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  1. I would just put a couple of those ultra magnets on the outside of the sump. They won't fall off but will trap anything on the the inside until the next oil change, then you can walk/slide the magnets towards the plug 'ole and see if anything appears. I've had a head bolt on the bottom of my Landcruiser sump for 100,000 miles trapped in place with a couple of the little beasts.Looks like forever! Roger M-E
  2. Well Tony, I'm thinking that a total of 36 Wayne photos in just 2 issues will hopefully be a record that will stand in perpetuity.I can't check your claims unfortunately, as my recycling centre has taken care of both issues! Cheers Roger
  3. Yes Ian, and very good articles I'm sure they are too, and I hope that he writes lots more, but I'd rather see the photos spread more evenly, perhaps some wearing overalls, getting thoroughly filthy, lying under a knackered TR3 perhaps, with a spanner in his hand? Roger
  4. I counted just 17 photos of someone who looks likes Wayne Scott in this months mag, (Nov 2021) which has just arrived. Could this be a record? Has anyone counted more lookalikes of anyone else other than he, in any one issue? Roger M-E
  5. You are right Roy, I used the MSRods but with 89mm liners in an early (non cam bearing) block.All the rods hit their respective liners and had to be relieved.(2 had already had a small lump chipped off whilst carefully rotating the crank!) It could be that the sources for the liners varies from supplier to supplier and have a longer spigot?.Mine came from TRGB. Roger M-E
  6. I bought one of these, secondhand, from the Beaulieu autojumble about 10 years ago.Paid £6 for it.As I was walking back to my own stall a chap coming towards me asked if I knew what it was from, no says I, it's from a Lada says he!For me they are the most practical, reasonably priced and 'period authentic' tool roll I've seen. I think the consensus it being Lada is pretty conclusive. Roger M-E
  7. David, Pete sums it up quite well.One of my less well accomplished projects, hampered by youth, ignorance and lack of money. All good fun at the time! Cheers Roger M-E
  8. Stuart, you're not the only one to not find the time for an old modsports project.The was mine in 1975 and still looks exactly the same! Roger M-E
  9. Not a car for the purist that's for sure.Awful lot of wrongness' for a 1954 TR2 especially if so recently 'restored'.Why bother fitting a later TR3 rear apron and fit MG TD rear lights?Why forget to rechrome the gear and handbrake levers?Why isn't the central instrument panel trimmed?Wrong (high port)cylinder head, carbs(H6) and manifold.Door hinges left unpainted. Stainless wing beading plus the MX5 seats.Wiper motor fitted to the wrong side of the bulkhead even though the captive nuts are still there on the right hand side.Front brakes replaced with discs. Good points. Does have the cor
  10. I buy mine (lots) off ebay.around £7-8 each.Probably Chinese.Never had a problem. Roger M-E
  11. Oops. hit the wrong button. Thanks Rob. All clear now! Roger M-E
  12. I see the expression 'go figure!) used occasionally. It's not something I'm familiar with. (3 score years and ten)What does it mean? Roger M-E
  13. I see the expression 'go figure!) used occasionally. It's not something I'm familiar with. (3 score years and ten)What does it mean? Roger M-E
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