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  1. Peter V W

    Photos of car

    Hi, please can we have a photo of your car before the treatment. Peter
  2. Peter V W

    Feint High Pitch noise

    My idea:- Clutch release bearing.
  3. Peter V W

    TR6 Steering wheel 15 vs 14,5 inch - Advises

    I find a smaller wheel (14") gives me a bit more room for my legs.
  4. Peter V W

    TR6 replacement exhaust

    Gav, I would recommend a Standard manifold with stainless steel system. I have tried two tubular steel manifolds, poor fit against head, can't remove manifold without first removing exhaust. unless they have improved recently!. Peter V W
  5. Sunny day in South Wales shopping at Tesco Pontypridd. Click and collect TR!
  6. Peter V W

    Aftermarket Rocker Covers (caution)!

    Roger, Internet very slow in Wales, due to the mountains butt. Should the forum be bilingual? Anytime you need a bed in Wales let me know. The sheep will keep you warm. Peter V W
  7. Peter V W

    Commission No. Quandary

    Andy, My car has its original commission plate. CPxxx0 0. The man at the Triumph factory used the 0 die for both the 0 and O On my car. My old green log book did show the the O for overdrive correctly. When DVLA started the V5s, my commission number became CPxxx00. No gaps and no O. As it matched my commission plate I have left it. Peter
  8. Peter V W


    John, Clean the filter and refill to correct level. Peter

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