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  1. I get the feeling Adrian means 57 and 58. Sometimes 58 can stick up there and needs a bit of prodding to get out.
  2. Thank you all. These posts reinforce the view down under, the carbies just don't like very hot air. The temperature on Friday was low 30 degC meaning the temp under the bonnet must have been very warm indeed. I would appreciate a photo or two as to how you mounted the fan and ducting to the carbies if anybody could help.
  3. I went to Bayview (about 40km away from where I live across the centre of Sydney) in the TR2 today and got caught in traffic on the way home, about an hour of stop start stuff. The engine was heat soaked but the electric fan kept the gauge in the middle. When the engine gets hot after about half an hour the car doesn't idle well. The first half an hour or so it idles at 800rpm but when it gets really heat soaked the idle will be at 800rpm for maybe 10 seconds after stopping in the traffic and then it drops to 500-650rpm and very rough. It doesn't stall or even feel like it will but it isn't right. I usually juggle the brake/throttle to keep the revs at 800-1000. If I bump the idle up it then idles too fast for the half an hour before the engine gets really heat soaked. It feels like the engine is rich cutting, but the mixture is right for normal driving. Any ideas?
  4. I have a 145/15 spare in my TR2s. The TR2 had an even narrower opening than the later TR3A. In 43 years and I don't know how many miles I've used the spare maybe twice and not in the last 25 years. I have Moss supplied 60 spoke wires. They are tubeless and have been great for 5 years use.
  5. I have just gone through this process with my 70 PI. It has a stock (probably the original) 41219D distributor. The manual says 11deg BTDC static. Idle at 700 rpm should be the same so I set it at idle. The manual says it should top out at 16 deg BTDC at 2600 rpm. 16 deg, are they kidding. Every engine of this period I have done over 45 years have peaked at 30 or more deg BTDC. The PI system might have something different but not 16 deg max advance. Mine topped out at 26-28 deg at 2600 rpm. I have since discovered that the 16 deg is supposed to be added to the 11 deg static. The TR6 manual is the only manual I have seen that describes advance this way. I've done MGs, Morris Minors, Mini Cooper S, Jag MkII, TR2, Hillmans and they all describe the advance as the total figure, not adding static to the advance at higher revs. However, that is how it is. I was with the local Triumph specialist today and he confirms that 26 deg at 2600rpm is correct.
  6. A bit of feedback. Quite a few of the tappets were way out. Maybe 20-25 thou gap instead of 10 thou. Only a few were correct. They all had oil in the top of the pushrod so lubrication is ok. All the plug gaps were big, probably 30-35 thou instead of 25 thou. The plugs were all the same colour and condition. They had a grey coating underneath some carbon buildup, which I reckon is normal for a PI that had driven a long way at speed and then through heavy traffic for the last 20 or so kms. Timing was closer to 6 deg advanced at idle. I put it up to 11 deg and will adjust it further as I drive it. After the adjustments the engine started immediately and idled smoothly and quietly straight away. Trying to replicate a very intermittent issue will be almost impossible but the tune up was desperately needed. It is blowing hard here right now with some rain so a test drive will wait. I did notice the water pump is leaking so I shall replace it soon. Just took it for a short test drive. Much smoother and quieter, a big improvement in power especially at higher revs. Should have checked my records and done the work before the trip.
  7. A timely post Alan. I have just checked my spreadsheet of TR6 servicing and I haven't touched the tappets, plugs etc for 5,000 miles and the plugs are over 6,000 miles old. It has electronic ignition so only timing there. The PI has not caused me any issues but I think I'll get it tuned by a specialist.
  8. The earth was tight but I pulled it off, sanded the body and terminal and retightened. I also checked the other terminals on the relay etc. Unfortunately, with such an intermittent issue I may never know whether this was the cause.
  9. Thanks Mike. Just checked, all OK.
  10. Thanks Alan. The car pulls away normally. The engine performs really well in all conditions, idles nicely, good power throughout the range. I intend having the car tuned by a Lucas PI specialist just to see if we can get a bit more out of it but I doubt this is the problem. It has occurred just a few times in 3 years of driving and as it is on bumps a poor electrical connection is likely the problem.
  11. These early (Feb 70) cars don't have a cut out. But a intermittent earth somewhere is a real possibility.
  12. This car has an outlet each side of the tank. Put in when the Bosch pump was installed.
  13. I'll check. It should be Ok, I did a lot of work on the tank a few years ago.
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