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  1. david ferry

    Translation of instructions

    One of my jobs to do........
  2. david ferry

    TR4 Rear Bumper Required

    If it wasn’t for the ‘dent free’ part, I’m pretty sure I could help you with this. I have a variety of bumpers for various different TR models, all need a small amount of straightening and rechroming. Most rechromers will be able to sort out the required fettling prior to rechroming. Are you really sure you need dent free? David
  3. david ferry

    Tyres once again

    All okay apart from the fact that the space saver is not legal when in use on a TR, and also the problem that you will not be able to fit the wheel you’ve removed into the space in the boot. David
  4. david ferry

    Tyres once again

  5. david ferry

    Steering adjustment

    I’m taking a couple of boxes to ICS steering in Birmingham. They have done other work for me. V happy with them.
  6. david ferry

    Energising a new wiring harness

    John, I’m sure it will be fine but, just in case, it is well worth making sure you can quickly disconnect the battery and have a fire extinguisher to hand. David
  7. david ferry

    FOR SALE: TR6 and TR2 - 4 surplus parts

    Can you consider it sold please. Sadly, I’ve just come back up the M40 but will be back down soon and will hopefully be able to come and pay/collect. David
  8. david ferry

    FOR SALE: TR6 and TR2 - 4 surplus parts

    Hi Andrew, Is the axle case for a sidescreen car, or a TR4? David
  9. david ferry

    Adjustable Steering Columns

    Hi Simon, I’ve got both upper and lower sections of LHD adjustable and RHD non-adjustable columns readily to hand and can check all dimensions and number of splines if you like. David
  10. david ferry

    Dashboard stays

    All sorted now thanks to Paul. David
  11. david ferry

    Dashboard stays

    Hi Paul, Not yet. I’ll send you a personal message. David
  12. david ferry

    Dashboard stays

    I’ve put a post into the swap etc section looking for a pair of the dashboard to battery box stays. if you’ve a pair available to sell me, please let me know as I’m feeling lazy and cannot be bothered making a pair! David
  13. david ferry

    New Member with TR3B project

    I'd like to email Gertjan too. Please share his email address with me. Thanks

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