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  1. Thanks Boogie. I cam not send emails while I am in this Hospital building. So anyone who can post a link here would be very helpful. Thanks
  2. Hi, I need some help. Please can someone post a link to a free pdf of the JCT contract for minor works. This is not car related but I am employing some painters and they need some controls above a handshake. I am in hospital in Brighton and have limited access to the world. I would be very grateful for some help. Thanks Richard and B
  3. I had similar problems and ended up with Red Stripe on the front and the original rear springs overhauled by Jones Springs in Birmingham. They have all the information and the original springs will be back to original spec. which is hard to find on new springs. They also have a collect and deliver service. It is a long job fitting the rear springs and you only want to do it once. Good luck Richard & B
  4. EP Pumps are the real specialist company in a world where there are so many rubbish parts, it is exciting to find a company who do it correctly and high quality.. Good luck, Richard & B
  5. Do you have stock of the 3A fuel pump. Who is the expert in your stock?

    thanks Richard & B

    1. rcreweread


      Richard - I have got a small stock of OE AC Delco fuel pumps which have all been rebuilt by Dave Davies.

      If you want one, they are £80 each plus postage (£5) on an exchange basis for a genuine OE AC Delco one, not a repro. You keep your glass bowl and securing strap and re-use - I do have replacement bowls and replated straps if required - these are £10 and £15 respectively .

      If interested to pursue, please email me on rcreweread@gmail.com with contact and address details and/or call me to discuss

      Cheers Rich  07954 252 338

    2. Richardtr3a


      Thanks for the offer. It is a lot more expensive than I was expecting. I will think about it for a bit and get back to you.

      Thanks Richard & B

  6. After replacing my fuel connection, stop to pump, it was impossible to hand prime the carbs. I has a specialist tuner on site and we ended up driving to the local filling station for fresh petrol. We filled the float chambers by hand with a small funnel, and it started immediately and ran well. Is it possible to get an air lock between the tank and the pump.? Thanks Richard & B
  7. I like the last picture which is how my old pipe was installed a long time ago. There used to be a trader at the IWE who mad up pipes on the spot. I will buy another when we get there is the summer. Thanks for the pictures Richard & B
  8. I hope that you have a good day and thank you for the advice on the Forum. Happy Birthday. It could be warmer and where is the sun this year ?? Richard & B
  9. I dropped a small bolt in the engine bay and I had to jack up the front of the car to find it. While I was under there I noticed a drip on the fuel line connecting the stop valve and the pump. This probably contributes to my MPG calculations. I ordered a new s/s one which has a Moss reference number and is made by Mocal. I fitted it yesterday but the end connecting to the stop valve is 90 degrees which makes the s/s pipe bend through two acute angles. It is now dry but looks under stress. I am wondering if my valve is not fitted correctly. Ideally I need a picture from someone on t
  10. I have managed to log on in the Hospital. They have fitted my chest with a drain off valve which is very uncomfortable, The nurses are checking a small container under the bed every two hours and I hope that it will soon be removed. It is tempting to suggest an upgrade, and put the NHS in touch with Peter Wigglesworth, who is very clever with drain off valves. Have you any spare time Peter. ? Richard ( no Bruno )
  11. Thanks for the advice. I seem to be improving faster than the other 4 patients in my hospital wing.Two of them are not allowed to move their legs at all and have been here for more than two weeks. The patient opposite me is a member of a local "Mod" scooter group., who are well known from the sixties on Brighton Sea Front., and Madeira Drive. He lost control on a corner and the Vespa and rider somersaulted down the hill causing serious damage to his spine Next to him is a Harley Davidson rider who was starting off, from a side turning , and bumped into his friend at less than 5 mph
  12. The dogs were on leads and we were sticking to the footpath. The following hours were a blur of many different specialists and pain that I have never experienced before. The punctured lung could easily be a cause of death without the clever chemicals that have been discovered and developed. The wars of the middle ages must have caused great suffering to thousands. X ray today may show that the drain off valve can be removed ? Richard no Bruno
  13. I was out on a farm , on a public footpath with my dog and his mother.last week The two dogs were caught against the wire fence by a big aggressive cow. I ran towards them shouting and she turned on me. I was thrown up in the air and limped home mostly on my knees. I have been in hospital ever since and have 10 broken ribs, spinal process fractures and my right pneumothoras ( lung). I will be keeping away from home for a long while. Richard & B
  14. I have recently had my long term stored AJS 350 single delivered to my home. It needs a full rebuild. What I am looking for is an owners club with a Forum and a supplier with every part available and a drawing of everything down to the last washer. As TR owners we are well serviced. Can anyone advise me ? Thanks Richard & B.
  15. If you plan to overhaul the hydraulics the most successful answer is to send your original master and slave to Past Parts who reline the bore and it will work. The replacement cylinders are often made cheaply and are not fine engineering. Overhaul yours and it will last a very long time. Past Parts are the quality specialists. Good Luck Richard and B
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