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  1. Happy Birthday Andrew have a great day. Mike Redrose group
  2. Got from another site, as I don’t watch this program. Mike Redrose Group
  3. It looks good there used to be a big factory here, not been for a long time but most of the site is house’s now. It used to smell nice when I used to deliver goods to site. Mike Redrose Group
  4. Well I think I put the roof on to early this year as this morning was a little warm inside the car. Had a good run around enjoying the wonderful countryside we have, Chapel-En-Le-Frith, Dove holes, Tideswell, Longnor, Blackshaw Moor, and back home. Mike Redrose Group
  5. Well done Paul that looks fantastic looks good with the red top. Hopefully you can get out and enjoy as you think of your next project. Mike Redrose Group
  6. I get it from RS Cars LTD 0162 717346 have a look a the web page, Mike Redrose group
  7. Penrite oils GB40 for gearbox and overdrive, and I think it’s 90s for diff. Mike Redrose group
  8. Afternoon all, just popped out for a run around the lanes close to home, wish I hadn’t put the hard top on last weekend as it was nice and sunny today. Mike Redrose Group
  9. We were there two weeks ago very enjoyable but a little wet. Mike Redrose Group
  10. As it looks like it’s getting a little wet and cooler I have brought forward the date to put on the hard top, when I had finished Carole says it’s going to be nice on Sunday. Ok I’ll go out on Saturday then as its going to rain. Mike. Redrose group
  11. Sorry not a soft top. Mike Redrose group
  12. Well what a well organised road run today, Congleton Beartown Cruise all drivers and passengers had face masks on when out of the cars and social distancing was observed, from Congleton we went to Tatton Park, then onto Grinlow Caravan Park for Lunch and toilet stop. Our final lag was down to Gawsworth Hall for a sit around the lake. All for the Christie Charitable Fund. Mike Redrose group
  13. Had a drive to Alston to see if the Hub Museum was open, unfortunately not closed because of COVID-19. So back along the Hartside Summit to a nice little coffee shop. Mike Redrose group
  14. Out and about in the Kings Meaburn area, you have got some fantastic roads, we ventured to Greenside Mine for a good walk unfortunately on the way down to the car park it started to rain so had to put the roof on. Had a nice run back to find another ice cream farm. Mike Redrose group
  15. Nice drive up to Kings Meaburn on Saturday, this is the old road to the water mill we’re staying at for the week, we’re having a mixture of driving and walking and a total relax. Mike Redrose group
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