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  1. Many thanks Graham and Stuart! Exactly what I wanted to know and with perfect photos too. Excellent! Roger M-E
  2. I'm at the stage where I need to think about sealing the seams on my TR2s restored shell.As the car has been sandblasted, painted, left unused over the last 25+ years and re-blasted by me, it's absolutely devoid of any original sealant whatsoever. Most of where it's needed it is pretty obvious, and out of sight where it doesn't matter cosmetically, but where abouts underbonnet and boot area do I need to concentrate?Floors? The inner wing joints to bulkhead looks as though they might benefit, esp as the quality of factory welding (arc) is pretty dire.Also the closing plates for brake/clutch cylinder and the blank, bulkhead to scuttle etc.I don't want to go too mad as I want the car to be as close to factory standard as poss, but perhaps with a bit more care. Recommended gunge for the job?I'm currently at the 1st coat of 2K primer stage over bare metal and would like to get the sealant done before continuing the paint processes. Thanks Roger M-E
  3. Niklas and Edwin, I fear you are the unlucky victims of amateurs. A professional outfit would have dismantled the rims i.e drilled out the rivets, trued up the centres, trued the rims or replaced them where necessary and welded them back together on a jig.It's not a science as you know.The automotive industry has been doing it for over 100 years. There will be someone out there that CAN do the job properly, (I don't know of anyone offhand) but personally the route I would take would be to buy up all the cheap old second hand TR rims that you see for sale for peanuts, and select the best.Even a 25% success rate will be a cheaper option than a 'specialist'. Good luck Roger M-E
  4. Eager customer here Pete! Roger M-E
  5. Pete, Overdrive knob. Graham Robson's book The Triumph TRs P.21, has a dashboard photo of TS1 'back in the day'.You can just about see the overdrive knob on the left next to the heater switch.My less than high quality magnifying glass seems to think there are 2 word groupings (upper and lower), so I'm going to go for Overdrive Pull! Roger M-E
  6. PET 2 is now resident on a 2003 Land Rover! Roger M-E
  7. Presumably, the original logic in front filler/rear hinges versus rear filler/front hinges is that there's more headroom/better accessability for oil topping up in that configuration. Or am I stating the bleeding obvious?? However, whatever way around the filler cap is on an ally type rocker cover, they are not reversible, as the 2 x cover stud holes are offset in the head.Of course, this did not stop some worthy individual fitting one to my TR2 by judiscious bending of both studs.He also had painted it Chevy orange, which gives a clue as to where this crime originated! Roger M-E
  8. I'm with Bob.Considerably over advanced.I tend against the 180degress as that usually results in lots of popping and backfiring.(Years of (in)experience!) Easiest way to sort is crank @TDC ( check withpencil down plughole)/Rockers #1 cylinder both with clearance and rotor arm pointing at #1 plug terminal.Should start . Roger M-E
  9. My Godson aquired a TR2 that had the full monty restoration at a well known south-west TR establishment.As it hadn't been used for some time, I got to give it a full once over and thought to give said TR chaps a ring regarding tyre pressures. 30 psi all round is where we start said they. So thats what is gets. Roger M-E
  10. Hi Roger

    Sorry not to get back to you on baby tenax, how many female do you still need?, let me have your address and I'll put them in the post in the next few days, as you know I can't help with the pegs but will send the couple I've got. email is john.hodges@btinternet.com if you prefer

    Regards John

  11. Kind offer Tony, but pretty well stocked on windscreen tenax pegs. The others in your picture are Lift-the-dot pegs which are incompatibile with Tenax fasteners (and still very available). Thanks you anyway Roger M-E
  12. Alas, Pete, TS70L was missing all the cabling, but I'm sure it would have had starter and choke only script. Roger M-E
  13. Me again! After a couple of disappointments I'm still looking for a dozen or so of these little beasts to bring me up to full strength. Anyone out there with spare?, Only needing a few, and not expecting gifts! Thanks Roger M-E
  14. Hi, Does anyone know of a source for these nowadays? Have acquired a steel hardtop missing these and also the 5 rear angle brackets which shouldn't present as much of a challenge? Roger M-E
  15. Can anyone tell me what length the 'all thread' type of early TR2 jack should be? I'd be most grateful! Roger M-E
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