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  1. I have an overhauled RB106 which is in a sealed plastic bag from Cox Automotive. It has the correct copper used originally for the coil and connectors. I would be willing to pas it on to an owner looking for a real unit and not rubbish made from recycled copper in India. If you are interested send me a pm. Thanks Richard and Bruno
  2. I do have an original overhauled RB106 which is in an air proof bag. It is made from proper copper, not recycled co. as in some foreign makes, and is a proper dated unit in first class order. I woyuld be pleased to sell it to you. It will need minor adjustment every 18 months but it will work properly. Cox Automotive carried out the overhaul and it is like new.

    Send me a personal message if you need it.

  3. How long did the works take? It looks like a very neat job. Well done Richard and Bruno.
  4. Don't miss out on the speedi sleeve. I had an oil seal on the LHS half shaft which was needing replacement every year until I fitted a speedi sleeve . It has now been dry for over 8 years. I have one on the diff and on the crank shaft also. They are so well made from quality material that you can stop replacing oil seals. Go for it, Richard & B.
  5. It is also very useful to fit a speedi sleeve to give the seal a longer life. I have a number fitted around my car. and now the seals last a long time. They are easy to fit as well. good luck Richard & B.
  6. I spent a lot of effort on this topic over the years. I have bought many new units cheap and very expensive and they all failed from all the usual suppliers. The copper used is reclaimed and fails very quickly. After many years I found that the best route was to buy an old one and send it to Cox Automotive for overhaul. They do a great job. However after a year the units need resetting. Lucas used to say that they made £5 every time an owner took off the cover. So I send mine back to Cox for cleaning and adjustment. This worked well for years until in 2017 I had a solid state unit purpose made to cope with my output and positive earth. Dynamo Regulators Ltd in Fareham Hampshire. It was £75.00 in 2017. It fits inside the old unit and is out of sight. I have never had to look at the problem again I have a collection of old regulators in the top shelf in the garage and carry one overhauled one in the boot of my car. It may be my imagination but I think that the car runs better. The ammeter never goes past zero and the battery never needs topping up.I can turn on all electrical parts, 2x spot lights, electric fan, heater fan headlamps etc and as long as the revs are about 2K the ammeter remains in the centre. It is impossible to see any difference from inside the engine bay. There could be a problem with overheating so I use an old cover which has a small hole on the underside from being dropped in the garage. The solid state comes built on a heatsink and some air circulation takes care of the temperature. I have three old overhauled regulators supplied by Cox Automotive in sealed plastic bags which I am taking to Stratford -on-Avon tomorrow morning to show on the Bring and Buy stall.. I always wanted to keep my car original but the RB106 was always a weak spot even when new. If you want one of mine send a message via the forum. Sydney is a long way from the Triumph week end. Good luck Richard and B.
  7. If you also find that you need to remove the top half it is tricky. Allow for a long evening out in the garage with coffee supplies. Good Luck Richard and B.
  8. I found that securing the speedo in place was difficult because of access to the round nuts at the back. It was very difficult to remove the support bracket. good luck Richard & B.
  9. The grandchildren are here for the week-end, so I am out in the garage at 7.30 a.m. to fit the hub extension and the wire wheel back on the RHS rear. I have to be out with the family at 9.00. The 4x nuts for the hub extension were difficult to start but after 5 mins they were all on and torqued up. The wire wheel was a tight fit which I am happy with but the chrome spinner was impossible to start. After 15 mins with a wire brush I tried another from the spare parts shelf.The spinner went straight on and we drove up the lane with no problems . I thought that the extensions were all the same and it was the spinners that had left and right threads according to which side they were marked for. So how are the threaded extension and spinners made to work on the correct side. No rain here in Sussex and away up the downs with 3 dogs,TR working, great Sunday morning. Thanks Richard and B.
  10. My distributor was overhauled in 1985 by Aldon. It ran ok but in 2007 I sent it to Martin Jay for a full overhaul, and he found some problems Wear in the shaft Wrongly assembled shackle pivot washers fitted under one weight Wrong springs Springs not matched Wrong weights Wrong vacuum unit and more. He overhauled my unit and ever since the engine starts like a modern car. He did a second one for me so that I have a spare. The condensers made in the far east are very badly made. He makes his own which have much longer foil. I bought a racing condenser for a mini £33.00 and hot starting is easy now. I once had to return from Classic Le Mans and park on a hill at every stop. The new condenser, mounted outside the distributor, has solved all those problems. Martin jay is the only place to find the best quality. Checked file Swiftune Competition condenser SW-IG-CC, not strictly necessary but I like it, after the French trip. good luck Richard & B.
  11. Three of the studs are loose and the movement has damaged the hub extension. I have a good one on the shelf but the loose studs are in poor shape and one is pulling through. I used a long lever to get the nuts tight and one has given up. I drove round the block and the original noise has gone. I would feel happier with an old one in good condition. If I have to have a new one which is the best make,if available ? Thanks Richard & B.
  12. I am looking for a used back hub . If you know anyone who can help please let me know. Richard & B.
  13. Thanks .I will call them this morning. Welding is not a good idea?? Richard & B.
  14. I came home from the Southdown Group Summer Event, this evening, with a vibration from the RHS rear wheel. At home I took off the brake drum and it was not the brakes but three of the wheel studs were loose. Is it advisable to remove the hub and have the welder fix it or should I approach Revington who have an answer? I am not sure of the detail of their kit. Does anyone know or have experience of their repair kit? It looks as if a new hub is not available, from Moss any way and mine is the original which came with the car as new, so I am keen to keep it.. What is the best repair? Thanks Richard & B.
  15. Forget the short life new unit and have your old one fitted with a new sleeve by Past Parts ltd. I had a new slave cylinder fitted at the Lincoln IWE and it failed after I left the showground when I was just past Lincoln. I had to drive all the way home to the South Coast with no clutch and that included the Dartford Crossing. They have overhauled all my hydraulics and it lasts. Good luck Richard & B.
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