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  1. I'll withdraw that suggestion, since there's an inlet, but no outlet, or perhaps the other way round. There's a hole on the clutch side of that whatever-it-is that's fitted where a 4A would have a fuel pump. Perhaps that vacuum pipe from the inlet manifold is intended to connect there to draw fumes from the crankcase? Pete
  2. Or possibly the other way round! Pete
  3. Isn't that an LPG regulator? If it is though, where's the oil filler? Pete
  4. Roger, the catch tank in not really relevant. All it does is stop any oil that comes from a crankcase breather from dripping onto the road. Try a length of hose from the rocker cover into a milk carton or similar. I just have a hose hanging down and pointing towards the chassis, and I haven't noticed any more oil on that part of the chassis than on any other part. Pete
  5. If you remove the glass bowl Gordon, there's a brass gauze filter above it. You can see some crud in the bottom of the bowl, but I've seen worse on my 4A. Pete
  6. Is the filter in the fuel pump clear? You might have disturbed some crud on the bottom of the tank when you filled up. Nice looking car! Pete
  7. I'd put new tyres on the front of a modern, since most are front wheel drive, and the back end is only there to keep the boot from dragging on the ground! Pete
  8. They're a closed cell foam Chris. There were chunks missing out of mine, but they floated fairly well for quite a few years. Pete
  9. I would leave it off until you've refurbished the rest of the suspension and you decide to start using the car for competition. Pete
  10. stillp

    TR4a studs

    Roger, I was just pointing out that the bit of metal at the bottom of the countersink isn't the only part that takes the load. I'm sure that Triumph would have used shorter studs if they thought they would be strong enough - fewer parts to stock and lower cost. Not really relevant but this discussion reminds I was at a race meeting at Crystal Palace when the Mini-Coopers raced for the first time - almost every Mini lost a wheel due to cracking around the wheel nut. The race was stopped when one of the loose wheels went into the spectators. Pete
  11. stillp

    TR4a studs

    No, but the rest of the metal under the nut is! Pete
  12. When you pull the rack out the wiper spindles will rotate, so if the wipers are still fitted your paintwork will suffer! Pete
  13. Doesn't look too bad Russell. Hope there are no surprises lurking underneath. Looking forward to some more photos. Oh, and welcome to the forum and to TR ownership! Pete
  14. The ones in my car are something over 25 years old, and have been removed when I bought replacements, only to find that the replacements didn't fit, so the old ones were retrieved from the bin and refitted. Can't remember where they came from. Pete
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