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  1. Hi Tom yes still trying with it and out at Silverstone on the 4th may cscc Roy
  2. i have the same that Pinky had fail where the real just fits onto the original wheel arch mounting point. am now a little worried by his fail. ROY
  3. TR'S are out in force in the Equipe gt and pre 63 races over the 2 day weekend. Always a good event organised by the MGCC I will be out in the TR2 in pre 63 usually 5 TR 4's in the GTS race Roy
  4. thanks to both of you, i will follow up and let you know ROY
  5. roy53


    I require a pair of front over riders with support bars. A metal glove box lid for a LH drive dash. Also how does the choke cable fit carb end on stromberg carbs set up. if only i had taken photo's ROY
  6. Is there a member or a supplier who can print out the correct font details on replacement plates ?? Roy
  7. Ringo Star with the red flag ??
  9. roy53

    TR4 V8

    Now Simon who would want to put a V8 in aTR ????
  10. i always run them in a drill to ensure the free movement.
  11. +1 sorry but if that came out of the drain hole how much more is still in there.No rebuilder would have left anything like that behind.
  12. roy53

    TR4 questions

    I need a pair of front overiders and support bars for a TR4 not 4a if anyone can help. Also any pictures of the original interior mirror for a 4 should be and where to find one. The car only has lap seat belts so no upper fitments in the wheel arches. Is this legal ? Roy
  13. yes it is a 4a diff back plate . You could just change it to a correct 6 one if you wish but what you have will work. I believe that the 6 one has a slightly large oil capisity .
  14. I also have the CTM one fitted to my race car . They are full copies with the added strengthening gussets. Very nice piece of kit. Not seen the Ratco in person. Roy
  15. Thanks Christian, they have now made contact with me .
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