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    Sydney Australia
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    My short door TR2 daily driver owned since 1976, TR6 daily driver owned since 2016 and long door TR2 owned since Jan 2017 undergoing restoration. Sailing my S&S34.

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  1. John McCormack

    Long door TR2 Restoration

    It is a great place to live. We travel a fair bit and we love many countries but Australia wins every time. We live in what is a close in, about 5kms or a 55 minute walk from Sydney CBD. We moved here 2 years ago and were fortunate to find a 120 year old 3 bedroom house with a big garage with rear lane access. That is when the BRG TR2 was joined by the TR6. The restoration TR2 wasn't planned but when the car was offered to me I couldn't let somebody else finish it and not build it as an original spec car. All garages with a classic in them are worthy garages. Our previous house where we lived for 22 years had a single carport. The BRG TR2 lived there, family cars on the street.
  2. John McCormack

    Long door TR2 Restoration

    I have owned the BRG TR2 since February 1976, nearly 43 years, and it is my daily driver. The TR6 is an indulgence as is the restoration project. One will go when the TR2 is finished.
  3. John McCormack

    Long door TR2 Restoration

    That is the workshop shed. I don't argue with the dog. My garage looks like this. Th chassis and body is the car in the video.
  4. John McCormack

    Long door TR2 Restoration

    This is my long door TR2 restoration project. Ready for completion of the wiring and bleeding the hydraulics. I have a Skinners New Tan upholstery kit and fawn top and tonneau. It should be back on the road in 2019.
  5. John McCormack


    Thanks Mike. The rack hasn't been out in my ownership. When I bought the car I had the previous owner have the bushes replaced which he did by a service centre known to the Triumph owners here. I can only assume they did pretension the rack. The car has been driven by a very good Triumph specialist who didn't mention anything untoward about the steering. I take your point on new parts. They have often let me down.
  6. John McCormack


    The manual just says when installing to centre the rack, not how. I just looked at the rack mounts and the flange butts up against the clamp. Is there something I'm missing here. I see new racks are available from Moss-Europe for about 130pds. As there is also a bit of play in the pinion bush this looks like the best option if it needs repair.
  7. John McCormack


    Thank you all. I have just jacked the front left wheel up under the bottom wishbone to retest it. The only play I can find is (what I think) a bit of play in the rack on the left side. The rack has new poly bushes, it isn't the rack moving on the chassis, but play in the rack itself. It isn't much play and it was checked in April, maybe 2000klms ago, for an MOT. I think this is where the noise is coming from but I'm not sure. I would have thought the rack play would be taken up as you start turning, not take up with a clunk when you get near full lock.
  8. John McCormack


    When I turn into my garage on full right lock, or close to it, I sometimes get a clunk from the left front. I have jacked the front up and taken the load off the suspension with a 2nd jack and can't find any play in the top ball joint/bearings etc. Is there a common cause of such clunks in the TR6?
  9. John McCormack


    How do you fit it? Is it easy from underneath, or with the tunnel removed?
  10. John McCormack


    Others might have this problem. My early CP car has been fitted with a J type overdrive gearbox. The speedo drive in the box is not compatible with the speedo. I don't want to remove the box, dismantle it just to change the speedo drive. Will a speedo from a car with a J type overdrive solve my problem to give me an accurate speedo? It would be good to get one in km/h say from a European car.
  11. John McCormack


    A long shot maybe but I am after a low port head and a pair of 1 1/2" SUs to go with it. I would like a complete and restored head if possible. The carbies I want complete with all linkages. Any out there?
  12. John McCormack


    Fair point Tim. Although I doubt many UK drivers go for drives over 300 kms very often. When are you out here?
  13. John McCormack


    Probably Ok in a country with relatively short drives. Even the beautiful TR6 note wears thin on the 900kms between Sydney and Melbourne at 110kmh.
  14. John McCormack


    My car had the radio speakers in home made cabinets on the shelf behind the seats. I have finished installing new carpets and want to locate them somewhere else out of the way if I can. There doesn't appear to be room in the panels in front of the A posts nor the fuel tank panel behind the seats. Where have others mounted them? Photos too please if you can.
  15. John McCormack

    Inertial Reel Seatbelts

    Thank you all. I just checked and my February 1970 build CP does not have a mounting point for an inertial reel. Drilling a hole and fitting a backing plate won't be too difficult.

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