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  1. i tend to agree with Cristian your crutch seems to be anchored way in front of the seat and quite wide apart. They will check for a 4 point harness so ignore the crutch strap. Stay safe John Roy
  2. it looks like you must be getting near to testing it. No pressure. Roy
  3. i have a contact / neighbour who drove TR4 police cars in the day. Southend area. will ask if that number rings a bell. Roy
  4. Chris i use BOSS racing who are very near you in Longfield. They run a large team of Caterhams.01474702892 They set up my race car . I took spare shims etc . Speak to Rob they have the latest equipment . Roy
  5. Matt what a nice memory to have. Looked like he enjoyed the trip.Good to have a memory like that . Roy
  6. i have a smaller one on the shelf, will check numbers tomorrow and get back to you. Roy
  7. Ian did you just send the o/d or the complete box ? My problem is the half thrust washer . is it from the overdrive / rear section or is there one in the box? it looks like part 83 in the moss book, also one shown between 75 and 76 but not mentioned in the parts list. 76 says thrust washer but points to a gear cog. As you can tell i don't do gearboxes so all advice welcome. Specialists are 3 hrs from me. Roy
  8. Will be appreciated by those you run over
  9. Well took mine apart today and found no seal at all fitted. I had supplied them to the rebuilder with the new bracket so not happy. BUT i found half of a thrust washer laying just in side so again do i trust a return or take it to another rep company. Whilst they repaired the gear box they said they could only flush and clean out the overdrive but not test it. As my engine and box is in the rebuilt chassis and no body on yet it is easy to get to. Roy
  10. roy53


    So Tom how dose it compare with your other modified 6 ?
  11. i think the rule is 6 weeks. They also say do not sit in low sports cars or any low seating. i was told that dvla are informed and insurance would be void for that period.May be they were aware that i had asked about doing a race in 8 weeks which they said would be 6 months at least. It was 6 weeks for me spot on. At 4 weeks i couldn't push the clutch pedal down in the bmw so knew they were talking sense . Roy
  12. in the past i have used new purchases from the TR shop which were fine. I hope these were not the ones you have had problems with. Roy
  13. I cannot see this inner seal in the parts book Neil but can see a hole through the shaft just protruding the new cover. ROY
  14. on a newly rebuilt o/d gearbox i have a leak from the bar that holds the solenoid adjuster.[ 57 moss book ] ideas please .
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