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  1. Tom, Do I see an aluminium sump lurking there? Car back on the road soon? Roger M-E
  2. So Tom, what has triggered that little observation? Roger M-E
  3. The 2 inner slots on the 4 slot bonnet were apparently deleted on the later TR2s because they permitted engine compartment fumes to enter the passenger via the newly introduced scuttle vent. So they appear to have had some effect on engine compartment venting! Roger M-E
  4. If that were the case, it would be very much 'pearls before swine'. But they look like perfectly bog ordinaire Aero Screens or Brooklands screens to me Iain.. Does this car now have a blower or Webers? Apart from the wheels, it's little more than paint that seperates it from an awful(!) number of cars in the Register. Roger M-E
  5. As mentioned in times past, some Vanguards have the dipstick in the same position as a TR.What I've not fathomed out is how you make a Vanguard engine look like a TR engine by fitting a TR inlet manifold and carbs notwithstanding that Vanguard in/ex ports are round, TR exh ports are rectangular. the manifold mounting studs on a Vanguard head have a completely different layout to a TR. Roger M-E
  6. Ian, I have an Fe Ford V8 engine in one of my Allards, and the mechanical fan on that has a similar asymmetrical blade layout.Although my engine isn't fitted with a viscous coupling , perhaps it should have one to iron out the potential imbalance/It's probably a science in itself, and I'm sure BMW (and Ford) put great thought into it. Would be interesting to know what that layout brings to the table though. Cheers Roger M-E
  7. I've used him, and the most expensive plating I've ever had done and to an average standard. Previously I always used the apparently defunct London Chroming from whom I always received the highest and most long lived quality. Colmor does not and will not copper plate anything as part of the plating process, i.e nickel and chrome straight onto the polished surface.Remains to be seen how my stuff lasts when it's fitted. He is a personable chap. I'd like to have an alternative plating company to try myself. Have wheels.Will travel! Roger M-E
  8. Hi Rob, Yes, understanding RogH and that the bulb is polarity insensitive,I'm working on the assumption that the bulb contact will become the 'negative' in my case direct from the ignition switch,and thus the connection to the control box wire will be 'positive' for the purposes of my not ever so electrical brain. Getting there slowly, but the wrong age to start from scratch!! Thanks Roger M-E
  9. Thanks Roger, I suspected that was the case, but I didn't get any wiring fitted on the the car at all, and don't won't to chase the inevitable phantoms all my wiring jobs seem to end up with! I've also 2 more Autosparks looms to fit to 2 similarly afflicted, but non TR, projects, and it will be nice not to have to dither about on the same matter! Many thanks Roger M-E
  10. Electrical Gurus! Does it matter which of the 2 terminals on the warning light the ignition switch feed/ control box wire feed are oriented?This on a TR2 with dynamo Pos Earth. Thank you! Roger M-E
  11. Not at 1,2,3,4,5 6am he isn't! Roger M-E
  12. Thought I'd show the relevant beasts.! They are in descending order L594 (Later cars), L488 all others?, and the aforementioned L489 that's shown in the parts book! Roger M-E
  13. Another nerdy question I'm afraid. TR2 and 3 front sidelights have always appeared to be either Lucas 488 on the earlier cars or 594 on the later cars, and this seems borne out by period photos. Why then does the ST parts book have a beautifully drawn picture of Lucas L489, as fitted to early Morris Minors and loads of other British cars of the late 40s onwards, which are quite different, or were the early (here we go again!) TR2s fitted with them, to be replaced later due to wear and tear? I'd be keen to know, as I'd like to get it right before I complete the wiring on my car. Roger M-E
  14. Bill, if it's a 'desperate use ' only tyre, then a judicious puncture is the easy way out. The tube will of course, be the worse for it. Good luck Roger M-E
  15. Charlie, That's an interesting question. I suppose one would start with picking the brains of our registrar about what options are available, but it has to be possible, given that lots of people 'create' vehicles or have to start again with an old car that's been stored for donkeys years with no ID. Don't forget that this car is missing some major mechanical parts so, whilst shopping for the missing parts, quite an inventory of receipts should be built up, even if the end result is a Q plate, its still a TR you could drive. Someone will be along,I'm sure, to tell the tale of how it's done, legally of course! Cheers Roger M-E
  16. Charlie, I work on the basis that if the wing attachment points on the front inner wings are still there and the original battery tray still exists, then this is very much a straight forward restoration.Even the floors are still there despite having been cut in half! Post 60000 outer panel are not difficult to source. If I was looking for one (I ain't) I'd be seriously considering this one, at least having a look. Cheers Roger M-E PS 3 hours to go, no bids!
  17. Thanks Stuart, I suspected as much from the various online photos. Using logic, I have mine the other way around of course, especially the wiper bracket (black!), as it's not possible to fit the wiper attachment screws to the bracket without it's removal! The dip switch bracket (Ice Blue!) because you CAN fit the switch with the bracket in situ! Out with the mini spray again! Cheers Roger M-E
  18. Anyone know any of the following nerdy details? A LHD 1953 TR2. Dipswitch bracket. Body colour or ? Wiper motor bracket.Body colour or? Bonnet prop and safety catch including alloy hook.Body colour or ? What is the purpose of the 2 small square holes on the flat surface of the bulkhead either side of the master cylinder (and there's another between the starter solenoid and battery tray.I assume they take a clip nut or some such, but for what? Thank you for any educated guesses. Roger M-E
  19. Russell, I've always assumed they are handed, but having just had a look at mine, they appear both Right Hand side assemblies with the Left Side having to have a redundant bracket removed.That would seem to work with the part number situation. I can't help with the loan unfortunately. Roger M-E
  20. Hope the project has been a pleasure John.What was the '12 years of road use TR' like when you started? I've also fitted a 6 blade fan to my TR just in case the temp gets above the current 4C we have here in the sunny south-east of England.Hopefully my project won't be too far behind yours! Roger M-E
  21. Tempus fugit! I've nailed all the missing parts for my TR2 project except for the Lucas L471 rear light gaskets. Before I cobble up my own, is it likely the SDF will be producing these in the near future? Cheers Roger M-E
  22. John, I believe I have the unequivocal answer in the ST 1954 Workshop Manual. Body section, Page 10, there are 3 excellent photos which clearly show the elbow and side cappings over the top of the quarter trim panel, and the side cappings also overlap the rear capping where they meet in the the corners. Your question had been nagging at me also. For what it's worth (a lot!) the factory spare parts manual drawing Plate AP in the body and fittings section also show the same layout except it has a butt joint in the corner where the side and rear cappings meet. Cheers Roger M-E
  23. A bit of pedantry here Stuart, but weren't Frogeyes on 2 X H1 SUs? Roger M-E
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