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  1. Robin, see attached photo. I think you are about right, the gusset is not vertical but follows the B post flange. I just changed my door seals and they are a tight fit in that area.
  2. Hi Adrian, 1.42 litres of ep90. just fill up until it runs out of filler plug hole.
  3. Peter V W

    Door Pull

    Hi Kev, I retro fitted 4a door pulls. You will need to find four spire nuts, Job done.
  4. Rod, Please see attached photo, does this help? Peter V W
  5. Happy birthday Pete, have a great day.

    1. stillp


      Thanks Peter, sorry, i didn't see this before.


  6. Sunday lunch with mint sauce. No idea how you eat it!
  7. Roger, Welsh lamb is the best in the world. I am sure ewe knew that! Peter V W
  8. So I went out this morning to buy a bag of Pembrokeshire earlies. Parked in the pub car park opposite, photo taken with my phone. Just a snap.
  9. Phil, Red rubber grease is used to assemble rubber bushes, seals and o rings. It preserves and lubricates. It also prevents creaking. regards Peter V W
  10. Hi John, Yes, similar to windscreen seal. A drop of washing up liquid will help. You are right it is possible to cut the bush, take your time, it does work. Peter V W
  11. Dave, It can be done, place in vice, get some fishing line, put some gloves on. put fishing line into recess of bush, feed through hole and pull through. Peter
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