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    Short door TR2 daily driver owned since 1976 and a TR6 daily driver owned since 2016. I have completed restoration of my long door TR2 acquired in Jan 2017 so now have three driving TRs. The S&S34 has sold (with much sadness) but it does give more time for the cars.

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  1. Thanks Mick. A good explanation. Would it be easier to 'fix' a 2nd hand cap to make it fit than make a new one?
  2. Torque wrenches aren't expensive and can age, especially with misuse. I bought a new one and borrowed an engineering one and when I compared them all found my old one was out quite a long way. They are an essential item in the tool box of a TR owner.
  3. Why not a 2nd hand cap? Should be plenty of old 2500 engines about.
  4. Hi John, Mine is CP51049, a Feb 70 car, and has a white lead to the coil from the loom. It is essentially a survivor car with relatively low miles that has been repainted but not restored. The car has Lumenition ignition and has a ballast resistor fitted, which I disconnected. I don't know why it is there, I thought it was original but it appears it isn't.
  5. I have a similar problem with my long door TR2 that has the Lockheed rear end. I do get the handbrake to bight but at the end of the adjustment. I'm assuming the shoes are incorrect, they came with the car and I don't know their history. You have reminded me of another job! Damn, I thought I was down to only two to do, now it is 50% more.
  6. Thanks Rob. That is what I understood about ballast resistors but not well enough to articulate it like you have. I'm in Sydney Australia so it is rarely cold enough to cause a starting problem. It might be if I needed to start at 6.00am in the middle of winter but I'm retired and not a morning person. The car starts first thing all the time, except when the coil is u/s.
  7. Thanks Mick, This car had/has a ballast resistor fitted, apparently from new. I have disconnected it as I have been told it isn't necessary nowadays. My knowledge of electrics is not high.
  8. Thanks Rob. I have had a coil fail twice on my daily driver TR2. Not bad in 45 years but enough to carry a spare. Plugs are gapped at 28 thou, 3 thou above the 25 recommended. No points. The first coil that failed was on the car when I bought it and might have been any age, it wasn't near new. The one that failed yesterday was my TR2 spare, a Lucas sports coil. I'll get another one for the touring kit and see what happens.
  9. Yes, missing badly when revved under loads, even light loads. I got a good drive in today (bear in mind I live in the centre of a big city so a good drive isn't >90km/h freeway stuff) with a good bit of idling without bad plug fouling. When I pulled the plugs No1 was a bit dark, not wet, but the others were an OK colour.
  10. Over the past week or so I have experienced fouled plugs when caught in heavy traffic. While this is not unusual in a PI today my coil failed. With a new coil the car feels to be running better. Could a weak and failing coil exacerbate plug fouling? It makes sense to me, a weak coil giving a weak spark leading to plug fouling.
  11. John McCormack


    I have just had the coil fail on my 1970 CP PI. Luckily it was close to home and my darling wife bought my TR touring kit down to me. The coil in the car when I bought it failed about 3 years ago. When I replaced it I used the same coil as I use in my TR2 as I have a spare in my road touring kit. The TR6 has Lumenition electronic ignition, the ballast resistor has been disconnected but otherwise a stock TR6. What coil would owners recommend for the PI TR6 with electronic ignition. Would the TR2 one be OK.
  12. Similar problem a few years ago. I removed the switch, tapped all the dust out of it, working fine for the last few years.
  13. My normal answer to that question is that when you have had a TR2 daily driver for 45 years you put the top up when you want it up. The days of only erecting it in the garage to keep it stretched are long gone. However, on this occasion there was a reason most cars had the top up. It was very cold on that morning, 4-5 deg C, with rain. Tops off that afternoon and have stayed off for most cars without a hardtop. They could go back on tomorrow. Today in early spring it hit near 30 degC, tomorrow will be hotter here in country NSW. The Australian sun beats down hard, and my wife i
  14. Hi, the lever can return to the off position and the enrichment cam can still be in the rich position. Put a finger down between the block and the MU and you will feel a nut on the enrichment mechanism. Push it very very hard towards the back of the car. It will click back a bit if it is still on. This is a common problem, especially with cars that haven't been used regularly. It happened to mine, exactly, and I mean exactly, your symptoms. I sprayed WD40 liberally down there and worked the mechanism backwards and forwards for 10 minutes. Problem solved.
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