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  1. Afternoon all hope we are all fit and well, just popped out for a120 mile run across the border into Shropshire for a change, not a lot of hills this way. Looked like there was plenty going on at the Shirehorse centre at Cotebrook and a truck show at Midway truck stop could not stop as car park was full run back through the lanes of Knighton and woore to Congleton home for a coffee. Where have you been to in your cars. Mike Redrose Group
  2. I like sticking to the right time I had one of our cars tested yesterday and my TR4a is booked in next week. Even though it dose not need a test now, but I think it’s always good to have a second set of eyes to give it a look over. Mike Redrose Group
  3. He must of know you were coming if you can drive straight in, you could of taken advantage of the free 6 months the government are offering. Mike Redrose Group
  4. As its such a nice day I had a 60 mile run around the lanes of Cheshire, hopefully get out again Sunday for a longer run. Mike Redrose group
  5. Afternoon Phil, the crash pads I have used we’re from TR London I have had no problems with them, Mike Redrose Group
  6. You could jack the car up find you grommet from the underside get it out with a screwdriver, then push your finger through the hole and have someone in the car to mark the carpet where you finger is pushing against the carpet, my carpet is loose around the hole and it is a 3” grommet (also tr4a ) you’re 1” grommet may be a bit small. Mike Redrose group
  7. brenda

    Roger Bedding

    Hi Roger, as Hamish says try 26f28r that what I use when fully loaded for holidays, just going out on runs I have 24f 26r on wire wheels. Mike Redrose group
  8. No not welding just metal glue, I don’t fancy owning that car as you don’t need an MOT. Mike Redrose Group
  9. Afternoon all, Roger as you have finished your car, this popped up on another site I am on I think he my need a little help. Mike Redrose Group
  10. Afternoon all just got back from a morning run in the hills of Buxton, had a couple of stops for a short walk and then called at the lambing shed for fresh supplies and two scones for afternoon coffee, let’s hope we can all get out soon as a group again. Mike Redrose group
  11. Afternoon Pete, just had a bit of time to spare so just going thro some of the old posts on the register, finished of with your bike post which I still find it very interesting, this came up on my face book page this morning which looks interesting, I love all all things to do with steam so a little more digging for me later to find out more about this bike. A bet I get a bit warm riding it. Mike Redrose Group
  12. Morning all hope you are safe and well, had a early morning run to the Lambing shed to pick up some supplies, still does not feel right going out in the TR yet, hopefully we can get out and use the cars as they should be used soon, Mike Redrose Group
  13. Think I’ll have to get a set of golf clubs, and then I can drive to all the golf clubs In Cheshire to see if I can get a putt on the practice hole then move on to the next club should be able to do about 60 miles a day in the car. Mike Redrose Group
  14. My first run will be a short run to check all is working as it should, then for the rest of the day I’ll be up in the hills of Buxton and surrounding areas love it around there rain or shine, ( hopefully the sun will be out) then fill up with fuel and go for it again the following day. Mike Redrose Group
  15. Morning Pete, hope you are keeping well still enjoying you posts you keep putting on, as you are having no joy with you overseas car have you not considered having a go at these two cars, they look like they could keep you occupied for a month or two. Mike Redrose Group
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