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  1. I have a set of six Halfords AF ratchet spanners bought in one of their sales a few years ago. Good quality and very handy in many situations. Mike
  2. Not clear whether you are doing this with the starter push switch or the under bonnet solenoid but if the former it may be that the contacts need cleaning. Can you try another switch? Mike
  3. Hi Chris Been to Sicily twice since I was seventy and had no problem hiring a car through Holiday Autos. Mike
  4. Basingstoke Festival of Transport for me tomorrow https://www.basingstoke.gov.uk/transport-festival
  5. I have used both SAE40 and EP80/90 at various times and have not noticed any difference. Currently using EP80/90 GL4 from Halfords.
  6. Many thanks for all your hard work John. Mike
  7. Hi Hamish, Would definitely have done this but I will be away for a week from then. Hope it all goes well. Mike
  8. I wonder whether they are descended from Hartley and Sheila Whyte (of Whyte and Mackay Whisky) who used to race/ rally a TR2 in the '50s?
  9. Following my annual service I have found I need to replace wheel bearings and stub axle on one side. I will be getting some Timken bearings but does anyone know whether the Moss stub axles and felt seals are currently of suitable quality as I have heard that there have been issues in the past with them. Also has anyone had any success in tapping out the axles with the vertical link in place (as described in the Haynes manual) as in the (distant) past I have always had to remove the link and press out the axle.
  10. Hi Paul, Not a standard colour but could have been a special order or painted out there. That car was driven by P. Du Toit. A good result for TRs as they also took first and third places. First was a red car driven by Eddie Carvalho and third another TR2 driven by R. Rocha, both of these were employees of Far East Motors who were Standard-Triumph distributors. Mike
  11. Has anyone tried this stuff as I am considering it for a daily driver on which I have ditched the runflats. http://www.autoseal.co.uk Mike
  12. Siebe, It would help to see some pictures, perhaps a link to where it is for sale.
  13. Conrad, You may like to contact Gary Bates as I know that one of the cars 'rescued' from S&M has some of these parts missing. Mike
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