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  1. The Mini track rod ends do fit the taper, I believe that not much else does. Their thread is 1/2" UNF so if they fit your TR7 rack I suspect the track rods have been shortened and then had UNF threads cut. I have an Escort rack and have taken a similar route. Mike
  2. Thanks for the clarifications Mick, looks as though I may be experimenting with tyre pressures next year. Mike
  3. What would happen if one had an accident and it was shown that the car was running tyre pressures far removed from manufacturers' recommendations. In my 55 or so years of driving mostly rear wheel drive cars and my daily drivers still are I have never come across one where the pressures recommended were not higher at the rear. Presumably there is a reason for that as intuition might suggest higher pressure at the front due to weight etc.
  4. You could try a piece of timber to lever the boot floor up a bit and relieve the pressure on the tyre. If they are as daft as they sound they may well have put the wheel in the wrong way up as well. Mike
  5. Ed, You have a PM MIke
  6. Won in (I think) 1956 by Richard Bensted-Smith in his TR2 SYA 176, a previous winner of the Mobil economy run. There have been others and I believe a Peerless has competed in relatively recent years. Mike
  7. Just to update this topic the TR2 in question sold for £2700 plus commissions.
  8. Mentioned in Registrar's report in latest TRaction (317) which refers to the magazine of the TR Register Australia access from here https://www.tr-register.com.au/Files/sidescreens/104SidescreenAugSept2019.pdf. Hoping to persuade the guy to write a detailed article soon. Mike
  9. Mike could u send pics of tr2 nhadley@tiscali.co.uk



  10. Looks as though they have only one picture on the website, that's its good side! Like I said before I do have others if anyone is interested. Mike
  11. A TR2 (TS1857) has recently been pulled out of a barn after about forty years storage. It is being auctioned on November 20th as part of a house clearance by Wotton Auction Rooms in Gloucester with no reserve. When it appears on their website I will post a link but until then if anyone is interested I can supply photographs (too many to post here), just PM me your email address. Be warned that although it seems to be fairly complete it is very bad and they cannot find any documentation. Not for the faint hearted. Mike
  12. Hi Chris, You have a PM. Mike
  13. Car is currently owned by a Register member but registration is now YVS 399 as the original was sold some years ago and is now on a Kia Sorrento. Mike
  14. They go into an airbox visible on the inner wing which is fed from a scoop on the bonnet. You can read more about it in the next (317) edition of TRaction. Mike
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