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  1. Second hand bonnet - I can help with that one. I think I may have the world’s largest collection of sidescreen TR bonnets! David
  2. Russell, Really glad you got this sorted. Like you, I feel that a supplier providing ‘substandard’ parts is annoying. It’s downright dangerous when dealing with things like brake components. David
  3. https://classicmotorsports.com/articles/10-lessons-all-racers-wish-theyd-learned-earlier-t/?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=What+s+Next%3F+The+New+Wave+of+Collector+Cars&utm_campaign=CMS+Daily+Newsletter+Automation+Email
  4. Si, Yes they are. £140.00 plus delivery. If you want to collect, I’m in Warwickshire, close to the motor museum at Gaydon. David
  5. Not many of these left now. If you fancy a set, do get in touch. David
  6. See lots of information here https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/officers/LUnMz8KbklZYOOVNz8IuRa7ZazE/appointments Some interesting comments from the Liquidator of S&M Triumph Restoration Limited concerning sale of assets to connected parties. Make up your own mind about actions of Mr L-S and his wife, who is an accountant! David
  7. Steve, Unless my eyes deceive me, I can see the captive but on the correct side. David
  8. Live axle TR4a shackles are different to the live axle TR2 to 4 shackles. How many are you looking for? I think I have one complete one and part of another, but will need to check. David
  9. Hi David

    I'd be interested in the front valence if it falls through for you.



  10. david ferry


    Neil, Do please get in touch, PM or contact details via this thread so we can discuss these panels. Thanks David
  11. david ferry


    Quick update - Yes front panel is available. David
  12. david ferry


    I did have an unused front valence. This found a new home but has not been used and seemingly probably won’t now be needed. It may come back to me. I’ve asked the question. I have a number of good condition used original Stanpart bonnets. David
  13. Emails sent a moment or two ago. John, glad to hear about the carbs. David
  14. Jo, I have a number of gauges, some TR2/3 and some TR4. I have had a quick look and do have a correct early TR4 domed glass oil pressure gauge PL2561/00. I also have a Lucas ammeter that looks to be correct. If anyone else is reading this, I have a sidescreen fuel gauge X49422/220, another fuel gauge FG2520/20 and another Lucas ammeter. I also have a rev counter RC163, which is correct for a sidescreen car. David
  15. Hi Jo, Would you like me to have a look in my spares stash to see what gauges are there? David
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