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  1. Some more updates, car started up, no problems, all gauges and lights work, clutch was stuck but a simple start up in fourth freed that, interior in except one door card and very comfy seats.
  2. It does and I have screwed it to the body, but I think I’ll take it off again and retry as a first attempt. Thanks
  3. Help - everyone has probably had this problem with indicators I guess when switching to LeD. No flash at all, a very and I mean very feint green light for a split second on the dash and nothing, using the classic car leds, think the flasher is correct.
  4. The TR shop carpet set is superb if anyone is thinking anout purchasing carpets.
  5. Should be back on the road soon, need to check all electrics first.
  6. Guessing there should be a nut on the back of this to stop it falling out?
  7. Looking for some help again, seem to have a spare wire, looks like it is dangling from a relay. I would add the PO has routes the horn to a switch
  8. Dash in, a lot easier than I thought, superb fit, thanks again Rich. Leaving the dash top until next year when I remove the screen suuround, may pop a clock on top of the crack
  9. Any recommendations on decent hardwearing fitted front floor mats? Thanks
  10. Thanks Rich, those seats are sooo comfortable, passenger side in and tested - thanks. I was sceptical as I enjoyed lounging around in the originals and even after owning a few MX5s over the years was still not convinced but these are a huge upgrade in comfort and useability. Highly recommended, will post pics at some point.
  11. Thanks Stuart on the list as soon as I can get my hands on some Ali.
  12. Are these brackets just to stop the glove box door pushing back further than it should? Thanks
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