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  1. I like that, price and location would be good.
  2. I would apply for the logbook, there should be an engine number or body number as well, not sure where the body number would be. Someone will be along shortly with more detailed info
  3. Thanks, I guess I'm so used to nearside or offside. Thanks
  4. Thanks Stuart, is that the driver's side? Jason
  5. Thanks John, must be the relay as I can definitely hear something, time to dust off the multimeter.
  6. Horns, stopped working?? The PO fitted an aftermarket switch just below the steering column, seems to have two wires feeding to it, you can hear the click of the 'current' when you switch it on but no horns. I may well have damaged it whilst trying to reset the tacho. First port of call is to replace the switch, just wanted to check that I'm not missing a wire. Haven't had a chance to look at the wiring diagram yet but is there a fuse box for this I'm thinking Spitfire here so forgive my ignorance, still getting to know this car.
  7. Jase

    TR4 Rebuild

    What paint did you use Roger? Celly?
  8. I'm very impressed with my TR6 hood on my TR4A from Don's Hoods. Love the velcro and the car is water tight for the first time in many years. Superb quality.
  9. The Corrado was on my list in the 90s, an amazing car.
  10. Wow, we looked at one of these for the better half, are they as good as they look?
  11. Looks fantastic, I bought mine from Trade Classics: https://www.tradeclassics.com/for-sale/ a similar site. I would have thought that would be between £18k-£22K? Good luck.
  12. I also have some pinking at low revs or when I am changing down to go up a hill. I use Tesco Momentum and an additive but it is still there, I've tried timing and adjusting to suit but to no avail. I'm going to refurb my Strombergs next but before that I'm going to increase the mixture just incase it is a little lean. My other thought is just to fit a new distributor. I also have newly fitted electronic ignition but the pinking was there before.
  13. These are awesome, keep the pics coming
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