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  1. Richard and B, You can buy special galvanised paint suitable for this type of work. Peter.
  2. Forth bridge was last painted in 2002. when they used red oxide it was continuously painted. not anymore as modern paint lasts longer. Peter
  3. Antisocial behaviour, disturbing the peace, putting peoples lives at risk.
  4. Hi Paul. Your car looks excellent. I should point out that the chrome mouldings have been mixed up and fixed to the wrong doors.
  5. Hi Nigel, A flat steering wheel and a smaller diameter will give more room. Assuming your tyres are a standard size the steering should not be to heavy. regards Peter
  6. Yes Hamish, a very good cause. But we need to make sure the existing forested areas are maintained in good order. Good agricultural land used for food production is being purchased by companies for carbon offset. Peter
  7. Why don’t you check out child poverty in the UK. Why don’t you post under your real name? Peter V W Why?
  8. H, I have been storing my spare complete engine for years. I gave it an oil change, removed the plugs put engine oil in each bore, plugs back in. I turn the engine over by hand every year. The engine is keep in my dry garage under a heavy duty sheet. regards Peter
  9. Thanks both, time for a photo update, paint code 56.
  10. Phil, leave it over night, check fluid level tomorrow. top up. Peter
  11. Peter, My house and garage face south, I find solar gain makes a big difference, living in a south facing room is much warmer. When I insulated my south facing garage doors, the garage became cooler. Insulation works both ways. Peter V W ps, sun always shines in Wales
  12. Yes, arrived this morning.
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