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  1. Swopped viton seals for cork and replaced the springs. Springs noticeably stronger than the old ones. No leaks now. Eddie
  2. Car starts fine now but I am having a problem with petrol leaking at the carbs. I have tightened the banjo bolts as tight as I can and the float chamber bolts underneath seem to be OK now but needed excessive tightening. However I have petrol leaking past the jets. I have used the 2 viton o rings in place of each Cork seal to make the seals ethanol proof but they seem to be leaking and these can't be tightened up. Anyone else have this problem with H4 carbs. Thanks Eddie
  3. Keith, It might have been the petrol. I've read that the ethanol attracts water and maybe I had some at the bottom of the tank. The car had become more difficult to start over the winter and I didn't take it for a run so the petrol at the bottom of the tank wasn't getting used. Just tried it today and it started first time and I haven’t adjusted anything from when it wouldn't start so hopefully everything is OK now. Eddie
  4. Started today with Easy Start. Doesn't sound too bad considering I have not adjusted the carbs yet. Still a mystery why It wasn't even trying to start before using Easy Start. It now starts better than ever before. Thanks everyone for the advice. Eddie
  5. Thanks for the replies Definitely petrol in bowls, I had a few leaks and was surprised how tight everything needed to be to stop leaks, especially the banjo bolts . Thought I had centred jets OK but now one piston drops with a clunk and the other slightly quieter. However plugs don't seem to be very wet after cranking many times. I will try some easy start tomorrow to see if I can get it going. Thanks again Eddie
  6. Have completed the refurb of the H4 carbs and fitted them but the car won't start. I haven't touched the ignition at all. Timing checked OK,spark at each plug, firing order correct, plenty of petrol getting to carbs( I had trouble with leaks at the banjo bolts) but car won't start. Pistons move freely in the carbs,have swopped the plugs,still won't start , not even firing. Have left the battery on charge but stumped by this. Any suggestions? Thanks Eddie
  7. Hi, Found the Co on Ebay, MG Services Heathrow. £32 including return postage for 2 carbs. Eddie
  8. Maybe I am being over cautious. The new spindle measures 0.311 and an 8mm drill measures 0.314 with my old micrometer. The drill will enter the body at both ends but will not go through so I have less than 0.003 clearance which is probably acceptable. The old spindle is down to 0.304 in worst place. Thanks Eddie
  9. Thanks for the reply. I have already tried that with new spindles for another carb. Still slightly sloppy. I am wondering if an oversize spindle would be a better bet. David Manners sell oversize + 10 thou. I should be able to drill out the holes. Eddie
  10. I have just bought some new spindles because my old ones are badly worn. There was someone on ebay offering a re-bushing service but I can't find them now. Does anyone know where I could get this done? Thanks Eddie
  11. Stuart, thanks or the reply. A photo of the cap end is attached. There is no hole in the frame. Do I have to drill one. Eddie
  12. How are the durable dot studs fastened to the ends of the screen capping? I have bought the studs and self tapping screws in Moss parts catalogue. The self tappers don't look like self tappers and the aluminium capping doesn't look strong enough to take a self tapper. Do I have to drill a hole in the windscreen frame? Thanks Eddie
  13. We learn something every day. Trouble is I tend to forget it the next day. It is amazing what knowledge there is from the people on this forum. I will try to do a blowdown test to see if I can get a better idea of the engine condition. I have been offered a saloon 2.5 engine , supposedly in good condition, for little money and wonder if that would fit without too much work. Thanks Eddie
  14. For info the car is a TR250. Engine is not original but I have been informed that the number is correct for the TR250. Starter is new but not high torque Battery is new. Car starts and ticks over fine so I a sure timing etc is not far out. Head came loose with the car but is the American style with narrow manifold spacing. It looked like it had come from a machine shop not diy refurb. I have just checked the compression on my mg. It was a steady 75/76. This is an 1800 3 bearing engine with less than a 1000 miles on the clock and a Peter Burgess econotune head which is probably slightl
  15. Have some compression results,they don't look good. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Dry 60 55 55 50 56 65 Oil 75 72 70 75 75 75 I don't know how accurate the gauge is but readings look very low. The cylinder head looked in very good condition when I put it on. Tappet clearances are OK. Eddie
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