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  1. Alan, Think I can help you with this item. Have sent you a P.M.
  2. Tim, If you still need a TR4 handbrake I have a spare & have sent you a P.M. (Click the envelope symbol top RH of the screen)
  3. Roy, Have sent you a P.M. about these parts
  4. Richard, I still have the Outer Tie Rod Assembly 110470 brand new original Stanpart item that we discussed previously.
  5. Camillo, I have a spare bonnet & boot lid for a pre TS60000 vehicle if David can't help you
  6. Mike, I have some spare remote control assemblies if you need them.
  7. Have sent you a P.M. about your problem, look at the envelope symbol on the top RH of the screen
  8. Richard, Sent you a PM about your problem
  9. George, Can help you with this problem, Have sent you a P.M.
  10. John, Have sent you a PM about the parts that you want.
  11. Roger have sent you a personal message - to view click on the envelope symbol on top RHS of page
  12. Graham, Regarding propshaft/UJ bolts you must remember that S-T specified a special bolt for this application that was not a standard size. You will find that a cheaper bolt such as you describe will be of a slightly smaller diameter and will therefore not be a tight fit for its application. The use of a bolt with a specific part number such as 107960 means that the bolt has features that make it markedly different from a standard bolt. These bolts need to be fit for purpose don't fit cheap alternatives.
  13. Camilo, According to the S-T Spare parts book the clutch pedals are the same for LHD & RHD if you have Girling Hydraulics (i.e. from TS13046 onwards). The earlier Lockheed system has unique clutch pedals that don't interchange from LHD to RHD. So if you have the old RHD pedals you have a spare clutch pedal already!
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