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  1. I've seen the photos on facebook it looks like the car has exploded in the garage over the christmas break, complete car a few weeks ago now dismantled like a giant airfix kit
  2. John Is the car running a solid wide belt or a toothed type belt? The toothed type may be more forgiving of a slight misalignement, or at least that is my experience on my car cheers Alan
  3. Marco We all have to die of something, now our work and leisure environments have been made ultra safe I guess we will have to die of worrying about everything cheers Alan
  4. Hi Stuart it was taken by a professional photographer, but Sophie and the kids think it’s my toy car on a scale of 1 to 1 cheers Alan
  5. Smurfette as an imposter at an American car show
  6. Here is My Daughter in 2009 with my much missed TR4. I will have to find some of the photos of her helping me with its restoration and of course some more modern photos with my 3a
  7. Roy Heres mine with the harrington bumpers
  8. Russel be careful with taking the head off and then trying to rock the car back and forth to free the pistons, you will more than likley unseat the liners instead. You need to make sure that you hold the liners down with heavy washers bolted down on the studs. Have you tried diesel in the bores cheap and from my experience very effective. Although I have a TR3a at the moment and have had a TR6, TR4a, and a TR2 in the past my favourite of all the TRs I have owned was the TR4 I sold a few years ago cheers Alan
  9. Just like mine I more than likely got the Idea from you Bob , you have to lengthen the wires on a LHD cheers Alan
  10. Andrew, I gave up on the hydraulic switch it’s easy and cheaper to put a switch on the pedal bracket near the master cylinder like a TR4. The switches are cheap on eBay and much more reliable cheers Alan
  11. Looks like a TRregister France sticker
  12. Andrew placing chocolates in your tummy does not count as “Hiding”, well according to my wife anyway. cheers and keep on getting better Alan
  13. I would quite like a Rover V8 TR4 as my ideal TR
  14. Tom having lived in France for 17 years I can tell you the similarities between the French and English are more than their differences, you obviously have had a bad experience here which I feel sorry about I can tell you it is just as easy to be “taken advantage of” in a British garage as it is here cheers and enjoy the rugby Alan
  15. Hi Don It was the 80th anniversary of the first races this year so quite a turn out. There were 2 official rallys each with about 200 cars along with a bugatti rally and of course the "Pirates" or the poeple in old cars who follow the rallies. It was the second year for me as a volonteer this year and the first for my son. I was a paddock marshal on Friday Saturday and Sunday and Davyd helped in the paddock saturday and was a Track marshal on Sunday after undergoing the training course earlier this year and passing his exam. There are 8 races in total , each of about 10 Laps each. The practice is on the sunday morning and racing in the afternoon The oldest car on the Track was a 1902 Renault race car in the Edwardian demonstrations and there were 2 Bugatti Races the first for type 13 and other 4 cylinder Bugs and the second with type 35's and 51's close to 40 Bugatti's racing. There was also another race for prewar cars dominated by Austin 7 specials as well as Races for pre 65 and Post 65 saloon and sport cars and a 60's - 70's Formula Renault monoplace cars, a very full programme with about 170cars entered all told over the different grids. There is a large group of Anglophone racers including a few well known characters who are always very welcome and make the most of the event. Its always been a very friendly atmosphere at Angouleme and I have been going as a spectator since 2003, mind you it does get quite tense on the pre grid and grid as everyone takes their racing very seriously and Angouleme is quite a challanging trackk for the drivers cheers Alan
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