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  1. Had a look and, as usual, Stuart is correct. I do have 2 TR5/250 bonnets and a number of TR4 bonnets. David
  2. I have a sneaking suspicion that the frame underneath was moved to take account of the TR5/250 badge position. I’m in the workshop tomorrow and if you’d like me to see if I have a TR5 bonnet, do let me know. David
  3. Thanks all. Food for thought and helpful ideas. David
  4. Has anyone converted their car to use a cable operated throttle, rather than the linkage rods? Rather than reinventing the wheel, which I could do, it would be helpful to see pictures and descriptions of how your car has been converted. Thanks David
  5. Hello Adrian. You shouldn’t really need ‘upgraded calipers’ as its entirely possible to lock wheels with standard calipers. I do have a vested interest as I have a stash of standard calipers for sale, these having been refurbished recently by Bigg Red! David
  6. Ian is correct, I have a number of sets of original magnesium:ARE Silverstone wheels available for sale. All crack tested and refinished by Ian Jemison Engineering, who are well versed in this work. If interested, do get in touch. David
  7. Hi John, Recently, I bought a solid state one from http://www.dynamoregulatorconversions.com/ for my TR3 race car build. I’m unlikely to ever use it (it’s never been fitted) and could sell it to you if that helps. It may help your situation as these are far better than those regulators having mechanical innards. However, they are polarity sensitive and from memory the unused one I have if for a negative earth car. if of interest, you have my email address etc. David
  8. Paul, Alternatively, I have used original Stanpart panels available, which would be perfect for repair or use as a core panel for this repair service https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TRIUMPH-TR4-4A-5-ORIGINAL-WINGS-L-K/133190181005?hash=item1f02c0e08d:g:pwYAAOSwyyJdi5Vh I know the eBay seller, Mark Johnson, well and have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending his work. David
  9. I can’t remember the TR gearstick thread size but I’m pretty sure the mini one is different. My more helpful answer is that I believe that the aluminium gear knobs, from the same manufacturer as the handbrake lever, will also soon be available in the UK. This information is direct from the manufacturers mouth. David
  10. And soon to be on sale in the U.K. I believe. David
  11. Chris, If you decide you don’t want to refurbish your calipers, I have a number of sets of refurbished calipers for sale. They were refurbished by Bigg Red and have been totally stripped, castings have been replated and then rebuilt with all new pistons and seals. They have a 12 month hydraulic guarantee from Bigg Red. if you, or anyone else wants a pair as a discounted price for TR Register members, do let me know. David
  12. Jeff, Couldn’t agree more. That’s why I had a load of 16P calipers fully and properly professionally rebuilt. They are now for sale - see other posts! David
  13. Graham, Morgan is largely Italian owned these days, and the McLaren Group is majority owned by the Sovereign Wealth Fund of Bahrain. David
  14. Graham, i may have something knocking around. How quickly do you need them. Failing that, if you want to come over to Southam, I’ll happily crimp on some terminals for post connections as per the ammeter I recently sold to someone else. These may be safer than blade type terminals. David
  15. Rob, Your rear valence is very repairable. I’ve seen worse panels put back to the correct shape by good body people. I think Roger has a good plan for your sill. Failing that, I can probably supply a good pair of skills along with a front valence. David
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