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  1. The dip switch appears to be connected correctly and tests as you described above
  2. If I put the multimeter blue white to brown I have continuity permanently regardless of whether I operate the flasher or not
  3. Thanks for your continued support I haven't seen any evidence that the wiring is incorrect. Although this was my first time out in the dark I tested the lights in the garage previously and they worked ok (with the exception of the dash lights) and it passed an MOT
  4. No mine appears to have 5 wires. Blue white, red green, blue, brown and blue brown.
  5. Thanks Keith and Rob for persevering with me but now I have disconnected all wires to the switch and tested again. If I put brown to blue I don't have continuity on flasher but on position 2 headlights. This connection is poor though, makes and breaks Brown blue to blue gives me continuity on position 2 headlights Brown blue to red green gives continuity on position 1 & 2 Can I safely conclude that the switch is making contact though the flasher making contact when the headlights are on causing my problem? I will take dip switch of later. Sorry to be such a p
  6. No says on them 15 x 5.5 tyres are 195
  7. So do I need to take my switch off before I can test it correctly?
  8. I have chrome wheels that I don't like!! They seem to sit wide of the wheel arches don't know why I can't see any spacers Willing to swap for some good 60 spoke originals with useable tyres or some bolt on minilites
  9. Thanks Keith. So I connected the green brown/ brown to the blue and had continuity permanently operating the flasher just changed the reading on the display. Connecting the brown blue to the blue or red/green gave the same result continuity on both positions 1 and 2. Connection on one was never positive and would disconnect with a wiggle of the stalk. Off was always off. I done the test without disconnecting any of the bullet connectors hope this is correct? When I tried by disconnecting the bullets I couldn't get continuity at all From the above would you agree it looks like my
  10. Thanks Keith can I do this without the battery connected and what setting should I put the multimeter on? Also what reading should I expect? Thank you regards Richard
  11. Thanks to all those taking the time posting here trying to help me it is much appreciated. I am struggling to understand the wiring diagram and can't make out what terminals on the car should take what colour. There are also variations in the different diagrams. I don't seem to have a green brown wire in my lighting switch? I have seen that the lighting switch comes complete with the loom attached and I can locate mine connected to the correct corresponding colour on the main loom. Is it possible to test the switch on the car at all?
  12. Thanks Rob for your comprehensive advice I really appreciate it. I can't open your link to the wiring diagram. I will look at trying to print one out and learn
  13. Dooooh thanks for the warnings. I've disconnected the battery and had a look for any dodgy connections. Everything looks ok. Not sure where I go from here l can't really understand the wiring diagram enough
  14. Thanks Stuart unfortunately I can't view on my phone. I'll try and look later on a laptop Thanks Rob yes side lights work Thanks Keith tried to just add another temporary earth and made no difference. Strangely after flipping the light switch a few times the ignition light stopped coming on but if I turn ignition on with the key my headlights now come on full beam and I can't turn them off. If I put headlights on switch then high and low beams are on together. All very strange
  15. Hi guys I have discovered another problem with my 4a. Yesterday evening was the first time out using the lights. Firstly none of my gauge lights are working. On operating the high and low beams my blue indicator light was staying on regardless although the lights were dipping. Went to the garage this morning and without the key in the ignition operating the dip switch turns on the red ignition light!! Where should I start to fix this please? Any pointers appreciated might add car has been newly rewired using new wiring loom Regards Richard VID_20240712_105613.mp4
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