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  1. Good taste Dave, liking the 914.
  2. Why not replace the full floor?
  3. These are fantastic, I like the 'rear seat' option.
  4. Thank you, that's fantastic, I want to go with leather and original seats if possible, will need to decide what I will use the car for once complete. Rolling resto for a big part of the project.
  5. Are those the Moss seats? Losing track of different seats at the moment. I like the original seats but comfort will be a priority moving forward
  6. Thanks for the images, these do help a lot, the close ups and carpet shots are very helpful.
  7. Anyone have any photographs to hand of their car with a blue interior. Decided to go for a complete colour change to white or primrose yellow with a blue, (light or dark blue interior including carpets etc). Any photos for inspiration greatly received and admired. Thanks
  8. Welcome, your car looks amazing, mine is exactly the same although it looks like mine needs more work. The first job for me was to add the emergency release. The original colour of my car was Conifer which I was going to restore it back to but I have been out voted by the ladies in my family and she will now be going to white with a dark blue interior and soft top. Looking forward to the challenge over the next few years.
  9. Can the engine and box come out together?
  10. My next job, or buy an emergency belt
  11. Jase

    Colour change

    Thanks for the feedback, I will have to do the inside and outside regardless as whoever previously painted the car changed the colour everywhere (not well) so it needs to be done again.
  12. What are the general views in the TR world of a colour change? My car was originally Conifer but has since been sprayed a shade of BRG. I like Conifer and am a huge fan of Brooklands but my wife has suggested white or 'wedgewood' blue. Is it a huge problem when selling a car (not any time soon but not getting any younger) to have a colour change? I.e would it put you off? Just to add my car will never be concours bit will be an A1 condition car eventually Thanks
  13. Thanks guys, surprised at the low cost of gearbox refurb. Lots of things to think about.
  14. Just thinking ahead, when I remove my engine to clean and paint the engine bay I'd like to send both the gearbox and engine off for a refresh. Nothing immediately wrong with either but I'd rather look at prevention than catastrophic failure in a few years time. I'll know what I have once it has been rebuilt. Any recommendations for someone who could re-build both or someone for the engine and someone else for the box and overdrive? Any upgrades recommended as well e.g lightened flywheel? Roller rockers, cam shaft etc and finally an idea of budget for the following: Engine. Basic
  15. Jase

    Anyone know ?

    Looks a good price, not sure 6'3" is a major size issue though?
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