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  1. Twas not my intention at all. It is the same subject! My thanks for your agression james
  2. I also have a current problem with coolant on my 3A Like many, I find the Search Engine a bit tedious, so at the risk of annoying many to have a reply from the few: My setup is 82° thermostat (no shroud/bellows) Kenlowe pusher fan. 4lb radiator cap. The coolant temp warms up then suddenly goes up to about 90° And then cools down to 82° Fan cuts in when it should, if it has to. This started a week or so ago Engine running well and ticking over with no lumpiness. BUT I am losing coolant somewhere. Two observations: the exhaust smoke seems to have more grey vapour than previously and I find there is more back pressure from the oil filler than I would like - fast road engine has about 40 000km since total rebuild some 20 years ago. I have just changed the thermostat and there is no variation in behaviour. I recently poured in some Bars anti leaks to staunch a very minor leak in the usual place at the top of the rad. Going to do a compression test when I find a suitable gauge. Should I suspect a cracked cylinder head? james
  3. Yes ! I have this setup on my 3A except I have the Vred Sprint Classic. James
  4. For some, hearing improves with age...... james
  5. I had my gearbox tunnel off in the early spring to remedy an irregular fonctionning of the overdrive. Have a look and test the relay first, listen for the clicking of the terminals closing. Mine was stamped 8 1968 so had lived well but was in fact the criminal - I've replaced it with a Chinese substitute. As Rodbr says , use your ears to confirm that both the relay and the solenoid are working. - it is quite a noticeable thwack for the solenoid. The weakness as he suggests is the 'rubber' gaiter which perishes and then lets in the water and road crud. I was unable to find a gaiter replacement on its own from our regular and other suppliers - so I had to buy a new solenoid and they don't give them away! - bit of racketeering really Tis rare that an overdrive malfunctions mechanically or hydraulically. (But it does happen!) Don't despair! james
  6. I didn't know that mice were into family planning james
  7. Don't want to disappoint you too much but a quick groogle shows one NOS available on ebay. Seems to be the ill famed version where the lever is made of 3 plates rivetted together. Try and find one with the solid arm - and the hand primer. You won't regret it! james
  8. Try and avoid any fuels with ethanol - which absorbs moisture- in France this means using leadfree 98. I find that even a 3 week lay up in my garage causes my 3A to spit and fart for 20 minutes or so. james
  9. For what it's worth, from my stewed ant days in Aberdeen in the late sixties, I recall a fearsome Triumph Renown fitted with a TR engine and gearbox with floor stick. Went OK on the straight but the bends were a bit of a challenge james
  10. I think you will have to modify the rear support bracket to make it fit comfortably in a 3A. Don't ask me how I know james
  11. Oh good. I was beginning to think I was in a minority of one! james
  12. Hah! But with all that weight up front don't you get too much understeer? My tyres (Vredestein Classic Sprint) die of age so I change all four corners in one go james
  13. That advice of 30/34 is absurd - even dangerous! (I know I am putting head on block!) Start with 24 psi at front and 26 at back and then experiment and adjust james
  14. Is this yet another reason for Brexit? The car hire companies might ask your age but I have never been refused - not that I am a lot over 70 james
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