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  1. Yes all pumps in my local esso / tessco say E5
  2. sorry Neil didn't see your message till today. Yes i was out along with 4 other TRs in various races on saturday. Catch up soon ROY
  3. and E5 meens ? ya or na
  4. i have 2 spare tickets for this saturday if anyone wants to pop along ROY
  5. Was there not a problem with these new ones a couple of years back which i seem to remember was the tipping valve. Roger may have details. NTC and others had failures which as it's brakes the forum had a lot of activity. ROY Found details on google search august 2016
  6. roy53

    LVS 499 Tr3a

    Hello ED yes got the photos. look forward to seeing them in person before deciding. Perhaps Silverstone early august,do you mean the Bentley meeting ? ROY
  7. this is the principal that was explained to me by cambridge motor sport .They fitted the coolers tight to the rear of the rad.Mine is at the rear of the rad and as low as poss to get air flow
  8. been asked about a unit that is leaking fuel from the black box on the side. Ideas anyone ? i have not seen before. Roy should add that the leak started overnight so under no pressure.
  9. TR Shop stand at the spares day Stoneliegh so think they are real ?
  10. part 30 may well be your answer but if not try a tempory pipe front to rear if you have a connector that fits the tank. i have just had a new NKG plug fail after 10 mins so dont discount electric ROY
  11. i will await feed back then from those who purchased the first batch. It took a lot of skill to get the previous ones from moss to fit so hope Bastuck are as good as their 4a wings.
  12. Hi Tom and are they any good ??
  13. must admit that i am with Neil. Although as your work on the fuel line seemed to rectify it. So i would run a complete new line even if a temporary one,and certainly double check your venting of the tank. Do you think you may have moved some electrical wiring when you did your foot pump trick ???? Roy
  14. Where to buy the better ones or are they all the same ? ROY
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