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  1. I have a number of TR spares in my garage mostly for the TR3A. Many of which will never be used now that the car does not go out much. I have two spare old regulator units on the shelf. They are made of the correct materials and have spade fittings not screw terminals. I think they probably need cleaning and resetting. If you are interested would you like two units for £20.00 total. Why are the new units always made from cheap materials and fail to work properly. for more than a few months ? I have returned some to the larger retailers and ended up with a small local country workshop
  2. Hi Hamish, I have just used up the whole afternoon on the LHS lamp. I have removed the wing lining and a number of fixing plates on the engine side, A couple of the u tubes have explained that it is hard to access the lower fixing because the washer bottle is there. Even with a good light it is not easy to find the bolt and loosen it with a 10mm socket. I am hoping that someone will be able to give me a clear instruction. If I can not do it on Sunday I will wait for the local VW engineer who has almost retired to find time to make a home call asap. Unless there is a German TR
  3. You are ahead of me but once I have he dog fed and the porridge is ready I will be watching the video and taking notes Thanks PS It is not raining today
  4. Thanks very much. I almost watched the whole video but got too tired. If I watch before breakfast it will be more clear and I should be OK Thanks Richard & B
  5. Thanks Hamish I have watched this video a few times and have almost managed to bring the headlamp into the house for drying and sealing. There is one hidden fixing which you can not see even with a mirror. Have you ,or anyone else, managed to see or locate the small long bolt which is fixed through the light at the lowest and most hidden place at the back of the new light. He passes over this problem very quickly and because of the washer bottle it is not possible to see how to remove it. If I can not manage it tomorrow I will need a mobile mechanic to remove the whole bumper at
  6. I have a 3A which was always overheating in traffic. This was a very long time ago. Some years back I had the radiator overhauled and fitted with extra fins and offset tubes. The cap is a plain sealer with no lbs and allows the hot water to expand into the overflow. The small original pipe has been renewed and the lid on the overflow is the correct depth and rated at 4lbs. I do have an extra fan , a Kenlowe, but the new rad works so well that it hardly ever comes on. . The upgraded radiator is the best answer to start with. I will look for the old receipt and post it on here tomorrow.
  7. Thanks Hamish This was very helpful indeed. My VW was a bit different but the instructions were very helpful. I am aiming to get it done before it gets cold and wet. Thanks Richard & B
  8. I have a 57 registered VW Passat and it is very reliable. But I have to take out the headlamps to allow for cleaning and removal of the damp inside. Can anyone post a link to a short video which will show how it is done. I have watched a couple already but they are not well lit and how to locate the hidden screws is quite difficult. I am lucky that it is not a crisis that needs repair before tomorrow but I would like to do it before the weekend. Looks like some new tools Torx etc. Any help or guidance to a simple clear instruction would be very helpful. Removal of the front bumper
  9. I have tried for hours to find a bad connection or a failing switch. I have made no progress and we are now looking at a new machine. Has anyone any experience of a Samsung machine and the best way to order Please let me know if anything went wrong for anyone ? Thanks
  10. I like to repair things in the house and the garden. The TR is all running well and starts every time. However in the house I have a week-end with the Miele Washing Machine. Honeycomb Care no.2444 The drain did block once last year, and a comprehensive clean up fixed it. This time the clean water will pump out into the sink and there is some small black debris which is not causing any blockage.However if I choose a drain/spin option it does not finish. The water pumps out strong and clean but when it moves to spin the machine shudders a bit and then stops. It looks like a new machin
  11. It is the right time of the year and the best part of the month. Well done for getting this far with so much TR information. Congratulations Richard & Bruno
  12. Thanks for the emails. I had a long day but it was very unusual how many people send cards and good wishes. Thanks to the TR club. Richard and Bruno
  13. After so many answers, I disconnected my outer cable lat night. The inner now only needs one hand .very light pull and it is now working very well. Good luck
  14. If you do not connect the outer cable at all, in any way, the inner will move easily with one hand and some lubrication. Try it out and let me know. Thanks Richard & Bruno
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