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  1. i have a few ratchet spanners, but find the walls of them a bit thick and cant use them in tight spaces, they are not cheapos . maybe the more expensive ones are better. when you can use them they are great Len
  2. My recently restored TR6 features in the August/Sept Triumph World magazine, which is out tomorrow. I was chuffed to be asked about doing an article on it , a nice ending to a 5 year rebuild. Cheers Len
  3. from my experience of panels, most will be Heritage panels and are pretty good. Top deck , rear valence , floor panels fitted really well. Wings are ok but need a bit of work , I did find some NOS wings and used them instead (they still needed work ) Where to buy from ? i dealt with TRGB ,quick and efficient service. hope thats of some help Len
  4. Rich a sienna brown tr6 has just come up on car & classic Len
  5. len1

    hood bag fitting

    Thanks for all input. Cheers Len
  6. len1

    hood bag fitting

    Thanks Sean That's very helpful. Cheers Len
  7. len1

    hood bag fitting

    i need to fit my hood bag, but am unsure of the correct fitting of the inside elastic straps,/ position of snaps etc. is there a decent set of instructions anywhere ? thanks Len
  8. I am hoping to make it Len
  9. ok,,,so i got my youngest daughter Sinead out today to have a listen , she declares the noise is in the middle of the car, so i check everything is tight , and it is. I have now taken off the clamp to gearbox , it was tight , and the noise is gone ! doesnt make any sense to me , but to be honest i dont care much as the noise is gone ....a good day ! Len
  10. thanks Steve , but thats not going to work easily cheers Len
  11. Thanks Steve. Is that the traditional type box as in, how they were originally ?
  12. I have a rattle in my rear backbox or should I say I think it's in the back box ! Has anyone local to me got one sitting in their garage that I could try before I send mine back to the manufacturer to save looking like a fool. It's not the clamps rattling.....been all over the car , Len
  13. i cant comment on how long it will last , but TRGB sold me a slave cylinder "made in the uk" Len
  14. len1

    door part needed

    I am sorted, with thanks to David. Len
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