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  1. Stuart, thanks or the reply. A photo of the cap end is attached. There is no hole in the frame. Do I have to drill one. Eddie
  2. How are the durable dot studs fastened to the ends of the screen capping? I have bought the studs and self tapping screws in Moss parts catalogue. The self tappers don't look like self tappers and the aluminium capping doesn't look strong enough to take a self tapper. Do I have to drill a hole in the windscreen frame? Thanks Eddie
  3. We learn something every day. Trouble is I tend to forget it the next day. It is amazing what knowledge there is from the people on this forum. I will try to do a blowdown test to see if I can get a better idea of the engine condition. I have been offered a saloon 2.5 engine , supposedly in good condition, for little money and wonder if that would fit without too much work. Thanks Eddie
  4. For info the car is a TR250. Engine is not original but I have been informed that the number is correct for the TR250. Starter is new but not high torque Battery is new. Car starts and ticks over fine so I a sure timing etc is not far out. Head came loose with the car but is the American style with narrow manifold spacing. It looked like it had come from a machine shop not diy refurb. I have just checked the compression on my mg. It was a steady 75/76. This is an 1800 3 bearing engine with less than a 1000 miles on the clock and a Peter Burgess econotune head which is probably slightl
  5. Have some compression results,they don't look good. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Dry 60 55 55 50 56 65 Oil 75 72 70 75 75 75 I don't know how accurate the gauge is but readings look very low. The cylinder head looked in very good condition when I put it on. Tappet clearances are OK. Eddie
  6. John,smoke doesn't persist so I suspect it is water . Rob, I don't know. I will check but can't run car on the road yet. Looks like a leaking head gasket which is no real problem because I have a replacement UK head to fit sometime in the near future. Just need to make sure I buy a good gasket. If I have the head off will putting oil in the cylinders and checking it leaking away be a useful check on ring sealing? Many thanks for replies. Eddie
  7. I have white smoke coming from the rocker cover vent and the exhaust. Also I suspect low compression because the engine turns over very fast on the starter. The engine was supposed to have been rebuilt when I bought it and it looked like it had a couple of new pistons and the head looked like it had been refurbished.Oil pressure is good. I thought if it was oil burning the smoke wouldn't be white. Is this correct? I haven't had the car MOTed yet so can't take it for a run. Any ideas? Thanks Eddie
  8. Peter, It is squarish, 2 speed, number 75568B on the plate. I think I have resolved the problem. I have taken out the wheelboxes. They are completely wrong, 34 or more teeth, not easy to count. They came with the car which was an abandoned project so I assumed they were original. That would account for the reduced sweep. The motor definitely has 120 degrees marked on the gear and the new wheelboxes, which are old stock Lucas, have 22 teeth and the part numbers, which are original Lucas numbers , appear to correspond to the Moss number Roger quoted so I am confident t
  9. Roger I have got rh arms and new blades, the sweep it totally inadequate, less than 90 degrees. Bought 2 new Lucas wiper boxes from Tatton Park yesterday, part numbers 72744A and 72850A ,but they seem to be identical, both with 22 teeth. Took a chance at £10 each, hopefully they will sort the problem. Eddie
  10. Hi Rich, Thanks for the update. To be honest I am not very hopeful of the solenoid working but won't find out for a while unless I jack up the back of the car and try it. ORS did the overdrive on my TR6 + some machining on the 2nd gear. Reasonable price and good service. Thanks Eddie
  11. Hi Roger, I have double checked and the wiper sweep is around 90 degrees. Also found similar problem in TR4 forum in 2011. Looks like I might have to change the wheelboxes. The suggestion was to change to TR6 wheelboxes which are a better design and make. I am sure you are right and I will have to use rhd wiper arms, which is a pity because the new ones are very flimsy compared to the original lhd arms. Thanks Eddie
  12. Hi Roger, It is the sweep that doesn't look enough., I haven’t tried it in the rain, just trying to get the car ready for its MOT. It might even be less than 90 degrees so the park position would be nowhere near the bottom of the screen.. I have checked the wheelbox for play and there doesn't seem to be enough to cause this problem. The wheelboxes and tubing came with the car and are probably TR250, which I think are the same as the TR4. As I said I think the rack is TR6 but I can't see how that could make much difference. Eddie
  13. Finally tried the wipers today after adjusting the park position. Trouble is they don't clear the screen in front of the driver. Is this because they are LH wipers or because the sweep is insufficient. They only seem to sweep around 90 degrees which doesn't seem enough. I am wondering if I have a mix of bits which are incompatible. The wiper motor has 120 degree gear and the wheelboxes are original. From memory I bought a TR6 rack. Any thoughts anyone. Thanks Eddie
  14. Finally got the solenoid out and cleaned it. It seems to work now but the movement is fairly small. Not had chance to try the overdrive yet. Eddie
  15. For information my TR6 alternator stopped charging. I checked output voltage, 0V DC, 25 VAC. Purchased an alternator repair kit on ebay, £19.95. It was an easy replacement and alternator now works.
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