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  1. Where is the traffic and who keeps all the grass so neat and tidy ??
  2. Do not buy a new master cylinder. They are not usable. Get your original overhauled by Past Parts and it will work properly. I had all those problems. Richard & B
  3. Mine goes right through the panel and buts up against the chassis. I know about this detail because I just pulled the back of the body lower and closer to the chassis. This meant that the long bolt would not pass through and the hole had to be enlarged to make access. However the doors close better now. My tube is free and I had it chrome plated years ago and I have the long bolt in stainless steel. Richard & B
  4. I gave up trying to bleed the brakes on my 3A and took it to the local garage. They managed it and never a problem since. I do not like to give up but sometimes it is successful. Richard & B
  5. My flexible connector has just been delivered. I have to sanitise the box and wait until tomorrow to open it. Richard & B
  6. Thanks Stuart. My Moss catalogue says that 303999 has the connector on the bottom RHS which mine has. Anyway I can not spend that much and I will continue with my flexible hose for now. It has been OK for many years and hopefully my modification will last a long time. Thanks Richard & B
  7. The rear half of my body came from a Swiss write off TR in London and has raised plinths and the front is comm. no. 28874. Trying to make the doors fit has been a very long effort as standards change over the years . What was OK in 1986, when I won the Concours at the International, is now considered a project for the body shop experts. Richard & B
  8. I have just checked my tank and the one in the car has the outlet at the RHs, drivers , side. I can remember when fitting it that the original was in the middle and I had to make up a new petrol pipe. This is surprising because I can not remember much and have to check what day of the week it is sometimes. The body of the car is post 60k with the raised plinths I tried lifting the front edge and I would need more than 1" to make any impact and then the straps would not be long enough. This would mean welding or longer bolts. So I have ordered a flexible fuel filler which is 300mm long with a neck at each end. My current plan is to cut it in half and use the neck on the tank and the cut end on the filler. The one that I took off is only a corrugated length with no neck and has been working well for a very long time. If the spare can is splashing petrol about the potential for leakage would be at the tank connection. As long as this works I will have the second half for a spare in the future. How can I store it to prevent degrading? I have a spare tank in the garage but can not get at it at the moment. The easiest route seems to be fit the new connector and hope for the best. Thanks Richard & B
  9. Thanks very much Brian but I have edge already installed on the new laptop three weeks ago. Maybe there are other issues? Richard & B
  10. Thanks for the help. The laptop is only three weeks old and I am on a learning curve. Any other advice welcome. Richard & B
  11. Yes it all lined up at the base and has been for many years. I have found a flexible 2" hose but I will have to cut it in half to get anywhere near a fit and it is £13.50 Unless any one can point me to a new seller. Thanks Richard & B
  12. Thanks for the answer. Tomorrow I will try Chrome like I used before. Richard & B.
  13. I have just tried the HP support and twice received the message that it is not available, which can not be correct. If this goes on I will have to contact my 13 year old grandson. Richard & B
  14. I have a new HP laptop. While I am getting used to to the new touchpad I am having a problem with buying things. I get as far as the confirmation that I have an item in the basket. I then go to checkout and it returns a message that there are no items in your basket. This has happened on five different purchases. This morning I tried to buy the same item ,but from my iPhone, and it continued normally up to the last instruction, which I will complete tomorrow after some more homework on car issues. I have just received an email which is reminding me that I did not checkout and a suggestion that I should continue. Is there an IT specialist who can offer any advice? Thanks Richard & B.
  15. Thanks for the answers. Even if I could persuade it to slide in I think that it would be too short. I am looking for a flexible material. I can not remember where I bought the existing one. When I use a can some petrol does get on to the connection and has left a deposit on the tank inside the boot, which I found by accident. Maybe I should try some silicon sealer on the existing connection or be more careful in future. Thanks Richard & B.
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