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  1. Thanks Ralph. My guards don't have any holes drilled so didn't want to just drill in the wrong place. I guess the mirrors will get knocked out of position where ever they are. Thanks again. Brian
  2. Thanks. I have changed the centre mirror to a more modern configuration and is attached to the hardtop centre bracket on the windscreen. I don't have a hardtop so no problem there. I found a mirror bracket at the local vintage car club and used existing glass so it looks correct. It is also much better to see over the boot bag on trips.
  3. Hi. I am thinking of putting wing mirrors on the guards. Can anyone advise whereabouts they should be positioned. I have a mirror attached to Staunton but it vibrates too much and hard to see. Thanks. Brian
  4. Sorry, meant to mention its a 1957 TR3 with girling brakes, disc on front. The cocoa tin cylinder as mentioned Regards Brian
  5. Hi All and Happy New Year to everyone. Could someone advise the level the brake fluid should be in the master cylinder. Brakes and clutch have been bled but fluid is coming out of the top (and has damaged the paint work- very annoying). A friend said that fluid should be about 1 to 1 1/2 inches from top to allow expansion. I can't find any level indicator on the cylinder. I have a booster also. Your thoughts appreciated Regards Brian
  6. I have gone down a different route. I leave my soft top attached at the back and roll it up and secure it with a couple of straps around the hood and hood bows. Saves time getting it on when wet weather comes. Also doesn't crease the windows. I don't use a tonneau but easy enough to unclip at back to put one on. Works for me. Brian
  7. Here is a photo of my car from 2014. Couldn't afford a front bumper at the time (still can't). Have had a lot of comments from other TR members that it looks good and sets it apart from all the others. Personal choice though. Brian
  8. Hi all This no doubt has been mentioned in previous posts but can't find the answer. My TR3 is currently running HS5 carbs which from the tag are from a 1976 Triumph 2000. They have always run rich even though I have changed needles to TR3 ones (SM0 I have just rebuilt engine and increased from 83mm to 87mm pistons and liners. No amount of adjustment seems to be working and continues to run rich Do I need to change needle size again Regards Brian
  9. Hi again. Problem solved. I found a strong magnet and managed to coax it out. Took several goes but job done. Brian
  10. Hi. The cable of my rev counter has snapped off in the distributor drive. Is there an easy way of getting this out. There is nothing to grip on to enable me to pull out. Regards Brian
  11. Hi Most of my fastener holes had been drilled out and domes riveted to the frames. After a number of attempts with various glues etc. I opted for the long tenex as used on the aluminium frame. The windscreen did have be filed to ensure it missed the bolts but result is good and nobody has ever noticed.
  12. Hi All On my TR3 the speedo recording is close to GPS reading but the distance recorder is not reading right (reads low). standard speedo 1180. I think my diff is 4.1. Tyres 165s. Would the diff make a difference to the distance recorder or would it be something else. (sorry to hijack this thread) Brian
  13. Hi Folks I am considering rebuilding my engine to eliminate the oil drips ( I can hear you all laughing all the way down here in NZ). Will likely increase to 86mm pistons and liners at the same time. I am going to order the conversion kit from Moss (TT1032) which does not require any machining along with a Viton seal.This being ordered through our TR Register here who have an association with Moss. Moss advises that a special tool (TT1032Tool) is required but I have seen a YouTube clip showing that the tool is not used. At £55 it is very expensive for perhaps a one time use so I
  14. Hi All Can anyone supply a photo of the inner side of the sidescreen. Is there a bulbous piece at the lower front that butts up against the scuttle to stop water coming through that area. I can't find any decent pictures showing this. Or is there something others have done to eliminate this Thanks Brian
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