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  1. Personally, I'd go back to standard discs and calipers. That's what I must have on my race cars and they consistently stop well. Failing that, could you contact this firm and see if they can help you https://dba.com.au/ David
  2. I've got an original backlight frame and an aluminium hardtop/centre section with headlining sticks available. Probably also have the soft surrey top frame, but no covering. David
  3. Thanks for the kind comments folks. It is a very lovely, special car. Andy, the reason it became known as the Olympic car is that it was always going to be finished by 'The Olympics'. Agreed, it was never decided which Olympics until just recently!! David
  4. In case anyone is interested, car now in the classifieds section of the TR Register website. https://www.tr-register.co.uk/classified/4577/The-ultimate-TR4-brand-new David
  5. IMG_20220302_121804 smaller.pdf IMG_20220225_134349 smaller.pdf IMG_20220225_134408 smaller.pdf The Olympic car has now been retrimmed by Aldridge Trimming and they have done a fantastic job with the leather covered Ridgard seats, surrey headlining and backlight fabric kit, and roll of sage green wool carpet I took them. They made the carpet set from the roll and made the rest of the trim kit, fitting the whole lot. I'd highly recommend them to anyone. The car is now complete, and I'm in discussions with Silverstone Auctions to enter it into their next sale, unless som
  6. I thought I saw this (the body) for sale fairly recentlyish. I think the 'original' owner had died and his son was looking to sell it for a very large price. Needless to say, it didn't sell. David
  7. Yes, providing you're talking about Motalita bosses, and don't want to use the original control head. For this you'd need a B1 boss. this is the same as a variety of different cars, including some Minis. If you do want to use the original control head, a different boss is required, albeit still from Motalita. For this you'd need a B22 boss. This doesn't really help with a Mini, even if the steering column shaft is the same size/splines. I have one each of these on different TR3s. David
  8. Paul, Assuming the lid goes too, they are available. I don’t want to split them. David
  9. I have a very good condition spare lid (with no extra holes!), and a pair of the unobtainium hinges required to make it fit. David
  10. I'm pretty sure I have a spare full set of refurbished Dzus 'sockets' that fit on the doors along with 4 of the actual Dzus catches and all of the bits to fit them to the sidescreens. David
  11. Karl Wetherell’s race car? David
  12. Just a quick update to say that the 'Olympic' car is now back in the UK. Well, it is an Olympic year.....sort of! The plan is to sell the car now with a set of beautifully leather trimmed, unused Ridgard seats and a roll of wool carpet to get made into a carpet set that will fit around the roll cage feet. I also have the surrey top headlining for the hard, aluminium centre section. It needs door cards ordering from John Skinner to go with the seats. If sold now, there is a big discount for the purchaser. Alternatively, I will retrim the car over the winter and sell for it's full
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/304185241876?hash=item46d2da7114:g:uFgAAOSwTvthaF8l looks like this is everything you need for your steering.
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