all for the sake of a squirt of sealant. Roy
  5. Be interesting to see if the Kano Areokroil works as it has been mentioned as remarkable product on here before. Roy
  6. As i said i didn't think that the head had been moved over. Mick Do you think that moving the head over is still the preferred mod ? i hear that they are moving them back and doing modifications to the chambers. Not that i know, just try to pick up as much knowledge as possible. Roy
  7. Good point Stuart yes i have seen the manifold stud fowling the head bolt. Forgot that one. Roy
  8. Looking at yours i don't think that this is the case but a performance mod a few years back was to move the head to one side. This was positioned by fitting a small grub screw in the side of the head which pushed onto the first and last stud thus holding the head over before tightening. Worth a look. I got caught by this when helping a member some 20 years ago. Strange core plug in the centre of your head ? Roy
  9. But that cannot explain the sprint race rocket ship.
  10. Yes amazing drives . But the stunning speed of his car the on saturday sprint was suspicious.Just look at the overtakes . Did not seem to be there so much on sunday as highlighted by Perez fasted lap. Roy
  11. +1 Try removing the washer from the release spring. Pressure should drop but hopefully not to far. The washer is used to raise the pressure. These do weaken over time , i would purchase a new spring. Roy
  12. which is the correct solonide for a TR 4 CT 35637. Square or round type ?
  13. London to Brighton this weekend. To watch the veterans on a barmy autumn day morning
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