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  1. Graham, Can help you with this will be in touch.
  2. Colin, Sent you a P.M. (click on the envelope symbol RH Top of screen to view)
  3. Colin, Think that I can help with the seat runner that bolts to the floor, will look tomorrow
  4. I have a couple of original unused Stanpart taper pins 158777 if anybody needs one. I no longer have a need for a spare pin as my TR has been sold.
  5. Mark, Have sent you a P.M. to view it click the envelope symbol on the top RHS of the screen.
  6. Mark, I do not know if remanufactured switches are available with screw terminals rather than male spade terminals but I have spare old switches if you can't find any new ones.
  7. Adrian, I have no idea as to why it has been welded either but I have spares of items 26,38+39 if you can't get round your problem.
  8. Harry, If you mean front bumper parts 706035 or 611445 I can help you with this.
  9. Roy, I have spare RHD Clutch & Brake pedals suitable for Lockheed Master cylindered cars. These have nice round holes (being unused for many a long year) if you want to solve your problem that way.
  10. Al, I have a brand new unused S-T Petrol Tap 104818 if you want to continue with the original set up
  11. Just to be clear it appears that you are using a Lockheed Master cylinder see https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-GRID200447 then the RHD pedals I have will fit your existing pedal box assembly with no modification necessary, don't have a RHD dashboard though!
  12. If you are using a Lockheed Master Cylinder I have original RHD Clutch & Brake Pedals that I no longer require if you would like to avoid bending pedals.
  13. The rear shackle plate on the live axle on a 4A is the same part as fitted to TR2-3-4 so there shouldn't be a problem with availability
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