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  1. I have finally finished building works on my enlarged garage and have got my tr6 back from my friends garage . Its now where it should be ! Len
  2. len1

    TR6 engine

    Hi Gordon A cp engine and gearbox sold on eBay last week for £420 , if that's any help. Len
  3. hi mine does not leak oil on the floor, cant say its totally dry ( i havent looked )but it does not drop on the floor, thats after a year on the road. Len
  4. Agree with Sean, Don trimming , great quality and fit. Len
  5. len1

    rad cap

    Am at Stratford now no problems .temp stayed normal. Cheers Len
  6. len1

    rad cap

    yes. i will replace it as soon as i get to Stratford upon Avon ! Len
  7. len1

    rad cap

    thanks Tom appreciated Len
  8. len1

    rad cap

    so , just doing final checks before our trip tomorrow to IWE and the not very old radiator cap decides to fall apart in my hand, so only option is use my Stag one even though its rated 20lbs. Can anyone confirm this will be ok , pretty sure it will but another opinion would be nice Len
  9. Chris Pm sent Len
  10. len1


    The only info I have on this windbreaker is that it is sold by Rimmers and they describe it as Sisa design deflector .it's about £300.. The fellar I bought it from thinks it's a German made item.I figured it out last night and it does fit well , the only obvious problem ,is that the bracket offends the hood bag at the corner near the door. It looks like I will have to cut the hood bag to tidy the corner up. Like most things , there is a compromise, but I am happy with it. Len
  11. len1


    Thanks for the lead Mark. i bought it last night and is in v, good condition,like new. Bit of a bargain i think. ( I will know tonight when i will try to fit ! ) cheers Len
  12. len1


    Thanks for that Mark , I have made contact about it. Do know about Sean's one, it does look very good. Cheers Len
  13. len1


    Looking to sort a windbreaker for my 6, what's everyone using now that Boscreen are no longer available. Thanks Len
  14. 5 used wire wheels complete with hubs and spinners for sale, also placed this add in the for sale section Len
  15. i have a few ratchet spanners, but find the walls of them a bit thick and cant use them in tight spaces, they are not cheapos . maybe the more expensive ones are better. when you can use them they are great Len
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