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  1. Had mine from TR London only have two back boxes on sounds ok not two loud. Mike. Redrose Group
  2. Thanks very much to the Shropshire Group for a fantastic day. Starting at Salop leisure 10 cars left for for a run down the lanes, at Leebotwood we meet a Tractor and had to reverse back. Then up and over Burway dropping down to the Bog visitor centre for coffee and cake. Then a short run to Longden for the Village Fete. Thank you again to Rodger and Shropshire Group see you soon. Mike. Redrose Group
  3. Weekend away at Market Drayton in the van with theTR, had a run to British Iron Works today. Tomorrow meeting up with the Shropshire Group for a run and then a car show. Mike. Redrose Group
  4. Some one spotted you yesterday.
  5. brenda


    It turned out to be a better weekend than we thought, that was quite a surprise to be told that we had got a trophy, we only have a photo at the moment but it’s on its way. Thanks again to all involved. Mike. Redrose Group
  6. brenda


    Hi we must of enjoyed it at Moffat as Carole has booked a hotel for next year. So hopefully we will meet up with the Clyde Valley group again first weekend of 2020 booked, now what else can we do. Mike. Redrose Group
  7. brenda


    Just got back home from a fantastic weekend at Moffat. Would just like to thank all the members of the Clyde Valley Group that we’re there, as they asked us to join them on there stand on the Sunday they made the four of us so welcome, thank you again and see you soon. Mike Redrose Group
  8. brenda


    Had a great run today at Moffat, loads of different cars to look at. John meet up with Rod nice car he has and had a interesting chat with him. Looking forward to tomorrow as a lot more cars to look r
  9. brenda


    Start of the Moffat weekend.
  10. brenda


    Two cars from the Redrose Group are having a weekend (29/30 June) at the Moffat Classic Car run and show. Are there other members of the Register going. Mike Redrose Group
  11. Saturday 14 Redrose Cars had a excellent day at the 50th Bunbury Village Day, and then had a short drive to a local pub for dinner and a drink. Mike Redrose group
  12. Well done Mr H all you need is some wet weather to try it out. Mike. Redrose Group
  13. Roger the Museum and auction is well worth a visit we stayed in the village for a couple of nights. Mike Redrose group
  14. brenda


    Got the car sorted then, enjoy yourself and thanks again for the morning run round the I O W. Mike. Redrose Group
  15. We had a excellent morning with Pinky, a nice run around part of the island. And then stopped of for lunch with him and his wife. We then continue onto Osborne House. Roger we passed Roman Villas on our run but we Have a full itinerary, we will put it on our list for next time. Mike. Redrose group
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