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  1. If I connect my micro metre to the terminals as you suggest, set on 2000k, seems to check out. Gives me a circuit and reading drops from 1 to zero. Time to try it on the car then. Thank you so much for helping me really appreciated
  2. Wow thank you. There is a number on my switch 39748A1094
  3. Thank you for trying to help me but I'm sorry I don't understand 'Measure the switch tags'?
  4. Thanks Steve. This is what worries me!! You can see it was wired totally different before
  5. Thanks for your help Rob. So to be clear pin 3 is the one without a terminal connected on my switch? If I connect as you suggest with 2000n to 3 pin (without a terminal) I do indeed get a circuit. This would suggest then that pushed up should be off, middle on and down fast? As in the picture would be fast. So if I connect as the thread and the manual to this switch this is how it should be?
  6. Hi All After just over 2 years ownership I got caught out by the rain last weekend and needed to use the windscreen wipers. All went well at first and I was quite impressed with how well they cleared the windscreen. I was using the on / off as a manual intermittent wiper but after a while the wipers wouldn't turn of. I still had two speeds but no off. We made our way back with the wipers going (still varying degrees of rain) and stopped for a coffee and then more worryingly as we went to set of I thought I could see smoke coming from the wiper switch vicinity as they set off again. I quic
  7. Dooooh looks like rain on the Sunday I booked. Don't fancy driving two hours in the TR if its raining
  8. https://www.woolies-trim.co.uk/ Could try these.
  9. And the case lid hinge has broke so I have to keep it flat or the tools fall about and that is a pain. Would the storage case be under the guarantee do you think?
  10. I got bought a socket set for Christmas a couple of years ago, Halfords professional range and when I came to use the small ratchet for the first time some three months later it jammed. I took it back, receipt in hand, and they refused to replace it. It took an official complaint to the management before they finally gave me a repair kit.
  11. These guys could maybe help https://www.roughtrax4x4.com/parts/hilux-pickup-yn106-parts
  12. I'm hoping to come Mick. After being cancelled last year I let my ticket roll over. Hopefully they will be in touch with me without me having to chase them Richard
  13. I too changed from 195's to 165's and am glad I did now I've got over spending the extra cash required. Car is much more nimble Regards Richard
  14. Hi Bill I assume then that the number would be covered by the trim on a finished car? I have been following and looking for my number. Thanks Richard
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