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  1. Would you credit it , when checked today the water pump was not working. The inline fuse holder supplied with the kit was faulty. Shook the wire and it came on.Not the wire but the holder. cost pence caused hundreds good to see you and the others after a long winter break Roy
  2. do you want the tickets Tom or are you sorted ?
  3. i have 2 spare tickets for sunday if anyone wants. Roy
  4. Mine refers to a 5 but i guess the same. up to 50 the needle is stable but after this it goes hay wire . is there a fix or where best to send for a rebuild if that is the answer. Roy
  5. i went through exactly the same on a new rebuild. It was spark plugs. i have mentioned before the large amount of fake plugs especially NGK. The shaking engine points to firing on 3. Roy
  6. A fellow TR owner has asked for help obtaining a piston. Nural 87-525709-00 74.70mm [ 17753v1 .030 ] Roy
  7. lead coil to distributor fault? cap? Rotor arm my bet Roy
  8. I will leave it as is now. But i always repair things as no use a shelf of not usable parts. Roy
  9. Pete do you not have a fully rebuilt engine that you started off with which you featured in your early posts that you could fit ??? Roy
  10. Just fitted another used rocker shaft and problem solved. So i now know what to rebuild .
  11. That's interesting as i have been watching your progress with this. I have a 4 with the same issue and have not been able to quieten it down . Changed complete rocker shaft and tappets . Sure the noise is at the top end and not followers. Roy
  12. i have seen badges that have lost their enamel have this replaced with 2pack paint with good effect . Roy
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