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  1. My TR6 has the same symptoms. It is definitely brakes related. My car has Nissan hubs and axles. I suspect the shoe return springs or something similar. I will pull the rear brakes down when I get home at the end of June and see what I can find.
  2. I recall you were only supposed to put a pump or two in rarely but people pumped more in than was necessary. The grease can't go anywhere inside the pump so putting more in just damaged seals.
  3. The outer casing of the fast idle (throttle) cable on the choke might be stuck on the lip of the bit it goes into at the throttle body.
  4. Does the engine fire? Sounds like the battery is losing power with the ignition connected. This might be because the battery is knackered, the terminals aren't clean, the ignition is wired incorrectly and is draining the battery. Put a multi meter on the battery while cranking. If the voltage drops markedly with the ignition on you could have an ignition problem causing too high a load/too much drain on the battery.
  5. Agree. Take the car for a good drive, over an hour including some freeway and see what the pressure is above 2000 and at idle. 30-40 at idle and up to 80 psi above 2000 is OK. Don't forget these gauges aren't perfectly accurate.
  6. If you were in Australia I'd buy it straight away.
  7. I am still after baby tenax for TS3732O if anybody has any. Cheers John
  8. Putting 3 TRs to bed while we are in Canada and the US for 6 weeks from Monday. 20km drive to get everything moving, wipe over with the chamois, trickle charger on the TR6 and car cover to keep the dust off. Restoration TR2 given a short run then wipe over and car cover. Battery disconnected. I left my daily driver TR2 for tomorrow so I can take her for a run. I'll be in Vancouver for the All British Day. Should be interesting.
  9. +1. Smooth driving almost eliminates the noise and you can still give it a gut full of throttle when in gear.
  10. Diff back lash. A bit worse than usual but I wouldn't be spending a lot of money or time fixing it yet. These cars are not perfect, trying to make everything perfect will cause a lot of heartache and financial pain.
  11. I had the same symptoms. I bought a new servo from Rimmers, problem solved.
  12. Maybe, but the risk of damaging the body on the overrider iron would have been very high. It is a close fit there.
  13. 25mpg on a country drive with a stock Lucas PI with electronic ignition. 15-20mpg around Sydney.
  14. Hi Paul, Glad you are back home in one piece. It was my pleasure to have you around during your visit down under. I was particularly grateful that you bought the 11/2" SUs out for me. Having studied the manual and discussed it with some good TR engineers, sealing the bearing cap from underneath isný too difficult. Whether I do it well is another question. Take the sump and box off, remove the main bearing cap, clean it all up with carbie cleaner etc, put it back together and punch the Wellseal or Permatex soaked seal in. Refit the sump and box. Hopefully a days work. Cheers
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