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  1. I'd just use Loctite. How hot is it going to get? Pete
  2. Barry, how did you know there was moisture in your brake fluid? If there were visible drops of water then you must have had silicone brake fluid (DOT 5) which doesn't mix with DOT 4. Pete
  3. Looks to me as if you have one or more seals, or possible rubber hoses, breaking up. Yes, you can just ditch the internals of the restrictor valve, but I don't think that would explain the problem. I'd want to change all the flexible hoses and all the seals. Sorry. Pete
  4. To solder Nichrome you need to treat it like stainless steel - phosphoric acid or Jenolite as a flux. Good practice to make a mechanical joint first though, as you said. Pete
  5. Couldn't watch that, the shaky camera was making me seasick. Pete
  6. stillp

    Fold 3

    Not that I can see Sue. I get an error message when I try to sign into Fold 3 from Ancestry. I don't think my local library has Fold 3 either. I can't find a reference to the record on the National Archives catalogue, or I'd pop down to Kew. Pete
  7. Do any of the genealogists out there have a Fold 3 account? Ancestry has found a link to my grandfather's WW1 pension record, but the image is on Fold 3, and I don't fancy joining them just for one record. Pete
  8. Shame I just sold some! (Only reason I remembered that part) Pete
  9. Is the small closing panel fitted? Pete Edit: https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/index/?model=6156&q=front+wing&search_group=8982 part nos 850457 and 458
  10. Let us know if your heritage railway can make some money out of them - as Bob said, there's plenty more they could have. Pete
  11. stillp

    Earth strap

    Front left of the block. Pete
  12. My daughter came round the other day complaining that her laptop wouldn't do anything because her C drive was full. Its a 240 GB SSD, with a 1 TB hard drive. She only had a few Meg free on the C drive, but had 180 GB of photos on it! Spent a half hour moving them all to the D drive, and the laptop functioned again. Pete
  13. But AUDI is an acronym for As Usual, Didn't Indicate. BMWs of course are Bought Mostly by W... no, better not upset anyone. Pete
  14. What is totally free from AOL Graham? Pete
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