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  1. I too changed from 195's to 165's and am glad I did now I've got over spending the extra cash required. Car is much more nimble Regards Richard
  2. Hi Bill I assume then that the number would be covered by the trim on a finished car? I have been following and looking for my number. Thanks Richard
  3. Hi All I was thinking of going to view this car with a view to bidding https://angliacarauctions.co.uk/classic/sat-6th-sun-7th-november/1966-triumph-tr4a-irs/ Bit of a long shot but can anybody tell me anything about it that might help me? The description is a bit vague Regards Richard
  4. Really pleased to see your car coming together so quickly for you and looking good. Hope you can soon enjoy it again knowing the chassis is solid as well as all the other areas that have now had a good inspection. I've read your posts and know your bank balance has taken an unexpected battering but I hope you we soon recover from this and can enjoy owning a special car again. All the best going forward Richard
  5. So I have been reading the links supplied above, thank you guys. and also looking at some videos on youtube. I have now taken the top off one of my carbs and have some questions please 1. My needle valve I have removed is a 175. Can I assume all three carbs will have the same size? 2. On removal the valve falls easily out of the threaded holder. Is this normal or does this indicate wear? 3. The pin holding the float on was also loose. Easily removed by hand. Should this be tight and therefore need replacing as well? 4. When setting the float height I see a inserting a clea
  6. Me to Rob. Part of my partners work is to help people manage their finances. She often finds that they have subscribed to multiple direct debits to charities which they can ill afford who then call them regularly asking to increase their monthly payments. Hard sell to people who are often old and vulnerable. Unfortunately, although I acknowledge most charities do excellent work, they are now run like most businesses greedily. I believe precisely due to the people they employ at the top. Greedy people. And I work for a charity (at the bottom) On another note I find car shows regularl
  7. Thanks for your help and the links. Looks like I have some reading to do
  8. Thank you for your replies guys. I guess there is no harm in replacing float needles. If only I knew what and where they are? Is it an easy task please?
  9. I'm taking from the lack of replies that this problem is normal for triple Weber's and nothing to worry about? Or no fix available? Regards Richard
  10. Thanks for the response ntc. Do you think the only problem is the fuel pressure from the pump is stronger than the carb can cope with then and I should turn the pressure down on the regulator?
  11. Thanks for your reply Rob. Is this my pressure regulator? Seems to have a dial for setting. Currently on no 4?
  12. Hi folks. I was sorting a problem with my indicators today which meant turning the ignition on and off several times to check workings. My car is fitted with triple Weber's. I got the indicators fixed but noticed fuel was dripping from the first carb. This surely shouldn't happen? The float should turn off the supply? Any advice on how to go about fixing this please? Is it an easy fix? Or recommendation for triple weber expert please. Thanks in advance Richard
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