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  1. Only message is photo 1 must be locally hosted, which it is. I click on media and nothing happens, I try and drop the jpg onto page and nothing happens, I try and copy and paste the file location and nothing happens. It shouldn't be file size as I've reduced the file size to 900kb and it loads fine on the forum, see jpg below
  2. I can add photos to my posts on the forum but I can't add them to a classified ad
  3. Due to downsizing I am considering selling my 250. An older restoration, not perfect but in good driveable condition and will be sold with 12 months MOT. I'm looking for £25000, PM me to discuss and for further photos.
  4. I've just listed a decent pair of seat runners on fleabay might be of interest. John https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/153506953047?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  5. Hi Roger

    Sorry not to get back to you on baby tenax, how many female do you still need?, let me have your address and I'll put them in the post in the next few days, as you know I can't help with the pegs but will send the couple I've got. email is john.hodges@btinternet.com if you prefer

    Regards John

  6. Hi Denis I have attempted to fit windows in a variety of vehicles and caravans over the years. I learnt many years ago that it is a skill that you cannot acquire as a one off, like carpet fitting, or dentistry, it's well worth paying your local windscreen fitter the £60 to do it for you. The last one I had fitted was the bay type front window on my Eriba caravan, the windscreen chap I've used before well earned his money and he's done hundreds in his career. John
  7. Hi Roger I may have a few baby tenax, PM me. John
  8. Thanks Bob I know the complete set is TR3, I wondered if the top section was the same on the 2.
  9. I have this trim which I bought years ago but never fitted, it's obviously repro. and stainless rather than chrome, but send me a PM if interested. John
  10. Hi Stan Can you please let me know where you can get a full restoration for 20k John
  11. We seem to have two threads running on this topic, one on this forum and one on members chat. below is my reply to the last post on members chat. Hi Hamish Both myself and the other John are sure he's not kosher. See the last post for lack of contact details for one. He is initially so convincing that he is a genuine enthusiast who wants "your" car, but when he agrees to your price without quibbling and the next day he's driving down from Merseyside with his "mechanic" and a trailer to do the deal and take your car away there and then with presumably a bank transfer (which are NOT irrevocable), then it makes you very wary, never mind all the other classics he's advertising for. My best guess would be that he's hoping for a bereaved seller who is not really aware of the true values or some sort of payment scam. The only way to be sure is for someone to call his bluff and actually partly go along the deal, and when he and his mechanic turn up have plenty of backup waiting in the wings. I'm not volunteering! John H
  12. Thank you Wayne for investigating this. I'm surprised that mister jay is a fully paid up member of the Register, having spoken to him, (but not actually met him), although he actually said he was disappointed when I wouldn't sell my car to him as he'd joined his local car club in anticipation, and cleared out his garage. I am particularly surprised as apparently he was trying to stock his cleared out garage with all the other marques he was advertising for in other club magazines. You won't convince me that mister jay is genuinely looking to buy a TR/MG/Healey/etc. (name a classic). John
  13. I see it's over 4 months since I came across misterjayatkins, and I would have hoped by now whoever is in charge of accepting the ads for TRaction would have investigated him. Is he putting these ads in free, or is he paying for them as the "trader" (or worse) that he obviously is. My feeling after speaking to him is that he is definitely nor kosher. John
  14. Yes most probably, but posing as a private buyer and an extremely plausible one. I found it quite disturbing to find out that I wasn't selling my cherished TR to a private individual but a dealer who was going to make a profit on a resale. Plus a still suspect that a potential scam was involved and I hope the Register will be able to block these adverts. John
  15. Also in the last TRaction.
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