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  1. well that was 90% successful misfire hesitation gone but still a small amount between 4500 and 5000 revs. Please see pic of plugsbelow after last adjustment. All 4 were like this. Phil
  2. Yes that’s what I have been advised to do ref mixture, I tried pulling the choke out trick tonight made no difference but I think the cables snagging am not getting full movement on the choke cable will investigate in the morning. Yes there is oil in the dash pots fresh today. Regarding timing tbh no idea hasn't been touched since it was rolling roaded about 9 months ago. Phil
  3. I've just got my carbs back from Glen at GW carbs he done a fantastic job of refurbing them. I have put them on and done a basic idle and mixture tune. No I don't have the instruments to either check the balance or the mixture just using what I have picked up on the internet and a piece of pipe. However with or without the k& N air filters on there is a sluggishness between 2000 and 3500 revs I probably more a reluctance to pick up cleanly rather than a missfire. Glen seams to think it could even with the filters on be running to lean, I am going to have another go tomorrow but
  4. So its not just me then ,jumping from my modern into the TR and getting annoyed because the right hand indicator has stopped working until I realise I am trying to indicate with the the light switch. Phil
  5. Exactly what I found, Rough Running, when I took the inlet manifold off the ears (clamps) that hold the inlet and outlet manifold to the head on the rear one although tight had twisted and was not clamping the inlet manifold . Phil
  6. If this helps this is were the washer tube comes thru the bulk head unfortunately its slightly behind the heater but you should be able to feel it. Make sure its not dropped out then try feeling it inside the vent flap. I found mine under the metal plate which is attached to the vent flap.Good hunting. Phil Phil
  7. I cut and paste them into my tech folder on my computer but also +2 Phil.
  8. Garage is dry just taped the ports over with cardboard because in the past I have had a wasps nest in the garage and last year a bee hive in the bird box outside so I don't fancy blowing a load of honey out of a cylinder when I start it up Phil.
  9. The car not me. While I am awaiting the return of my carbs after rebuild , 8 weeks, 3 weeks gone and counting and involved in other jobs on the car I wondered is it a good idea to pull the plugs out and turn the engine over to maybe just oil the bores. The petrol is turned of and there is no inlet manifold on the car. Phil.
  10. Look under the carpet in the right hand top cornerin the footwell the newer ones are a bit smaller and sometimes times get hidden. Phil
  11. I tend to pull the roof up and over but not attach it to the top of the windscreen surround, then find it easier to attach the poppers then push down on the front of the roof and pull the clamps into position on the screen surround. I suspect its these repo hoods although mine is goodish quality it doesn't seem to stretch very well. Phil.
  12. Have you removed your plugs yet. I have a similar problem, Spoke to Burlen services they are really helpful guys. Removed the plugs they were straw coloured running to lean or weak. Checked various things on the carbs butterfly spindles loose, pistons in the pot were dropping in 2 secs not 5/7 !! Other tests persuaded me to have the carbs rebuilt. However when I was removing the carbs complete with inlet manifold I noticed one of the bottom lugs which hold the inlet and outlet manifold in position although tight had moved and was only holding the outlet manifold to the head. A good way t
  13. Ian. I have been out cycling in Majorca when that event is on they manage to do in one day what it takes me 3/4 days to do. Much Respect. Phil.
  14. yes I have the same problem but no problem on a post for the forum. Nice car Roger
  15. I am not buying it but put a few pics on here always nice to see Phil.
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