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  1. Ian, As a starting point:- I would maintain the correct dimensions from the "A" to "B" posts and pack to suit. It will take some trial fitting of the outsider panels. Take your time, you can adjust a lot with the packs and bolts. Peter V W
  2. Hi Dave, your 5 looks very good can we see some more photos ? Peter V W
  3. Thanks Mike, good to know I have the right route.
  4. Hi all, I am updating my TR5 fuel pipe layout to match the late TR6 layout. I have relocated my PRV into the boot, so checking if the main fuel pipe run to the metering unit by the rear suspension i as the attached photo, (pipe not yet fixed!) any feedback appreciated. Peter Peter
  5. David, ARB fitted to rad shied on TR5. Regards Peter
  6. Tom, where does the ignition key go? Peter
  7. Thanks for the info Mike. Hopefully we will see it out and about.
  8. Hi all, CP4. O. At handh auction today, if anyone attends can they post the winning bid. Thanks Peter
  9. Hi Dave, On a Original stanpart wing 285 mm from end of wing to cl of hole. 305 from the top of wing to cl of hole, around curve. Regards Peter
  10. How about TR Regiter TV? Peter V W
  11. Well done Rob, what a TRIUMPH Peter
  12. Hi all, So my car is 51 years old, never had headlamp relays. I have had 3 pairs of headlamps during this time. last year fitted halogen H4 lamps 60/55, with new headlamp harnesses. I am not an electrical wizard, so prefer not to mess with the harness. why do I need relays? 1) the age of the wiring. 2) the age of the switch. 3) Because I have changed my headlamps. Peter V W
  13. Hi, Welch motor company USA, used half dollars as early core plugs. from which they developed the Welch core plug. When the patent expired they become core plugs. Peter
  14. Hi, I prefer to see the original plate, even if it's in poor condition. A very important part of the car. Peter
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