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  1. I'm with Bob.Considerably over advanced.I tend against the 180degress as that usually results in lots of popping and backfiring.(Years of (in)experience!) Easiest way to sort is crank @TDC ( check withpencil down plughole)/Rockers #1 cylinder both with clearance and rotor arm pointing at #1 plug terminal.Should start . Roger M-E
  2. My Godson aquired a TR2 that had the full monty restoration at a well known south-west TR establishment.As it hadn't been used for some time, I got to give it a full once over and thought to give said TR chaps a ring regarding tyre pressures. 30 psi all round is where we start said they. So thats what is gets. Roger M-E
  3. Hi Roger

    Sorry not to get back to you on baby tenax, how many female do you still need?, let me have your address and I'll put them in the post in the next few days, as you know I can't help with the pegs but will send the couple I've got. email is john.hodges@btinternet.com if you prefer

    Regards John

  4. Kind offer Tony, but pretty well stocked on windscreen tenax pegs. The others in your picture are Lift-the-dot pegs which are incompatibile with Tenax fasteners (and still very available). Thanks you anyway Roger M-E
  5. Alas, Pete, TS70L was missing all the cabling, but I'm sure it would have had starter and choke only script. Roger M-E
  6. Me again! After a couple of disappointments I'm still looking for a dozen or so of these little beasts to bring me up to full strength. Anyone out there with spare?, Only needing a few, and not expecting gifts! Thanks Roger M-E
  7. Hi, Does anyone know of a source for these nowadays? Have acquired a steel hardtop missing these and also the 5 rear angle brackets which shouldn't present as much of a challenge? Roger M-E
  8. Can anyone tell me what length the 'all thread' type of early TR2 jack should be? I'd be most grateful! Roger M-E
  9. Taking the subject a little further then perhaps the fact that nearly a dozen TR3 chassis on the line were non-black, would indicate a batch of special orders? Personally, I've never come across any TR chassis that wasn't black, but happy to accept they obviously did/do exist and would be interested as to why. Roger M-E
  10. Rod, I presume you are referring to the white(?) TR3 chassis frames. Looking at the film, you'd think they all came in any colour as long as it wasn't black! Roger M-E
  11. John, Begs the question, why persist with trying to bleed silicon fluid, when the old DOT4 has never caused any problem? I tried the silicon fluid years ago, against better advice and regretted it.The new hydraulic rubbers, of whatever the project was at the time, were swelling up after contact with the silicon and causing mayhem. New rubbers and a good flush thru with DOT3/4 and all was good. Cheers Roger M-E
  12. Thanks Lou, That would narrow things down considerably.In market terms that's a relatively small spread.Of course, one has to be careful of earlier cars retrospectively fitted with later instruments with the red line.I'm thinking later cars with no red line are not likely to be overly representative. Roger M-E
  13. Halfway through the restoration of my 2, doing an awful lot of the work myself, farming the rest out where the job will be done better, even the 2 most expensive cars mentioned here are beginning to look like bargains!! Roger M-E
  14. From what I understand from my instruments man, an dial face would have a cliche' (trade name for the printing face) for the basic format.A seperate cliche, in this case a red line, would be used to print over the basic face.In the case of the TR2 rev counter under discussion, part 2 never occurred. I'm sure that my description is not entirely accurate.Someone will be along shortly I suspect! Tom, I'm not convinced that a trembing hand would have been responsible for the bulk of TR 'red lines', unless an escapee from the pin striping department at Rolls Royce was trying his hand at easier work? Pete, looking forward to Seaford man's conclusions! Roger M-E
  15. Peter, Trust you to have one of everything! I don't remember the Keston car in isolation, but if it was in front of me now it might ring a bell! You are correct, mine has the RC 163... numbering as per yours. I have a First Edition parts book and nothing suggests a p/n change, although the illustration of the rev counter, despite the general detail gone into for all the instruments, doesn't have a line at 5000.One would assume later parts books will carry the same illustration? So, as far as dating is concerned, early would appear to be the answer, but how early TBA! Roger M-E
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