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  1. Well done good video, all we need is for lock down to be over and we can get out for proper runs out, not just to a shop for some goods that we don’t really need. Mike Redrose group
  2. Morning Pete the spin on adapter TR3 4a that I have one peace is Moss part No TT10861. Mike Redrose group
  3. Pete I’m at work at the moment but my last oil filter adapter is one unit not two like Bobs, as i was having oil problems after the engine rebuild when I am home tomorrow I’ll dig out the paperwork for it, I think I had it from Moss. Mike Redrose group
  4. Just looking at the chrome front overriders on my TR4a. Need to replace them has anyone had a set from the any of the Tr suppliers and are they worth having or would I be better getting my old ones rechromed. Mike Redrose group
  5. Had to get Brenda out of the garage this morning to make up new kitchen units, unfortunately ( or fortunately) we did not stop at the end of the drive and had a very pleasant drive round, had to call at a shop for essential goods to make it all legal. Mike Redrose group
  6. Just booked for this event for the Sunday as the Traws weekend has been cancelled, looks like there are quite a few spaces left on the TR stand, Mike Redrose group
  7. Looking at top of the steering column cover, Mike Redrose group
  8. It’s only money, just ordered mine. Mike Redrose group
  9. First one done fast and efficient well done and thank you to all involved. Mike Redrose group
  10. We have ours we are currently in the car outside, as we are a little early to get our jab, second one is day after we get back from out first holiday in May. Mike Redrose group
  11. Pete that’s fantastic for you after all you have gone through with your other car that you never got. Looks like things are looking up for you, I do hope you get out and enjoy yourself as much as we do in Brenda, hope to meet up with you at the International or one of the other Register events. Mike & Carole. Redrose group
  12. As I’m free on that day I’ve put in the diary, so hopefully if spectators are allowed I will pop along. Mike Redrose group
  13. Weekend tickets bought, Hotel booked looking forward to a fantastic long weekend, bring on the sunshine. Mike & Carole. Redrose group
  14. Happy birthday hope you have a great day. Mike & Carole Redrose group
  15. I have a set of caravan winter storage stands that I put on top of a rail way sleeper works well if need to leave the car up for a while. Mike Redrose group
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