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  1. The Google search trick is the one to use if you want to find stuff on the forum unless you are pretty sure of what you are looking for. For the uninitiated you type the following string in the Google search box with "Whatever" replaced by the term you are looking for. "Whatever" site:http://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums Rgds Ian
  2. Hi Andy, Somewhere in the mid twenties if I was touring. For short journeys less than that, probably 20/21. Rgds Ian
  3. Hi Bob, I’m on TWs now in an attempt to improve my fuel economy because to date it has been pretty dire. Not that fuel economy is a major issue with the the number of miles I cover annually. Rgds Ian
  4. Hi Peter, It has a Newman fast road cam and a Phoenix tubular exhaust manifold, apart from that it is pretty standard. I had it on a rolling road last year but that was with the wrong springs. They still got it running really well. As and when I have run it in after it's recent strip down - i.e. when the weather improves and we are allowed out again, I will book it for another session. Rgds Ian
  5. Yes to both the above Peter. But thanks for the suggestions. I have also checked that both pistons rise together and by the same amount when I blip the throttle. Rgds Ian PS When I acquired the carbs (many years ago) they had indeed been mixed up and it was a long time before i realised why I couldn't get them set up. It may have even been the same video that got me checking.
  6. Yep. And it's a good thought Bob but I'm afraid I'm not about to dismantle the carbs to do the same unless this lockdown extends to the middle of July or somesuch and I get really, really bored!
  7. I have a pair of HS6 carbs on a TR4a manifold on my TR3a and recently when I had the engine out I stripped them down and gave them a good clean plus reset everything. I also replaced the springs with new Red ones because I discovered the ones that were fitted weren't the right ones and fitted TW needles. Now with the engine running and the carbs balanced and the mixture showing bunsen blue on my two colortunes, the jets are are at different depths below the bridge. The front one is 0.90mm below the bridge while the rear one is 0.76mm down. This is nothing new for these carbs they have
  8. Brian, I don't recall tha being a problem when I replaced my gearbox last year. As I recall I had a pretty easy job of it, about an hour and it was back in and I was reassembling the welter of bits that surround it - which was much more challenging. Is there anything stopping the lever pulling further forward? or can you just rotate the box a bit to clear? Daft questions I know but if it came out, it will go back in. Rgds Ian
  9. I don’t see how it could be a standard ASHP. It must have something special fitted because the physics doesn’t work for a regular one at -8 degrees. There’s no heat there to concentrate. Rgds Ian
  10. I'd have taken them off your hands for my grandkids if you weren't so far away. Rgds Ian
  11. My understanding is that ASHPs don't work effectively below 4 deg. C which makes them impractical in winter. We used to have an apartment in Spain with an ASHP and it was great there, it was the A/C in summer and heating in Winter and only used moderate amounts of electricity. Rgds Ian
  12. Love it. Particularly how to clean up a petrol tank. I have regularly used my bench drill as a milling machine thus far the bearings have survived but I shall be more careful in future. Rgds Ian
  13. Has anyone ever pointed out to Moss that their product is not fit for purpose? Rgds Ian
  14. I have a TR2 gearbox lid Bob and it is compatible with my 2000 saloon gearbox. That's how I have a dipstick. Rgds Ian
  15. I would imagine there is no difference other than your lid has not been drilled for either the dipstick or the overdrive switches whereas the one on ebay has. Rgds Ian
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