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  1. roy53

    Fame at Last

    I see, put the garden in the skip then crack on with the TR . Seems a plan
  2. i've tried VHT several times with no success . but didn't use heat so i guess that was my issue. Not up to Fuzz standard it would seem thanks so far to all , and it would be good to hear from others who may have tried the other products.
  3. Has anyone tried the 2 paints mentioned in the TR3 section. Halfords truckbed liner paint Raptor Both said to give a good finish and easier to use with no need to heat. Roy
  4. seems that it will be 12 weeks before i get to where it is stored.
  5. did my dash in body colour with the small dial section black crackle. looks good to me.
  6. i was reluctant to say that but yes wrong stuff, competition engine builders void any responsibility if this is used. so must be a good indicator . Roy
  7. You seem to have highlighted your 2 problems. Either Evans or pump. Change from Evans back to water, no cost. if not try a different pump. All cheaper than a rad. To others how do you check the clearance ? Roy
  8. Sadly due to the advice given by the government and the underlying fact that i have the lung condition of aspestosis it would be unwise for me to attend the race. So have withdrawn . Thanks to those who were coming along to help out. Roy
  9. roy53

    PI Fuel Pressure

    Return hot fuel into the top so that the pump takes nice cool supply.
  10. Another vote for the inlet being the issue then John . Could be caused by the tank venting . I would do as above but take of the filler cap in case of vacuum or rig up a supply direct to the pump from say a funnel. If that dosen't work then it's the pump or power to it. ROY
  11. Whilst searching my manuals for the dash topic i found a letter regarding TS 27509 TR3A which the owner may like to have .From Standard Motor co aug 1958 ROY
  12. was the washer perhaps for the 3A ? My 3 is the last off the production line but whilst it has a hole in that area it shows signs of being DIY and larger than i would expect 12mm . Also it was non overdrive but again there is a hole in the indicated position which again has been much enlarged by hand it would seem to 19mm . Holes for map lights and 4 other switch / warning light ones that require filling. in the TR2 service manual body page 13 it shows the overdrive switch position , which is a pull switch ? in TR2 parts catalogue it shows the metal dash with no holes. Plate AN in the body section. Roy
  13. Thanks for those so the hole next to the rev with the flat top is for rheostat and the one near the door is for the overdrive switch . Is that correct? i have several others to fill Roy
  14. i have just stripped the dash ready to recover and have found several holes for switches which have been fitted over the years. i would like to know which to weld up to go back to original. So do you have a photo of the standard TR 3 dash ? Roy
  15. chin up Pete really like your posts so far ,The parts hopefully not far away. Sometimes it's good to have a break but mothballing it to the back of the garage can be fatal.
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