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  1. Presumably the Auster had some modifications as it did the trip non-stop and was in the air for seventeen and a half hours. Long range fuel tanks and equipment to enable night flying? Mike
  2. I agree Chris, after all it is what Triumph recommended. Although to be fair they had previously stated SAE 30 or 40 for the gearbox. Both SAE40 and EP80/90 are used by various reputable experts for the gearbox and I think it has been established before on here that either are perfectly suitable and won't give any problems. Mike
  3. Mick, I don't have the actual itineraries but I do have quite a bit of information which may help. It may take a while to dig it out so give me a week or so and I will see what I can find. Mike
  4. Ralph, you have a PM Mike
  5. Hi Grant, Suggest you contact the Kent Group, someone there is bound to have a recommendation. Mike
  6. So sorry to hear this Tom, we have been away and didn't realise it was so close. Our thoughts are with you Mike and Marilyn P.S. I have the T-shirt and will treasure it.
  7. I have a similar problem Hamish.
  8. Many years ago it actually used to be on a TR3 but currently on a Mazda.
  9. Hi Ralph, Mine is 3in from the capping to the back of the steering wheel. Wheel is standard and I have a 3A upper column going into a TR7 intermediate column which then attaches to a Mk2 Escort rack. Any adjustment would be minimal, a small amount on the couplings I guess. All limited by the position of the rack itself I don't know how the different conversions compare. I find it quite comfortable and I am well over 6ft. Mike
  10. Colin, If you can PM me with your email, and commission number (TSxxxxx) from the bulkhead plate on lhs (facing the car) I can give you some advice. The process is different depending whether the car is a Home Export car (as it will originally have had a UK reg) or just an export. Whatever you do don't give the DVLA more information than they actually require. Mike
  11. My inbox may have been full, have now deleted a lot of messages. Please try again. Mike
  12. David, I now operate this service so if you would like to PM me with your email address we can get this going. Mike
  13. The codes should be on the reverse of the certificate but they are R Righthand drive M Imperial calibrated instruments H Home Build Spec Nil No Heater Wire Wire Wheels TC Tonneau Cover Only TR2s up to TS6156, later ones had the vent. Good luck with the recommissioning. MIke
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