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  1. I bought one of these, secondhand, from the Beaulieu autojumble about 10 years ago.Paid £6 for it.As I was walking back to my own stall a chap coming towards me asked if I knew what it was from, no says I, it's from a Lada says he!For me they are the most practical, reasonably priced and 'period authentic' tool roll I've seen. I think the consensus it being Lada is pretty conclusive. Roger M-E
  2. David, Pete sums it up quite well.One of my less well accomplished projects, hampered by youth, ignorance and lack of money. All good fun at the time! Cheers Roger M-E
  3. Stuart, you're not the only one to not find the time for an old modsports project.The was mine in 1975 and still looks exactly the same! Roger M-E
  4. Not a car for the purist that's for sure.Awful lot of wrongness' for a 1954 TR2 especially if so recently 'restored'.Why bother fitting a later TR3 rear apron and fit MG TD rear lights?Why forget to rechrome the gear and handbrake levers?Why isn't the central instrument panel trimmed?Wrong (high port)cylinder head, carbs(H6) and manifold.Door hinges left unpainted. Stainless wing beading plus the MX5 seats.Wiper motor fitted to the wrong side of the bulkhead even though the captive nuts are still there on the right hand side.Front brakes replaced with discs. Good points. Does have the cor
  5. I buy mine (lots) off ebay.around £7-8 each.Probably Chinese.Never had a problem. Roger M-E
  6. Oops. hit the wrong button. Thanks Rob. All clear now! Roger M-E
  7. I see the expression 'go figure!) used occasionally. It's not something I'm familiar with. (3 score years and ten)What does it mean? Roger M-E
  8. I see the expression 'go figure!) used occasionally. It's not something I'm familiar with. (3 score years and ten)What does it mean? Roger M-E
  9. Hi Dic, You have a pm. Roger M-E
  10. Richard, to the very best of my knowledge, there isn't a 'very early TR2 tank', it's just a TR2 tank.It's different in shape and capacity to a TR3 tank.The TR3 tank was made so that the occasional rear seat backrest would still allow some room for a passenger with resultant loss in fuel capacity.This was an option that was introduced in 1956, so no TR2 involvement.Revington list a correct TR2 ally tank, recognising the differences.There is no need to compromise on the correct item, but maybe the price is more important to some as the later TR3 tank will physically
  11. Richard, The TR2 and the TR3 have different fuel tanks.How can this be correct for both? Alicool know the difference between the two, and have my genuine old TR2 tank as a pattern and from which they make a good replica, so no reason for 1 size fits all? Cheers Roger M-E
  12. John, To the best of my knowledge, the float chamber is solid mounted, being held to the main carb body by a banjo bolt and a collection of fibre and aluminium shim washers.If not solid mounted, why would there be a steady bracket from the damper banjo on the top of the float chamber, to the one of the 3 vacuum chamber screws?The rigid fuel pipe exits the fuel pump vertically, runs forward along the top of the head/rocker cover joint, turns right between the underside of the thermostat housing and the fan pulley and then right again complete with the two carb banjos.The pipe is secured u
  13. Genrlemen, The answer is that the TR2 originally had no rubber pipes connecting carbs to fuel pipe. The entire fuel pipe and banjos were one homogenous unit from fuel pump to carbs. Cheers Roger M-E
  14. Rod, I've had a few TR2s over the years.None of them had any indents in the inner wings for headlamp bowls.They simply don't need them with a TR2 or earlier TR3 as the original front apron sets the headlamps clear of the inner wings. Had you considered flogging the 3a front apron and get hold of a TR2/3 apron, killing 2 birds with 1 stone so to speak? Good luck Roger M-E
  15. Didn't I read Glen Hewitt had a bonnet episode with MVC575 on it's return from the post restoration Jabbeke tour? I believe it was on it's trailer at the time.Obviously got repaired before being sold! (Ally bonnet too!!) Roger M-E
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