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  1. Now at £11995, which seems reasonable. Ebay item 133310581653 Pete
  2. Depends what the dirt is Conrad! I plastered mine with Autoglym vinyl cleaner then sealed them in a plastic bag for a few weeks. That and scrubbing with a toothbrush got the general dirt off, as well as the underseal they'd been painted with (yes, really) but not the stains from Evo-Stik that was used to stick blue fur fabric on! I've tried various things to bleach out the glue stains but think I'll need to buy some vinyl paint to cover that. Pete
  3. I've seen someone use an old socket, with a slot cut into it then drilled through for a bolt, so it interfaces with the scissor jack much the same as that ebay item, but is driven more directly from the impact wrench. Pete
  4. If it is tar, paraffin (kerosene) then alloy wheel cleaner. Pete
  5. A direct earth strap from battery to engine will help starting - half the number of connections for the current to pass through, so half the resistance. Pete
  6. I wonder how much it would cost to replace both headlamps with modern LED ones? Pete
  7. That's about what I said Iain, although I may have added an adjective. There were a few pence as well. Strangely the nearside one is £9 cheaper.
  8. If you think these are expensive... my daily driver is a 2015 Focus. Going out today a message popped up on the dashboard saying there was a headlamp malfunction. Popped into the local dealership who said that when changing from dip to main beam there's a flap that should operate, and it's stuck. Cure is a complete new HID headlamp assembly, at £868! Even the garage staff were amazed. Off to try to find a local autoelectrician tomorrow in the hope of finding a more acceptable price. Pete
  9. I used Hylomar successfully. Pete
  10. stillp

    TR4 ZS Carb Sync

    Todd, you said "The rear carb remains lean" but the photo of the plugs shows the rear plugs sooty, suggesting a rich mixture? Pete
  11. I have no idea what this disc/hat is like, could someone please post a picture? Pete
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