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  1. Martin i ment lengthening by using all the thread section
  2. Marco with the Ford discs i have Ali Brembo 4 pot calipers so weight simlar
  3. extending your connecting rods should help towards solving this along with the longer screw rather than hammer. As Neil mentioned are they the correct length rods ROY
  4. i feel so sorry for those who were ripped off by him. Must rub salt into the wound to see this. Roy
  5. yes i just wondered if he was trying in get it further in Roy
  6. i believe mine are ford mondeo discs
  7. i guess that depends if you are trying to fit the trim so that the outside chrome is inside the rubber on top
  8. Nice save Paul now enjoy Roy
  9. plenum and air filter . Should these both be silver on a 5 ? if so when did the change to black happen by the factory if ever ? may be one for Roger Roy
  10. I need to fit new rubbers to both TR2 & 3. These are the ones that fit in a channel on the boot lid. Spare wheel lid i take it just glued. Where best to purchase these and do they fit as have been told there are problems with some. Many thanks Roy
  11. What was used by the factory to fit the long metal strip. Was it screws ? and i take it not philips pozi ones. Will try Pete's surgestion removing for paint. As mine are a refit i hope no profile problems. Roy
  12. sorry Eli i didn't realise it was a UK company. Not really an option for you.
  13. Then your next move should be take it over to them and show them the issue. An oil change is easy to try and only 10 euro. if it dosen't work change back to dynolite before returning it.
  14. A slight twist to this can they i d a car from the body number ? Roy
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