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  1. rcreweread

    Anyone in Lincs going to Stoneleigh ?

    Thanks to all for responding - I may have a solution but will know for definite in next few days - I'll keep you posted cheers Rich
  2. Hi all After a big favour please - is there anybody going to Stoneleigh show on 10th feb living in Lincs, near LN4 who could collect an overdrive unit for me and take to Stoneleigh Be very grateful - if you can help, please get in touch via a PM cheers Rich
  3. rcreweread

    Water Pump and narrow belt kit

    David I have a narrow belt conversion with an original fan and a back up electric pusher fan in front of rad, so puzzled by your comments - have sent you a PM so give me a call if you want Cheers Rich
  4. rcreweread

    Photos of car

    Andy - looks fabulous - cant see from the photos whether you have the new dash and door cappings fitted - be great to see some photos of those! Cheers Rich
  5. rcreweread

    Bending Clutch and Brake pedals to RH drive

    David The Vortex should be just the ticket - don't forget to buy a spare gas cannister at the same time because they always run out at the most inconvenient time! I've just been down and taken some photos of the pedal arrangement on one of my projects which will hopefully help ( thats if the photos load - just taken me half an hour to do - oh for a better system!!) I'll send you a PM with my email as it might be easier to send photos that way Cheers Rich
  6. rcreweread

    Bending Clutch and Brake pedals to RH drive

    Dave im pretty certain if you get s Mapp has blowtorch ( pretty cheap in toolststion or screwfix) you should be able to get enough heat into the metal to bend it - in can get a cast iron exhaust manifold cherry red so you should be able to get a pedal arm to do the same I’m not sure I would be cutting and rewelding a safety critical item if I could help it eill post some photos of a rhd pedal set up if it would help vheers Rich
  7. rcreweread

    Crunchy gearbox

    Paul I hope you find not too much wrong with your box and it's a simple repair. However, if you fancied having an uprated box and 25% ratio OD, I have a spare gearbox and OD just fully rebuilt by Pete Cox, which has been uprated with the strengthened laygear and additional bearing, an extra pinned crosshaft, a 25% ratio J type OD, modified to work in 2nd gear if wanted, complete with an A type to J type mounting kit - this could be available to purchase outright at a very reasonable cost. If you want the ultimate package, Pete is in the process of putting together various bits I've collected into a fully TR converted Stag box with a 28% ratio overdrive, which I may be persuaded to let go. PM me if this is of interest. Cheers Rich
  8. rcreweread

    hood pegs

    Roy - I assume you have the straps fitted to your hood frame, as the strap extends backwards from the frame to fix over the long peg? cheers Rich
  9. rcreweread


    Ron At the risk of stating the obvious ( or in my own case not), some of the instructions to use the old control box terminals as a junction box don't always make it clear that you have to remove/disconnect the internal electrics /coils. Not doing so causes quite a lot of mayhem!! Don't ask how I know! Cheers Rich
  10. Hi All Have just listed some surplus parts on Classifieds if anyone is interested - they are a used 4.1 CW&P set, and 3.7 and 3.45 IRS Diffs fully reconditioned. I also have a couple of uprated gearboxes with J type ODs available - contact me for details. Cheers Rich
  11. rcreweread

    Impact Driver

    John - I got a corded one in Lidl a few months ago and I think it cost £39.99 - works a treat and it whips wheels off in no time and is powerful and heavy so I'm hoping it's well made - so far so good. Cheers Rich
  12. rcreweread

    Assistance please

    Andy Welcome to the forum and TR ownership!! Afraid I can't help with your immediate problem, but you mention possibly changing your dash. If you haven't already got a lighter coloured dash, I may be able to help you with one. If interested, send me a PM ( personal message - click on the envelope icon at the top of the page) Cheers Rich
  13. rcreweread

    what am I missing

    Indian dizzies don't have the best reputation for reliability so I would try a different one to see if it makes any difference - are you running SUs or Strombergs - if the former, check the oil in dashpots, if the latter check very carefully the diaphrams. Also check fuel flow to the carbs - is there any **** partially blocking the fuel lines? Having said all that, I agree it sounds more electrics related - how about trying a direct cable from battery to coil to rule out any issues with the ignition switch and associated circuits. cheers Rich
  14. rcreweread

    Size of tubing for front overider stay

    Jeff - have sent you a pm ( personal message) about the overriders - open envelope icon st top of page cheers Rich
  15. rcreweread

    Celebrity antiques road trip tv

    It’s got a TRRegister badge on grill so may be a current members car? I did notice it appears to have a TR4 hood and frame on a tr4A - not sure if that’s because that’s all the owner had or he decided he preferred the simplicity of the earlier hood. cheers Rich

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