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  1. In the spirit of fairness, not always the case. https://www.diy.com/departments/blue-circle-ready-mixed-postcrete-20kg-bag/35713_BQ.prd https://www.screwfix.com/p/tarmac-postcrete-grey-20kg/321gy David
  2. Before too much longer, I will have a pair of Moss TT4016 springs spare as they make the rear of my race car sit too high. they have received very little use. David
  3. John, Do you really have negative caster? This would mean the vertical links are leaning forwards at their upper end. If you do, the steering will be very light indeed and 'wobbly' to the point of being rather horrible. What you want is positive caster, or at worst zero. Vertical links leaning backwards at their upper end, or vertical. There's been a variety of comments concerning TR4a onwards components. It's worth remembering that early TR4 front suspension is the same as on a side screen car, the changes being made later on in TR4 production so that there was caster introduce
  4. Mike, In my experience, an MOT isn’t needed, just a declaration that it’s exempt from MOT. DVLA form V112 does this. David
  5. Mike, Welcome to the club! As Stan says, a good project as it isn’t too rotten and horrible. There’s many that are way further gone. Have you got the car U.K. registered with DVLA? Before you go too much further, it may be worth doing this. At the moment I guess, all you’d need to do is sit the body back on the chassis and loosely hang the doors and panels. It’s worth doing this now as sometimes DVLA will wish to inspect the car and they prefer cars in their unrestored condition as they can be happy that the car is ‘real’. If you get a heritage certificate, this will help y
  6. Jon, For me, it’s John Skinner every time. David
  7. Pete, Are you in need of any TR fitment inertia reel belts? David
  8. Tony, Im pretty sure I have a pair of unused securon inertia reel belts you could purchase. I bought them from Moss a couple of years or so ago and never got round to fitting them. Let me know if this could be of interest. David
  9. It'll work either way round, but it really ought to be blue/white to main (high) beam and blue/red to dipped (low) beam. The blue is the power feed into the dip switch.
  10. I may be able to help. Where are you located in the U.K? Just spotted that this is quite an old topic. If you still need one, let me know. David
  11. It’s amazing how working on classic cars keeps you young!
  12. Quick update on CC25017L. A couple of days ago, I extracted this car from the back of the workshop where it has been living for way too long. The only times it has been out is to various shows. After a little effort and some shiny new fuel, the car sparing into life. This was all pending a viewing today by a potential buyer. Steve, the potential buyer of the car liked it and has bought the car. He plans to undertake a very sympathetic restoration of this important car. It will return to its condition when it was built on 19th September 1968. This is something that
  13. Isn’t that a TR4a inlet manifold with H6 carbs? David
  14. Stuart, I can probably help with this. Can you send pictures of what you’re after so I can have a rummage and send pics of what I have. David
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