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  1. Congrats to Josh Files for winning the TCR Europe title. His 5th TCR championship and the biggest so far. Started racing in his dad Keiths TR6 and this year drove the TR4 at GOODWOOD. Congrats to Josh and dad Keith. ROY
  2. Congrats to Josh Files who has won the TCR Europe championship in the Hyundai This is his 5th TCR title and the biggest yet . One of our own as Josh started out in his dad Keiths TR6 and drove the TR4 at Goodwood this year to 3rd. Well done to Josh and Keith for his early support. Proud dad i bet ROY
  3. roy53

    Grille identity

    Wrong way round Roger
  4. Well done Keith yes it is not easy to gain entries. We were told TRs are to working class and unless you get Stirling Moss as a co driver ! no chance I will be watching Josh for his final rounds in the TCR europe and cheering him on. It's great to have a TR man at the front of such high profile championships. No 1 FAN ROY
  5. Im with Dave on this point. l had to drill out the rivnuts to allow for the studs on the surrey to pass through. will need replacing when i go back to hood. Roy
  6. Do MOSS do that accessory ? if so my cheque is in the post.
  7. that is scary . But dose it not show a failure of the mounting of the rear shoulder mountings to body as they are free ? and not the belt itself. Worried as i use SABELT .But they saved me in the past so hopefully fakes are not into the top dealers shelfs . Again hope he has recovered OK Roy
  8. i have seen these mentioned many times but has anyone used them for a prolonged period ? i use the much more expensive H rods in the race engine. Have spoken to a race ford engine builder who said that due to the expense of tooling to make these it would be silly not to use quality steel. Uses them all the time and happy. ROY
  9. roy53

    TR will not start.

    electrics condenser or coil first stop then plugs. Roy
  10. clutch pedal is fine. But would contamination not clean off with use or are you surgesting that it could be totally soaked.
  11. why would a clutch stick over night ? i have tried slipping it to clean the surfaces and even after a few hours lay up it still sticks.Easy to free but why. Roy
  12. Yes i have that on my 5. Original but without the rust. Works just fine. ROY
  13. that's good. But take note of what Neil said [ NTC ] that pump needs to be below the bottom of the tank.Either where the filter is at the moment or better for cooling in the outer wheel arch .ie opposite side of the panel to the filter. ROY
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