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  1. All sorted. Replaced alternator having established that the wiring was correct and working properly. End result is a properly working ignition warning lamp. Interestingly, the replaced alternator was in fact charging the battery, it’s just the warning lamp side of things that wasn’t working properly. The reason for this was that the earth terminal wasn’t/isn’t going to earth when the engine isn’t running. I may open it hand see if there’s anything obvious. David
  2. Russell They look great. I wonder if it's worth letting Pete Cox know about these. perfect for owners who also want an original style thermostat housing as sold by Pete Cox & Son Sportscars https://petecoxsportscars.co.uk/ David
  3. I’ll be having another look at this tomorrow and if I can’t sort it, I’ll come back for more help. 8n the meantime, thanks for your help Rob, and also to Ian Cornish too. David
  4. Variety of alternators tried. All small alternators of the Kubota/Brise type. Pretty sure the battery is being charged but intend to check this next time I’m in the workshop. The car is a new build so no alternator has yet worked. The alternator currently fitted has previously worked. It has a Bastuck label stuck to it. Hopefully, wiring diagram attached. This is as described in the post I made a little earlier, hence my lack of understanding of why it’s not working. David
  5. Here’s my alternator wiring. It’s a modern small alternator - three terminals including the big one back to the battery. Something is wrong as the ignition warning lamp doesn’t illuminate. Checked and it’s not that! Separate ignition controlled fuse box feeds a supply to both the alternator and warning lamp. These are off the same fuse but I cannot see why that should cause any issue. If needs be, I can take the lamp feed and feed to the alternator from separate places. The cable from alternator to the warning lamp is also there. This should provide the earth when alternator not generating charge back to the battery. So, you can see that in theory the wiring seems correct, but the warning lamp isn’t working. I could do with this not being the case for a variety of reasons including knowing that the fan belt hasn’t fallen off or failed leading to no water circulation and overheating - it’s a race car! Help gratefully received. Thanks in advance. David
  6. The other thing to consider these days is that depending on the type of extinguishant, the bottle will have a life, past which it will be difficult/impossible to get serviced by firms who service motorsport extinguishers. It may be worth having a look at the website for Lifeline - https://www.lifeline-fire.co.uk David
  7. Mick, You’re absolutely right. However, I’m happy to include a second bonnet that needs no ‘polish’! David
  8. £15k will buy you the world’s oldest surviving production TR6. David
  9. Second hand bonnet - I can help with that one. I think I may have the world’s largest collection of sidescreen TR bonnets! David
  10. Russell, Really glad you got this sorted. Like you, I feel that a supplier providing ‘substandard’ parts is annoying. It’s downright dangerous when dealing with things like brake components. David
  11. https://classicmotorsports.com/articles/10-lessons-all-racers-wish-theyd-learned-earlier-t/?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=What+s+Next%3F+The+New+Wave+of+Collector+Cars&utm_campaign=CMS+Daily+Newsletter+Automation+Email
  12. Si, Yes they are. £140.00 plus delivery. If you want to collect, I’m in Warwickshire, close to the motor museum at Gaydon. David
  13. Not many of these left now. If you fancy a set, do get in touch. David
  14. See lots of information here https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/officers/LUnMz8KbklZYOOVNz8IuRa7ZazE/appointments Some interesting comments from the Liquidator of S&M Triumph Restoration Limited concerning sale of assets to connected parties. Make up your own mind about actions of Mr L-S and his wife, who is an accountant! David
  15. Steve, Unless my eyes deceive me, I can see the captive but on the correct side. David
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