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  1. Yikes. Guess I'll be onto that tomorrow then! Thank you Stuart
  2. While resetting TS5605's rear over-riders, I discovered these items rattling around (literally), loosely bolted onto the rear of the chassis, one driver side, one passenger side. As well as photos of the items, I've attached a screenshot of what I *think* the parts are, shown from Moss' website. (Moss' naming conventions don't shed much light on what the parts actually do.) Could anybody be kind enough to tell me what function these parts perform?
  3. As for the practice of simply removing and discarding these plates, the radiator-reconditioner chap seemed to think this was fairly well accepted procedure, unworthy of a second thought nor comment. But to me, the practice of removing and discarding these old plates is philistine, and ought to be deprecated.
  4. Thank you to all for your replies The characters were not stamped into the radiator itself as I had previously supposed. The characters are--as MikeJ says just above--stamped onto thin plates, which plates are then silver-soldered onto the radiator. I have to say, I would never had known this just by looking at the characters, those silver-solder workers were skilled enough to make the two separate pieces of metal merge together to look just like one. Here's the Coventry Radiator & Presswork Co. Ltd. plate:
  5. It's been done: Seems the job is best done with two pairs of hands, whether the front apron comes off or not.
  6. Thanks Mick, I'll be in touch with the firm and will report back. I'll also do a closer inspection of the rad tomorrow, as I didn't really have time to do so today, and indeed, I was so shocked at what I was seeing, I could hardly gather my thoughts.
  7. I sent off a radiator to a specialist for a recore. When it came back, I noticed characters that had previously appeared on the radiator are no longer visible. Is this modification normally considered acceptable? I am surprised if it is. I wouldn't do that to an old radiator if I were working on it myself.
  8. The register has a dedicated "Our Trusted Suppliers" web page, but it might be useful if there were a dedicated page for actual manufacturers -- ie., not links to retailers, but rather, to manufacturers ONLY. That way, you know the name of the maker, which has to be the surest basis for trust.
  9. The layout of colours on that 3a seems to pull the headlamps, medallion badge-and-letters, grille, and panel contours all nicely together.
  10. Has the red 3a got a bit of a white border around the edge of the black painted area on the apron? Looks like it to me, and looks good.
  11. Ade, Tippers plates are beautiful, but I had to wait about six months after first putting in an order to get mine a couple of years ago. I hear the letters and numbers rattling on the mounting plate at idle, but they haven't dropped out of the plate yet, and indeed, they all look to be solidly mounted in the same manner shown above in your photograph of the back of your own reg plate. Your Bluemels plate would look *really* nice reconditioned, as those Bluemels letters and numbers are of an elegant design. Tippers will recondition old plates, even non-Tippers plates as you can see fr
  12. The bracket for my apron stay has disintegrated. I couldn't find one at moss, trgb, revington nor ebay. Has anybody got a spare to sell me? Otherwise, I'll have to make one up myself.
  13. The David Bee thread is a really good link, I hadn't seen that. Thanks for pointing it out Peter. As for tools, I have certainly paid out on that front in the last few years, from a standing start. It would be nice if we could get a list of decent suppliers, although I see many of the trusty old names that made good gear when my father was a young man are now being bought out by less scrupulous manufacturers, meaning that you buy tools you think you can trust, that turn out to be made of very poor -- even dangerously poor -- materials. This is a sad state of affairs, and after a few bad e
  14. Made a start: http://nike-of-samothrace.net/t2n.html If anybody can think of more must-know information for absolute never-touched-a-spanner-in-their-lives noobs, then please say. And should anybody wonder why I'm doing this, it's because I wanted to see a sort of "Ten things you need to know before driving a TR2" resource, but couldn't find one.
  15. Question about the large mouth was with reference to TS2. It looks to me as if it might gape just that little bit taller than the average TR2: https://www.classicandsportscar.com/news/general-classic-car-news/historic-triumph-to-star-at-fairclough-hall-farm I saw MVC575 the other day and noticed it has an air intake grill I've never seen on any other TR. Seems like the air intake was something they were still playing around with back in the early days, which comes as no surprise since they were... the early days.
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