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  1. Pink, what you need is one of these james
  2. Ah well , some 30 something years ago, just to be different from everybody else, I converted my rhd 3A to lhd. Lucky for me it had the lh blanking plate in place. TS 613** if you're interested james
  3. I find it unbelievable that a 'top' TR parts supplier can sell such an obviously wrong piece. Exhausts are almost classed as consummables, so how many have they supplied to the unsuspecting knowing that they are of very poor quality. This is one of the reasons that I don't frequent Moss james
  4. Throw a kettle of boiling water at it...! james
  5. Meine deutsch ist nicht so gut, but I think they have gone.. james
  6. Don't just check your engine mounts as Graham suggests, change them! It's a doddle with the front end off. james
  7. The story of my life, I never win a bet! The only time I put money on a dog at Haringay Stadium it came out of the trap backwards. I always pay up though, PM me your address! james
  8. I'll bet five euros that the leak is from the oil seal on the timing chain cover rather than the gasket. The list of requirements is not very long: Oil seal, gasket (+some gasket goo) chain tensioner, possibly chain. Split pin for the tensioner peg Have a good look at the inside of the timing cover, they can wear a bit from rubbing of a (broken) tensioner. It's a long and tedious job as the front apron has to come off james
  9. John, any of the tyre suppliers in France Vulco, Eurotyre etc will be able to sort you out. James
  10. Makes a holiday with a TR look expensive..... james
  11. Stick a rubber washer twixt bumper and plate to reduce the infuriating rattling james
  12. I believe the spring is the same as used on the synchro hub. I keep a few used ones ready to stop this sizzling of the gearstick but as it's a long time since I rebuilt my gearbox, stocks may be getting low Maybe I should think about another gearbox rebuild..... james
  13. Twas not my intention at all. It is the same subject! My thanks for your agression james
  14. I also have a current problem with coolant on my 3A Like many, I find the Search Engine a bit tedious, so at the risk of annoying many to have a reply from the few: My setup is 82° thermostat (no shroud/bellows) Kenlowe pusher fan. 4lb radiator cap. The coolant temp warms up then suddenly goes up to about 90° And then cools down to 82° Fan cuts in when it should, if it has to. This started a week or so ago Engine running well and ticking over with no lumpiness. BUT I am losing coolant somewhere. Two observations: the exhaust smoke seems to have more grey vapour than previously and I find there is more back pressure from the oil filler than I would like - fast road engine has about 40 000km since total rebuild some 20 years ago. I have just changed the thermostat and there is no variation in behaviour. I recently poured in some Bars anti leaks to staunch a very minor leak in the usual place at the top of the rad. Going to do a compression test when I find a suitable gauge. Should I suspect a cracked cylinder head? james
  15. Yes ! I have this setup on my 3A except I have the Vred Sprint Classic. James
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