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  1. Jerry, that's what I was told. i am going to Moss's to get the clips so I will find out if I have the right ones. Regards Eddie
  2. Thanks Tush and Mark, It is only the doors. The wings have the holes drilled in them. Regards Eddie
  3. I suspect the doors on my car are TR6 because of the inner pull handle and lack of holes for the stainless outer trim. Unfortunately I have had them painted before drilling any holes but suppose I can always put something on to try and prevent rust at the drilled holes. Does anyone know how many fasteners I need for the trim? I have some 2nd hand trim which I am informed is wlder than TR4. Thanks Eddie
  4. Hi, Thanks again, it looks like it will be door mirrors. There seem to be plenty of posts on this. Eddie
  5. Hi, Thanks for the replies. I had almost come to that conclusion as I was writing query. However I wondered if there was a suitable mirror for this location. Thanks Eddie
  6. Car body is still in primer waiting to be sprayed. There is a hole in the front windscreen panel on the drivers side directly in line with the windscreen fixing holes. I assumed it had been for a mirror and was going to fit one there but car was originally lhd so maybe not ,because there is not a similar hole on the lhs. Does anyone know if this is a practical location for a mirror and the type of mirror to use? Otherwise I will get the hole filled while still have chance. Thanks Eddie
  7. Hi, If you are no hurry I may be able to help. I have 2 ,none working properly yet and need one. I have managed to get one working for a while and will try the other one. Hopefully I will get both working and will have one spare. Eddie
  8. Hi Alan, I have removed the gearwheel, it wasn't stuck. I took the endplate off and tried to clean the commutator. The motor is now working but I suspect it was a bad connection to the brush holder because my cleaning had no effect but subsequent movement of the brushholder did. Thanks Eddie
  9. Thanks everyone. I connected as per Alan's instructions and still no joy. I have taken the plate off one of the motors and cannot move the large gearwheel by hand so I will have to strip it down. I suspect none of the motors have moved for many years so they all may be in the same state. I will report back on progress. Regards Eddie
  10. Alan, Thanks for the information. Two of the wipers are 75568 ,the other one with spade terminals is 755460.They are all the same shape and not round like the TR6. I will try testing with a battery and fused wire. Eddie
  11. I have 3 bare motors, one of which I hope to use in a TR250. Two are DR3A 5407138317 ,the other is DR3A 756460 and appears to be a later motor having two spade connectors as opposed to separate wires. Looking at the circuit diagram I thought I could test with a battery charger 4/8A. On the older 2 I connected +ve to green and -ve to the other wires in turn. All drew current but no noticable movement. I can't believe all 3 are faulty. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks Eddie
  12. Many thanks Stuart, I had since realised the the two front holes in the body must be for the studs. Also one of the two forward studs in the top was missing, I assumed broken. However on inspection it has clearly been cut off so the last owner was partly through fitting to his TR5. My car is a TR250. Eddie
  13. Picked up my second hand surrey top yesterday. Trial fitted the back frame but there are 5 pre drilled holes in the body with backing nuts and 7 studs on the frame.There are also larger holes at the front of the frame but nothing on the body. I see from Moss spares catalogue that there is stud that appears to fit the front holes in the frame but no body attachment. I assume I have to drill out nuts on the 5 body holes but I can't find any info about the 2 front fittings on either side. Can anyone help with instructions or a website/ video that gives information.I I am sure that I will have further queries on fitting the Surrey top itself. Thanks Eddie
  14. Stuart, I think you are right. However I didn't know that these existed so I filed a fraction of a mm off the centre boss on the starter endplate and all is well. The starter turns the engine so on to the next job. Bob, I checked the teeth against the old starter and the number is OK. Many thanks Eddie
  15. Gearbox now installed and tried turning engine by hand with large spanner on crank bolt. The engine is locked and won't turn. Gearbox definitely in neutral. Slacked off the starter bolts and engine turns. Re-tightened them and it locks up. I can't see what would cause this. Any had a similar experience or any idea what could be catching. The starter is new with separate solenoid. Thanks Eddie
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