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  1. I did find one that works fine but would have liked to get one that looks like i can fit standard knob. Was £ 10 Try 4a section i re posted the replies Roy
  2. roy53

    choke cable

    try this David re your post 4A choke cable
  3. I am taking my 3 back to standard so have a complete Moss rhd steering rack kit to sell including the column . I am open to offers from the forum before ebay. Roy
  4. roy53


    Thats exactly what i came up against Roy
  5. thats if you think hot fuel past the pump is your problem.
  6. Nice to watch some action at last. Especially as we were all due to be at Spa this weekend which is probably the biggest gathering of TR race cars in Europe Roy
  7. roy53


    my MAC says site unsafe ?
  8. Yes i have used 2" SUs following another very potent 3a advice. Yes Mick i have had race wins with all 3 types 1 3/4 2" and 48s , agree these may be a bit big for road use. All on the same engine set up by MASS The 2" SUs were the type used on the D type Jags which took a bit of finding and plenty of cash when finally located on ebay. will look at the model no when i go to the garage tomorrow , i seem to remember D in the model number Roy
  9. just to through a spanner in the works i run 48s . Dyno figures show webers only gain being at the very top end. Hamish did you think of 2" SUs ? I found that SUs seemed to make it rev quicker but probably my ears. Roy
  10. The best place for a cooler is between the tank and pump. ensure you have a big enough supply pipe on the cooler. Roy
  11. David if you search may be best by google. I posted the same question in nov 19 ,lots of useful replies tried forum search and couldn't find it. google did Roy
  12. Marco i am sure we all read your posts and envy your skills and thinking . Always interesting and i should have pressed the like button to keep you inspired . Keep posting ROY
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