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  1. In France it will be illegal to install diesel boilers in newbuild homes and renovations from 2022 and the so called green restrictions on installing gas boilers are making them impractical as well. I have installed a number of heat pumps and reversible air conditioners for heating purposes. One monobloc heat pump solution (the usual bi-block solutions have to be installed by someone who has training and approval to manipulate air conditioning fluids) whose installation is not beyond DIY is from a UK company in grimsby called cool energy, a nice easy install to replace existing
  2. Did a club rally with my son, took a while to work out how a tulip diagram works and a few u turns and distance resets but came 12th out of 28 competitors and we were the only debutants
  3. Funny I was having a conversation with a Friend this weekend about one of their parents who has a terminal ilness. The parent involved wanted to be able to have a dignified end when the time came but was told it was illegal to decide themselves when they want to go. Instead they are horrified at the thought of being kept alive in the future with no quality of life consuming endless resources and medications for no purpose or as they see it, valid reason. maybe we ought to stop fighting nature and work with it
  4. I have the opposite problem, last year when I wanted to sell my 3a my eldest son 23 pleaded with me to keep it as he loves driving it because of the proper vintage feel and sound. His day job is with Porche and he tortures me with photos of the latest beastie he has driven cheers Alan
  5. I just provided the parts you provided the mechanical genius to create a VW with a sixth gear spin cycle
  6. I would also check the trunnion is correct on the nsf I have heard of 0 degree trunnions being fitted accidentally though never seen it myself. The turret brace is a tube that goes between the the front suspension turrets in front of the engine just over the fan pulley. Part 54 in. The moss diagram https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/shop-by-model/triumph/tr5-6/body-chassis/chassis-subframes/chassis-frame-tr5-6-1967-76.html
  7. My Uncle worked on the MG line in Abingdon from 1959 till the late 70’s. Some of the stories he told me about bodywork quality control adjustments made me laugh and gasp in equal measures
  8. My son who works at concession for a well known sports car brand loves to drive my 3a, as he says you have to work at driving it but the sounds and sensations are worth it, he especially loves the exhaust note. I was seriously looking at selling the car a couple of months ago but the backlash from the entire family put a stop to that. just enjoy driving the cars, when I bought mine from the states to restore it, the cost was relatively cheap, I could not believe that the values went up to 16 thousand euros a couple of years later and these days it is nothing to see a car advertised for o
  9. My sons forced me to take the cars out for a blast locally apparently because it was sunny and I should,life is so hard sometimes cheers Alan
  10. $399! But it is marked at 9 pence on the cover . I'll get my coat
  11. I bet Alec and Diane are both looking down smiling. Lovley car Tom and a great photo Of Eve. cheers Alan
  12. As a volunteer at the circuit des remparts I attended an information meeting Thursday just to outline this years event. Proof of vaccination against covid or a negative test result will be required to enter controlled areas such as the pits or track viewing areas. All the grids are full, there will also, as usual, be all sorts of car related events going on all over town along with the International rally for non racing people. If you are there I am normally in the pits, so if you see an overweight bearded kiwi talking French with a funny accent please say hello. cheers Alan ht
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