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  1. 45 years ownership, paid £415. Summer of 1975.
  2. This is a picture of the pipe in your first photo, from PRV - the main feed pipe, and the fuel return pipe. Peter
  3. Hi, Is your PRV going to be mounted inside by your fuel tank?
  4. I cut my cardboard glove box down, Now fits and the vent ducting.
  5. I think if I reduce the spring length by half, leaving enough pressure to retain the pin in the handle it should be OK. thanks for your comments. Peter V W
  6. Wales lockdown extended until July 6th.
  7. Graham, Original door card shown in photo below, I have not moved the door handle. Peter
  8. Hi Roger, Having removed the 5 stick on door pulls ( which may hide the door mechanism ) and retro fitted 4 door pulls. Used the old spring ( shortened) under the door release handle. No improvement. The new door card has more flexibility than my old door card, all so the mechanism prevents a door card clip at that location.
  9. Thanks Pete and Roger, Different and not an improvement on Tr5
  10. This is original, only the blue remains. Peter V W
  11. Roger please don’t go to that trouble, it’s a bit fiddly. I Have looked at my repair manual and it looks ok. I think the new spring is pushing door card away. (Passenger side) the driver’s door card was flat before I removed it, and the mechanism is the same but handed.
  12. Hi Pete & Roger, just removed drivers side door card.
  13. Hi Roger, That is the door open/shut mechanism as shown in photos above. Peter
  14. Hi, Door card fitted, with new spring behind new door card, spring looks to be forcing card away from door shell. any ideas what’s wrong?
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