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  1. Roger - I've got a spare one - also have the glass bowls and Dave Davies refurbished complete pumps if you need one - have sent you a PM Cheers Rich
  2. Hamish - try Alicool for a new oil cooler - www.alicool.co.uk - they do really good quality stuff Cheers Rich
  3. Hi everyone - as I know many don't look in Classifieds, just a quick heads up that I have just listed various OD Gearboxes and both TR4A and TR5/6 Diffs for sale - these are all fully rebuilt to a very high standard and the gearboxes/ODs have all been uprated with 3 bearing laygears, steel bushes, cross pinned clutch shaft and high capacity accumulators in the ODs. I also have alloy fuel tanks and veneered dashes and door cappings for sale. These items are all located in Colchester Essex. If anyone is interested, please PM with contact details or reply through Classifieds. Cheers Rich
  4. Hi - just one more thought - I take it the input shaft is 1.25” tr one and not the 1” saloon one - have you got a pic of it? Goodwood yesterday hot and busy! Today even more so!! cheers Rich
  5. If its a 4A , I thought the top wishbone mounting arm had to be the other way round - if its a 4, then its correct. As for the arms themselves. I cant remember and not at home so cant check. I'm sure someone else will now better than me Cheers Rich
  6. Well it’s got a TR cross shaft and a reversing light switch so with its age, it would appear to be a TR6 A late TR 6 box of that vintage should have a higher first gear than earlier ones - I think that means it should have 32 teeth on it It could still be an ex stag box - most oh the ones I’ve seen are stamped on the off side boss not near side like most others - is there anything there? must go as off to Goodwood! cheers Rich
  7. Graham - I've seen that or something very similar on a Stag box previously but it still had numbering stamped onto the clutch cross shaft boss. Can you supply a photo of the whole box? Does it have an OD unit attached - if so what are the serial numbers of that? Cheers Rich
  8. Graham - think you will find the twin system was standard - certainly I have access to three very original 4As and they all have the twin exhaust system cheers Rich
  9. rcreweread

    Free manifold

    Hi -have sent you a PM cheers Rich
  10. Hi All I know quite a few people don't look in Classifieds, so this is a heads up that I have just listed two fully rebuilt & restored gearbox and overdrive units for a TR4 and a 4A. One is a thin walled bellhousing TR4 unit, CT 13xxx, and the other a later TR4A unit, CT 57xxx. Both units have been fully rebuilt and uprated with 3 bearing laygears, steel bushes, extra bolted clutch cross shaft and uprated accumulators in the 22% A type ODs. These have also been fully bench tested. They have been built by one of the most respected rebuilders in the country and hence come with a guarantee. If you are interested, please send me a PM. Cheers Rich
  11. Help PLEASE Having had no response to try and sort this ( Roger excepted ) can somebody please advise how I delete photos which appear to be in a cache somewhere on the site, as I think this must be why I can't upload any new photos into Classifieds - if I try, this is the error message I get: "You need 57.07 KB of space to upload this image, but you only have -1737406 B of 50 MB remaining " It appears every photo I have ever used in Classified, going back years (there are 3 pages of them with 18 images on each, so enough but not loads) is stored even though the adverts they related to are mostly long since gone. When I try and put a photo in my advert ( I am logged in), under " New Photo", I get the option of "Remove" or " Media Manager" - if I click on "Media Manager", I am taken to a page with two boxes at the top, one is greyed out and says "Upload" and doesn't respond to any attempt to do anything with it, and next door to it is another box, which isn't greyed out, which says "Images". If I double click in this box, it opens another page titled "Media Manager", which then has 2 more boxes headed "Upload" & "Images", below which are 18 photos on the page shown, being one of 3 pages, with similar amount of photos on those. On this screen "Images" is greyed out and and doesn't respond to any input and if I click or double click in the " Upload" box, it just takes me back to the former screen - nowhere can I see an option to delete all or even some of these photos. I have tried selecting individual photos to delete them, but this option never arises. I'm sure it is this library of photos using up my available photo capacity in Classifieds - I can still load photos into forum posts, subject to the size limit on individual posts ( daftly small as they are ) - none of these photos end up in the Classifieds photo library Someone else must have had this problem, or alternatively know a way around it, as I haven't had that many adverts and I can't place any more ads with photos. Hope somebody can help Cheers Rich
  12. Mick Baufix Aluminium Zinc Spray from Lidl!!! £2.99 for 400ml if I remember correctly and sometimes on offer if you buy more than one. Cheers Rich
  13. George As already stated, and as far as I am aware, CT prefixes were for TR4 and TR4A gearboxes From your photo, it looks like it is a thick flange gearbox which applied to all 4As and I believe some later TR4s, although I don't know the changeover numbers. See photos below of a TR4 and a 4A gearbox side by side which clearly shows the difference - the extra thickness in the flange is added to the rear of the existing flange so the overall length of the unit remains the same. TR4s had a squarish output flange on the back where as 4As had a round one, but beware because not all round ones are the same , the bolt pattern being slightly different on the saloons and can easily catch you out when you have fitted the gearbox and it won't mate with the propshaft! So it would appear this is probably a 1964/65 TR gearbox which looks to have been modified for a different application - there were some vehicles which had the operating arms on the other side to TRs ( such as Stags) and there were some strange shaped arms on the TR side such as Dolomite Sprints, so it wouldn't be that unusual to find something like your arrangement, but I don't recognise it, I'm afraid. However no obvious reason why you cant swap the arm for a TR one, and away you go, hopefully! Cheers Rich
  14. Graham - sorry , just realised you were wanting to compare a TR5 one with a later TR6 one, not a 4A . I don't know if my TR6 one is an early or late one to be honest but the part number is cast into the side as 308225 V3109 DD2 Cheers Rich
  15. Graham Just taken some photos of a TR5/6 and TR4A trailing arm for comparison purposes. Hope you can see the differences but the TR5/6 one is definitely beefier and is noticeably thicker in some casting areas which you cant really see in the photos. Hope this helps Cheers Rich
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