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  1. The ins and outs of British law concerning Company failures, their Administration and Liquidation is well beyond my knowledge and comprehension. Some observations from one who lives outside the UK and whose connection with the TR Register is a bit distant nowadays. In this sad story, which, it would seem, became apparent to some a while ago, it would appear that quite a few innocent Register members have been seriously stung - some for quite large sums of money. Through the collective initiative of a few, some managed to reduce their potential losses. This action is to be noted, be
  2. I’m using a ten month old 7th generation iPad with the 14.0.1 ios and have no issues at all. To be controversial, I’d even say that the readability has improved, particularly when used horizontally! james
  3. I think you will find that most of your favourite suppliers will supply all the bits and pieces including the alternator. They may or may not include fitting instructions - in which case the various technical articles can be consulted james
  4. GHS 185: I was fearing you might ask that question. For sure I bought them somewhere in UK, probably Neil Revington although a Google shows them being offered by the Land Rover suppliers james Afterthought: maybe simplybearings.co.uk
  5. This is not my experience, Richard. I sealed up my tank some ten years ago, maybe more, with a French epoxy solution and up to now it has worked well. No rust flakes in the fuel filter bowl! Pain in the neck to do it though.... james
  6. Hi John, long time no see! I too followed Mike Ellis and have fitted Speedi Sleeves to both half shafts. I went belt and braces and fitted double lip ruuber oil seals, with great results. No leaks on to the brake shoes! I’d be a bit inclined to use modern methods rather a quaint motorists’ leather solution. james
  7. Then Marco would definitely be arbeitlos / unemployed.....! james
  8. And if you dare to ask them they tell you to go and fly a kite........! james
  9. Ian, point me to the bottle jack that goes under the chassis when the tyre is flat james
  10. My experience in using synthetic oil in my3A is limited but resulted in an alarming drop in oil pressure when hot. Never again, I just save up in my piggy bank for the yearly oil change. james
  11. T’is not a bad idea to weld a suitable nut on to a scissor jack so that you can use a wheel brace or other item (even a ratchet if you’re carrying one) - the increased leverage is such that the car is much easier to raise than with the item usually supplied. james
  12. Well folks, we live in the corridor where Alex hit the west of France in the early hours of Friday morning. Although the worst of the gale only lasted 1 1/2 hours the havoc wreaked was considerable. For those interested in such things, the barometer dropped from 1000 to 970 mb in 3 hours and locally there were gusts recorded of 186 kph or 90 knots if you are if a nautical mind. A particular feature, apart from uprooted pines and cedars, was huge branches of oak and ash trees being snapped off high up in the canopy - as they are still in leaf. Fortunately most of the damage is ma
  13. My TS613** , out of the factory in November 1959, has the new floor, raised hinges at the back and flat at the front. Personally I would have thought this was due to repairs after an early life shunt, but those who are supposed to know more than I about these things have told me that it is quite likely to be original. james
  14. Won't advise on your electric question as most on here are more competent than I. Your question on mirrors is subjective and only thee can decide what tha' likes. For oils I've been using various SAE 90 in overdrive gearbox and diff for 49 years james
  15. Shouldn't be too difficult. The drive flange usually doesn't need a puller to remove it. The removing of the seal can be a challenge unless you use a ´parrot's beak' lever arrangement to avoid damaging the flange on the box. Biggest hassle is putting the gearbox cover back. james
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