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  1. Dave, You are welcome to come and check the any details prior to painting. just drop me a PM and we can arrange a time. Peter.
  2. Gents, see attached photo showing the return pipe from the filter housing up to the T piece. Regards Peter
  3. Dave, part 1 yes part 2, yes. Peter
  4. Dave, the rear of the soft top hood uses the fixtures as the Surrey rear window. Peter
  5. Thank you Andreas and Peter, plenty for me to think about.
  6. Try again. Is it CP1160 or CP116. - O ?
  7. As it states it’s an original overdrive car, is it CP1660 or CP166 - O ?
  8. Thanks Waldi, Why, only because it’s on my “to do” list. I have been using 97 unleaded with valvemaster plus for yeas, works fine. Change gear about 3000 -3500 rpm, so no high revs. Regards Peter
  9. My TR5 cylinder head has done 95k. Never had any work. Bottom end rebuilt, Do not require a performance head. what work do I require for modern fuel etc?
  10. Hi Bruce, As you say the standard tank outlet pipe in 6mm. please explain how to modify to 8 or 10mm? Peter
  11. Peter V W

    belt trouble

    Service item, don’t wait for it to fail.
  12. Anybody know the auction figures? 1) Blue TR5. 2) Red TR5
  13. Not the only TR5 in that auction
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