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  1. Not to forget that the Husky provided the underpinnings for both the Sunbeam Alpines and Tigers. Roger Murray-Evans
  2. Rod PM sent Roger M-E
  3. Ken, I don't know who made it, but if you find a spare one I'm your man! Roger M-E
  4. Bob, I have 2 spare heads (Hi port TR3).And for what it's worth one has 3.333" and t'other 3.321". Measured once, twice, three times etc. Roger M-E
  5. Yes Tom and Richard, that's exactly where I have placed my business since! Roger M-E
  6. I will NEVER use the Green Spark Co again.Sold me a rotor arm (for an L series Vauxhall) which packed up within 5 miles. When I rang to request a replacement, the owner scoffed that it was almost impossible for such a basic component to fail.He'd sold loads with no problems.'It's a piece of plastic and a lump of brass, what could possibly go wrong?' (with that 'you bloody idiot' sort of tone) However, they reluctantly sent a replacement. I asked whether he'd like the 'old' one returned for investigation but he wasn't interested.What could it tell him? Fitted the 'new' one immediately and that, too, failed within 5 miles. I refitted the old Lucas rotor (which I had been getting very skilled at) and have had no problems. I received an unsolicited package some months later from the GSP Co enclosing yet another rotor arm with a note to say they had been experiencing some problems with this component and would I like to try this new one? The damage had been done as far as I'm concerned and I'm afraid it went straight into the bin. These components are available from other sources fortunately. I'm sure others have experienced nothing but First Class care and attention from this company, but my experience has been less than edifying. Roger M-E
  7. Ondon, Try John Skinner trim here in the UK.Pretty sure they do all their trim in LH and RH including the glove boxes to the correct Triumph specification. Roger Murray-Evans
  8. Using a funding grant from the Heritage Memorial Trust MVC 575 has been 'saved' (from what it doesn't say!) by the British Motor Museum. Info courtesy of a journalist chum of mine. Roger M-E
  9. But although not strictly kosher, the top pipe can be repositioned ,by your proper radiator man, to suit.And you're right Stuart, I've never managed to source an original rad. Roger M-E
  10. Thank you Gentlemen! I think that about covers what I wanted to know.Some of it, I didn't even know I needed to know!I wasn't aware of the alternative oil seals for a start neither the differing h/brake levers, so have no excuse to cock it up1 And yes, I'm well aware of the oil leaks situation from past experience and it applies to many cars of the period, including Vauxhalls and Allards in my care! How easy will it be to source the backplates I wonder.Were they all chucked into the nearest skip? Roger Murray-Evans
  11. Having got my TR2 heading towards the finishing line, I'm now having second thoughts regarding my choice of the Girling axle I substituted for the original Lockheed axle, which would have been equipped with the maligned 9" brakes.It did, however, come from the States with the later mod of Lockeed 10" brakes already made, and I'm now wanting to backpedal to the original spec. I've already got a pair of 9" Alfins and will be looking for backplates etc to effect the change. My question is, are there any of the 10" small components that I can utilise in the change, specifically adjuster and wheel cylinders? I'm aware of the negatives regarding going down this route, but to be honest, I've driven driven so many old cars with crappy brakes, I've always managed to work around the limited performance, and am confident that that will be the case here, including dodgy half shafts. Thanks Roger Murray-Evans
  12. Having bitched at a low level regarding the availability of the this part and the protracted gestation period, I'd have to say that it looks superb, AND, having already sourced an original item for my project, I shall be purchasing one for the 'vital spares' box for my car. Well done to everyone with a hand in it's manufacture, and to my mind, the very reasonable price being asked for this vital and correct part. Roger M-E
  13. But, as I understand it, you CAN substitute the age related number with your own cherished number as long as the cherished number conforms to the age restrictions itself.Then, if and when you subsequently dispose of the car and want to retain the 'cherished number' DVLA will then allocate the original age related number back to the car leaving you to retain 'your' number or transfer to your new vehicle. Roger M-E
  14. John, I remember seeing COM 1C on a Volvo P1800 In Berkeley Square, London when I used to work there.Think around 1975/6.Understand it belonged to Jimmy Tarbuck at the time.Maybe still does? Cheers Roger M-E
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