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  1. Folks here are my latest wiring diagrams- one with the 3PDT switch, and one with the Ferguson hazard switch. cheers Jim
  2. Here’s an update - With Andrew’s help I succeeded in swapping in the 7 pin Ferguson hazard switch! A nice feature of this switch is the knob lights up in hazard mode. I was hoping to mount it in place of the dash light rheostat (which I never use anymore). However the Ferguson switch is just a little too big to fit in the plinth. So I’m going to make a mounting bracket for it, and mount it just to the driver side of the plinth. I will make a second “final” wiring diagram based on the Ferguson switch, and a “final” diagram based on the 3PDT switch, and post them both here to close o
  3. Well folks…………………… I HAVE HAZARD FLASHERS! I basically used Bobs wiring schematic (as well as pestering him with a ton of questions), and using a 9 pin 3PDT On/On switch. With the switch on one position, and the ignition on, I get normal indicators. With the switch in the other position, and the ignition off or on, I get hazards. The configuration utilizes the single LED compatible flasher I have been using for the indicators. The indicator light on the dash also works with the hazards. The wires are all over the place at the moment, as I wanted to test things before finali
  4. Beautiful work Roger! Jim
  5. Thanks again Bob! The switch arrived today. Just waiting on the color coded wires I ordered. Jim
  6. Thanks Bob! So third times the charm? BTW - If you recall I made that same “12v source direct from the battery” mistake with my headlight relay config, and that you guys brought it to my attention. I relocated that to the 12v terminal on the ignition switch as well. So as a review, here’s what I currently (no pun intended) have connected to the ignition switch: 12v terminal - Alternator & Ammeter, feed to Headlight Relays, Horn Ign terminal - Alternator warning light, Coil/Distributor, feed (white wire) to fuse box, then (green wire) to an Electric Fuel Pump, (gree
  7. Ok, here is my revised-revised diagram. Please give it one more check. Thanks! Jim
  8. Ahh, 4/5 down to L, thanks! I ordered the 3PDT ON/ON toggle switch, so as soon as it arrives I’ll get to work. Jim
  9. Folks, here is another wiring diagram for adding Hazard flashers to my 4A (using LED indicators). The last one I sent was based on using TR250 components and adding a second flasher unit. However this one is based on Bob’s and Drewmotty’s diagrams that utilize the single flasher already installed for the indicators. First let me give a big tip of the hat to Bob for patiently answering my questions! Initially I am going to use the same type 3PDT On/On toggle switch Bob used, that I sourced locally. It’s least expensive and will be easier for the initial install. Once I get it all workin
  10. +1 I have the same setup as Andy. I also added a 12v “cigar lighter” plug inside the glovebox, with a USB adapter for charging the phone. Jim
  11. “Drewmotty”, thanks for the diagram. What type switch did you use, pull/push? Jim
  12. Ok I am intrigued!! I’ll start examining your diagram this evening. Jim
  13. First, thank you all for the great feedback!! Ralph, thank you for the kind offer! I’m going to try wiring this up on my own first, but I might call on you later to rescue me from what I have wrought. Bob thank you. I will sit down with the new diagram and try to sort it out. I had intended on using the same type of LED compatible flasher unit for the hazards, as I currently use for the indicators. However are you saying I can use the current indicator flasher for both functions? Rob, ok good to know. I was hoping rewiring the indicator light wasn’t necessary. Jim
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