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  1. I have some cheap ones, in metric and imperial, and yes, they are very useful. Pete
  2. The thing I wonder is why they didn't give it a good blast with a pressure washer to get a lot of the muck off. Pete
  3. Yes, probably.
  4. stillp

    Anal or what?

    I thought this post was going to be about Mrs Clooney. Pete
  5. Thanks Al. I might have some of those. Pete
  6. Thanks Roger. I hope the spire nuts are still in place. New visors aren't cheap are they! Mine have suffered the depredations of a PO, who seems to have painted the mounting bars with black underseal, and splashed some on the visors. There's also some remnants of the Evo-Stick he used to line the interior with turquoise fur fabric, Austin Powers style. Pete
  7. Looking for something else in the garage roofspace, I came across the sun visors for my 4A. No screws though - can anyone tell me what screws are needed to fix them to the windscreen frame? Pete
  8. What more could I want... Pete
  9. They seem to be happy in their new home: Thanks again Roger. Pete
  10. Swap the float valves between the two carbs to see if the problem moves. Pete
  11. stillp

    Thrust washers

    Why would somebody do that? Pete
  12. Overdrive Repair Services in Sheffield were quoting £900 + VAT. Pete
  13. Ah, that might make the levering out a bit tricky. Pete
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