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  1. roy53

    Engine idle surge

    As I mentioned in other post I spent 2weeks with a similar problem.Rebuilt carbs twice changed disy , cap , leads. It turned out to be faulty plugs 3new sets before I changed to different make then fine
  2. Ian in motorsport we now have to have them serviced every 2 years. When i took mine in 2 years ago the gauges read ok but was informed that they were no good and would never have worked. They fitted new nozels and gauges and re gassed them with the correct stuff. Just had mine re done for this year. My point is take yours to a fire extinguisher service centre and they may well re do your one saving you looking for a size suitable. Roy
  3. roy53

    john conlon

    yes it was for an early TR4. Always learning ROY
  4. roy53

    john conlon

    be sure to ask for black loom if that is what you want as they come in bright blue . Roy
  5. i noticed that one of our trusted traders had a pair of screen vents £ 55. Am i missing something here ? are these now rare ? Roy
  6. Good news it is now all inside so cows are a thing of the past. There was a lot of Bullshit about though. Roy
  7. for those who have changed their headlights for the better modern ones. I would like your old ones for my race car if you are going to Stoneliegh. Don't expect to use them illuminated. Roy
  8. Did we not hear from Colin that he was still in business but moved it to France ? or wishful thinking on my part ? Roy
  9. roy53


    Ben go stand in the corner
  10. ok but he is using our forum and may then be pleased and join. There are other new members who need protecting. Roy
  11. hi Mick , must admit made me laugh when i read it again
  12. roy53

    Car lifts

    i wonder about the loading on an unknown concrete floor, especially the 2 rear feet.
  13. It should be the clubs duty to warn new members of rouge traders like this and hopefully stop them making contact . The most immediate way is the forum, always a quick response to questions. Roy
  14. Mark may be someone in your local group has one you could borrow. You don't give a location ? As i said take off the big end caps and tap using a block of wood to free the piston. with them lose the crank should be easier to turn enough to show it turns. Even so i do think the only way for you is an engine rebuild seeing what you have found. Dose the car move when in neutral ?
  15. Yes we used to pack the rear of the hinge up say 10mm for added air flow over the engine. I no longer do this and haven't found any issues. Just think with a major engine fire the flames would come straight back at you through that larger 1" gap. And with areo's not nice. My 250 has vents directly over the weber trumpets to aid airflow. if it rains ? well water injection Roy
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