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  1. The XAS is exempt from any labeling so you don't even know what the ratings are for those
  2. Anybody fitted these tyres please? https://www.blackcircles.com/catalogue/yokohama/gt-special-classic-y350/165/80/R15/H/87/f?tyre=40395074
  3. I still fail to understand the speed rating. From what I can make of it its about the heat generated but I noticed my brothers VW Transporter van has 'C' rated from new!! Only 50mph? OK so he tells me its the speed limit of all commercials now but even so a van travelling up the motorway at 50mph with a ton of bricks in the back? No heat??
  4. Cool sounds good to me thanks Rodger
  5. Is this event instead of the annual TR meet?
  6. I must admit that if the only reason PI cars have 'H' rated tyres is the additional top speed over the CC and CF that are 'S' or 'T' rated then I tend to agree with you. However I haven't made my mind up yet. Regards Richard
  7. Thanks for sharing the link Stuart. Looking at 165's though its saying it doesn't have enough data and only lists Maxxis or Hankook. Hard to see what others they were tested against. My car also has 195's which I think are to wide. Seems a few people on here that fit, and are quite happy with the Vredestein. I was thinking maybe the Continental CT22 might be better though being a leading brand what do you think? Your not going down the 'H' rated then? Its a minefield when you can't tell what your getting for your money. I don't want to pay hundreds of pounds just for a classic tread pattern
  8. I'm even more confused now. Why would that be?
  9. Wow Rob interesting discussion on the link you provided. So from the experts mouth we should be fitting at least H rated tyres to all our vehicles regardless. Well thats certainly changed my point of view. Thanks for posting Rob. Just what I wanted from this forum I'm a little wiser than I was yesterday.
  10. Talking to my local tyre fitter he suggested that the speed rating was more than just 'speed' but strength in cornering at speeds of 50 mph? He also had a poor opinion of the Vredestein tyres calling them 'just a budget tyre'
  11. Thanks Rob. I saw that in the manual but didn't know what the 'HR' stood for. Thank you John for clearing that up for me so clearly. Its not about skimping on tyres. Its more about getting value for money hence the postings. I want to learn from long term owners who have driven and used various types over the years or tyre experts who know the construction or how how the rating is worked out and applied. I am trying to learn the difference, or what more I am getting for paying £200 for a Michelin XAS over paying £70 for a Continental CT22 which is the two I am edging towards. Both qualit
  12. I apologise for using the 'T' word as I know there are many threads on the matter and its testing the patience of some on here. However I have searched here, on Google and looked in the manuals and can't find anywhere the definitive answer to the speed rating required for TR6 tyres. Can someone please point me to where I see for sure the speed rating required? Or were the cars just originally shod with 'H' Rated boots? And would this still be applicable 50 years on? It makes a quite a difference in price and therefore choice when searching for replacements. Took car for the first essential jou
  13. Is that on a TR6 Dave? Are they ok as that is what I'm thinking of replacing mine with?
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