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  1. They used to be sold by Moss for about 12 quid a pop
  2. I hope that with the direct wiring method that the inertia switch is still part of the circuit ! cheers Alan
  3. James cars first registered before 01 Jan 1960 are exempt a control technique, cars first registered after 1 January 1960 registered with a carte grise de collection need a CT every 5 years. Any car registered under carte grise normal ie not voiture de collection is every two years. My 3a has its CT every two years as it is in cg normale https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F328 cheers alan
  4. I have no legal proof but It’s always been my understanding that if the car is legal in its country of origin then it should be legal when travelling abroad to countries that do not require temporary registration to use their roads. In France if your car is registered before the 1 Jan 1960 and registered as historic it does not need the French equivalent of an MOT except when changing ownership
  5. Hi Stuart I finished a bit early today so spent a couple of hours going through my boxes of TR spares, I am very sorry but I don’t have the bracket. cheers Alan
  6. I may have one in my bits and bobs I will have a look at the weekend, but can you send me a pm to remind me as my memory is not very good
  7. I had the same problem with my Radiator, tried all the quick fixes, K Seal, The French equivelent of JB weld etc all worked for a while then it started weeping again. Only fix that has worked long term was to remove radiator clean off all the JB weld Kseal etc and then resolder the joints. Still ok after 3 years, should have put in strengthening webs as suggested by Stuart but did not think of it at the time. cheers Alan
  8. In the first photo your carb is missing the float valve
  9. I had a similar problem on a 1916 Buick, it was caused by the cork floater not floating high enough to shut off the fuel valve causing overfilling of the bowl. In your solex carb the floater is brass, I would still check. It shuts off the fuel correctly and check the valve as well cheers Alan
  10. They went in the same bin as the anti pollution gear and the shavings from planning the head to match the UK compression ratio
  11. My 76 car sold new in the US and now living in SW France still features it’s original carmine red code 82 ( Damson in all but name) I think it really suits the car
  12. Yes it’s worthwhile, I run a saloon O/D box on my 3a, easy conversion, there is lots of info on the forum about the swap cheers Alan
  13. Thank you Hamish, I enjoyed that video, cheers Alan
  14. Very nice mod to fit the filters,it looks very professional. It would have had the inner wing cut then a new panel welded in, you would never be able to stretch the existing metal that much and if you tried you would pull the inner wing all out of shape
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