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  1. Mark, Have sent you a P.M. to view it click the envelope symbol on the top RHS of the screen.
  2. Mark, I do not know if remanufactured switches are available with screw terminals rather than male spade terminals but I have spare old switches if you can't find any new ones.
  3. Adrian, I have no idea as to why it has been welded either but I have spares of items 26,38+39 if you can't get round your problem.
  4. Harry, If you mean front bumper parts 706035 or 611445 I can help you with this.
  5. Roy, I have spare RHD Clutch & Brake pedals suitable for Lockheed Master cylindered cars. These have nice round holes (being unused for many a long year) if you want to solve your problem that way.
  6. Al, I have a brand new unused S-T Petrol Tap 104818 if you want to continue with the original set up
  7. Just to be clear it appears that you are using a Lockheed Master cylinder see https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-GRID200447 then the RHD pedals I have will fit your existing pedal box assembly with no modification necessary, don't have a RHD dashboard though!
  8. If you are using a Lockheed Master Cylinder I have original RHD Clutch & Brake Pedals that I no longer require if you would like to avoid bending pedals.
  9. The rear shackle plate on the live axle on a 4A is the same part as fitted to TR2-3-4 so there shouldn't be a problem with availability
  10. Neil, Mystery solved! Your help is much appreciated; the Forum's a wonderful source of information!
  11. I have come across a brand new duplex timing chain in its original packaging but it appears not to be TR as it has the wrong part number. The outside of the plain box is marked 61471 (20,0) R.T.A. A/S (25) Can anybody identify this part & does anyone need a 61471? Any help much appreciated
  12. Jonathan, Genuine original TR4 & 4A gearboxes have a number stamped on the LHS of the gearbox casting where the clutch release cross shaft is located. TR4 gearboxes are stamped CTxxxxx & 4A gearboxes are stamped CT5xxxx and upwards. I have a spare TR4 overdrive gearbox & "A" series overdrive that is no longer needed as my TR4 has now been sold.
  13. Adrian, You need to press the plastic spacer hard against the door casing this will expose the hole in the square drive, slide the pin in to retain the handle then release the pressure the spring behind the door casing will keep the handle in place
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