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  1. david ferry

    New Member with TR3B project

    I'd like to email Gertjan too. Please share his email address with me. Thanks
  2. david ferry

    Split steering column needed

  3. david ferry

    Split steering column needed

    Yes, like the TR shop parts, without the ‘Y’ shape bracket. I would like to find original parts. David
  4. david ferry

    Split steering column needed

    I’m really struggling to find the top section of a non-adjustable split steering column for my latest project. If you have one that could be available, I’d love to hear from you! Fingers crossed that someone can help........ David
  5. david ferry

    Richard Edmonds Auction 18th Oct.

    If anyone really needs/want a refurbed pair of 42DCOE8 carbs, I have a pair available. Not the eBay ones! David
  6. david ferry

    My old car

    I thought it looked like the car that used to be owned by Wyn Lewis. Is this the same car?
  7. david ferry

    Front panel vent hole

    TR4 has no hole.
  8. david ferry

    Wanted TR3A Stanchion Brackets

    Mark, Not mine, but I’ve seen these on eBay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-Tr2-3a-Original-Stanchion-Guide-Left-Right-Hand/401605326918?hash=item5d818af846:g:dxcAAOSwvApbqQBQ David
  9. david ferry

    Metal dashboard

    Hi folks. I'm still looking! David
  10. david ferry

    Important day today - 50 years old

    I don't know why this date is ignored. I feel that it is important. It was at Malvern in the Survivor's display one year I think. Alternatively, it could have been another 1st day of production car CC25032L that I also owned. That car was sold and has been very sympathetically restored. Anyway, CC25017L was displayed at the NEC Classic Car show in 2015, and here's a photo from there. David
  11. david ferry

    Important day today - 50 years old

    50 years ago today, my car CC25017L, which is the oldest surviving production Triumph TR6, rolled off the production line in Coventry. 19th September 1968 was the first day of production of the TR6. This date is very often ignored or forgotten. I will be raising a virtual glass to the car today. I may even have a non-virtual/real beer this evening! Do please join me in celebrating this significant event. David
  12. david ferry

    TR4 in build - the Olympic Car

    Hi Peter, It's there, using a special fitting into the top hose (we use the same on our TR4 racecar) in order to avoid the problem of the rad filler neck overflow pipe only being crimped into the rad, rather than welded in. Other radiators we have had made by Ben Ferguson of Revival Motorsport Fabrications have had the overflow pipe welded in. Ben's work is excellent. His website is http://www.revivalfabrications.com/ David
  13. david ferry

    TR4 in build - the Olympic Car

    Hi Malbaby, Yes. If you look at the inner wing/wheelarch, just behind the two coils, you'll see the aluminium oil catch tank. This will collect any oil in the vapours from the crackcase and rocker cover. David
  14. david ferry

    TR4 in build - the Olympic Car

    Conrad, still doing the day job full time. Still got loads of TR spares to release into the wider world too! Monty, the engine is 87mm with a Moss Sprint 88 cam and, as you can see, a pair of Weber 45s. Once the build is finished, it’ll need to go onto a rolling road for final set-up. This will answer your (and my) question as to what the engine produces. It should be sufficient for the proposed use of the car! Bob, thanks for turning the pics round. Pete, they were the right way round before I posted them...... David
  15. david ferry

    TR4 in build - the Olympic Car

    Heres a couple of photos of progress on the Olympic Car. Its called the Olympic Car as it will be ready for the Olympics. Which one was never discussed! Anyway, its at the back of the queue behind ongoing race car rebuilds, maintenance and developments, which is what was supposed to happen. I hope you enjoy looking at these underbonnet pics of the car, I think the standard of work (not mine) is stunning! The rest of the car is just as good. Im hoping it will be ready to be trimmed in the near future. Once completed, it will be used for a while to make sure all is okay. Fundamentally, its a brand new car. I suspect it will be sold early next year although no decisions have been made. Perhaps it will be just too good to let it go. David

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