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  1. When we lived in Devon we took advantage of the boiler scrappage scheme and replaced our 30 year old Baxi boiler with a modern condensing one. The impact on our heating bills was dramatic. The thing paid for itself within three years. Don’t knock everything modern. Rgds Ian.
  2. Definitely puts my rubber bung to shame. Rgds Ian
  3. The egg type switch should be installed with up as off and down as on. On a RHD car it sits to the right of the steering wheel and can be flicked on or off without removing a hand from the wheel. On a 3b which I guess is LHD I imagine it should be to the left of the wheel but I am sure someone will be along in a moment to confirm or otherwise on this. Rgds Ian
  4. It looks like it will work if you clean up the glue and buy the proper bulb fitment. Rgds Ian
  5. I had my hood custom made to fit after I had fitted the side screens. The guy who made it (and who had been making hoods since Adam was a lad) set it up like Bob's with the top flap just covering the sidescreen and when I shut the door, I have to tuck it under the flap which as Bob says is no big deal. If you didn't have that arrangement the rain would run down the inside. As it is, my hood is pretty much totally waterproof. Rgds Ian
  6. Or buy a cheap cd drive. They cost about £15 to £20. Rgds Ian or check out your local charity shops.
  7. Hi John, very envious of your coffee morning at Pie in the Sky. It looks wonderful. But how come there isn’t a gallery photo of a load of TRs outside? Rgds Ian
  8. I fitted a combined usb socket and voltmeter and hid it under the dash. Rgds Ian
  9. +1 for the bench vice. That's all I have ever used. Rgds Ian
  10. There’s usually a number on the box, that will tell you where it’s from. Rgds Ian
  11. I have 87mm pistons and HS6 carbs. When I had my car set up on a rolling road a couple of years ago they stayed with the SY needles I was using even though there were a pair of SM needles in the glove box. They said it slightly rich at idle but was bang on at higher revs. At my request they didn’t take it above 4500 rpm. Rgds Ian
  12. I sent just the OD unit. I had bought a 2000 saloon box with O/D on the bay for £50 and I sent the O/D to ORS for them to check it out. As it happened the unit was fine and they charged me £500 to convert it to a TR unit. I took the box to Pete Cox and he rebuilt it for a very reasonable sum including putting in a TR input shaft instead of the Saloon version. Rgds Ian
  13. +1 (or is it 3?) for ORS Rgds Ian PS I despatched mine to them using DHL.
  14. I don't quite see the point of them. You still have the issue of driving up onto the ramps and then raising them is a laborious task. My CJ Autos version is much more practical (IMHO) and if I want to work on the suspension, I insert a couple of axle stands and lower the ramp a little. CJ Autos Ramps Rgds Ian PS And when they are not in use I have them leaning against the wall tied back with a couple of elastic straps to some substantial hooks so they don't take up much space.
  15. Hi Jon, H & B Tyres in Christchurch Street Frome although they have now re-branded as ETB Autocentres. I don't know if this makes any differences to the services they offer. Rgds Ian https://www.etbtyres.co.uk/fromec/
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