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  1. My Uncle used to work on the MG production lines in Abingdon from late MGA production to 1975, some of the stories he told me about "adjusting" panel fit especially the doors on MGB's just prior to final inspection with adopted tools, hammers blocks of wood and sometimes a sharp bloody kick made me laugh. I still chuckle internally when I meet owners of 50's,60's and 70's cars who tell me about spending weeks getting panels to line up. Maby some origonal factory training courses might me in order
  2. I hadd simular problems with the moss bracket on my 3A. In the end I binned it and bought a bracket from Colin at CTM which I think is for a TR4; Fitted straight on no problems and no fiddling. I dont know if the brackets are still available as I cant see them on CTM's site cheers Alan
  3. Last car I spun was a GBS zero (500 kg 200 bhp) with my 22 year old car mad son as a passenger. Did a full 180 in the damp on a small country crossroads, managed to convince him it was on purpose, went straight home to change underwear
  4. Who said romance is dead. This is how I met my wife in 1994 . Being a kiwi on his big OE in London I got pissed off when drinking in west end pubs if you put your beer down on a table the bloody staff would clear it away. Anyway to avoid that situation whilst out on a bender with my mates I turned round to the leggy blonde next to me and said “hold my beer love while I go for a pee” When I came back I was pleased to see the blond looking confused and more importantly still holding my beer. It was only when I thanked her that I figured out she was French and didn’t really understand
  5. On the bright side looking at the car on ebay the shipping charges would be low, just brush up all the rust,stick it in an envelope and send it by us mail . (Ducks, runs for cover and hides for the next 5 years from all the Italia owners and lovers) cheers Alan
  6. The bottom two pictures of the bird poop welds are not factory welds. Is the car american by any chance ? You can see the mount is twisted and badly plated, time for mr grinder me thinks to cut the suspension mount and start again I would also measure the diagonals to make sure the frame is square, it looks like the suspension mount has just torn off and been welded back on with "reinforcements" . On the top photo it looks like the Tee shirt has been replaced as well with untidy but possibly servicable welds, I would be tempted to grind then back and reweld. cheers Alan
  7. Eli Have you tried these guys, I have used them quite a bit in the past. They used to attend quite a few Bourse so you could pick up the oil in person if you pre-order https://www.millersoils.fr/ cheers Alan
  8. Is there a way to tell if the car has them without removing the door trim. I have a late US TR6 cheers Alan
  9. Thank god it was on the ground, there cant be a huge number of 747 still flying in passenger service compared to theit hayday. I am suprised BA has not asked for the video to be pulled
  10. Thanks Stuart I am happy with it, i think i will just tidy it up a bit and use it, dents misalignments and all I will have to Andrew, they haven't been terrorised since the first time you owned VUX
  11. Better than figuring out how to open the bonnet, change all the hoses and carb floats for ethanol proof items before they fail
  12. Hi Andrew yep I purchased a us tr6 as it was very cheap as it was sold with the motor seized. Turned out to be the water pump was broken and the fan belt was so tight it was stopping the motor turning.still a bit of work to do as it hasn’t run since the 90’s but solid original car with no rust but a few dents. Still have smurfette and have been told by my wife and kids that I am never allowed to sell her.
  13. ok to clear up my post the plug is on the side on my sump as well but at the rear of the fump like the one in the link, maybe if I bash out the dings I can sell it for a grand and buy a new soft-top
  14. On my 76 US TR 6 it is at the rear
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