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  1. heckler

    hard top

    This is how mine are .Installed same as how they were removed .The window millboard panel has been replaced & recovered. All appeared original before restoration of top. Chris
  2. heckler

    hard top

    The cap comes up through the rear window trim panel .Installed before trim panel fixed. Chris
  3. Hi. For info , wires were optional on the six up until may 73 .Early six steel wheels were not welded all the way round .From cp 50001 there were 15 cooling holes instead of 12. Chris
  4. heckler

    Hood Cover

    That’s correct , with hardtop fitted & soft top left in car the row of poppers shown fix below windows to to secure cover over soft top :The two cutouts go around the rear hardtop mountings. Chris
  5. heckler

    Hardtop seal

    Hi Ian. PM sent
  6. I see you have a choke cable Tom . Do you ever use it . Never connected it to mine , just a few pumps of the throttle and it starts fine. chris
  7. It’s worth putting elastic bands over the pockets on the wing mirrors .That will help it stay in place when very windy Chris
  8. Hi mines on Weber’s with a facet fast road pump .I would think the pump works at its manufacture output 6-7psi in my case .The webers require less than this controlled by the fuel regulator .My inline filter (the plastic type non cleanable) is after the regulator so under a couple of less psi .All of this is fitted in the right hand side of the boot so nothing in engine bay . It’s been like this for 20 + years. Chris
  9. Might be worth checking lower wishbone brackets to chassis are all good . Chris
  10. Revington show mill board for footwell sides on their site if no luck obtaining correct template. Chris
  11. Just saying Nothing to do with known or unknown
  12. Nice to see painted wing beads , correct mirrors & sill trims fitted , looks finished . Chris
  13. Be careful if the front fixing bolts are not original . If they are too long they can dent the top .All six bolts need to be tight to notice the rigidity benefits. The rubber spacers might need slight spacing for a nice fit just off the deck . Use clear protector on deck to stop possible paint marking. The top can bind on the rear interior trim if sitting slightly to far back. With the frame removed less clutter in the way to observe how it’s sitting .Hood & frame can stay in the car & can look neater with corrrect hood bag but you don’t gain any space . Chris
  14. There was also a blue soft cover supplement for the TR5 which went with the 4a manual . Also a brown tr6 supplement for the 4a manual . Chris
  15. My reels are mounted at the base of the vertical panel behind the seats , they run through a guide on top of wheel arch .I have a roll over bar hence the location . Chris
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