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  1. If you want a spacer and have some old mountings, cut off the rubber, it it hasn't already debonded, cut off and drill out the stud, and you have a perfect spacer. I have a feeling the diff mount washers are slightly smaller in diameter cheers Rich
  2. Jason - it's American Walnut, but often mistakenly called Teak which it isn't. I think the issue you will have more so than replacing the missing bits of veneer is the discolouration that has occurred between those areas where the lacquer has peeled off and the adjacent areas where it hasn't - I fear you could put in a lot time and effort and end up disappointed - don't get me wrong, there have been a number of examples of other forumites doing this and ending up with superb results, but I suspect we don't hear about the less successful attempts. Also the thin ends around the air v
  3. Chris - the serial number of the gearbox will be stamped into the alloy of the bellhousing, most commonly on the nearside and almost always on the lump of alloy which the clutch cross shafts sits in - - it may be on the top or side and you usually need to clean the area with a wire brush to see - if it's a saloon box, it will probably start MB or MK followed by some numbers. Sometimes, particularly with MK variants, it may be on the offside but in a similar location. If it's an A type overdrive, then it should have the serial number stamped on a narrow rectangular brass or alloy plate ri
  4. Bruce - with respect you often bring this up about Pete Cox, but it was quite a few years ago now, and as soon as the problem was identified, steps were taken to rectify it, as far as I understand the situation. ORS are, as are the other main stream rebuilders, a very professional outlet and do a great job, but they all make mistakes from time to time as well, so lets try and be fair and balanced. I understand Pete Cox has restored over 11000 gearboxes so far to date in his working life, so that surely must say something about his abilities? Cheers Rich
  5. Guys - how about my ad in Classifieds: https://www.tr-register.co.uk/classified/2656/For-Sale-Newly-Rebuilt-Overdrive-Gearboxes Send me a PM or call if you have my phone number, and I'm sure I can help Cheers Rich
  6. Just a quick heads up that I have just listed this radiator and fitted fan in the "For Sale, Swap or Wanted, maximum value £250" forum, in case anyone is interested and doesn't stray from this forum - I believe this rad will also fit earlier TR6s and 5s - please see the above forum for full details and photos Cheers Rich
  7. Roy - try Tudor Wheels in the New Forest - https://www.tudorwheels.co.uk/ - they have done a few sets for me and I have been well pleased - good value as well- if you intend to visit, take your hubs and spinners with you and they will check them for wear at the same time Cheers Rich
  8. What I dont fully understand about this problem is exactly where the dashpot top is hitting the bonnet - at the very start of the thread, there is a photo of the underneath of the bonnet which appears to show the "rubbing point" being on the very nearside edge of the bonnet ie towards the middle. The early Tr4s had H6 carbs and the stubbier manifold, but the carbs had longer bodies than later ones, hence why the later and improved manifold had longer inlet tracts, but shorter bodies in the 175 CD Strombergs and later still the HS6 SUs - this later manifold is to all intents and purposes
  9. Jon - see my post in the TR4/4A forum under tyres about Blockley tyres and tubes -https://www.blockleytyre.com/ Cheers Rich
  10. I don't personally have any experience of their tyres but have spoken to them at various shows and have been very impressed by their whole set up. The founder and day to day boss is Julian Majzub and if you have seen his amazing driving skills in all sorts of really hairy vintage machinery at places like Goodwood, you would have no hesitation in considering his tyres- he races on his own tyres so that must say something. They also do top quality inner tubes which many of the top historic race teams use, but they are not allowed to acknowledge this because of their affiliations to other ty
  11. David - just sent his details to you in a PM Cheers Rich
  12. Tom - make sure the manifold is properly seated against the head and what manifold are you actually using - this shouldn't happen! I can't open your photos - are you able to repost them in a different format? Cheers Rich
  13. R OD on 3rd and 4th only cheers Rich
  14. Thierry - have sent you a PM ( Personal Message) - go to the envelope icon in the top right hand corner of the page and click on it - it will open up your forum mailbox Cheers Rich
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