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  1. What a great thread. Crazy lurcher either asleep or running flat out. If the Tr3 ever gets finished I hope it can shift like him. We all seem more proud of our hounds than our cars! Mark
  2. Hi Ian can the articles be found online and can you recall if there was interchangeability regarding Tr and Land Rover clutches? That Stanpart file would be good to see. Mark
  3. Thanks for that Colin. Would love to get the different parts side by side so I could see for myself.
  4. Thanks all for the replies. Hadn't realised I'd have to pull it through the cockpit. There's an incentive to get it right. Interesting information thanks Pete. Richard thanks for the offer very much a case of who you know a lot of the time so no doubt I'll be in touch. I enjoy trying to wrestle a pile of rusty bits into some semblance of a car and presently have an Austin 8 and a 69 Spitfire on the drive. One of them will have to go soon .... perhaps. The Tr3 is a rusty wreck by came with mostly new chrome, new leather seats, much of the engine work done, five new wire wheels, new loom, new stainless tank, new radiator and thousands of pounds worth of new panels. Trouble is I keep reading get the best most rust free she'll you can. Didn't get that memo in time.
  5. Hi John thanks for the reply. I've seen some E bay listings which claim to be for Tr3 and landrover and if I then search using LAND ROVER SERIES 2A 9" PLATE & COVER CLUTCH KIT - DA2369 it shows as being from £72 which is about £100 less than what visually appears to be Tr3.kit. Presumably I won't get to be that lucky and some spring or other will be incompatible. I seem to remember an article in one of the Classic car mags where metallastic bushes for a Morris Minor were the same as those for an Aston but the cardboard box for the Aston parts resulted in a multiplied price. Cheers Mark
  6. Hi, new to the forum but hoping to pick some brains. Recently purchased a wreck of a Tr3 and have just started what promises to be a lengthy restoration. I am gathering parts and am curious as to whether or not a Series 2 Landrover clutch fits the Tr3? I am hopong so as they are a lot cheaper ... is there a Tr3 mark up on parts? Ta Mark
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