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  1. Thanks Mark... How are you progressing on your 6 ?
  2. thanks Sean. i will be getting my 6 out later for a birthday drive. Len
  3. hi Paul. it would have to be the weekend as i am working during the week. I will pm my phone number to you, give me a ring tomorrow and we can sort i out. cheers Len
  4. Paul. i am in Culverstone near Meopham if thats any good , a fair distance away but if you dont get a closer offer i would be happy for you to measure etc. My tr is unfortunately (from your point of view ) all assembled so maybe a bit awkward but you are welcome to look Len
  5. I have recently attempted to blast the bottom edges of a stag I am restoring, I bought a media pot, and got stuck in. Nightmare....pot cost me £60,,media £40...way to time consuming , after a day of doing..Not a lot...I phoned a fellar who does it mobile ...£200. Job done in about 3 hours..I did offer to clean up after him,which took the rest of the day ! I have now sold the pot and gave the leftover media to the buyer...never again Len
  6. it does wrap around. hopefully this picture will show it. Len
  7. Phil. Keep an eye on the end of the cable as it may get caught on the battery box and not quite turn the mu off. I had to trim mine as it was getting caught. Len
  8. you could try a paint stripper, and then get them media blasted. Len
  9. My 11 year old Buffy at work
  10. I have finally finished building works on my enlarged garage and have got my tr6 back from my friends garage . Its now where it should be ! Len
  11. Hi Gordon A cp engine and gearbox sold on eBay last week for £420 , if that's any help. Len
  12. hi mine does not leak oil on the floor, cant say its totally dry ( i havent looked )but it does not drop on the floor, thats after a year on the road. Len
  13. Agree with Sean, Don trimming , great quality and fit. Len
  14. len1

    rad cap

    Am at Stratford now no problems .temp stayed normal. Cheers Len
  15. len1

    rad cap

    yes. i will replace it as soon as i get to Stratford upon Avon ! Len
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