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  1. When it comes to corrosion , ventilation is the key. Water, damp and condensation will be present within the chassis. Provide drain holes, let the air circulate.
  2. What type of lubricant should be used when fitting new O rings to the injectors, fuel lines and metering unit pedestal?
  3. Paint the sill black, forget the Chrome strip. Drilling holes and pop rivets will invite corrosion. No one will notice.
  4. Rod, Glad the lead vocalist is better. I went to see them in Cardiff on the 8th November, and they cancelled the show at 8.00pm. They are good, seen them 3 times before, have seen the real thing 3 times also. Anyway hope to make it four on the 8th of December.
  5. Never seen is bleed valve on a TR6, would be useful.
  6. Do my eyes deceive me or does the front plate include an engine mount? without further info I would assume it is from a 2.5 PI saloon.
  7. Black & white picture I took in about 1981/2 at Cardiff castle grounds.
  8. Robert, Wedge the T piece with two bits of timber, between wheel arch and petrol take. Buy offset 21mm spanner. As photo. Normal thread. Peter
  9. Will try to take a better picture tomorrow, Peter
  10. The front pin should be located in the centre of the circle as shown.
  11. Dave, You are welcome to come and check the any details prior to painting. just drop me a PM and we can arrange a time. Peter.
  12. Gents, see attached photo showing the return pipe from the filter housing up to the T piece. Regards Peter
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