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  1. It’s been in three auctions at Mathewsons now, must require to much for it. Mike redrose group
  2. Good morning David hope you are well, I will get the door cappings boxed up and weighed and contact a carrier for delivery once sorted I will contact you for your full address, what would be the most convenient method of payment for you.

    Regards Mike 

  3. I had a pair for my doors but after getting them I liked the painted door look. So I have dug them out never used as new in box £50 +pp Mike Redrose group will put in for sale area later.
  4. Redrose Group are at Tatton park car show and all clubs have been asked to dress up and also dress up there stands, should be a good event. Mike redrose group
  5. Morning all just doing the complete oil change, and as the TR is up in the air I have found that the drivers side wheel bearing is rumbling and has play in it. So I need to change it (both) would you put the standard rear hub assembly on or go for the uprated assembly, Mike redrose group
  6. brenda


    Definitely not new 20 years old now. Mike Redrose group
  7. brenda


    Hi Roger, do you have tubes fitted, I will be looking for new tyres before my next MOT and I have tubes fitted to my wires. Mike Redrose group
  8. brenda


    Hi just a heads up do you have tubes or not, I will have to be getting new tyres but need to fit tubes. Mike Redrose group
  9. Pete that’s fantastic all that hard work you have put in, I bet you had a great big smile across you face. Hopefully now you can do a little bit more work to get her finished and up the mileage each run you have out. Mike Redrose group
  10. Lovely drive today, called at Ludlow food centre for lunch and then onto Croft Castle for a walk round, stopping the night at The Lion at Leintwaedine. Mike Redrose group
  11. Hi Ian could be a long shot but you could give California Connection a try one of our group members has just got some Tr3 wings from them, and they import a lot off TR bits. Hallfelds Farm Ashbourne DE61JR 01335 300312 emails to californiacnnection@apincorporated.com Mike Redrose group
  12. Just got back from a great run, first stop Cwmystwyth Dam then onto Devils Bridge. Mike Redrose group
  13. Well done 5mph more than you set your sights on. Mike Redrose group
  14. Have a great time hope you get your 100mph Carole says can she have a lift. Mike Redrose group
  15. Afternoon all hope your getting out this bank holiday, we had a nice run down from Cheshire to Llandrindod Wells for the Traws weekend, we may have some competition in the car park as the Bentley boys are staying in the hotel as well. Mike Redrose group
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