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  1. If you have s access to the TR Technicalities CD there is a very useful section on overhauling a differential in there. Rgds Ian
  2. Clearly that is the right answer. As is taking lots of photos as you take things apart, (and put them back together). Rgds Ian
  3. I searched the web and found this diagram. I also found this which I believe is an extract from the TR4 manual. Rgds Ian
  4. Adrian, I have my oil deflector the other way round with the dish facing outwards. I just used a fibre washer. Rgds Ian
  5. To avoid parallax error I have bent the pointer down so that the tip is only a half a mm or so above the edge of the pulley. Rgds Ian PS having identified TDC I marked my pulley when it was off the engine. I made a cardboard template the same diameter as the pulley and marked it up using my camshaft timing protractor. It was an easy job to transfer the marks to the pulley.
  6. it never needs to come off again so I would have thought a drop of Loctite 270 wouldn't hurt. A suggestion: Once you have turned the engine to TDC and trial fitted the pulley, mark off the position of TDC on the outside of the pulley where it aligns with your timing case pointer. Then remove the pulley and cut or score a series of perpendicular lines at ten degree intervals around the perimeter either side of TDC with a hacksaw with (I would suggest) a deeper one for TDC that you can fill with white paint. It makes the subsequent task of setting the timing that much easier. Oh and
  7. Many years ago I had a mate who worked for a company that made large compressors for industrial freezers. In those days, as part of his training an apprentice would collect a set of parts from the stores and assemble each unit by hand. On one occasion my mate dropped one of the pistons but there was no apparent damage so he quietly carried on and assembled the compressor. Roll forward a couple of years and he is called out to a breakdown with one of the senior fitters. When they strip down the offending compressor one of the pistons has disintegrated. The fitter who was in charge e
  8. I welded small packers on the exhaust manifold at the relevant points to bring the thickness up to that of the inlet manifold. Rgds Ian
  9. I can’t argue that unions aren’t a good thing but when they use their power to keep people in jobs that with modern technology are redundant, they are abusing that power. Rgds Ian
  10. Agreed Hamilton is one of the GOAT but he’s had the best equipment as well for so long. Now McLaren have shown that they have the straight line speed (hardly that surprising as they are using the same engine), and Adrian Newey has to be the best aerodynamicist around so RB probably currently have the fastest all round package. All of which means that Hamilton isn’t going to get it all his own way in future and unless Mercedes can up their game and cut out the careless mistakes, he is unlikely to win any more championships. just saying. Rgds Ian
  11. Nice one Andrew. The problem is, who do you vote for? The traditional socialist spendthrifts or the Tories who give it all to their mates? Why do we have such rubbish governments in this country? Rgds Ian
  12. Hamilton said “no” initially and only boxed after his team insisted. McClaren didn’t insist and they should have, they are the ones with all the data including rain radar. Norris has enough to be getting on with. Rgds Ian
  13. On the basis that you can only fill your tank once and then you have nowhere else to put any additional fuel you buy, (ignoring tw*ts like the one in the photo above), the present shortage should be over soon because the forecourts will have all been restocked and people won’t have used all the extra fuel they bought. Unless of course there actually is a shortage and the government have been misleading us - as if they would? Rgds Ian
  14. I wouldn't think it matters, it will only be a few thou and there must be plenty of spare metal on both castings. I found that one of the bolts holding down the thermostat housing was too long and clashing with the top of the water pump - I had to shorten it by a few mm. Rgds Ian
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