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  1. heckler

    Hardtop seals

    Hi Harald. PM sent. Chris


  3. Definitely worth fitting an oil temp gauge , not only will it probably show you an oil cooler is not necessary for normal or fast road use but will also indicate when your oil is warm enough to extend your engine from cold .A longer time than you might think . I removed my oil cooler after fitting a gauge .My cooler did not have a stat fitted in line . Chris
  4. I just put a switch in the permanent live to usb rather than ignition controlled . Chris
  5. Yes they should .I put hardtop, on catch front screen bolts first as they can be fiddly then fit (23) after . Chris
  6. Thanks for that ,I wonder could it have been more for export cars . Is yours a uk car ?
  7. Hi interesting you mention blue lighting for instruments on early 6 .I have never come across this .Both the 5 I had & my now 69 six have been clear. Chris
  8. Hi I have the 45mm oval filters no more room at the time due to GT6 inlet manifolds. With a TWM now fitted I could just about clear 63mm ones (due to inner wing clearance) .I have 25mm clearance just above minimum I believe.I shortened the intake trumpets to achieve this .Its been fine for 20+years ,not best clearance but I prefer this type of full size filter. Chris
  9. I remember the car & owner in Torquay in the 70’s . Seem to recall it with a hardtop fitted . Chris
  10. heckler

    hard top

    This is how mine are .Installed same as how they were removed .The window millboard panel has been replaced & recovered. All appeared original before restoration of top. Chris
  11. heckler

    hard top

    The cap comes up through the rear window trim panel .Installed before trim panel fixed. Chris
  12. Hi. For info , wires were optional on the six up until may 73 .Early six steel wheels were not welded all the way round .From cp 50001 there were 15 cooling holes instead of 12. Chris
  13. heckler

    Hood Cover

    That’s correct , with hardtop fitted & soft top left in car the row of poppers shown fix below windows to to secure cover over soft top :The two cutouts go around the rear hardtop mountings. Chris
  14. I see you have a choke cable Tom . Do you ever use it . Never connected it to mine , just a few pumps of the throttle and it starts fine. chris
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