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  1. I'd agree with that, an import as well. I would have thought £7k tops but a good project for someone.
  2. Jase

    Dove purchase

    Looks fantastic, now that's the way to live Enjoy!!
  3. I have a Storm cover which works well on the car but isn't exactly fitted and fading fast. Her indoors is now complaining at the grey blob in front of the window. Any suggestions for a good quality external fitted car cover for the 4A. Thanks
  4. Jase

    Car Lift

    I've seen this one and you can adjust the arms so they fit on the chasis, would be useful for bodywork etc. https://strongmanlifts.co.uk/product/tamar/
  5. Jase

    Car Lift

    I'm thinking about a scissor lift: https://strongmanlifts.co.uk/product/tamar/ Although looks like they are having problems importing these at the moment
  6. Is this like a Miranda thread, in entertaining words - Splodge!
  7. Thanks Bob, I've adjusted my jets and am now returning almost double what I was seeing previously, couple that with properly inflated tyres and it is even more of a joy to drive.
  8. for the seller given the many changes to the car.
  9. Thank you, I'm interested to see what lies beneath the front wings as it seems the car has had some bodywork done over the years. I note the tubes sticking out at the front of the sills on mine, near to the front tyres.
  10. And lots of it Best thing is it gets used all of the time.
  11. Huge amount of bodywork to do some time in the future but she still shines up nicely with rust bubbles and cracks in the paint.
  12. Thanks George, spot on advice, a little tweek to the bolt sat on top of the choke mechanism and it’s a reset, much better idle speed now. thanks
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