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  1. Why didn’t you get them metal sprayed Peter? They’d last for ever then. Rgds Ian
  2. I want prepared to spend what was then nearly £60 on a choke cable for my TR3a so I bought a cheapo one from eBay and then using a selection of bits from my broken original created something that looks genuine and does the job, even down to having the little semi circular disc fitted and working. (And I needed it earlier today as where I’m currently driving it’s very warm and my car doesn’t like idling once the under bonnet temperature starts to rise). A blend of fuel vaporisation and warm air going into the carbs. Rgds Ian
  3. Now we all know your secret Marco.
  4. I’m currently in a place called Niederkruchten which is just over the border from Holland into Germany, 211 miles from Le Shuttle at Calais. A brilliant drive in glorious sunshine. A bit too much sun almost, I had to stop and re-apply the suntan lotion. There’s a nice looking restaurant around the corner with tables outside and plenty of cold beer. I shall be off there in a few minutes. Rgds Ian
  5. Did that a while ago Mick and then struggled to remember the password yesterday when I was checking it worked. Rgds Ian
  6. I’ve just driven from Somerset to Kent in a TR3a using mostly local roads and 50% of them were appalling. Clearly they have forgotten how to repair potholes as they are either left untouched or filled so badly that you still feel the car shaking to bits. Rgds Ian
  7. You could do worse than follow the route of the Liege Brescia Liege rally. It generally avoids motorways, stops in some beautiful places, e.g. Misurina in the Dolomites and takes in both the Gaia and the Stelvio, plus some other less busy passes. Rgds Ian
  8. Today I’m off in my TR3a to visit my brother who lives Denmark. En route I will also be visiting my late wife’s cousin who lives near Hamburg. How does it go? Nowhere is far in a TR. Rgds Ian
  9. I tried graphite but the speedo needle jumped about over 40mph. Ditto the rev counter at a similar needle deflection. Eventually I greased both and they started to behave themselves. I did try not to over grease them though. Rgds Ian
  10. My TR3a came with what I think was a TR6 gauge and sender. When I replaced the gauge with a TR3a one it worked in reverse. I opened up the sender and reversed the wires and re-calibrated it using the mgaguru instructions and success it worked. It’s not wildly accurate but it’s good enough for my purposes. It stays on full for ages and then once it starts to move towards empty does so rapidly. Below 1/4 full I start to worry. Rgds ian
  11. Sounds like an article for TRaction. Rgds Ian
  12. I also have a slight whirring noise from the gearbox / clutch area when the engine is idling with the clutch engaged and the gearbox in neutral. It disappears when I dip the clutch. I assume it is a bearing (or bearings) in the gearbox but as the gearbox was fully rebuilt by Pete Cox about 6,000 miles ago and there has always been plenty of oil in it, I have the same view as Marco, it’s nothing to worry about. Rgds Ian
  13. If all else fails, I’d go looking at central heating radiator valve extensions. Toolstation have a selection as probably also do Screwfix. Rgds Ian
  14. Just a word of warning about fitting a firewall. The standard offering from Revington does require a fair bit of fettling to get it to fit. I’d suggest making a template out of cardboard or even hardboard before starting to shape your aluminium panel. I pop riveted some aluminium angles to the inside of the wheel arch to provide a decent fixture. Rgds Ian
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