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  1. Could someone show a photo of this difference. Roy
  2. As i said i feel very lucky now. The fact that the wheel was trapped in the rear wing ment that it slid on rubber and preventing the axle digging in and flipping me over. As you can imagine the rear wing is not quite as it was. Enjoy SPA
  3. As it broke in qualifying i did get to watch the races but no fun when you have paid 2 entry fees i drove back home knowing that i had 3 axles but the only girling one turned out to be from a TR4 so longer.Don't know where that came from. So went back and watched. At least i tried. I think myself very lucky as most others have flipped over when this happens. Having the high profile historic tyres ment that the wheel stayed under the wing as it broke on the loaded side. broke at the hub end. ROY
  4. I Need girling halfshaft for a 3 or advice on where to buy best quality. Roy
  5. Oh dear half shaft broke and lost rear wheel. Still at least stayed the right way up. congrats to John Andon in his TR4 for a win in the Innes Ireland race. ROY
  6. roy53


    where do i buy the best carpet sets. quality not price governed
  7. I have an entry for the TR2 in the Innes Ireland cup race at the Aston Martin meeting on saturday. Also the 50s sports car race. I Have a few spare tickets if anyone is interested in coming along. ROY
  8. roy53

    Limited slip diff

    Thanks for that Hamish. You live and learn. I knew about tran x but they were a different company then i thought.
  9. well done Criss great to see the car in action. i came to the pits between races but as i could only see a pair of overalls and flip flops sticking out from under the cars rear i didn't want to disturb you . What a great 2nd race you had drooping back to 6th at the start then fighting back through to 3rd. And that last lap of holding back the lotus sunbeam who was flying at the end to catch up to you. Great weekend for you and i bet you enjoyed it. No bumps just rolling hillsides and remembering to duck when you come to the bridge which looks very low when you first arrive at it. ROY
  10. roy53

    Limited slip diff

    I have a quaife in my race 250 with no problem. you mentioned plates may need adjusting. there are no plates in a quaife as it is torque dias . so with one wheel lifted of the ground it will spin like a standard one.Only when both on the ground do they lock up . I have known one failure that was a small part inside which ment the diff worked as standard.
  11. roy53

    LVS 499 Tr3a

    look forwad to photos Ed
  12. Hi Criss i didn't manage to get an enrty but will be over to see you as my workshop is at Brands. Have a good journey ROY
  13. SORRY I WAS THINKING 4 & 5 not 6 ROY
  14. remove the eye bolt and your new stalk bolts into the same hole. ROY
  15. HAWK blue pads for me.
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