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  1. Andy, No record of it in our club files, have sent you a PM. Mike
  2. Recorded with the club in 1989 and 1991 so presumably by your family, no knowledge since then. According to the DVLA it appears not to have been taxed since 1993. Mike (Registrar)
  3. Hamish, No, not me. Mike
  4. First H6 SU engine was TS8997E but they weren't fitted in sequence. When the FR plates were attached the original number was usually ground off, I guess some sort of X-Ray analysis might show what was there but it is a bit extreme! A few more photos of the engine may give some more clues. My engine has a mildly modified camshaft and 87mm pistons, Martin Jay built me a distributor to match this. I also have a standard distributor rebuilt by him which while not quite as good still performs satisfactorily. Mike
  5. Maybe its a TR2 engine as the TR3 has 1.75" H6 SUs on a four point manifold mounting. Mike
  6. Thanks for all the comments. Will let you know if anything transpires from this. Mike
  7. Thanks Hamish, not that one but I have now edited the post with the link. Mike
  8. Does anyone have any information on this car as it seems quite good value from the limited details given. Not for me of course! https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1133906 Thanks Mike
  9. Ian's figures agree with the factory manual which gives a pull-in current of 15 amps and a holding current of less than 1 amp. The current solenoids from Moss are ok but the ones from a few years ago had quite a high failure rate.
  10. Hi Cameron, PM sent. According to your 1977 membership form you gave the commission number as TS645, however an earlier owner gave it as TS654 so I guess one of them is a typo. We have no further record of it and the DVLA have the car as last taxed in 1983 so could well have gone abroad then. Mike
  11. I have a set of six Halfords AF ratchet spanners bought in one of their sales a few years ago. Good quality and very handy in many situations. Mike
  12. Not clear whether you are doing this with the starter push switch or the under bonnet solenoid but if the former it may be that the contacts need cleaning. Can you try another switch? Mike
  13. Hi Chris Been to Sicily twice since I was seventy and had no problem hiring a car through Holiday Autos. Mike
  14. Basingstoke Festival of Transport for me tomorrow https://www.basingstoke.gov.uk/transport-festival
  15. I have used both SAE40 and EP80/90 at various times and have not noticed any difference. Currently using EP80/90 GL4 from Halfords.
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