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  1. That certainly brings back some memories not least the last 120 miles of freezing fog in the early hours feeling very tired, and especially since Marilyn had only passed her driving test six weeks before. Mike
  2. Silvabronze in Alton did a good job on my screen stanchions nearly fifteen years ago, they still look good now. As is any decent plater they are not cheap. https://www.beckworth.net Mike
  3. Very sad to hear this Julian, Chris and I joined the Register within days of each other. Always amazed how he kept that car so immaculate for so long while still driving it to its maximum. Mike
  4. Perhaps not for much longer https://thebmc.co.uk/law-of-trespass-could-change
  5. Hi Tony If you will PM me with your current email address I can put you in touch with the current owner. Mike
  6. Useful article in one of today's papers. Perhaps too much use of the word nutrient. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2021/jan/10/does-vitamin-d-combat-covid
  7. This is one option that I am considering https://www.tr-register.com.au/Files/technical/smellyfuel.htm
  8. Restored for Beaulieu by the late Peter Marks I believe. Mike
  9. Many years ago I made my own glue for Perspex. Just mixed some Perspex shavings with chloroform, enough to get the right consistency. Mike
  10. That's because most people didn't realise that they weren't German. Great films Hamish.
  11. I agree Chris, after all it is what Triumph recommended. Although to be fair they had previously stated SAE 30 or 40 for the gearbox. Both SAE40 and EP80/90 are used by various reputable experts for the gearbox and I think it has been established before on here that either are perfectly suitable and won't give any problems. Mike
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