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  1. 3rd October 2018 by an empty click and collect ! So different now !
  2. Vaccines in Wales have been delayed for next week, 26,000 “delayed”. This being 25% of the next delivery. GP’s have been advised to cancel appointments. So there is a supply problem.
  3. These days ladders are used for climbing up only for access, not for working off. Clean them from ground level if possible. If leaves are a problem various gutter grates are available to stop blocking. Peter V W
  4. Tim, Sold 2 years ago for approx 51k
  5. We put up a new shed a few weeks ago. Help get stuff out of the garage!
  6. Dave, The trim/light is not a perfect fit, trim slightly deeper than end of light.
  7. Dave, Do you have a rubber gasket between light and wing?
  8. I have an Aley bars, narrow so roof still fits.
  9. Are 125bhp and 150bhp metering units the same, but just set up differently? Peter
  10. Paul, What is the rest of the panel like? maybe better to look out for a quality second hand panel. Peter
  11. Bezels black, Screws, cups, hinges and lock Chrome. Peter V W
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