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  1. stillp

    Oil Purolator Filter

    That wouldn't explain the leak though. Is the rim of the 'can' damaged? Pete
  2. This chap was demonstrating at Stoneleigh - would this work? Pete
  3. Is it pot metal, or aluminium? Pete
  4. stillp

    Forum rule 4.1.4

    The 2018 Regulations are repealed by the 2018 Data Protection Act, implementing the GDPR. The only clauses relating to photographs are about indecent photographs of children. I'm asking because one of the better photography magazines ran an article on this subject some time ago and concluded that there is no such requirement in the new Act. The concern was that a landscape or crowd photo, such as at a car show or IWE, might include a child somewhere, and it is neither practical nor necessary to have the consent of the parents of that child before such a photo can be published. Pete
  5. Don't be ashamed. It doesn't do to rush these things. Pete
  6. stillp

    Where is the like button on this forum?

    Quite possibly Tom. I'd have Liked that if I could. One of these seems a bit OTT though. Pete
  7. Wayne, thanks for fixing the apostrophe in "Members' Websites".


    1. Wayne Scott

      Wayne Scott

      Pleasure, no problem..

  8. stillp

    Forum rule 4.1.4

    Is it actually correct that UK law forbids publishing pictures of children without their parents' consent? Which Statute? Pete
  9. stillp

    Where is the like button on this forum?

    Wayne, is there a reason why the 'Like' button doesn't appear on moderators' posts? Pete
  10. stillp

    General TR Technical

    Thanks Wayne, that worked. Pete
  11. stillp

    New motor mounts for Tr4a

    In ISO standards, 8mm denotes a plain diameter, whereas M* is a thread. Pete
  12. stillp

    TR4 dash vents

    Or try to find some better ones from a breaker. I might have a couple in the garage attic, I'll have a look tomorrow. Pete
  13. stillp

    General TR Technical

    Does anyone else find that the "General TR Technical" title shows in bold in the forums list, even when all the posts have been read? Also spotted another aberrant apostrophe, in "Member's Websites". Pete
  14. stillp

    cleaning up the trailing arms

    Interesting! What had the spring been sitting on Stuart? Pete
  15. stillp

    Another Binky update

    Their drill press is a bit wobbly isn't it? Bent quill? Pete

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