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  1. brenda


    Other Triumphs as well I was looking at GT6 this morning same as TR advertising. Mike. Redrose group
  2. brenda


    The TR Register has got the Umbrellas back in stock that fit the surry top, just ordered one. Mike Redrose Group
  3. brenda


  4. brenda

    Body panels

    John Morrison I have sent you a PM have you not received it. Mike. Redrose group
  5. brenda

    Body panels

    Well I think the new rear wing fits pretty well and the new paint matches the existing paint work, lights and bumper fitted. Day of tomorrow as it’s the Redrose Christmas lunch. Mike Redrose group
  6. Morning Paul.

    not able to do the spraying so got the lads at bad in Congleton to so it for me, it is a good match as it is a dark blue, 


    Mike. Redrose Group 

    1. Harbottle


      Hi Mike

      Looks a wise choice, they have done a good job.



  7. brenda

    Body panels

    It’s amazing what body filler can hide. Mike. Redrose group
  8. brenda

    Body panels

    Rear wing all sprayed, fun and games this week end fitting it with the black windshield sealer. Mike Redrose Group
  9. brenda

    Restore or use as-is?

    +2 and just use it. It looks a nice TR. Mike. Redrose group
  10. brenda

    Small Sense of Achievement

    Well done H it takes time but you get there in the end, mine is still in bits, hope to see you at the Redrose Christmas Lunch. Mike. Redrose group
  11. brenda

    TR4 dash vents

    Give TR Bitz a ring loads of stuff in the storeage containers. mike Redrose group.
  12. brenda

    Body panels

    Looking at the wing after a light sandblasting it is past its best, so decided to have a new wing from Bastuck. First fit and it fits pretty well just needs a little work around the rear light area. By the time it’s been on and off 20 times it may just fit as I would like it to. Mike. Redrose group
  13. brenda

    Headlight Bulbs

    Rodger that was Harvey and not Hamish, but both are Redrose group members. mike. Redrose group.
  14. brenda

    TR4A engine oil leak - just purchased

    I had my car from TRBitz and have had no problems, the lads are very friendly and helpful, thay have changed hands recently and the new owners are an in house team. You can just call in for a chat and a walk round and with no need to buy. All the best to the new team, see you soon. Mikw Redrose group
  15. brenda

    When to MOT

    +3 you may miss something and thay can test your brakes individually. Mike. Redrose group

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