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  1. I drilled my chassis and used a Bilt Hamber product Dynax s 50 which was easy to inject. It came with a lance. I had a plan for the correct place to drill the holes but I can not find it at the moment. I will check the garage tomorrow. Someone else may have access here. It may have come from Macy's garage in the USA who are very accurate about TR problems. Good luck Richard & B.
  2. I bought my windscreen from a Swiss TR3 which was written off in London. The owner had fitted an extra Tenax between each standard fitting and as long as they are all fully clipped shut the rain does not come in. I lift the button and then push on the Tenax head and then push the button down firmly. They need checking after a few miles. Good luck, Richard & B.
  3. There are people who can overhaul your parts. Beware of some parts made in a foreign country far away. I heard that NGK plugs are made in a factory where the workers steal the boxes and have cheap inferior plugs made in a home factory, which is why some plugs work and some do not. The same country make my laptop which is even more critical than sparking plugs. Take care with what you buy and keep all the parts that came with the car even if you think that you do not need them. I threw away my original front springs and it is still causing me some problems. New springs are complicated. Good luck Richard and B.
  4. I hope that you enjoy the rebuild TR 3 project, which is good fun once you have struggled to get it on the road and you are finally cruising down the country lanes on a club outing. It took me a very long time to finish my car and I was starting with a new chassis. There are a number of specialists who will overhaul your parts and fittings, and get it right first time. I can help you with most of them, i.e. carburetors, distributor, fuel pump etc. My first engine builder had the cylinder liners at the wrong height and the car would overheat over 60 mph. An uprated radiator and a proper engine build solved it. There are also some improvements that you can do to help it run well. Ethanol petrol will be a challenge but you have some more hurdles to get over before you finish. Maybe you can never finish ?? There are a number of members on the forum who have many years of experience and know most answers.Some have been in the TR restoration business and are very experienced. I will recommend contacts if you need any help. Good luck Richard& B.
  5. My '58 3A has the connections pointing downwards. You can see why it was changed because the wires are very tight and there are a lot which crowd out the fuse unit. Richard & Bruno
  6. Please see a pm sent just now, Richard & B.
  7. I wanted my car to be quiet for European cruising. It was a long time ago and a specialist, in Wallington, made a middle box for me. It needed adjusting, with a hammer, to fit without touching the chassis. The bracket on the gearbox mounting broke several times and was welded in a new position. In the end it stopped cracking but I still needed to make an adapter to connect the new pipe to the ST down pipe. I also fitted an original rear box, which rusted out and was welded up last year when I finally found a very competent local welder in Sussex. It has been working very well for a long time. After that I concentrated on mpg which I have finally got back to 29/30 on Esso supreme. It is all a challenge. Richard & B.
  8. Sorry to hear this. He chromed my spot lamps this year and they are very high quality. Get well soon. Richard & Bruno
  9. Alan made a first class repair of my 3A wiper rebuild and I know he got it right which might not happen if I tried it myself. Thanks Alan
  10. TR2/3 Registrar will help. He has a lot of information and is very helpful Welcome to the forum and good luck Richard & B..
  11. I have an overhauled RB106 which is in a sealed plastic bag from Cox Automotive. It has the correct copper used originally for the coil and connectors. I would be willing to pas it on to an owner looking for a real unit and not rubbish made from recycled copper in India. If you are interested send me a pm. Thanks Richard and Bruno
  12. I do have an original overhauled RB106 which is in an air proof bag. It is made from proper copper, not recycled co. as in some foreign makes, and is a proper dated unit in first class order. I woyuld be pleased to sell it to you. It will need minor adjustment every 18 months but it will work properly. Cox Automotive carried out the overhaul and it is like new.

    Send me a personal message if you need it.

  13. How long did the works take? It looks like a very neat job. Well done Richard and Bruno.
  14. Don't miss out on the speedi sleeve. I had an oil seal on the LHS half shaft which was needing replacement every year until I fitted a speedi sleeve . It has now been dry for over 8 years. I have one on the diff and on the crank shaft also. They are so well made from quality material that you can stop replacing oil seals. Go for it, Richard & B.
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