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  1. We had booked to go as it a great event. Unfortunately with the ongoing problems of travel we decided to cancel. The organisers were very helpful and gave us a full refund. Will definitely go again when the situation improves. Nigel
  2. Hi Alan The problem is that it is no longer a congestion charge. Since the hours were extended it is now just to raise extra money for TFL! Nigel
  3. Unfortunately historic vehicles are exempt from ULEZ charges but not the congestion charge, which is 7 days a week.. Used to enjoy an occasional Sunday afternoon drive around Central London in the TR but I refuse to pay the charge. Nigel
  4. Lots of single track roads like a roller coaster on Mull so fun driving but have to be careful of cars coming the other way especially on brows and blind bends. No decent petrol so take octane booster!!
  5. Drive from Harrogate to Loch Awe yesterday and tomorrow we are off to Isle of Mull
  6. That’s so sad what has happened, luckily you were able to make it home and get prompt treatment. We have given up walking in Bushy Park for the time being due to the danger of deer attacks whilst the mothers look after their young. Here’s to a speedy recovery and hope you’ll be fit enough to make it to Malvern!! Nigel, Aydee, Angie and of course Max
  7. The water pump failed just as it was out of warranty, but Moss swapped it no problem. Thanks for the tip Keith, did it on the bench - no stress!!! Not sure if I used the same type of Joint Keith referred to, but the Moss one worked fine !!!! Nigel
  8. Fingers crossed for you. Nigel, Aydee, Angie & Max (woof, woof)
  9. Needed to pick up some wood to finish the garden bar. Only car it would fit!!!!
  10. Thanks Stuart, I’ll order from them
  11. Just tried to buy a couple of needle valves from Moss and they are out of stock. New supplies not expected until end of May! Nigel
  12. Thanks Stuart, a trip to Moss it is then for new new needle valves. Have to go there anyway to collect a new drip tray as I am laying plastic floor tiles to smarten up the garage! Thanks for the extra advice Kevin, I’ve looked at the glass filters but always been worried I’ll smash the glass and be stranded! The tank is new so hopefully after fitting new valves I’ll be sorted for a few years apart from changing the plastic filter (touch wood as they’ve never caused me any problems) every year. Nigel
  13. About 6 months ago I upgraded all the fuel hoses in my TR250 to Gates Barricade. At the same time I decided to change to Grosse jets in the SU float chambers. Everything has been fine until last Friday when i started to get a terrible fuel smell. Investigations revealed the float chamber on the rear carb overflowing. Today I’ve had the lid off about 4 times to check everything but no luck. EventuallIy I changed the jet for the original Viton tipped needle valve and everything fine again. Should I persevere and get another Grosse jet or stick with needle valves and chan
  14. Had to pick up new curtains for my daughter. Traffic on the North Circular terrible so not as enjoyable as it should have been.
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