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  1. If you refer to 'MaxSpeedingRods' or similar, I've used a set in an , as yet, unused TR 4 pot engine, so can't speak for their longevity. However, I found that they must be given clearance at the bottom of the cylinder liners, due to the rod big end being split horizontally for the cap, as opposed to the ST item which is split on the diagonal which presents a narrower profile and therefore does not touch the liners on rotation of the crank. Otherwise, my ex Laystall balancing man thought they 'looked' excellent, and I certainly had no other issues fitting them Roger M-E
  2. Thanks chaps! Stuart, I only recently discovered that the handbrake cable should actually have a spring, but for the life of me, I cannot see any evidence around the RH side of the prop tunnel, that there was provision for it. Can you enlighten me as to the correct position and indeed, what it should look like? Cheers Roger M-E
  3. This is where I am as of today John. Maybe a bit longer than a year!! Hopefully in colour by the end of the month, and body back on chassis. Cheers Roger M-E
  4. SAH_TR_manifolds.zipIan, Talking of puzzling balance pipes. I picked these up off the classifieds here (not with carbs). I'm presuming these are probably SAH ? Roger M-E
  5. Looks wonderful John! I'm about a year behind you! Roger M-E
  6. This is on Ebay.co.uk for sale attached to a TR4 engine. Presumed aftermarket.But by whom? Roger M-E
  7. Super photo! That's an aluminium bonnet she's sitting on! Roger M-E
  8. Rod, Very sorry to read of your bad news. My immediate neighbours managed to flood their kitchen, having had a dodgy washing machine installation, in June, about 4 weeks after having a new Amtico floor fitted.The whole lot had to come out.Floors floor kitchen units, range cooker, floor joists, insulation etc etc.Their insurers had a brand spanking new 4 berth caravan delivered immediately the diagnosis was made, which was set up and professionally commissioned in our joint drive/turning area for 6 weeks.At the end of the kitchen works, the caravan was removed with equal professionalism. I just hope that you are as fortunate. Best wishes Roger M-E
  9. A blue one changed hands on Ebay 4 weeks ago £350 Roger M-E
  10. Many thanks Graham and Stuart! Exactly what I wanted to know and with perfect photos too. Excellent! Roger M-E
  11. I'm at the stage where I need to think about sealing the seams on my TR2s restored shell.As the car has been sandblasted, painted, left unused over the last 25+ years and re-blasted by me, it's absolutely devoid of any original sealant whatsoever. Most of where it's needed it is pretty obvious, and out of sight where it doesn't matter cosmetically, but where abouts underbonnet and boot area do I need to concentrate?Floors? The inner wing joints to bulkhead looks as though they might benefit, esp as the quality of factory welding (arc) is pretty dire.Also the closing plates for brake/clutch cylinder and the blank, bulkhead to scuttle etc.I don't want to go too mad as I want the car to be as close to factory standard as poss, but perhaps with a bit more care. Recommended gunge for the job?I'm currently at the 1st coat of 2K primer stage over bare metal and would like to get the sealant done before continuing the paint processes. Thanks Roger M-E
  12. Niklas and Edwin, I fear you are the unlucky victims of amateurs. A professional outfit would have dismantled the rims i.e drilled out the rivets, trued up the centres, trued the rims or replaced them where necessary and welded them back together on a jig.It's not a science as you know.The automotive industry has been doing it for over 100 years. There will be someone out there that CAN do the job properly, (I don't know of anyone offhand) but personally the route I would take would be to buy up all the cheap old second hand TR rims that you see for sale for peanuts, and select the best.Even a 25% success rate will be a cheaper option than a 'specialist'. Good luck Roger M-E
  13. Eager customer here Pete! Roger M-E
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