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    Short door TR2 daily driver owned since 1976 and a TR6 daily driver owned since 2016. I have completed restoration of my long door TR2 acquired in Jan 2017 so now have three driving TRs. The S&S34 has sold (with much sadness) but it does give more time for the cars.

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  1. As these cars need pretty constant attention it might be a good opportunity to do some exploring. Fluid leaks are usually a pretty straightforward fix.
  2. I and many others downunder use BP5HS plugs. They are the next grade hotter. I moved to the hotter plug to minimise the plugs carboning up in traffic. I live only 5km west of the Sydney CBD, traffic lights are a part of life near home.
  3. I had this problem with my long door low port head. I assumed I could use the collets from the high port head I was replacing, but it had been modified and had the 4A caps. Stuffed me around for ages as I couldn't find a supplier for the right collets.
  4. It might be confusing saying it is a 53. TR3As, which this car definitely is, were made between 57 and 61.
  5. I have a thin metal wedge I put between the head and block. Gently tap it in between the head and block as you move it around the joint. After a full circuit of the head it will have lifted a mm or two. Work from there.
  6. Both my steering boxes ended up with 3-4 shims. It also depends on the shim thickness as to how many, they do come in different thicknesses, or used to.
  7. Hi Sean, my car is CP51049, 15 Feb 1970. Yours is only a few hundred later although separated by a few thousand miles, mine is down under in Sydney, Australia. Mine is unrestored but has had some professional and amateur work done over the years. It appears it was a non overdrive car but now has a J type in it on 3rd and top. A Bosch fuel pump, non original steering wheel. The cars should have a lot in common. John
  8. I have locally produced CV shafts and hubs, Nissan based I believe. They are very good so far, maybe 3,000 miles. My old hubs had play in them and I wasn't going to trust them after a rebuild. The CV option is quiet, doesn't bind accelerating on roundabouts and needs no maintenance.
  9. Mine has the same fit issue. I think the originals were made slightly bigger.
  10. I bought a sheet of copper and made a cover to protect the mount from oil coming aft.
  11. The TR Shop list a stainless system with a Bell Quality exhaust at 270pds, a Double S silencer 255 pds and with a Phoenix silencer for 360pds. What is the difference between the systems. Is the Phoenix silencer a straight fit to a stock car and is it any better then the double S or stock system?
  12. Mine had one set of holes, on both cars. TR2s. Last I did it I did not have to disconnect anything. Jack the engine up just enough to get the mounts out and new ones in. If you can see significant strain on the radiator hoses you might have to loosen them (drain the radiator etc) but I didn't need to. The gearbox mount should be replaced as they get oil soaked and give up. Remove the gearbox tunnel, take the box weight with a jack and remove and replace the mount.
  13. CP51049, Feb 70 build. Plug rear left. But who knows what sumps have been fitted where over 50 years. A guaranteed one owner might be able to tell.
  14. Unfortunately these regs are for our cars. If you fit many non standard or non option bits to your car it needs to be certified by a qualified engineer. The actual distances and angles are a bit complicated but that bar would need to be quite a few inches further aft.
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