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  1. What I did was to go into each of the topics/posts showing alongside each image in ‘My Attachments’ and then edit the post to remove the image. Slightly long winded, but it worked. David
  2. Chris, I'm in Southam, Warwickshire. Very close to where Honeybourne Mouldings are based. Just up the road from the motor museum at Gaydon. David
  3. I’ve got a number of TR6 rad shields. David
  4. Hello David

    the engine blocks you have for a 2 or 3 what sort of money are you asking.



    1. david ferry

      david ferry

      Hi Ian. I've sent you a personal message. David

  5. Panch, Ignoring the legal and insurance issues, which in my opinion is a bad idea, a practical consideration is simply that should you get a puncture and need to fit your ‘space saver’ spare wheel, where are you going to put the full size wheel you have just removed? You’ve told us that there is no space for a full sized spare wheel to be carried. David
  6. I’m looking for a set of RHD brake and clutch pedals for my TR3b. I have the set that came out of it but these are for a LHD car and I’m converting it to RHD. Interestingly, it’s been a racecar all of its life in the US and now it’s going to be raced in the U.K. If you have a set of RHD pedals lurking somewhere, I’d be delighted to buy them from you - please send me a PM. I'm aware that I can heat and bend the ones I have, but I’d rather not do this. David
  7. CDD is Classic Driving Developments https://classicdrivingdevelopment.co.uk/ They are geographically very close to where I am. I am open to offers for everything but would think that a secondhand trailing arm should be something like £100. David
  8. Andy, Before you remove the liners etc, it may be worth measuring the liner heights and seeking advice. You’re going to have to remove the cylinder head whatever you do. it is possible that you may be able to solve your problems by simply using the ‘modern’ cylinder head gasket from Racetorations - the one mentioned by Drewmotty. David
  9. Or you could come to my sales do next weekend and buy replacement trailing arms. I have quite a few! David
  10. No problem beefing up the lever arm brackets on a post TS60000 sidescreen car. David
  11. Len, Please pm me your phone number so I can call you about this part. David
  12. Nope, no picture. I keep getting an error message. Send me your email address and I’ll send the picture. David
  13. Rod, Hopefully this will help. If there’s no picture, pm me your email and I’ll send the picture over. David
  14. Len, I may have one but will need to check. David
  15. If the plate isn’t stuck to the flywheel, but is behaving as though it is, it seems that it must be remaining clamped by the cover/pressure plate. This could be due to the pressure plate net being correct, the slave cylinder being incorrect, the release bearing being incorrect, the pushrod being too short etc. You've already checked some of these items, but I’d be inclined to start again with the ‘external’ hydraulics, pushrods and levers now that you’ve got the gearbox back in. David
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