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  1. I purchased mine from the Roadster Factory: https://trf.zeni.net/TR2-TR3GB/index.php?page=128 Kind regards Andrew
  2. Saddened to hear the news Dave has passed away, I always enjoyed time catching up with Dave he was a mine of information that he would freely share whilst smoking his roll up. Sincere condolenses to Margaret and the family.
  3. This is one of the 1957 rally plaques, (Later rallies showed the year).
  4. This one shows the arrival @ London Airport, the staged car handover and the run out to the Bull Hotel @ Gerrards Cross. Look out for the TR3 with rear wheel spats. https://www.britishpathe.com/video/americans-collect-their-triumph-cars/query/triumph+TR3
  5. That's the correct number Chris, I thought it would be recognised from the TTT reference.
  6. The car is recorded @ the DVLA (UK Gov vehicle Database) originally registered in the UK on the 5-7-1955, it also had a great registration number TTT***. This may aid UK memories of the car?
  7. Hi David, welcome to the forum. it may be useful to advise your location (by town & county) with this posting, ( if they are local to me I’d certainly be interested). kind regards Andrew
  8. Hi I sourced mine from the Roadster Factory in the States, great rubber quality and more importantly they fitted my TR3 perfectly. On TR2 & 3 they are fitted with the carpet under the wide lip, (The carpet has a hole in it obviously), on the TR3A & B the transmission carpet became a one piece item and covered the rubber bungs for both the Propshaft and Gearbox Dipstick. Kind regards Andrew
  9. Hi Firstly, to avoid any confusion I have no personal interest in this car, just interested in the auction. The heritage certificate that was added to the listing detailed the original destination as St Helier Jersey, prior to 1st of August 1983 any previously registered outside of the UK vehicle being registered in the UK for the first time was treated as a new vehicle to the UK and allocated with a new car registration number from the local office were the application was made, ACR was issued from the Southampton Licensing Office. How do I know this? In 1981 for my sins, I pu
  10. Hi Tim The 20% VAT only applied to the 15% Buyers Premium on all lots with a V5 document, this was ammended last week by the Auctioneers. £62,100 + Buyers Premium £9315.00 +20% VAT on BP £1863.00 total payable £73278.00
  11. Hi Would like to find the current owner of the above TR4 ( possibly dormant awaiting ressurection) as I have details of the first owner including period colour pictures I would like to pass on. Kind regards Andrew
  12. That would be Darryl at Racetorations at least 32 years ago.  Did it cost much ? Thanks for the reply.

    1. brydon


      Hi Richard

      The price was very fair, the workmanship was excellent, Sam (the workshop Manager) is an perfectionist, the result is an axle better than at any time in the previous 23 years of ownership.

      The axle needs to come out of the car to set up correctly, i'd also recommend new inner and outer bearings are fitted at the same time, it's good for the next 50 years then.


      Gentle drive to Gainsborough and an overnight in an air B&B, perhaps take in the sights of Lincoln City?


      Take care



  13. Hi Richard. The guys who built your engine (all those years ago) rebuilt my TR3 Girling axle last year, fantastic job, they fitted new bearings, Crown wheel and Pinion the diff is now silent and the excessive previous play not detectable. I drove over 3500 miles within the first month of use including last years Triumph Liege, Brescia Liege event. Kind regards Andrew
  14. Hi Conrad I recall Dave Gleed selling a speaker for a side screen car, it was round in shape and fitted in the large hole in the o/s scuttle panel. Not sure this is the reply you wanted. kind regards Andrew
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