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  1. Hi, How can you identify the programme on UK TV if you are in Las Vegas.? Are there many TR owners in that part of the world ? Thanks Richard & B.
  2. Last night I chanced on a TV programme which was much better than Car SOS, or Wheeler Dealers, which both feel as if the cast were acting and had a script. There was a team who arrived at a home garage to save a Chevrolet Camaro. They brought tools and workbenches and removed the engine. It was rebuilt on camera with the big end bearing being replaced. The wiring was a collection of old looms and the inside was a bit used. The owner had never used it but he did run the engine with no drive for the oil pump. The team mended all the problems, sprayed the bonnet ( hood ) in the open and
  3. I will do it even if it means only down the lane and back. I must get the car running soon. Richard & B
  4. If you need to change the master cylinder there is only one company to use. A forum member in the USA did a trial experiment with new cylinders from different suppliers. They were cut to give a cross section and under microscopic inspection were all found to be very rough. This means a short life. Parts Parts will fit a new stainless steel liner and the seals which will last for a very long time. I had this leaking cylinder issue for years which spoilt the enjoyment of the car for me. After the initial success I had both m/cylinders and the clutch slave overhauled by Past Parts and all the lea
  5. I have some metal garden furniture that I have had blast cleaned. The very efficient company, Blastreat in Sussex,, suggested that I should only use oil based paints. I have been searching for an aerosol in white but can not seem to find one. Two suppliers on ebay have confirmed that theirs is solvent based. It looks as if I shall end up with Hammerite unless anyone has a better recommendation. Thanks Richard & B
  6. Why do they fail to measure the parts properly before making and selling them? Insufficient supervision in the factory ?? or wrong specification from the seller. Richard & B
  7. I have removed a large rubber cap from the back of the headlamp and although it was parked in the sun, the fresh air did not help. I also watched a YouTube video on how to do the removal. It was lacking in detail but gave me a general idea. There are only 4 screws but on the RHS one is very hard to reach. If it was summer I would give it an evening Meanwhile I have made an ebay purchase of silica gel and will try that out first. Richard & B
  8. It looks as if I will have to try silica gel and see if that helps. Maybe I will search on Google as well. Thanks Richard & B
  9. My front RHS headlamp has condensation inside. Is there a simple way to remove it or can I put silica gel inside. it looks as if the whole front bumper has to be taken off. This is not a Tr problem but someone may be able to help. Thanks Richard & B
  10. Hi Ralph, Where did you buy your fibre washers. I would like to try this myself. Thanks Richard & B
  11. Tr Bitz have been very helpful with a number of small parts that I needed. They also have used items and Craig works hard. I am not giving any more orders to Rimmers who sold me the exhaust box that was too long and were then rude and dismissive " we have sold many etc." My chassis is totally original and never been altered !! I feel for the companies who have to make a profit and use suppliers who try and skimp on quality and details. Richard & B
  12. Time to ship to Malaysia Maybe Richard & B
  13. I have had two rubbish orders from Rimmers this year, and their final response after emails and photographs "We have sold a great number of these and never had a complaint. This conversation is now closed. " I bought my uprated starter from Cambridge Motorsport. A quality product that fitted well and lasted over 20 years. I bought the replacement from them as well. Rimmers just do not care. Do not cause yourself a lot of anguish. Good luck Richard & B
  14. I am still working on my fuel tank problems. It is lucky that I do not need the car to drive thanks to the weather and the lockdown . Are there any other suppliers of custom built tanks ? I have found Alicool and Compra . Has anyone bought a new tank which fits first time with no alterations ? I f they offer quality products and have my original tank to copy it should be a straightforward fit. I put fuel tanks into Google and there are a lot of offers for motor cycle kits and custom cars but not much for TR 3. There must be good news out there I just need a link to a real precision
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