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  1. No I didn't drop anything inside the tank. I actually won the TR4 in an raffle with Bridge Classic Cars. So I actually 'bought' the car for £16 (two tickets). When it arrived the fuel gauge was low. Living in a rural part of Aberdeenshire away from E5 fuel I filled up a couple of 20 litre Jerry Cans with Shell V-Power E5 when I was next at the filling station and later filled the TR4 with a Water Fuel Seperator Filter Funnel to make sure the fuel was clean.
  2. Thanks for your answers. I'll check out the fuel system later when I have time. Stuart
  3. Many Thanks for your reply. Yes, Stuart is my name. Would not fuel stavation happen at all speeds ? Anyway it will give me something to look at.
  4. Hi. New Member here from Aberdeenshire. My new to me 1964 Triumph TR4 has just developed a problem when running. Up to 30mph it is fine no problem and good pull on the engine, but over 30mph there is a loss of power and a surging with a 'chug chug chug' sound. Sometime it dissapears and the car runs correctly again. The only petrol I have put it it is Shell V Power E5 and the appropriate amount of Millers VSPe Power Plus. Any pointers to what the problem is would be helpful.
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