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  1. I am very keen on the IKea option but I need to know how to reduce the size without ending up with frayed edges in six months. Has anyone actually bought and modified one of these. Thanks Richard & B
  2. I need to replace some blackout blinds. They are only 3 years old and have broken cords, frayed edges and the brackets are not secure enough. They were from a blind store on eBay. How can I find a quality blind with a proper guarantee. The location is London so it would be supply only. How do I know if any of the many eBay sellers are high quality and long lasting ? TR forum is a long shot but I had success with my glue question. Thanks Richard & B
  3. My son had a door fitted by a local tradesman. It is four panel timber internal door. It has split at one end allowing the side timber to move about 1" away from the rest of the frame at one end only. I have some frame cramps and will try and glue it back in place. I need a really strong glue that will withstand temperature changes because the room is over the garage and not used much in winter. I think regular evo-stick will not be enough. What is Gorilla glue. ? I can leave it clamped up for three days. The fitter claims that it is due to lack of heating in the winter. We think that it is
  4. In the old days Lucas claimed that they made £5.00 every time an owner opened the RB106. It is very tricky to clean the points and leave them flat and dust free and parallel The new ones are often made in India and they use reclaimed copper which has a very short life. Cox Auto Electrical, 10 Abeles Way, Atherstone, CV9 2QZ 01827 712097, has a semi retired specialist who can service the original and leave it as new. I hope that he is still there. It does take a while as well because he does not work a full 5 day week. I became a bit obsessive about the RB 106 and had half a dozen servic
  5. I had some problems like this as well. I bought a tank full of petrol, at a country garage where I had my last MoT some years ago. Immediately the engine ran rough and it was difficult to drive back up the hill to the garage, Fourways Garage Chalford, near Minchinhampton. I tried an additive but it ran badly all the way to Classic Le Mans. It was only on the way home that it began to run well. It was over 700 miles before any improvement. The choke is well known for being difficult. I moved the knob on to the main dashboard so that it was a straight run to the carbs and no longer
  6. Past Parts are the best and have sorted out my two master cylinders and one slave. If you have problems with EU regs. for posting etc. I am sure someone here will,be able to help. The new ones are often made in China and they can not get it right. They also make my laptop which does work very well. It must be the volume of orders and quality control ?? Good luck Richard & B
  7. Thanks for your help and advice Happy Birthday Richard & B
  8. Thanks for the advice so far. I now have the carbs balanced better, My trial experiment of running without the adjuster spring failed and the adjusters move too easily on their own without the spring. So the springs are being replaced. The car is running well and the choke only works on the front carb. After a few cold starts there is some leaking from the jet. This is hard to understand because I have changed the cork seals to Teflon and a Buna R main seal. It does seem to be under the jet. It was dry for a bit but I think that the choke must be causing some damage. The sharp edges of th
  9. Speedi sleeve is a good answer on the rear half shafts as well. I have them on most parts where there is wear from seals, bearings etc. Before I found them I was always getting oil on the rear brake shoes. Good luck Richard & B
  10. I have cleaned and adjusted both the carbs. I removed the spring which is located above the adjusting nut on both and I think this allows the jet to sit higher. I adjusted the nut to fully upwards and then down two flats only. After a ten mile run the plugs are showing a grey colour, which is the first time they have not been black for years. I am very please with this result. It starts and runs well and the last 1/2 mile at 3k revs went very well. Once I get the mixture correct I plan to use a tippex pen to mark the adjusting nut so that I can monitor any movement. If the nut does move
  11. I also had trouble in this area. The throttle pedal rod passes through a bush and out of the foot well into the engine bay. It is held by a square plate each side and 4 small screws which are very hard to reach, especially as mine were fitted from the engine side. I was lucky to know a clever workshop, now disappeared , who managed to fit mine in 1/2 hour. It made a big difference to final tick over adjustment by stabilizing the connections and the operating rods. Good luck with fitting it, if it was like mine. Richard & B
  12. I gave up on this tap years ago. I took it on to the workbench and soldered it open. It has never leaked and I had forgotten about it until now. Richard & B
  13. The jets are now dry after a few miles to the post office and back. So I am making great progress. Now I need to get the upper bush higher so that it is nearer to the bridge level, as advised here. How can i manage that ? The plugs are very black with the jet only two flats down from fully wound up. It is running OK but I feel that I must have some wrong part here. Are there any options . Thanks Richard & B
  14. How do I keep the dampness out of the coils. Can I try and make the whole unit more air tight and would that help. It never used to happen in the past. Richard & B
  15. My fuel gauge is away for repair because it flicks to minus empty as you drive along. It also has condensation on the inner glass after a few miles. The repair man says that the condensation is my fault and he is not interested. I should have gone somewhere else but they did overhaul the gauge eight years ago and I was hoping that they would look after a returning customer. I do not want to start bothering other companies with technical phone calls so I am looking for advice here from someone with the same problem if possible. Thanks Richard & B
  16. I did not use any primer and when I cleaned it this morning all the old adhesive came off easily. It is a rounded corner and difficult to reinforce. I have some zinc roof flashing but it is very flexible and may not help much. What is the Gorilla glue on TV ads?
  17. We have an electric sandwich toaster which has a broken corner. I have tried plastic weld and it snapped off again yesterday. Can anyone recommend a powerful adhesive ?? Richard & B
  18. The jets are centralised and the pistons are dropping well but not perfect. There was some sign of dampness under the jet so I stripped it out and was looking at fitting a new large cork gasket. I have had two soaking in oil on the shelf for about two years. I offered it up and there was no way it was going to fit into the cupped washer, So it is back in the oil with his friend. I fitted the jet assemble again and dropped the top copper washer on the ground. It was getting cold and I could not see it anywhere. I had a replacement in the store ( plastic bag ). It is the thicker one of the two c
  19. ORS. Solved all my o/d problems after several other ‘specialists’ had been paid. I drove up to the workshop and stayed two nights in a bnb. Interesting pub in Coventry and a great answer Use ORS. Richard & B
  20. This is much better than his previous TV programmes. He is just right, not too technical and not too superficial. Thanks for the link. Richard & B
  21. Thanks for the advice. I have taken the dashpot domes off the carbs and run the base edge over a very fine and very flat rubbing down paper. The surface now looks bright and even all round but the tabs that take the screws must be a bit higher because they are not quite polished the same. So I reassembled it all and the piston now falls with the metallic click that I have been searching for for years. I tried the same clean-up on the front carb and it is better but not as good as the rear one. I have now been able to tune the two carbs and it is now possible to set a weak mixture whi
  22. I have two x service kits, new and unopened AUE 18A, 2 x new Grose valves and a lot of new spare gaskets. They have been in the garage for at least 3 years and if anyone is interested please send me a pm. I am planning to put them on ebay. Thanks Richard & B
  23. Thanks Hamish for the tip. You are right and the rear carb is just as you describe. So now I am looking for a repair for this fault. Is there any part that needs polishing ? Thanks Richard & B
  24. That is very helpful. I do not use SC parts but will consider it now. It is very useful to have the description. Thanks Richard & B
  25. Thanks Peter, I found some stainless steel wing nuts in M4 which were £1.75 delivered for 10. from Kayfast Ltd in Wakefield. They were supposed to arrive before Tuesday and were delivered today by the postman. Great value, quality product but will not fit the thread on the fuel gauge. It will start but only about 1 turn. How can we find the real thread ??? Richard & B
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