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  1. Many thanks Rob. I can now continue with fitting all the electrical gear and hopefully get it in for MOT soon. Eddie
  2. Thanks everyone for the replies. The only markings on the alternator apart from LUCAS is a sticker saying remanufactured in Japan. I have taken the plastic cover off and attach a picture. The closest I have found on the Internet is 18ACR on an MG with a note to ignore the offset terminal. Unless someone comes up with a different idea I will wire up like that . Thanks Eddie
  3. Attached is photo of the alternator that came with the car. Is this the one that needs an external regulator. If so is is worth getting one when the alternator is untested or should I bite the bullet and buy a new alternator? Thanks Eddie
  4. Unfortunately my paint guy has let me down and said the stripes are to complicated. Have seen silver stripes on ebay for £7.99 and seller will adjust to suit TR250 sizes. So will have a go with these and see what it like. Eddie
  5. I now have all the bits. The square drive from the angled drive only fits into the overdrive outlet by about 4mm, which doesn'tseem a lot. Does anyone know if this is ok? Thanks Eddie
  6. I have the bits from a non overdrive gearbox which I thought might fit but I see they are different part numbers in Moss spares but the angle drive is the same in both cases so at least I have bought the right drive. Another trip to Mosses. Thanks
  7. I am trying to identify my gearbox,overdrive in order to get the correct speedo connector. Unfortunately the size of photgraph of the overdrive was too large and not loaded and the overdrive plate is not clear because location made it difficult to photograph. I have bought a standard TR angle drive connection and it doesn't fit the overdrive output which is shown in the photo. I thought it was a saloon gearbox and J type overdrive. The input shaft is smaller than a TR5/6. I bought the angled drive from James Paddock who might be able to help but I wondered if any here kno
  8. I can't find any information about MOT failure for tyres over 10 years old. Is this a proposal for cars?
  9. Peter Burgess is now doing a head for me but he has had it since last year To be fair I told him I was in no hurry. He does take a while to reply to emails. He did an mgb head for me several years ago and I am very happy with it. Eddie
  10. Thanks Stuart, I will get them from Moss because they are local to me. Eddie
  11. Do I need to buy the fitting kits from one of the dealers at a cost of around £60 for the four wings or can I buy the ACME screws and spire nuts elsewhere? The Moss spares book shows the screws with conventional heads but I understand that some of the front are countersunk. I can't find the countersunk ACME screws other than at dealers. Thanks Eddie
  12. Bought some Austin Morris ones off ebay,£7.99. With bracket in a vice, washing up liquid and a big screwdriver I have managed to force them in. The rubber seems to be quite flexible unlike a lot of rubber parts nowadays. Eddie
  13. I made some out of copper tube, I think it was 8mm. Split a section along part of it’s length and opened it up and partially flattened with a hammer. Not perfect but does the job. Eddie
  14. Hi Neil, I have chickened out and taken up Roger's offer but for £10 or so would be tempted to try covering the existing one as an experiment. Do you have the details of the vinyl you used? Thanks Eddie
  15. Hi, I've just found these are missing off my TR250. I have all the others. These don't seem to be available at Moss and £27 each at Rimmers. They don't look very substantial so I was thinking a bit of bent bar would suffice. Has anyone else done this? Thanks Eddie
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