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  1. Better to look at the completed listings to see what price they actually achieved. Pete
  2. Loosen the engine mounts and jack the front of the sump up. It's a tight fit but doable. Pete
  3. I have some OC81s as well. Pete
  4. They probably think you're drying your nail varnish. Pete
  5. That looks to me as if it's going to flake/peel off Richard. Might be worth sending that picture to the supplier to ask what they think. Pete
  6. stillp


    A test lamp might be more useful than the multimeter. Add a couple of spare fuses. Maybe a fan belt. Pete
  7. Yes, I know it's in all the driver training manuals Stuart, but the only disadvantage I can see of signalling when there's no-one about is that in some drivers it might encourage the "I'm signalling so it must be safe to turn" mentality. During a test, not signalling when there's no-one about shows the examiner that you're aware of your surroundings, but in normal driving I think it preferable to always signal, just in case there's someone you haven't seen. Pete
  8. I could never see the point of the text in parentheses. What if there's someone that you haven't seen? Pete
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