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  1. Thanks everyone for the wishes, we are all in good health here except for Angie who has recently had her appendix removed. Almost recovered and went back to work today but she will be on light duties for the next couple of weeks. Nigel
  2. I’m sure they helped solve a few of your problems. Nigel
  3. When I was restoring the 250 my neighbour opposite went round the neighbours with a petition to stop me working. Luckily some of the neighbours have classic cars and she wasn’t very popular so it never got off the ground. We've only just started speaking after 10 years Nigel
  4. I had the same problem, but after discussing it with Jeff Marks at Moss I persevered and it was a perfect fit. Nigel
  5. Hi Chris, Remember those problems well, my Capri suffered like this. Nigel
  6. Thanks for the kind comments, just been for a short drive and it has really transformed the steering at low speed. Used to dread having to park, but not anymore. The tracking is out, have tried various DIY methods but none very successful, hopefully get it done professionally Monday. Really happy! Nigel
  7. Hi Paul I had considered narrower tyres ( have 195’s on 6 “ genuine Minilites at present) but as well as loss of strength, I’ve been suffering from increasing joint and muscle pain so in the end decided this was the best solution. It had got to the stage where I dreaded parking and Roger, of course Being an ex London Cabbie - U turns were becoming no fun!! Almost finished now - had a few problems as the kit is designed for fuel injection so had to modify the fluid reservoir bottle to clear the carbs. Hope to have a first drive today or tomorrow. Nigel
  8. Hi Dave The kit comes with an extra pulley and retains the original crank pulley which is attached using the dowels and a new bolt. The new tubular cross member is next on the list to be fitted. The fan extension is not used as an electric fan must be fitted. The kit is great when everything is standard - my problems arose because I’m using non standard carbs, inlet Manifold and throttle linkage and the new rack and column are at a different angle to the original. Hope to be on the road this weekend and will post my thoughts then. Nigel
  9. Finally making some progress. Carbs spaced out properly and throttle linkage redone. Had to make some new brackets and a few other modifications but now it looks and works much better than the bodge up I did many years ago. Having spare time means I can actually do things properly rather than rushing. A couple of weeks ago I decided to sort through all my Fathers old tools which had been gathering dust for many years and came across some odd sized taps and dies. I needed a new Shorter throttle linkage and Burlen wanted approx £30 including postage. Decided to see if I could shor
  10. You can feel it but no real jerk Nigel
  11. I only ever use o/d 2nd in very slow moving traffic and find it makes for relaxed driving.
  12. 2 steps forward and 1 step back at the moment. I have twin SU’s on a saloon manifold and throttle linkage. The float chamber on the rear carb has always been very close to the steering column. With the new steering column and UJ’s of course everything hits as the kit was designed for fuel injection cars. Moss of course is closed until Tuesday so can’t get the necessary parts to space out the carbs and have had to redo the throttle linkage brackets. Took the opportunity to strip clean and paint the throttle mechanism. Then found the paint was bubbling under the c
  13. More progress today, new water pump together with pump bracket, steering rack and anti virus fluid installed. Nigel
  14. Not too much done as still catching up on some household jobs! Work came to a halt as well because I discovered the water pump had been leaking. Collected a new one from Moss this afternoon so will crack on tomorrow.
  15. I have a J type, but had an extra hole drilled into the top cover to take another inhibit switch. this gives me overdrive in second which only gets used in traffic jams and driving in central London Nigel
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