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  1. Ah ! But will you hear it above the mechanical clatter?? I Think I prefer the visual warning! james
  2. Don’t worry about the EP90 in the gearbox and overdrive, whatever the pundits may say. I’ve been using it for 48 years and still have the original clone clutch! james
  3. I would have thought so, since you don’t want the sleeve turning on the shaft. As for heat, I would be a bit leery of that too, since the sleeves seem to be made from a particularly resistant steel alloy - very hard - and I would fear that heating might alter - and distort - things. But my little knowledge of metallurgy disappeared 50 years ago! james
  4. Boy, do I like folk who blame others because they can’t give them the answer they want. Talk about being brought up in the Nanny state! Kiwi, I think that cars in France registered as historic, have also to have a Contrôle Technique every 5 years. james
  5. I believe that if you have your documents in order in your own European country, this is acceptable (even for the French) However, I would have thought it foolish to venture anywhere, especially abroad, without having your car checked over by a competetent authority! But you don’t have to believe me……. james
  6. Downloaded on Apple in France and works OK for me! Well done all those who are involved! james
  7. Is that a lot of gunge at the bottom of the bowl - or an optical illusion? james
  8. “sold a plug that is 1” UNF x 12 tpi that will not screw into hishead”. Yes, I have first hand experience of this!. In reality the 12tpi into a 14tpi jams up and seals pretty well after a few threads have been wound in, especially if helped with a liberal dose of araldite or whatever it’s called nowadays. But why can’t our suppliers get it right before they flog us this **** ?? james
  9. Panic thee not (yet!) Many years ago, for reasons that escape me now, I had left an interval of a few months between rebuilding an engine and firing it up. Result, when checking things over, was what you have. A suggestion from somebody who knew more about these things than me, was to retorque the head down before busting it all apart. I did just that, flushed the mayonnaise out and then ran gently it on cheapo oil, flushing it again between times. It did the job - the explanation being that the liners had shifted a bit. Good luck james
  10. I thnk that’s the bit that does the sealing - with a bit of help from the ptfe tape! james
  11. Won’t the SS bolt set up a bit of electrolytic corrosion? It certainly does in the salt water boat world. For what it’s worth, from memory, a standard non overdrive gearbox or diff. drain bolt does an excellent job as a non leaking drain tap replacement. james
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