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  1. Stuart, I think you are right. However I didn't know that these existed so I filed a fraction of a mm off the centre boss on the starter endplate and all is well. The starter turns the engine so on to the next job. Bob, I checked the teeth against the old starter and the number is OK. Many thanks Eddie
  2. Gearbox now installed and tried turning engine by hand with large spanner on crank bolt. The engine is locked and won't turn. Gearbox definitely in neutral. Slacked off the starter bolts and engine turns. Re-tightened them and it locks up. I can't see what would cause this. Any had a similar experience or any idea what could be catching. The starter is new with separate solenoid. Thanks Eddie
  3. Before refitting gearbox I checked on location of gearbox rear mount. It is approximately 65cm from gearbox front flange. The adapter I bought has the rear mount just over 72cm back when bolted to the chassis and there is not enough plate in front of this to drill holes in the correct location. Has anyone else had this problem? Is the TR250 chassis different to the early TR6? Thanks Eddie
  4. I have acquired an inlet manifold with twin SUs, apparently better than the TR250 manifold , and tubular exhaust manifolds. I had assumed that TR6 and TR250 all had the same basic head geometry. I now know that TR250 inlet port spacing is smaller so the inlet manifold will not fit and that tubular manifolds do not fit because they foul the inlet manifold. So if I want to use the alternative manifolds I need a different head. I have a chance of a Triumph 2000 head. Can I use this or will the compression ratio be too high? Are thicker head gaskets a solution if compression is too high? I probably should stay with the stock set up but 100HP seems a bit low for 2.5L, probably less than my MG Thanks Eddie
  5. Graham, Thanks for the reply. Yellow one it is. Eddie
  6. I have 2 fans that came with the car, an 8 blade yellow one and a 13 blade red one, both plastic The red fan is fairly heavy due to steel centre part. Does anyone know which is the most efficient? Thanks Eddie
  7. Peter, Thats right. I am using the saloon output flange with holes drilled to suit the propshaft. The TR flange won't fit the overdrive because of the splines. Regards Eddie
  8. Hi Graeme, I will have to look at this. TR 250 looks great in blue, mine will be signal red as original. Hi Bob, My TR6?? output flange wouldn't fit the saloon box. To be honest I don't know where the non overdrive gearbox was from. Could be TR250 or TR6 The splines were much larger. Thanks Eddie
  9. Hi, Have had a good day. Have drilled the flange using the TR one as a template. The bit was marginally smaller than the holes in the TR flange but 3/8 bolts just fit, almost a push fit Also found all 6 small manifold clamps which were missing, I had checked on Moss's site and they were £8 each. Hopefully will have the car ready for MOT when the shutdown ends and I can get a UK registration. Thanks Eddie
  10. Hi, I can answer the first part my self. Both flanges came off relatively easily but the splines are different so I can't swap them. I suppose I can drill the holes in the right position if I have a sharp enough drill. Regards Eddie
  11. Hi, The overdrive gearbox I bought a few years ago turns out to be from a saloon. I can use a Dolomite sprint clutch plate for the input which should be man enough. Is it easy to swop the output flange off from the old non overdrive gearbox to the overdrive box? Also the gear lever is a couple of inches longer so I was going to swop them. The saloon gearbox lever is easy to take off, remove a bolt and twist the cover. The TR box has a threaded bar which needs to come out. It is very rusty, does this screw out or is it a push fit? Many thanks Eddie. PS the pin holding the release fork to the cross shaft has sheared in both boxes so I need to cut the s haft and try and salvage the fork.
  12. Hi Peter, Stuart, i can see the holes, not very accessible at the moment because I have a lump of wood supporting the rear of the engine whilst the gearbox is out. it looks a bit close to the heater hoses but I assume it must fit. many thanks Eddie
  13. Thanks Peter, i will look for the holes tomorrow. Eddie
  14. I have a separate solenoid which came with the car. However I cannot find any bolt holes to fasten it down and I can't find any pictures on the internet giving the location. I am converting to rhd which may or may not affect the location. Does anyone have a photo showing the original location? Thanks Eddie
  15. Hi, The AA states that the law makes an exception for temporary use spare tyres to be used in an emergency. Eddie
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