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  1. « Just a few pics of the working car. Picking up some materials dor my spray booth today » Your photo reminds me of Paul Good, known to many of us in the seventies and co-founder of the Chiltern Group. Paul was a chippy and thought nothing of hauling tools and timber in his Dove on a daily basis. Unfortunately he left us for ever many, many years ago. james
  2. It’s a good idea to drill and wire up those bolts on the alternator brackets as, since you have found out, they go through the block and losing one on the road could be ´eventful’ james
  3. Revington offer a good sturdy stainless steel one, not the cheapest, which needs a bit of patience until it soots up and makes the right noise - for me. I’ve had mine for at least 15 years and am satisfied. I should add that it is fitted to an ‘extractor’ manifold. james
  4. If that is so then, bravo! Me I'm a total frontal man. Always other things to do when you're in there james
  5. This is all a bit theoretical - can somebody really stand up and tell us that he has done it, and how! Sorry but my middle name is Thomas, always looking for the truth!! james
  6. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1207240 james
  7. Excellent work by everybody and a good effort by Mick to raise everybody’s comfort level. My experience with moaners is that they will always bitch and moan, even after serious improvements have been made - beacause then they will moan that « it ain’t the way it used to be » james
  8. “I hope to buy a royal enfieldinterceptor next year “ Stick with the TR, you don’t need a helmet james
  9. Memories, memories. I remember a certain Peter W stating some 50 years ago, that if we liked cars from the fifties they didn’t have to smell like one and he could provide the solution, Grose jets! I succombed to his excellent sales patter and fitted them to my 3A. They have never leaked james
  10. It has been known to ask her to take her tights off to help out a roadside repair...... james
  11. A reminder : these are tractor engines, they don't need rocket science to maintain them. You have the same supplier as me. Just cut a slot on the crown of the plug with a hack saw and screw driver it in to cleaned up threads in the head. First a dry run then if all is well glue it with Araldite. james
  12. Been running my 3A without a mechanical fan for over 30 years. Madame bust the crankshaft 40 years ago on the prom at La Baule and at that time it did have one. Draw your own conclusion! james
  13. The original relay can become unreliable after time (50 years in my case according to the inscription) and although you hear the click it may work intermittently. I changed mine for a modern one given the price difference. It doesn’t look the part but functions ok. james
  14. I’ve just done this job. No it doesn’t tap in but is screwed in. Your first challenge is getting the old one out, then cleaning up the threads as the current one will have been glued in, probably with Araldite or something similiar, which you can use on the new one. Although the thread in the head is straight and not tapered, the impression is that the plug will only go in so far because its thread and that in the block are not identical. Run a search on the Forum, there was quite a lot of exchanges on this very subject late last year, this spring Good luck james
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