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  1. Phil, leave it over night, check fluid level tomorrow. top up. Peter
  2. Peter, My house and garage face south, I find solar gain makes a big difference, living in a south facing room is much warmer. When I insulated my south facing garage doors, the garage became cooler. Insulation works both ways. Peter V W ps, sun always shines in Wales
  3. Yes, arrived this morning.
  4. Wagtails back in my garden.
  5. Thanks for pointing it out Richard, missed it.
  6. We should “blacklist” this dealer out of the TR Register!
  7. Hot dip galvanising is used in civil and structural engineering, columns, beams, etc. it’s the industry standard. No rust is trapped inside box section members, all predrilled so it flows inside, treating within the box sections.
  8. David, This is my original TR5 dash, don’t think the colour has changed. I did change it to a burr walnut dash, but kept the original dash for originality. Peter
  9. Good day out, arrived just after 10.10am. The Spitfire was the highlight, sounded fantastic.
  10. I did see the advert, anybody know it’s CP number?
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