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  1. Stuart, recommended the ones from moss. Mike Redrose group
  2. Rodger’. is all free on top of the H frame it’s the steering wheel column that’s holding it but I’ll look at remove that tomorrow. Mike Redrose Group
  3. Well spent this morning in the garage starting to remove the old dash and dash top, wasn't looking forward to removing the windscreen frame after comments on another post yesterday but it came out surprisingly easy. Disconnected all clocks and marked up wiring, next is try and remove metal dash without taking the centre H frame out (never seems to go back in without a fight) but that’s tomorrow’s job with tidying up the wiring. Mike Redrose Group
  4. As we cannot get out and about in our cars let’s see how many photos of our TRs we can get on this post, it does not need to be a runner, I’ll start with Brenda.
  5. Sounds like the first job is to try and pull the screen frame out then. Mike Redrose Group
  6. Afternoon Roger, hope all is going well with your dashboard / wiring. All the parts for my dashboard and dash top have arrived, just wondering if you could give me any tips on which order to start the removal of the dash etc. Chillman. your dash is looking very nice, did you build all the dash up and then offer it up to all the wiring? And then fix in place. Mike Redrose group
  7. Had a good clear out of the garage moved all the none essential stuff in to the lean to behind the garage, put some new shelves up, given the car a wash ready for the dashboard replacement over the next few weeks. Mike Redrose Group
  8. brenda


    Morning Phil I have just had my engine rebuilt and gone for the catch tank method, I only had a rocker cover vent before. You can see the rocker cover out let and the other outlet is the low one by the gearbox below the fuel pump, it will be a blank unless you had a snorkel, a snorkel is the other way you could go and would be cheaper. Mike Redrose Group
  9. Hi Rich not a very clear photo but mine is the same as your description, mine runs above the pedals through a grommeted hole to the radiator stays, I have relays for lights at this point then to the lights and horn then runs along the bottom of the grill to the other horn, lights, water stat and then the coil. I am sure others will be along with a better photo for you. Mike Redrose Group
  10. It’s looking like the 4.5 x15 chrome wheels complete with tyres, and with a complete hub kit in the price, have been in contact to for the make of the wheels today hopefully it’s the same make as the wheels they sell without tyres. Mike Redrose Group
  11. Triumph tr4a Just looking at new chrome wire wheels, had a look on search engine but not found much. I was looking at 5.5 72spoke but do I need centre laced, do you have a photo of how they fit, Mike Redrose group
  12. Evening Roger as your just doing you dash your the man to ask, I am looking at replacing the dash top and maybe the wooden dash to do this do I have to remove the metal part of the dash, I realise I have to take out the clocks and switches but my lower crash pads are not vinyl so just fix onto the bottom of the metal dash, hope you can advise me. Mike. Redrose group
  13. I am doing my bit for self isolation just me in the TR, she had a wash and clean yesterday and then a 50 mile run around Buxton area. Today I had a run up the motorway to Liverpool and back along the B roads stopping off at a quiet spot to take a photo and then back home, this could be one of the last runs for a while, keep safe everyone. Mike. Redrose group
  14. Not a lot happening at the moment after engine rebuild, had the car on the rolling road last week for final set up, so she’s having a wash to get dust and fingerprints of the wings, then this afternoon I going to pop out for a run in the hills away from everybody self isolation. Mike. Redrose group
  15. Morning Pete, sorry to read this about your parts that you have just received back from the machine shop after all the hard work you have put in cleaning and measuring so methodically, I hope your crankshaft is balanced correctly, I know it will cost you but myself I would like a second opinion. I do not think it looks as bad as my one but it will be a big job if you fit it and it’s not correct when you get it in your car eventually. Not a lot I can say really mate but keep your chin up and continue with the blogs. Mike. Redrose Group (Brenda)
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