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  1. Work looks fantastic, are you gluing the cover to the foam?
  2. Yep, mine has pull to flash which was initially confusing as I had never come across the full beam button on the floor before
  3. Worth taking photos and posting them up once completed, best of luck.
  4. I'm surprised that there has been no further feedback here?
  5. Vinyl hoods are fairly straighforward but I have to admit a mohair would worry me.
  6. Sorry, I can't help with the TR4 but when I did my Spitfire I was advised to glue the cover to the foam. I'm sure an expert will be along soon though.
  7. I saw that as well, still relevant today.
  8. Would it be easier to fit the engine and gearbox as one unit if you had an engine crane?
  9. when you compare to what else is available for other cars they are a trifle expensive.
  10. I'm not sure I would class those wheel arch liners essential at that price, yes nicely moulded but not at £330. If you couldn't make them yourself I'd just protect it properly with paint and stonechip and keep it maintained.
  11. Just received some progress images from Revival regarding progress on the backlights. Thought you might be interested in the images sent:
  12. Jase

    Wheel nuts

    Thanks everyone, think this is the way to go. I can't leave those on the car, they are almost as rusty as the car
  13. Jase

    Wheel nuts

    Thanks, guess copper grease would help with this?
  14. Jase

    Wheel nuts

    I have to return the wheel nuts and the washers.
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