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  1. Hi Richard, If it went to Spain in 1976 it is unlikely to ever have been added when UK records were computerised. Suggest you contact the registrar of the TR Club Spain to see whether he has any information. I will send you his contact details in a PM. Mike
  2. Correct Hamish. I think I am right in saying that most Mk1 racks are the same as Mk2 except for not being metric. Mike
  3. Simmo, From the lock to lock figure you quote it looks as though you may already have the 2.9 version. https://www.tr-register.com.au/Files/technical/richardsb/Fast Rack.pdf If you haven't already it would be worth contacting the TR Register Australia as there are loads of cars out there with Escort racks. Mike
  4. Yes that is true and the steering is a quite light. Mine is the standard Escort rack but I have since discovered that as Escort racks are used in many kit cars there are several different ratios available. Rally Design sell them and it looks to me as though the 2.9 version would be a more suitable ratio (corroborated by a user from Australia). It should make the steering a bit less light. They only sell them in Mk2 Escort form which have metric threaded track rods so they would need recutting to imperial but I had to this with mine anyway. It is something I am considering. https:/
  5. I'd be interested in where these figures come from as they don't agree with anything that I have seen. Mike
  6. Just been made aware of this auction with no reserve. I have no connection with it. https://www.peterfrancis.co.uk/catalogue/lot/6b67f18914f1dc592706b9c417993bfa/634ee3a1a303f30dd2f30db1954ea530/antiques-furnishing-collectors-lot-250/ Mike
  7. Pierre, From the casting and the TS no. it looks like a TR2 'box to me. No plugs on the side but should be a dipstick in the front right of the top cover (unless it has been changed). Presumably there is also no synchromesh on first gear. Mike
  8. As my cap has a bleed hole I fitted one of these to the end of the vent pipe. https://www.huddersfieldgas.co.uk/product/british-made-8mm-stop-end-brass-compression-fitting/ No smells and can now fill the tank as no fuel overflows on left hand bends Mike
  9. Not surprising with John Coombs at one end and Mike Hawthorn at the other, and in those days it was single carriageway. Mike
  10. +1 and never had a problem in 50 years Mike
  11. LHD with the wing mirror on the passenger side, also no badge or letters on the apron?? Mike
  12. I have a Halford's HB096 in my TR3A fitted in 2009 and still going strong. Must be lucky with batteries as I have just had to replace the original battery in my 2009 1 series BMW. Mike
  13. Globe is a common term in South Africa. Mike
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