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  1. my post 60K TR3a was LHD and only had the cut out on the LHS. When I converted it, I had to cut the apertures on the RHS and weld in the captive nuts that hold the pedal box.. Rgds Ian
  2. I had to cut, bend and weld to get mine to fit. Rgds Ian
  3. To enable me to fix the timing disc to my crankshaft, I drilled and tapped the centre of the pulley retaining bolt for a 2BA set screw. Rgds Ian
  4. If you are talking about John's home made job, agreed. I thought exactly the same thing when I saw it. Rgds Ian
  5. Hi John, I’ll post a picture of my puller tomorrow. Now added - I've not found anything it can't shift. Rgds Ian
  6. Hi John, When I have had to remove my pulley in the past (a narrow belt conversion from Moss) I have used a puller and although on one occasion I had to give it a bit of welly, it has always moved in the end. Does your puller go right behind the pulley in which case I can't see how you would ever damage the pulley - mine is a very substantial item. And as has already been said a sharp tap with a hammer on the puller bolt wouldn't go amiss. Rgds Ian
  7. Your maths is correct but usually with a new cam they will give you a timing installation figure. As Peter says, set it to that figure. Rgds Ian
  8. Good practice even with synchromesh when the box is cold. It takes some of the load of the synchromesh cones. Rgds Ian
  9. If you are going to weld it up yourself, make sure you prep the area first by grinding out a decent groove along the line of the crack so that you can get full penetration. Rgds Ian
  10. We have underfloor heating and it’s ideal for a retired couple who don’t go out to work every day. Not sure how effective it would be if the latter applied because the thermal lag is significant. Rgds Ian PS our house is brand new so the insulation is 100%.
  11. If you are not driving on the autobahn, beware of the speed cameras on the entry to a lot of the small towns. They are forward facing and there are no warnings. Rgds Ian
  12. I have only been to Silverstone once (British GP) and the access and egress were so bad I swore I would never go there again. Rgds Ian
  13. When I bought my hood and tonneau, the supplier recommended Everflex. I opted for his recommendation for the tonneau but went for a heavy duty vinyl for the hood. If I was doing it again I would opt for Everflex for both. Rgds Ian PS I’m pretty sure the material I was offered was called Everflex but checking the Don hoods site, it refers to Stayfast as their lower cost canvas option. Either way, the canvas is a lot easier to handle, particularly when it’s cold.
  14. Nope, Moss but it probably came out of the same factory. Rgds Ian
  15. Not sure it helps but here is how my front anti roll bar attaches to the lower wishbone. Rgds Ian
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