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  1. I u8nderstand the Icelandic Prime Minister has declared that no-one will be allowed to charge any fee to view the volcano. Pete
  2. Hylomar is fine, there's very little stress on the sleeve. Pete
  3. Now that post deserves a "Like"! If only we had a button for that... Great photo John Pete
  4. I didn't know that Brando had a blue rinse! Pete
  5. I thought colourising old b/w images was bad enough... Pete
  6. We had one from Dunelm, and it seemed to have a rubber coating, which smelt! Got a refund from them and bought from Hilary's, with success. https://www.hillarys.co.uk/blinds-range/blackout-blinds/ Pete
  7. Not cheap, but less than the price of a Motolita and hub. Pete
  8. That looks great Pete. The tube bending was pretty cheap - how much was the trimming? Pete
  9. All the chargers I've seen on the market recently have included non-live croc clips, so the output isn't live until the charger sees some voltage, and some need more voltage that a really flat battery will have. This is a pain if you want to use the charger as a power source, e.g. to test a headlamp. The trick to charging a completely dead battery is to parallel it with a working battery before connecting the charger until it has enough voltage for the charger to recognise it as a battery. Like Ian, I have a really ancient (1960s) one with a selenium rectifier, and also a more recent Cha
  10. +1, and also the inaccuracy of the compression tester needs to be considered; I doubt if many are better than + or - 20%. Pete
  11. Ah yes, the Agatha Christie method, never fails. Pete
  12. +1 for Cascamite. If you use Gorilla glue I would recommend the clear version, which doesn't foam but seems to make a stronger bond with wood. Pete
  13. There used to be a fastener supplier in Coventry owned by a Mr Goode. The company was of course called the Goode Screw Company. Pete
  14. That Liberty engine's a bit too small:
  15. In the late sixties I briefly owned a Rolls-Royce Phantom hearse. The previous owner had fitted the chassis and running gear from an ex-WW2 Humber-Rolls 4x4 truck, and a Spitfire supercharger. I think the mpg was around 3. I only drove it once. Pete
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