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  1. Thanks Stuart, I’ll order from them
  2. Just tried to buy a couple of needle valves from Moss and they are out of stock. New supplies not expected until end of May! Nigel
  3. Thanks Stuart, a trip to Moss it is then for new new needle valves. Have to go there anyway to collect a new drip tray as I am laying plastic floor tiles to smarten up the garage! Thanks for the extra advice Kevin, I’ve looked at the glass filters but always been worried I’ll smash the glass and be stranded! The tank is new so hopefully after fitting new valves I’ll be sorted for a few years apart from changing the plastic filter (touch wood as they’ve never caused me any problems) every year. Nigel
  4. About 6 months ago I upgraded all the fuel hoses in my TR250 to Gates Barricade. At the same time I decided to change to Grosse jets in the SU float chambers. Everything has been fine until last Friday when i started to get a terrible fuel smell. Investigations revealed the float chamber on the rear carb overflowing. Today I’ve had the lid off about 4 times to check everything but no luck. EventuallIy I changed the jet for the original Viton tipped needle valve and everything fine again. Should I persevere and get another Grosse jet or stick with needle valves and chan
  5. Had to pick up new curtains for my daughter. Traffic on the North Circular terrible so not as enjoyable as it should have been.
  6. Hi Andy Here is a link to the topic I started last year. Nigel
  7. Thanks for that tip Keith. Hopefully I’ll never have to remove the bracket, but if I do I’ll know the best method. Nigel
  8. It’s a bit fiddly fitting the pump mounting plate to the water pump, so ask them to supply extra nuts otherwise you will spend a lot of time searching for the ones you have dropped!!! (Or perhaps it’s just me being a bit clumsy these days!) Other than that it’s brilliant. Some of my old posts showing my installation should come up if you search. Nigel
  9. Just ordered mine, Angie not decided - depends whether Boomtown festival goes ahead! Nigel
  10. Hi Bob Understand what you are saying, but tank had been standing empty for a week, and I used a very long hose. In hindsight not my most brilliant idea!! Definitely must give things a bit more thought!! Nigel
  11. Hi Neil Had a thorough check but no sign of any sealer, but that doesn’t mean sealer wasn’t used in an earlier life! Your theory is the best explanation I’ve heard! Nigel
  12. The remaining fuel in the tank has now evaporated and it is all now nice and dry inside. I have stuck the hoover nozzle inside and was surprised at how little muck there actually was and how clean it was. Have passed Marco’s comments onto my wife and she hasn’t decided what to buy. I will investigate Mark’s solution at a later date and will definitely follow Tony’s advice and keep the tank full and acquire some desicator. Look forward to seeing 5VC one day and reading about the repatriation and rebuild. Nigel
  13. Thanks for all the advice. Have decided to take Neil’s advice and give it a thorough clean. If I get a few years more use I will be quids in and I know my wife will find a better?? Use for the money. Nigel
  14. Posted this in TR4/4A forum by mistake, it is a TR250. I’m having problems with the outlet from my tank getting blocked, so rather then use a sealer I would prefer a new one. Moss are 5 minutes away and have both steel and aluminium in stock so I can collect one on Monday. so which do I go for Steel or Aluminium? Nigel Tank is now out and full of crud, this rubbery lump had been sucked in causing problem
  15. Tank out and full of crud , this had been sucked in and caused the problem. Nigel
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