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  1. Hi - in case it helps, I’m planning to have done some rhd pedal sets for tr4/4As in time for Stoneleigh - they will have been fully stripped down with new bushes and pedal shafts as necessary, powder coated and re-assembled with new pedal rubbers. eventual cost not yet finalised but likely to be a bit more than £100 - let me know if of interest cheers Rich
  2. I wonder if someone has put a different and wrong cover on it! cheers Rich
  3. Paul - they are £55 and if collected at Stoneleigh, then no postal costs, otherwise I will post at cost. Cheers Rich
  4. I've had a good response to this so far so thanks to those who have responded - still plenty of time to add to my order to take to Stoneleigh if anybody else is looking for one Cheers Rich
  5. Mike - speak to Adrian Page, a local member who has a lovely red TR5. I know he's researched this at length and sourced a spare one and found someone to restore one as well but don't know any more detail. Call me if you haven't got his contact details. Cheers Rich
  6. Roger _ why didn't I think of that! An even cheaper option so long as you remember to keep an appropriate sized socket in the car! Thinking about it ( not my forte!!), if you weld an old wheel nut on it, you will always have a handy socket ( unless you have wire wheels ) cheers Rich
  7. Hi all This looks like an interesting bit of kit for us old farts who struggle to use a scissor jack - haven't seen one before and is a great idea ! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/High-Quality-Car-SUV-4X4-Scissor-Jack-Adapter-1-2-Drive-Impact-Wrench-Tool-Kit/164030674627?fits=Car+Make%3ATriumph|Model%3ATR+4&hash=item2630fd76c3:g:yaIAAOSwBsleHThK cheers Rich
  8. Tom - very nice job you made of yours, I don't make the ones I'm selling - they are professionally made to a very high standard. As you can see from the attached photo, both items are very similar so great minds are obviously thinking alike! Cheers Rich
  9. Mark - I may be able to help you with some parts - have sent you a PM ( a personal message) which goes into your private forum mailbox - its in the little envelope icon in the top right hand corner of the forum page and it will have a little red tag by it indicating you have an unread message Cheers Rich
  10. Thanks Nick - I can but try! Are you going? If so come and say hello as am on stand 568B in hall 3 next to Conrad and Clem Cheers Rich
  11. Peter - thanks - thats a great start - hopefully your MG man may be able to get to a definitive answer and then I can try selling it at Stoneleigh! cheers Rich
  12. Hi all Just a quick heads up that the Stoneleigh spares show is only 4 weeks away today. I, like quite a few other members, will be having a stand (Hall 3 stand 568B) to help reduce my mountain of spare parts, and to also pass on discounts I have been able to obtain for the benefit of other enthusiasts. In addition to my big ticket items like OD gearboxes, diffs , alloy fuel tanks, dashboards, door cappings , radiator cowls ( see my earlier separate post), I will also have a useful stock of reconditioned OE parts such as brake and clutch master and slave cylinders, calipers, lever arms, trailing arms, card sets, manifolds, water pumps, Dave Davies AC fuel pumps, rechromed overiders and bumpers, to name just a few. As I have a number of restorations of my own to complete, I have assembled a pretty comprehensive stock of most parts needed for TR4A restorations, including a lot of the small easily forgettable bits which I don't normally sell because of the low values etc but I am happy to take along bits and pieces if people order them beforehand. The sort of things I'm thinking of are all the body mounting ironmongery, rubber and steel pads, bolts and washers, wire wheel hub nuts, trailing arm studs, propshaft bolts, bump stops, full rear brake kits, handbrake and speedo cables, grommets, driveshaft gaiters, GKN UJs,etc etc - in fact, try me for any non obscure new part!! I can't list them all here. I'm hoping to have at least one more dashboard trim set available by then to include recovered dash tops, crash pads ( including the RHD LH grab handle one), and H frame ( plus possibly switch plinths), a TR4 RHD white dash with cubby box lid and hinges and some RHD TR4/4A brake and clutch pedal sets. If any of this may be of interest, please get in touch via a PM and I will get back to you with details. I will also post this on the BST £250 forum Cheers Rich
  13. Hi all Would appreciate some help identifying what vehicles the Girling Master Cylinder shown in the photos below fits - it has an 0.875" bore with the part no 64675575 cast into the casing Any help much appreciated Cheers Rich
  14. Andrew - fair point but the reason I posted here under Technical is that everyone can read the post, whereas in the under £250 BST section, only members can see it. Maybe a good idea to put it in both. Cheers Rich
  15. Hi everyone. If anyone is thinking of changing their horrible cardboard versions of the above ( or pretty much nothing if you are a TR5 owner), I have a small stock of stainless steel or alloy black powder coated versions for sale, They are available either plain or with laser cut logos of each model, look really good.and are very well made. Some library photos below to give you an example of some of the models. To cover all the various permutations for all the above models, I would need to stock a lot of product, so my plan is to see if anyone is interested, and I would then order appropriate items and take along to Stoneleigh, if not available from my existing stock. Alternatively, I can post at cost if necessary but that would probably have to be after Stoneleigh as I shall be collecting most of my stock there. Prices range from £40 for the more basic models to £60 for the more complicated versions - PM me for full details and prices if interested Cheers Rich
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