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  1. I’ve had a new one sitting in the garage for the last five years, one day I’ll get around to replacing the split one! Nigel
  2. Nigel A

    Her first start

    Hi Waldi At Classic Le Mans a few years ago we watched an engine being changed in the pits. It would not fire, they checked everything except the timing despite the audience telling them it was probably 180 out. Eventually they checked and it was.started straight away. So worth a check as even the experts can get this wrong. Nigel
  3. Recently I had trouble with my lighting switch, and when I removed it I found that part of it had melted inside due to shorting when using the flasher. Rather than get another repro switch, I dug out my original TR250 switch which is of much better quality.Also decided to use oeiginal indicator switch which is also better quality. Only downside is that as the car is now RHD the switches are on the wrong side, but I no longer turn the lights on accidentally when indicating Nigel
  4. Just bought a new Varta Blue Dynamic G8 battery from Battery Megastore, just over £100 including VAT. This is the biggest battery that will fit in the available space. This replaces the same battery I’ve had for the last 8 years. I hadn’t used the car for 2 months and forgot to connect the ctec charger. Tried a normal charger but couldn’t revive it. Nigel
  5. Hi Andy the Clayton fan has 3 wires for the 3 speeds plus an earth. If you use the original switch then the switch itself will give you off plus two speeds. You therefore can only have 2 speeds using the original switch so have to decide which speed on the Clayton heater not to use and don’t connect this wire. Can’t remember the colours but trial and error connecting direct to the battery will show the different speeds. hope this makes sense but recovering from a bit of a hangover. Nigel
  6. I have a Clayton heater which is 3 speed, but the original switch is for a two speed fan. I left the slow speed wire terminated with an insulated connector in case I ever decided to use it. Nigel
  7. I originally sprayed the car at college with assistance from the tutor. A couple of years ago I decided to have a professional job and did all the stripping down myself. There was only minor body work to do, and they had it for a month fitting it in between insurance jobs. A great job and £2000 cash. There are a few imperfections but I prefer driving to polishing. Nigel
  8. Slightly off topic, my snaps and poppers are very weak - who supplies the best as mine will pop off with the slightest pressure cheers nigel
  9. Hi Roger I had my diff rebuilt by Jay at Crown Classics and it’s been perfect for the last 4000 miles. Very happy with all the work they have done. Nigel
  10. I bought 4 from Moss a few months, but have lost the receipt so can’t check the part number. in the Surrey Top section they are NCA in one part but somewhere else on the same page they are available. Nigel
  11. I do find find the DOT too close to other thing as I’m always touching the wrong bit on my iPad and usually end up on the op’s details page. per haps Wayne could increase the spacing. Nigel
  12. It has the flap that wraps round the centre bar complete with poppers, just the ones at the very ends of the bar that are missing. Nigel
  13. Thanks for reminding me about the centre bar There were no poppers on the hood to attach to the ends of the centre bar but were present on the bar. I will do this after I’m sure everything lines up properly. nigel
  14. Thanks for your comments, I’ll have another go at adjusting the capping tomorrow. Whilst at Le Mans earlier in the year I compared my repro frame with an original and realised my rear legs were about an inch longer than the original. At the time I assumed this was so it worked with the repro hood. Couldn’t relax the way things were, so I’ve just returned from the garage after taking a chance and shortened the rear legs and the fit is so much better. They still need to be slightly shorter but I’m sure that after more fettling and using Roger’s amazing adjusters I will achieve a proper fit. Still not sure if I’ll ever feel 100% confident, so have acquired today a mk3 Spitfire header rail. I will persevere with the original for now and leave this for a later date if I think I really need it. Nigel
  15. Still can’t get it right. Popped over to Roger’s earlier in the week and he kindly sorted me out with his brilliant adjusters and showed me just how tight his top is. Today I followed all of his procedures and have got it really, really tight and I don’t think it will pop out. The problem is it now bubbles upwards and I don’t want to just start bending things and creating more of a mess. It appears that the top is perhaps too small or more likely the frame is distorted. Any ideas anyone? Pictures below. Thanks in desperation Nigel
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