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    Short door TR2 daily driver owned since 1976 and a TR6 daily driver owned since 2016. I have completed restoration of my long door TR2 acquired in Jan 2017 so now have three driving TRs. The S&S34 has sold (with much sadness) but it does give more time for the cars.

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  1. Keep the points and condensor in a zip lock bag in the boot. The benefits of electronic ignition are so great that they have overpowered my desire to keep things original.
  2. The mediocre quality of condensors (and rotors) is why I have and recommend electronic ignition to our members. I went for 40 years with British cars and my TR2 specifically not knowing what a condensor was. It failed about 7 years ago and since then I have been through 6. Only my concours standard TR2 has points now.
  3. Thank you all for the advice. I am chasing up cellulose in Australia. I stand corrected on the car's paint. Lebro is right the car has been repainted. I have just got off the phone with the previous owner and he tells me that he did have the car repainted in about 1965 when he took the race numbers off the car after several years. The numbers took the original paint off when removed. He didn't intentionally mislead me; he was telling me the story about the paint numbers and didn't complete the story before we moved on to other matters. That solves the issue. I'm not replacing the ori
  4. Don't bother cleaning the plugs. Put new or known good 2nd hand ones in. Plugs soaked in petrol are often useless, in diesel can only be worse.
  5. The car hasn't been painted except for the rear guard with the paint coming off in sheets. It had a minor bingle at a club event about 25 years ago. The hardtop is an original but was acquired in the 70s and has been painted in 2 pack. The boot isn't the original and is also in 2 pack. The original boot came with the car and is in my garage. The rest of the body is the original paint. Any guidance on the best method to paint it is very much welcomed.
  6. For my sins I have acquired a special TR3. A TR Register member has owned the car for 64 years, he bought it when it was 2 years old in 1958. It is an Australian CKD car, TS9602O with 49,600 miles from new. It has the original interior in very good condition (just dirty), carpets and has never been painted, let alone restored. I understand the engine has never been out. In years long past it was a multiple concours winner with the Triumph Sports Owners Association. The car was raced extensively, dragged, hill climbed etc in the 60s. At one stage it had a Judson supercharger but is back to
  7. Got back last night from a 4 day tour through western NSW in my daily driver TR2. Great fun with a dozen TRs. Just took my long door TR2 for a drive over the Harbour Bridge. Also great fun. Starting work on the TR3 I have just acquired. More fun!
  8. The same oil is recommended for my TR2 trunnions. I've been using modern greases for 39 years and about 150,000 miles. Still on the same trunnions and they are in good nick. I tend to grease them every 3- 6 months.
  9. Not in this instance as it has been done very recently, but if the brake fluid isn't changed regularly the very small hole can block with debris in the fluid.
  10. Most of us here use BP 98. A rule of thumb as a starting point is to have the ignition about 8-10 deg advanced on the crank pulley mark. Depending on the engine adjust it to just ping, then back it off a few degrees. We are currently on a 4-day tour through western NSW, I'm in my daily driver TR2. I'm getting 30mpg which I'm happy with. I prefer it a bit rich on long hight speed runs. I'm yet to get the car with the poor consumption out to see how it goes.
  11. We have the opposite problem. Coldest and wettest Sydney winter for a very long time. It has been very cool here, the other day it was a maximum of 9 or 10 deg C, feels like 3 according to the weather bureau. Brrrrr. Yesterday I took my daily driver TR2 for a coffee morning with TR friends about 60kms away. Rained the whole way there and back until a few kms from home. We were the only ones silly enough to bring a TR. I did get to make improvements to the cars water proofing, at the front of the sidescreens. Next week a dozen or so sidescreens are off for a Christmas in July tour th
  12. I have just got my strobe back from a mate and yes, timing could have been an issue. It was set at about 3-4 deg advanced at idle. I have doubled that to about 8-10 deg advanced, similar to my other car. The engine idles better and when the rain stops I'll give it a test drive and adjust from here. I thought it was set correctly but I must have cocked it up somewhere along the line.
  13. Yes, a good point. I have them set at .015". There isn't any significant tappet noise and she performs well.
  14. That is also my view on cam timing. If it was out enough to impact on fuel consumption there would be other symptoms as you describe.
  15. That is the view of a very knowledgeable TR3 owner here, that the cam timing is incorrect. It is the main reason I put the post on here, to seek confirmation or rejection of this possibility. However, I would expect that if the cam timing isn't correct it wouldn't perform as well as it does. It runs hard from 1,000 to 5,000rpm. It pulls up hills better than my other car. It is only at a 700 rpm idle that there is any lumpiness, a 900rpm idle is much better. I don't want to remove the front of the car just to check the cam timing. As you say, I'm not even sure what the cam timing shou
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