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  1. Hi - interesting thread which I agree will probably get lost in the mists of time - rather than set up new forums to try and accommodate different areas, surely a really good search function would cure ALL the problems , easily? Back to this immediate topic, any one tried on of these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Brake-Pipe-Straightening-Tool-Copper-Steel-Kunifer-3-16-1-4-5-16-Straightener/283487827640?fits=Car+Make%3ATriumph| cheers Rich
  2. Craig - I think you are talking about the black plastic "cowls" which cover the mechanics of the indicator switch etc on the steering column - if so, there are some very good paints which go happily on plastic and I bet you wouldn't be able to tell the difference cheers Rich
  3. Andy - before committing to a lot of prep work, find the ultimate sprayer and talk to them about the preparation - if any . Many will not touch a proper paint job where they have not done all the coats. When I did my TR4 , it was blasted back to bare metal and etch primed by the blasters to stop it rusting but once at the painters, they removed the original primer before putting their own on. Best to check cheers Rich
  4. Just a repost because the car Graham mentioned has already gone! Anyone aware of another one anywhere Cheers Rich
  5. Marco - can you tell my wife that please Cheers Rich!
  6. Graham - thanks for the heads up - missed that one somehow but have passed on the details many thnaks cheers Rich
  7. Hi everyone - got chatting to a local shopkeeper who I knew was interested in classic cars, and it turns out he really wants to buy a Sienna Brown TR6 - it must be this colour - He doesn't want a concours car but a useable one which is sound but maybe a bit tatty - he doesn't mind doing a bit of work, but no rustheaps please. If anyone knows of a suitable car, please let me know and I will put you in touch. Cheers Rich
  8. Grant Which seal is leaking - front or rears? If the leak is that bad, you may find you will need to replace the offending flange as it could be leaking because the seal surface is worn or corroded and no amount of seal replacement will cure that. Cheers Rich
  9. Sean - if you decide you want to go down the route of a replacement diff , I have a couple of newly refurbished 3.45 diffs sitting on a shelf, which are surplus to my requirements - have sent you a PM with full details cheers Rich
  10. Hi everyone - I've since established that a standard tank is supposedly 48 litres but typically people can squeeze in just over 50 litres. I know of 66 litre tanks , if anyone is interested . Cheers Rich
  11. Sean - have you thought about a higher capacity tank? If interested PM me. As a matter of interest, what is the supposed capacity of a standard tank? Cheers Rich
  12. Chris - I got a sill set from Bastuck and then checked the outer sill profile against a very original sill in situ on one of my cars - the profile was excellent - however what I did notice was that the depth of the top of the sill, ie the bit under the door, was not as deep as the original by about 3/16ths - 1/4inch - I thought at the time that now I know about it, I can flatten out the upstand on the new sill and reform it in the correct place, may end up with the upstand being a bit short, but should be OK. However I remember thinking that if you fitted the sill and weren't aware of that, then you would have major problems with alignment of doors and wings - this sounds a bit like your problem. Unfortunately I'm not at home at the moment so can't give the correct measurement off the top of the original sill, but I will when I'm back in a few days time, if you need it. Cheers Rich
  13. Steve - that looks a cracking car and the wheels really suit in my opinion - are they 5.5 j or 6j width, or even wider? Have sent you a PM which appears you haven't read - go to the envelope icon next to bell icon at top of page and double click on it, and it will open your personal message box cheers Rich
  14. Paul -I've had some experience of one of these companies, but not all positive so have sent you a PM, cheers Rich
  15. Andy -whilst you are checking out the fuel system, don't forget your fuel tank - if it's an original, it's likely to be getting on for 50 years old - carefully look inside to assess it it's rusty and also carefully check around any sound deadening material/foam as that has a habit of trapping moisture and the tank rots out underneath it. Rusty innards can be contained up to a point with good filters but will eventually cause serious problems, and you don't want those happening after you have just overhauled your expensive injection system! In a similar vein, thoroughly check the cooling system and get your rad pressure and flow tested - any deterioration, in my view, is not acceptable if you want to avoid overheating issues, and bear in mind newly rebuilt engines tend to run a bit hot till they have loosened up - find a local old fashioned radiator rebuilder and if you need a new rad, get them to rebuild it with a higher capacity core - some people plump for an alloy rad, and there has been lots of discussion on the forum about the merits or not of those, but if you are tempted, I suggest you avoid the cheap ones on ebay which don't last, and invariably don't fit. Also, take the opportunity to assess your clutch, maybe lighten your flywheel, and check out your gearbox - do you have overdrive, because if you haven't, thats well worth having in most peoples eyes and also makes the car most saleable at the end of the day. Get your chassis repaired and strengthened first before you prep it otherwise you will ruin the finish when rebuilding the body on it. There are lots of threads on the forum about how to do this, but pay particular attention to the rear area and the diff mounts and the lower wishbone mountings. If you are already familiar with all this, then apologies for preaching to the converted. There's lots of potential help on here, so keep on asking, and you won't make quite as many mistakes as I did in my first restoration!! If you want to chat through any of this in more detail, I have PMed you my contact details ( click on the envelope icon, next to the bell icon,, at the very top of the page as this is where the messages go) Cheers Rich
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