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  1. Hi Mike, A picture is worth a thousand words. Peter V W
  2. Hi, Pete, Yes, I will speak to them, if I get the opportunity to drive it. I purchased my Elise in1999. keep safe regards Peter
  3. My Elise MOT expired on the 31 March, Due to the lockdown, the DVLA have extended it an additional 6 months. I hope this does not impact on car insurance etc! Peter V W
  4. I also have green LED’s. no dimming. all fine, see photo. Peter
  5. Tom, +1, soft and smooth as a baby’s bum. Peter
  6. Lockdown seems to be working, I took this photo at 2.15 pm today during my dog walk. Showing the M4 just east of J32. On the local news Police are stopping drivers on the A40 to check why they are out.
  7. Hi, At least the TR 6 has two mirrors, my 5 only has one. Having ridden a motor bike, you learn to look over your shoulder before turning right, it’s called “life saver “. regards Peter
  8. Mike, your wheel nut should look like below, regards Peter
  9. Ruby was the first single I bought, great record. I’st ep was twist and shout. 1’st album was Gun, by The Gun.
  10. Another vote for 14” Motolita In leather. The best steering wheel available.
  11. Paul, trim available from Moss at about £16.
  12. Peter V W

    Inlet ducting

    Hi Mark, Got mine from Demon Tweeks. regards Peter
  13. Hi Tim, attached in my TR5 engine bay, another variation, but works! regards Peter
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