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  1. Hi Kevo. I've been trying to trace it for the last 6/7 years. It's currently taxed ( as is every year I might add) until may. It has done a few hundred miles between mot''s up until it stopped getting tested. It's out there somewhere! Thanks for your response anyway. Regards Peter
  2. Hi. Anyone know the whereabouts of my old TR6 ? I sold it for £750 in 1978 for the deposit on my first house. Last known whereabouts was Lincs???
  3. Hi All. I am not too far away from taking delivery of my factory steel hardtop,which has undergone a full restoration. I finally bit the bullet and bought all of the necessary mechanical bits & bobs, and the various seals etc. Before I start cutting the fur flex trim, I'm wondering if there are any potential pitfalls or tips I could do with knowing? Also I believe ( previous threads on here) that there are fitting instructions - would anyone have a copy as they're no longer listed on Rimmers website? Thanking you in anticipation... Regards Peter '71
  4. Sorted - it was the inertia switch. Thanks Waldi!!!!
  5. I've not started the car for a couple of months, but due to the change in the weather I decided to give it a run today. Flat battery to start with which was rectified with a spare battery. Bosch fuel pump sounded good initially, and nothing appeared untoward. However, after cranking it half a dozen times without success I then realised that said pump was no longer working - arrrggghhh! I'm a complete novice when it comes to anything mechanical & electrical so haven't a clue where to start looking. Could it be a fuse? Any ideas gratefully received.
  6. For sure. Either that or Stag unit?
  7. Right, minds made up and I'm going to bite the bullet and get an A type fitted. Have to thank each and every one of you for your words of encouragement, it was all I need to hear. Sincere thanks to all for taking the time to respond. Kind regards Peter
  8. Andrew - See my response above
  9. Showing my ignorance (nothing new there then) but is that option available in an A type unit. There's nothing wrong with my existing gear box, but most of the refurbished A type units I have seen so far come with a gear box combined. Prices are based on an exchange basis, so presumably I send the gear box from my car once it has been removed?
  10. Hi Rob. Couldn't agree more. My previous six (back in the 70's) had an A type fitted, and I loved it!
  11. Hi All. It's been a good while since I have felt the need to consult the esteemed members of this group, and hope your advice will enable me to reach the correct decision. I have a 1971 TR6 which unfortunately is a non overdrive model. I am considering having an A type overdrive & gearbox fitted, and given the estimated cost of around £2,500 (ish) I am wondering if it's a worthwhile expenditure? I specifically want an A type overdrive, as that's what would have been fitted in 1971, rather than the apparently more 'robust' J type. I suppose my question is with regar
  12. Thanks Chaps! I'm hoping that I've the same problem (and solution) that Tim D experienced. I'm just hoping whatever the RAC man did, is easily reversible,and I'm able to identify the wiring connections to their correct positions. Watch this space... Many thanks to all once again. Peter
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