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  1. "None of the readily-available kits include that seal" Didn't appreciate that. Do you have a sketch/image/drawing of the seal? Mike
  2. On my previous car I fitted a cooling fan from a modern in our local scrap yard. I fitted it using the threaded rod sold by B&Q. This stuff can easily be bent and shaped to size. I used a pusher configuration as that doesn't take space behind the radiator. Makes it easier to change fan belt if needed. Control was from switch in steel downpipe, The fan should be as close as possible to rad for max efficiency. I made a "soft contact" with duct tape meaning to upgrade it later but never did. Worked fine for 10 years until I sold the car. Mike
  3. try googling triumph tr4 fuel pump refurb kit Mike
  4. Always worth checking the points Mike
  5. Epoxy adhesives, including JB-Weld, have excellent compatibility with petrol (including alcohol mixes). When cleaning back to bright metal ensure you have a rough finish to get good keying Mike
  6. Need a pair of boot hinges. There any number of people offering these at wildly varying prices. They are common to a number of ST models, so the "TR premium" accounts for some high end prices. Anyone know if there is more than one manufacturer or just a lot of suppliers.
  7. David Davis confirms this is the right pump for TR as the cam lever has the correct part number. He will bring pump back to original condition and have it back to me in a couple of days tops and for a very reasonable price. And yes I confirm he is a charming gent! So far as mirror image is concerned can't think why its 180 out, screw heads do show evidence of PO interference. Receipt history shows engine bottom end was restored in 1989-91, so I guess it happened then Mike
  8. A post script from me. I found the pump I put away the last time this happened about 10 years ago.. Great news (I think): It' a proper AC Made in England job, so I'll see about getting it done up; Meanwhile please see picture of my two dud pumps and spot the difference! Can anyone explain why? Mike
  9. Those pumps look considerably better quality than mine For example the lever is made from a couple of stampings joined by a single rivet.
  10. Problem solved. The cam was not operating the pump lever on either pump. On the old pump there was considerable play in the lever up down, left right and even in out We surmise the lever slipped sideways off the cam lobe. In the new one the operating lever also has a fair amount of free play and additionally was slightly bent. Enough to slide off the cam when being wiggled in to place. [Disconcertingly it was possible to bend it straight by hand with a pair of Moles.] The cam lobe is quite narrow - not much more than the free play on the pump levers. That explanation sum
  11. I do have a new(ish) filter between pump and carbs
  12. Noted the pump offer thanx. AS it happens fuel filter is only few hundred miles old and looks clear. Moss catalogue says there is/was a rubber pipe to where the line goes through a cruciform chassis member. I checked the pump action and fuel line by jury rigging a 5 litre can straight to pump = no different. So not fuel line, has to be car or replacement pump (Could the cam inside the engine have gone AWOL ?) will refit the pump one more time and if that doesn't work switch to electric, if only to get the car to a workshop. Any further ideas/comments welcomed
  13. thanx suggestions Rich - pump to carbs seems ok, but I will change Bob: The only spacer is paper gasket. Everything was fine until the engine simply cut out no stuttering or missing. Rob: I got it below the first time, but its on top now. -
  14. On the way to Malvern my car came to halt. Ignition fine, plenty fuel in tank none in carbs. Can fill float chambers using priming lever. Car runs till they empty. Remove pump top and inspect, nothing obviously wrong, glass bowl half a dozen tiny particles, fuel filter clean, Fuel runs out freely if end of pipe from tank lowered. Back home: remove pump, priming lever bit wobbly and moves around when pumped. Gives hefty squirt. Today fitted new mech pump. No change, all as above. Unlikely to have new and old pump with same failure mode so must be in car, So what could
  15. Tried oversize tyres. I went back to standard size [Vredestein]. If there was a performance advantage in the extra width I was unable to detect it or take advantage of it in normal road use. The penalty of excess effort at parking speeds and ride quality was not worth it. The better ride and handling may be due to the better intrinsic properties of Vredestein irrespective of size of cause.
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