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  1. I’ve just fitted the sachs clutch after having my gearbox rebuilt. Haven’t done much mileage yet, but definitely feels lighter. Nigel
  2. Just been for a test drive and everything works perfectly. The Sachs cover plate for the clutch is a joy to use and the rebuilt gearbox and overdrive all reconditioned by Pete and Tom Cox is amazing. A few cosmetic jobs to do and then I can enjoy driving it again. Hopefully never have to do this job again. Will definitely make lists for any future large jobs so a costly lesson learnt. A big thank you for all the help, the forum is certainly a valuable asset. Nigel
  3. Hi Keith Youre right memory not as good these days, I can’t believe my mistake with the earth strap as usually very careful with earthing as this causes majority of electrical faults. Really annoyed with Moss though for selling the wrong part although this of course have been the manufacture’s fault. Will start making lists in future, one of my friends has a blackboard by the front door as he often forgets to take the essentials! Nigel
  4. Breaking my New Years resolution tonight as going for a beer with Tony Lennon. Checked the pushrod length and it was the short one. Swapped them over and now getting the correct travel. the box had the correct Moss part number but of course they could have marked them wrongly! A result in the end and can now reinstall the interior. Nigel
  5. Beers will have to wait, having a dry January Nigel
  6. Hi Alan i was lucky - a bit on the chassis but mainly over the floor Nigel
  7. Changed the master and slave cylinders plus braided pipe. Unfortunately a lot of play in the pedal which I never had before so quess the pushrod is the short version. Is there an easy way to swap them as the rubber boot on the bulkhead is a real pain to fit? Nigel
  8. Many,Many thanks to Rob, Mick and Graham. just checked and it was an earth problem. Stupidly forgot to connect the earth strap to one of the bell housing bolts. Just done this and everything appears fine. Now got to reinstall the interior which I spent ages cleaning. Do you think I need a new slave cylinder as I guess the seals have gone. Once again thanks so much for your help, I shouldn’t have panicked and stripped out the interior. Nigel
  9. Hi Rob Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. it was the clutch fluid. I haven’t touched any electrical connections but will of course check. It appears there must have been some extreme heat to cause the fluid to expand so quickly and jet out. The braided hose to the slave cylinder was too hot to touch! Nigel
  10. Hi I have just had my gearbox rebuilt and uprated by Pete Cox. I used a Sachs cover plate which I purchased using the part number that was quoted on the forum some time ago. The friction plate and release bearing were obtained from Chris Wittor as it is a saloon gearbox with a J type overdrive. Pete Cox assembled the release mechanism using my bearing carrier which utilises the slipper pads. Everything went back together easily and the clutch felt fine so didn’t bother to test anything before reinstalling the interior. This afternoon I tried starting the car for the first
  11. Merry Christmas everyone just filling Angie’s stocking even though she’s 23!!!!! And at the Pub at the moment. Still keeping traditions alive!!! Nigel
  12. Happy Birthday Roger, have a few beers and forget all problems
  13. Just reinstalled the gearbox today after having it rebuilt by Pete Cox. years ago I’m sure it was Neil (NTC ) who recommended using a suitable sized piece of wood jammed between the firewall and block to keep the engine in palace, and then using a piece of wood with a sandbag on top of the trolley Jack and underneath the gearbox to aid removal and installation. decided to try this and it went back first time - couldn’t believe it!!!! the gearbox mounts for the J type that bolt onto the chassis rails were a different matter though- absolute nightmare that took us a couple of hour
  14. Hi Rich it was a few years ago and I think it was only 1 had to adjust very slightly. sorry but memory these days isn’t as good as it used to be - age catching up Nigel
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