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  1. Latest episode of Project Binky: Pete
  2. stillp

    eBay scams

    If you think Facebook is bad, you'd better not look at Craigslist! Pete
  3. The top! Made visibility a bit tricky. Pete
  4. I had to drive mine without a bonnet catch for a while - the bonnet lifted until it was about level with the windscreen at 40-ish going forward. I didn't try it in reverse. Pete
  5. And, today, mostly sold to China as scrap iron. Pete
  6. stillp


    If you're planning to sell them, leave that for the buyer to do. Pete
  7. Remember it doesn't need any flow, it just needs to transmit the pressure. Pete
  8. Wouldn't putting the rack in it have the same effect Stuart? Pete
  9. stillp

    TR4 -v- 4A engine

    Check that fan very carefully - I had one, and the car suddenly started vibrating badly. One of the blades had snapped off, and luckily it must have gone downwards, or it could have done a lot of damage to the bonnet. Pete
  10. Several decades! Pete
  11. My pressure washer has a wet sandblasting attachment, which shouldn't be dusty. Pete
  12. I'll have one if someone wants the other. Pete
  13. T/L? I could use a chrome spare John. Pete
  14. Looking very good Chris, but you shouldn't get exhaust fumes in the car. Are you sure it's not just the coating burning off the exhaust? Pete
  15. As well as failure to comply with any standards or regulations. Pete
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