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  1. Hi all, FWIW I have a TVR Vixen 2500 (TR6 engine) that I have mainly used for track days. 14 years ago I fitted two Yamaha bike fans picked up second hand on Ebay. They seem very efficient, reasonable cost, Japanese reliability, nice and light and pull 11.5A combined. I did a track day at Zolder a good few years ago in a 40 deg C heat wave. Cars were dropping like flies, the Vixen kept going all day 80-85 deg C showing on the temp gauge! Ed.
  2. The engine 984 FR from my TR2 which was bought in 1977 by my Dad & not touched since is light blue. Interestingly the factory seemed to paint everything, nuts, bolts core plugs, rocker cover etc. See the attached. Ed
  3. Superb. Many thanks for the photos. I thankfully have the jets somewhere also! They must have been separated at some point and I had not realised they belonged together. Thank again for all your help. Cheers. Ed
  4. Thank you for all your replies. The washer jet mount would make sense. I Will check out the Healey connection, there is a guy round the corner from me who has rebuilt a couple. It is so nice to get so many good responses. Thanks again. Ed
  5. Hi John, thanks for your reply. I have heater plates which are twice as large as these. The car is a 54 short door so well into the production run. I only paid them some attention after I saw BRG over spray on them as the car was originally that colour, but really can't think where they would go. I can only assume they are not TR related and the over spray is pure coincidence!
  6. I am trying to identify the small escutcheons in the photo. I had discounted the one I found as not a TR part until I found a second one, both have BRG overspray on, the same colour as the car. Both parts are stainless steel. The inner part marked 'top' fits underneath and into the outer part with countersunk holes. 1 1/4" overall length.
  7. Rooting through my boxes of parts, (many of which have not seen light of day since the late 70's), I have found a P700 head lamp with the same lens as a P700 'Tripod' lamp but without the tripod. Can anyone 'shed any light' (sorry!) on this. I had not seen one like it before. Ed
  8. Looks lovely! May I ask what paint you used? Thanks.
  9. Thank you all very much for your help & photos. Nearly finished scraping all black underseal from the chassis, so will take it for blasting in a week or so. This may have been discussed before but what is the consensus of paint vs powder coating for these chassis. My aim is to paint as I believe powder coating may split over time on the chassis rail edges as the chassis flexes??
  10. Attached photo of inner wing. I do remember removing a lot of filler from the inner wings when I stripped the car 30 odd years ago. There does look to have been some welding also. Not sure if this shows up in the photo? I now have the chassis upside down. There seems to be the remnants of a bracket or perhaps a nut cage at the bottom of the cruciform where the small diameter tube is welded. This must be where the front floor or gearbox tunnel are bolted through. Can anyone tell me if I have something missing here?
  11. My apologies for the delay. Have been layed up with the dreaded man flu & wife has been away! The car is a late 54 manufacture TS51**. I have original buff logbook etc. The body has all the features which fit the commission no. E.g. 4 slot bonnet, no vent flap. Wood framed doors. Early rear & boot floors. Screw terminals on electrical equipment, baby Tenax, 54 marked on steering wheel & wiper motor etc. I am sure I do remember some beaten out crumpling on the front inner wings. Which could explain! Will post a photo this weekend.
  12. The car always had a very good chassis. Scraping the chassis now I was surprised to come across shiny metal under black paint occasionally! Perhaps this is normal? The car has a 'factory reconditioned' FR engine and I suspect a new front apron, as this is in very good condition. Is it possible the car went back to a dealer or the factory early in its life for a replacement chassis & engine after a front end knock?
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