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  1. I have cured the rust . My daughter has a garden plant pot made from fibre glass.. Now we are considering making a fibre glass flower pot to fit inside our wooden container and retain any water. What would be the best kit to make a a box 12"x12"x12". If I need to I could make a pattern in old timber and make a smaller container to fit inside. Please send me a link if you think that this is possible. Richard & B
  2. I spent the afternoon removing any old paint/primer from the relevant surfaces. A light sanding and two coats of Kurust. The wire wheel extension fits well and the new chamfered nuts fit over the studs so that there is no longer any problem there. Back on the road tomorrow. ( at last ) Richard & B
  3. So I bought a Sealey pump and it arrived today. I extracted oil from the plastic bottle and managed to inject it easily. I failed to wear the gloves and my hands were very oily quite quickly. I was lucky that I could reach the filler plug from outside , with the rear wheel removed, without being squashed under the axle I managed to get a small drip coming out from the oil filler entrance and replaced the plug. The oil was slow and I was not sure how long to wait until it had settled and was full. A small dipstick showed the oil level to be at the plug. The injection was quite strong s
  4. Thanks Ian Sunny day here so out to the garage, Richard & B
  5. Thanks Mick. I have the correct socket which was machined so that it sits fully over the nut. The front edge was made flat and works very well with no slipping off under pressure. The next job is to find the workshop manual. Thanks Richard & B.
  6. Thanks for the new chamfered nuts. They make a difference and I think my problem is well solved. How tight should they be ? I do have a torque wrench which does not get much use. I have also found a plastic bag with a collection of old chamfered nuts, mostly damaged , which were used before I had the special socket for these nuts. Thanks very much Richard & B
  7. Thanks for the offer of a chamfered nut. Please could you send me just one so that I can try and see if it makes a reasonable difference.I think that you have my address but I will confirm it in a PM. When it arrives I will make with a small dash of red paint so that there is no confusion out in the garage. If it works we will need another 3 and I will post you my redundant 4. Thanks Richard & B
  8. Thanks for the instructions. I will order a pump tomorrow. I put the drain plug in this afternoon with some PTFE to make a secure joint.Is there a better sealer. The car is starting well and we will be on the road after the oil is sorted. There are other jobs but nothing important. Thanks Richard & B
  9. This is not the fastest job. The axle is fitted and this morning the brakes were bled with the help from my wife which made it straight forward. The wheels are back on and the last part is to fill the back axle with oil. There must be some special technique for Keeping the car level and no jack Using a small funnel Pouring oil in such a confined space Knowing when it is full Some new fresh oil ended on the cardboard placed underneath as a precaution. Where can I find a container with a tube that works better than the Moss container ? Please send me some t
  10. Thanks very much for the offer. I am planning to check out the drum and paint today. If I have no improvement I would like to try one off your chamfered nuts. I will post this evening and let you know. Thanks Richard & B.
  11. I have found my proper measuring callipers and I just measured all four chamfered nuts and they all measure 0.527" Tomorrow I will take off the brake drum and try to measure the studs. Thanks Richard & B.
  12. I have just measured one chamfered nut on the RHS and it measures .502" and has a shine around the pointed end only and the rest of the chamfer looks like new. I can only measure the wire wheel studs in position by using a ruler I will be busy tomorrow making sure that it has no paint etc. Looks like no rain. Thanks Richard & B.
  13. Thanks very much Bob. Is it safe to use the Post Office or would it be better to collect later in the week. Thanks Richard & B
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