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  1. Absolutely Sue, we used to have a small local practise of 2 partners, but NHS management decided that was inefficient and didn't renew their contract 5 or 6 years ago, but instead transferred all the 8 000 patients to a new practice that didn't exist - no premises and no staff. After 4 years of going to a temporary surgery staffed by locums, in an unsuitable building, they opened a new health centre quite near our original one, but I think I've only seen the same doctor twice on one occasion, when one of the locums made a follow-up appointment for me herself. I wonder how many opportuniti
  2. Yes, anything that makes them go on to the next car is more use than alarms and immobilisers, and the Krooklock is quite visible. Pete
  3. stillp

    Mystery car

    And MUCH better than the films!
  4. I used to know a habitual car thief who reckoned he could remove a Krooklock in 30 seconds. I bet a bolt cutter would get through the spokes of an original wheel quicker than that. (I don't spend a lot of time hobnobbing with criminals, but his fiancee worked with my fiancee at a local hospice.) My brother had an MGA which he part-exed for a Herald estate in the 1960s. We'd fitted a hidden switch in the ignition circuit, and the garage that sold the Herald tried for two hours to get the MG started before they phoned him! Pete
  5. stillp

    Mystery car

    Even James Bond had one of those! I can't remember which book though. Pete
  6. Sorry about your dad. Great idea to follow the hearse in his car. If you keep struggling to get it started put your location on here and I'm sure someone local to you will offer to help. Pete
  7. That looks great Roger. How did you sew the leather to the plywood? Pete
  8. Interesting that their figures differ from those at https://ncov2019.live/ although it is difficult to make comparisons between countries, because there is little or no consistency in the way "cause of death" is recorded. Even in the UK, there's a difference between 'deaths within 28 days of a positive covid test' and 'deaths where covid is mentioned on the death certificate. Pete
  9. Or here: https://www.vitamindtest.org.uk/
  10. Would anyone be wiser if it was called a VOSA test? Pete
  11. Why does he need to spend 3 months twisting it? Pete
  12. I believe the original date of the ECE Reg was 1958 - could halogen bulbs be bought then? Pete
  13. I agree Rob, but weren't headlamp bulbs referred to as "Hx" before halogen bulbs became widely available? The ECE Regulation has been revised several times, and the light output required has increased. Pete
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