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  1. can you try a photo Robert ? i know it's not easy Roy beat me Andrew
  2. My build date is 18 SEPT 1957 so looks like i have located the right plate . Should have noted which car the two plates i have came from. Thanks Iain
  3. Do any of you have an EB number close to EB 22062 if so what year / comision number. Might be best to pm me Roy
  4. ditto just had the same. it's just a rawplug with a neat cap over when not used
  5. Thanks Stuart, so the same as a tr2. Dose anyone have a photo of this ? Also the metal hook mentioned. Roy
  6. Mtrehy which one do you have ?
  7. How about TR 3 Stuart ? [ not 3a ]
  8. clamp the pipe at the tank
  9. is no 1 firing at the right time ? you have nice cones of fuel .tick spark . tick firing order . tick so is it firing at the right time ? check rotor arm position re lead 1 when tdc on 1.
  10. costings depend on square footage and cubic footage. So not really relevant as a judge. I have had projects using both types and some with heat recovery systems as well. These properties all have under floor heating which dose not require excessive heat. All seem very happy customers with the results. I think that this is the way forward but would assume a secondary heating for the winter to give a boost would be good . wood burner etc Just my views as not involved in the technical spec / fitting Roy
  11. As the ground has been excavated to a depth of 1.2m the soil above is not stable enough . You would need to go below the pipes to a stable foundation. Interesting project though and will be interested in any replies you get. Roy
  12. both my 2 1955 & 3 1957 have the straight pipe
  13. all our chassis can be different over the years and trailing arms a little twisted/ bent so no standard notches or shims for us . Use the buckeye article and you can overcome these and obtain your required settings. Roy
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