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  1. I have an answer. A long time ago I bought a new TR chassis from The Roundabout Garage in Chiswick. When I got it home the front pins would not move no matter what I tried, and it was brand new. My old rusty body had a large missing part in the sill opposite the front pin. Moores of Brighton had cut it out to replace the drivers side rear spring. I had the body repaired in all areas and two new wings by a TR man who was a milkman and started a TR repair business. He was a long way north from my home and I delivered the body on a trailer. He did a great job. I mounted the body on the new chassis with stainless steels bolts. A few years ago I needed to replace the front bushes and I removed all the body fixings ,opened the doors and jacked up the rear of the body until it was high enough to give me clearance to slide the entire spring out sideways. It does not have to be very high. There was no damage to the body and it was quick. However I am worried about the springs and I am currently planning to have them reset by a specialist in the Midland. They are ST springs and will be made of the correct steel. New springs may be made in China and we do not know the quality of the material. Any advice please, Richard & B.
  2. I think that I will leave it all alone now. It is working and the weather is cold and wet. I will save my energy for changing the rear springs to get the ride height to the correct level, in the spring.() I will post another question about this later on. Thanks Richard & B
  3. I was under the car this morning and in my next garage I am investing in a 4 post lift.{maybe} I adjusted it a small amount and it was possible to continue turning the rod even after the loose play was removed.So I think I went as far as very little free play. A quick trial around the block and first was very easy to select, fourth was a bit rough but nothing too bad. I did have the cylinder on the correct side and I too was misled by the manual. The manual that I have is for TR2, { Lockheed} with a TR3 extra instruction section at the back. Shall I adjust it further? Thanks Richard & B.
  4. Sorry to bring up an old post but please confirm which side of the mounting bracket the Girling slave should be mounted. It has been on this forum before and this time I will print it off. Thanks
  5. How do I know when the thrust bearing is touching the clutch plate ? At the week end I will try some more adjustment but I need to know when to stop. Thanks Richard and B.
  6. I spent years adjusting my clutch and replacing slave cylinders until I discovered that I had a Lockheed bracket and rod and a Girling slave. This was all replaced and the adjustment made as per the book. Now if I press the pedal right to the floor and select a gear, it starts to connect as soon as I move the pedal upwards a tiny distance. I am nervous about adjusting the rod any more. Thanks Richard & B.
  7. My gear selection on the 3A seems to be a bit clumpy and I would not mind too much but I drove the Register TR 2 when it was on tour, and the gear selection was very smooth. My gearbox was rebuilt so I am wondering if the selectors need adjustment. I have seen a diagram of the selector mechanism with a ft/lb gauge attached and instructions on how to adjust. But I can not find it now. Does any one know how to make this adjustment. Thanks Richard & B
  8. I woke up this morning and was thinking that I could have been taken for a ride. So when I checked it out on the forum, it turns out to be a bit of fun. The weather is dry here in Sussex so maybe I will go for a real TR ride this afternoon. Thanks Richard & B.
  9. How do you find out historical snippets like that ? It makes the forum so strong. Thanks Richard & B.
  10. I replaced the broken tab on my lid by using a chrome bracket used for holding the glass on to picture frames. It needs a hole to be drilled and a small rebate to be cut out in the timber of the lid. It will never break again. You need to ask who thought of bending the liner tab up in the first place ?? Richard & B.
  11. Now I need to get my son's printer working in Devon. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the drawing, but I could not print it A4 . I had planned to mark the drawing in colour. The plan I used was from a long standing owner who knows all there is to know. Please send me a larger size plan. I am away from home at present and will get back to you later. Thanks Richard & B.
  13. Hi, If you can find a drawing of the chassis, in a manual or somewhere, I will mark it up with the locations where I have drilled the chassis. I am away from home at the moment but will deal with it before Christmas. I used Bilt Hamber dynax S50 spray which is highly rated and comes with a spray tube and nozzle. Only a very small amount leaks out and no danger to the user. Good luck Richard & B.
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