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  1. Sean, That Is not the correct seal for your door.
  2. Are you happy with your existing springs performance ? if so just repaint, I used Hammerite.
  3. Gary, Twice as much, not in my opinion. by the time you add press cars, motor show cars, London, Paris, Italy. Demo cars etc, it adds up to plus 20 TR5s Peter
  4. CP1 first tr5 built 5 July 1967. CP2 first production tr5 car built 29 Aug 1967.
  5. TR5 Royal blue, CP1 sold in April 2018 for about £50k. CP2 last advertised for 79.9k
  6. Wales Six Nations champions ! Great tournament.
  7. Great game tonight, well done Scotland!
  8. My TR5 are DD1, build date Feb 1968.
  9. Charlie, Have a cup of tea instead. Regards Peter V W
  10. Doesn’t look right to me, that’s not going to fit even on a hot August day. Peter V W
  11. Hi John, I would also fit a new steering rack gaiter at the same time. Peter
  12. Hi Andy, Standard Tr5/6 cast iron manifold with twin outlets is the best fit. For road use no need for the hassle of fitting aftermarket manifolds.
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