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  1. If I remember correctly fixed with bits from a broken washing machine to get you back home the 700 km to the north of France
  2. Are you sure you do not have a problem with the bonnet latch alignment? You shouldn’t need to pull very hard on the release cable to open the bonnet. I have a new cable on my 6 and it works fine with not much pressure needed but it did take a while to get the latch aligned correctly cheers Alan
  3. Perfect for ferrying the little one round in winter to make sure they are properly Triumphised when they grow up
  4. From the government website. There used to be reduced rates for classic cars but I have no idea what the levels of import duty and tax are after brexit https://www.gov.uk/importing-vehicles-into-the-uk/paying-vat-and-duty
  5. Have you tried retarding the ignition to see if your idle drops? The markings on my 76 us import tr6 to set the static timing are wrong, I discovered that my ignition was too far advanced causing high idle. cheers Alan
  6. Hard to tell on a video, I am not an expert but could be tappets or timing chain, but more than likely tappets cheers Alan
  7. This winter when you are using the car less dismantle the rocker gear and check the rocker shaft for wear, the one on my car was quite worn which was causing my noisy tappets. Car would still easily rev to 5500 rpm even with noisy tappets. cheers Alan
  8. I had a very similar problem with my tr6, swapped plugs leads and even a new dizzie, the problem seemed to change from one cylinder to another. It the end I bought six new plugs from a reliable source and problem solved. There appear to be some poor quality plugs on the market at the moment cheers Alan
  9. I have run a slightly modified fergerson tractor waterpump (sleve to fit the pulley) in my 3a for almost 10 years as I didnt like the look of the repros at the time. cheers Alan
  10. They have always been hard to find, mine was from a forum friend. I imagine your fan installation will work quite well. As long as the cooling system is clean it doesn’t need much more than a little extra air to keep the car cool even in quite warm climates. cheers Alan
  11. I run my 3a here in sw France with temperatures of 40C with standard radiator and cooling system but with a standard triumph tropical fan and I have never had a problem of overheating even in a traffic jam. cheers Alan
  12. Derek i have the bmht certificate for my unrestored 76 US tr6, not for administrative reasons but just to add to the history and enjoyment of my toy. cheers Alan
  13. The heritage certificate from British motor heritage is NOT acceptable for registering a car in France. The only acceptable dating certificate is the FFVE attestation as Triumph no longer exist. You can apply via the FFVE website here https://www.ffve.org/attestation-ffve-pour-l-ex-carte-grise-de-collection
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