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  1. Alan, Think I can help you with this item. Have sent you a P.M.
  2. Tim, If you still need a TR4 handbrake I have a spare & have sent you a P.M. (Click the envelope symbol top RH of the screen)
  3. Roy, Have sent you a P.M. about these parts
  4. Richard, I still have the Outer Tie Rod Assembly 110470 brand new original Stanpart item that we discussed previously.
  5. Camillo, I have a spare bonnet & boot lid for a pre TS60000 vehicle if David can't help you
  6. Mike, I have some spare remote control assemblies if you need them.
  7. Have sent you a P.M. about your problem, look at the envelope symbol on the top RH of the screen
  8. Richard, Sent you a PM about your problem
  9. George, Can help you with this problem, Have sent you a P.M.
  10. John, Have sent you a PM about the parts that you want.
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