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  1. That's a weird one! Presumably for drag racing - I doubt if the starter motor would last very long. Pete
  2. Your tyre pressures seem a bit high to me Pete. I run 24 all round. Pete
  3. Price from Plumbnation comes up at £89.75. Pete
  4. Nice photo Pete, good to see you having fun with Katie after all your problems! Pete
  5. Happy birthday Alan, where've you been? Pete
  6. stillp

    Rodbr's day

    Happy birthday Rod Pete
  7. Pete, you're making me feel ashamed about the gaps between the screen and door glass on my car! Pete
  8. So d'you think it'll last? Pete
  9. Congratulations John. How many? Pete
  10. One of my childhood heroes. Behind Moss, but not by much! RIP.
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