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    Short door TR2 daily driver owned since 1976 and a TR6 daily driver owned since 2016. I have completed restoration of my long door TR2 acquired in Jan 2017 so now have three driving TRs. The S&S34 has sold (with much sadness) but it does give more time for the cars.

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  1. My daily driver TR2 has stock suspension with a front ARB. I only fitted the ARB a few months ago and I feel it has tightened the steering and aids quicker cornering without the front tucking under. What is the benefit of removing the front ARB in your situation?
  2. Converters were popular here after we changed from imperial to metric about 1975. Haven't seen one for ages.
  3. A slight hijack of the thread but it is about radiators and cooling. My car had an original radiator that externally looked to be very old. On hot days (I'm talking over 40 degC and up to mid 40s) in very heavy traffic my engine would get very warm. After half an hour it would be in the top of the gauge but not boiling. Using a infra red heat sensor it was running about 215 degF. I bought an ebay aluminium radiator. The engine temperature still rose with long periods at idle. On closer inspection the old radiator is in excellent condition so the new radiator wasn't needed. The e
  4. I must admit my knowledge of the A type isn't great and is based on the TR2s I own. I wasn't aware of any difference between the two with respect to the 4 cyl TRs.
  5. The overdrives are the same between saloon and TR6 except for the final ratio which varied depending on the car it went into. From memory you can get 23, 25 and 28% overdrives. Most J types here seem to be the 28% version.
  6. The input shafts are tricky. There are a number of different versions in length and the gear helix. Once you have found one the same length as the existing one you need to ensure that the gear helix is the same as your mainshaft gear. They have the same number of teeth but the angle of the teeth is different. I know because in my 1st attempt the laygear wouldn't mesh with the mainshaft. Wrong helix.
  7. I am just finished building a 2500 box with J type overdrive as a spare for my TR6 and can advise on a couple of things. The 2500 and the TR6 gearbox are essentially the same. The input shaft being the only significant difference and all that means is you use a 2500 clutch plate. I understand there are other more common Isuzu or whatever plates that also fit. The output shafts are the same, depending on whether you have overdrive or not. The output flange is different but as the box is in your car already that has been swapped for a TR6 one or the 2500 one has already been modified.
  8. Not dissimilar to Australia. You're on your own a lot of the time so need to be able to address the common, and some not so common, issues.
  9. Almost guaranteed it will. Try my suggestion with the thin blade.
  10. This might seem too simple but I was taught to use a very fine knife blade to act as a slight wedge between the head and the block. I tap it in lightly working my way around the head. Each rotation around the head I tap it in a little bit further. Eventually it breaks the seal with the block and the head studs and off comes the head. Last time I did it it took about 30 minutes, maybe 10 times around the head.
  11. I've never had a fuel injection problem. Coils, rotor buttons, condensors and a few other things, but never injection.
  12. Bleed it and see what happens in the future. A blocked injector doesn't necessarily indicate a full overhaul of the fuel system. Repeated problems might but not one or two.
  13. My next step when needed.
  14. A mobile phone and credit card tool kit is what I hear from the people who borrow my spares on club events. In Australia I encourage members to carry the common break down items because help might be a long way away. You might be waiting a long long time for help to do that 3 minute fix. And you might get towed to the nearest mechanic but without spares who is going to fix the car. On our rally around Tasmania in 2017 I covered 4,500kms, the cars from Queensland another 1500kms or so. 6 cars were kept going using my spares, including mine for a condensor. Most issues are ignitio
  15. Yep. I have two TR2s which I tested with the same gauge. The other car was 145-150 all the same. Both engines are 87mm bores, one with a TR4 head (the higher compression engine) and the other lower compression with the low port head.
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