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  1. But if you have too much clearance you run the risk of a larger piece of detritus getting trapped between the follower and the bore. FWIW I bought a couple of 1” dia brass bottle brushes which I could fit in my cordless drill and insert into the bores to ensure they were absolutely spotless before I started reassembly. And when I’d polished my followers (also drilled) they were 23.78mm dia. Rgds Ian
  2. Having just installed a Revington rear seal I can confirm that no T pieces are required. The kit consists of two machined aluminium crescents, a few washers, a pack of grease and the seal itself. The trickiest part of the installation is stopping the split in the seal opening up when you are pressing it down into the housing. It is a tight fit. And you are trying to deal with a heavy crankshaft at the same time. Rgds Ian
  3. I entrusted my gearbox to Pete Cox last year - his charges were very reasonable. The engine; I am in the process of reassembling it after taking it out to deal with an oil leak that turned out to be from the rear end of the camshaft. Whilst it was out I took the opportunity to strip the engine down and have everything checked - crank (and all the spinning bits), crack tested and balanced, block cleaned and pressure checked, ditto the head. I had been advised that the machining bill for doing an engine properly would be above £1,000 and sure enough, that is what it ended up costing m
  4. My local auction house held an online auction last Thursday at which there was a massive collection of Vincent motorbikes in various states of disrepair along with boxes of Vincent spares. Rgds Ian
  5. Now those are what I call detailed instructions. Well done Rob. Rgds Ian
  6. What was it I wrote about detailed instructions. Rgds Ian
  7. Apparently there is a very recent Canadian study that shows that high doses of D3 (more than 4000 units/d), promotes osteoporosis in women of a certain age. Rgds Ian
  8. I can post a photo showing where the heater rheostat fits on my RHD car but yours is LHD so it will be different I suspect. Rod recently posted a picture of where the cigarette lighter fitted, (I have mine hidden under the dash). You need to scroll down on the link below. Rgds Ian Link to post with photo showing where cigarette lighter is located PS My rheostat is in the same place as Bob's in the following post.
  9. Thks All, I figured it was an alignment issue and I would agree that if the driven plate is allowed to wobble only a fraction off line when the clutch is depressed it does represent a big out of balance force. Rgds Ian
  10. That’s where I am coming from George, my car didn’t have one either. Rgds Ian
  11. This is probably a daft question but what is the purpose of the crankshaft spigot bush. I appreciate that the gearbox input shaft fits into it but once the gearbox has been fitted to the engine with the driven plate clasped firmly between the pressure plate and the flywheel, the spigot bush would seem to me to be redundant. What am I missing? Rgds Ian
  12. Jochem, Curve F is very similar to curve B up to about 2000 rpm but above that figure it does allow more advance. I would just check that you don't get any pinking at higher revs (high speed pre-ignition) because from my limited understanding of these things, that is where you can terminally damage the engine. Rgds Ian
  13. I would agree with you if one were asking Martin to repair and set up your distributor to match your engine; he would be getting some work out of it. But I suspect he would not want to become the 'go to' person providing timing curves to all and sundry if there isn't anything in it for him. Jochems is looking for help in setting up an electronic distributor plus he has already said it is "an original engine nothing fancy", so the original factory settings should be somewhere near correct - always recognising that modern pump fuels are not the same as those available in the 1950s and 60s.
  14. As I have already said, I am using curve B with static set at TDC. Rgds Ian
  15. Remember crank speed (and degrees) are twice the distributor figures so running the dizzy in a test rig at 2700 is equivalent to 5400 rpm. Ditto, 15 degrees advance becomes 30 degrees. Add on the 4 degrees static and you have a maximum advance of 34 degrees. Since one can probably assume that if you are pulling 5400 rpm you have your foot flat on the floor, there won’t be much vacuum advance happening. Rgds Ian
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