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  1. I use 65 ft-lbs and Loctite 270. I had an adapter come loose once and I don’t want it happening again. Rgds Ian
  2. I do Rob, and I thought that was what IanC was referring to, problem is that unless you have the vehicle up in the air and level it is a bit tricky to get the dregs out of the squeezy bottle - and if you try to bend the tube, it is far to easy for it to collapse and block the flow. I'm with Richard, I find them a bl**dy pain to use. Rgds Ian
  3. I find that even with the plastic container pullout, it is a tricky task getting oil into the rear axle. It's made a lot easier with a pump. Fortunately my gearbox has a dip stick and a hole in the gearbox tunnel so that is never a problem. Rgds Ian
  4. I have done mine with a laser and got it pretty much spot on as well, the difference is that the professional with the proper gauge will have it sorted in about 10 minutes. Rgds Ian
  5. If you Google axle oil pump you will find a number of offerings for between £15 and £20.
  6. FWIW, when I get a round tuit later in the year, I will be giving everything a flush before I add the new stuff. Rgds Ian
  7. Probably easier to find hen’s teeth.
  8. Looks like I was lucky. Makes a change. Rgds Ian
  9. So are you planning on fitting your 3 with TR6 wheels then Bob? Rgds Ian
  10. It is approximately 18 months since I rebuilt the engine on my car so I decided it was about time I renewed the anti-freeze - as in sometime during the summer while the weather is good. In preparation I started doing a bit of research on what to use - remembering a thread on the forum a few years ago on the benefits of Fernox. Having found the thread and the link to the RR discussion on anti-freeze I checked up on the availability of Fernox Alphi 11 and for those who are interested, PlumbNation are currently offering 5 litres for £58 with free shipping. I like the idea of the 'great
  11. They are also the reason why the tubular TV masts at Mendip Penhill and Belmont have chains hanging in them. And the lack of vortices is why Emley Moor fell down. Rgds Ian
  12. It would appear that your new engine is delivering the goods. Well done. Rgds Ian
  13. I have done this job a couple of times (unfortunately). I have a small trolley made of plywood offcuts and four castors that I used to slide it to approximate position and then it’s breath deeply time and go for it. I find that I have a couple of attempts before my arms give out and it’s cup of tea time while I recover. Rgds Ian
  14. Is “blinker box” a technical term?
  15. I think Plod should find better things to do. Rgds Ian
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