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  1. John McCormack

    Useful travelling spares list

    Here is a list of things I recommend for our sidescreen owners when travelling away from home. On a 5,000km trip to and around Tasmania in 2017 I used one of my condensors but did keep 5 other cars going with my bits. Last year on a 4,000km run to Adelaide I didn't use anything. But it was reassuring knowing I could fix the main types of failures if I needed to. While you always help out a car in distress I get a bit annoyed at people who carry noting and rely on others when the proverbial hits the fan. TR TOURING SPARESv2.docx
  2. John McCormack

    The Missing Link

    I have two TR2s, both 1954 one short and one long door. The short door I have had for 43 years and the long door is only 3 owner so both are pretty original. Neither have a strap as pictured from the steering box to the chassis.
  3. John McCormack


    A not uncommon problem, at least with the more powerful TR6 than its earlier cousins. The lesson, which I learnt many many years ago, is don't ignore clunks and knocks until you have found the cause.
  4. John McCormack

    Wiring diagram for od and heater

    Excellent. Even I can understand it.
  5. John McCormack


    Looking at the cracks I think they have been there for a long time. They aren't new and the last time the car was driven in the wet would have been 9 months ago. The shocks have only been on a short while, maybe a year. They aren't set overly hard, maybe 60% hardness. The car is a survivor car with about 60-80,000 miles total but has had the diff mounts reinforced due to cracking. When I bought the car it hadn't been used more than 5000kms in 20 years but did have large 225/15 tyres. Previous owners may have used wide tyres as well. I will get this repaired and monitor it. Luckily it was found before it collapsed and should be a 5-6 hour repair.
  6. John McCormack

    Wiring diagram for od and heater

    I have installed the new wiring diagram in the TR2 but it doesn't include OD and heater. Would anybody have a wiring diagram for them? The original one if possible. Regards John
  7. John McCormack

    Overdrive solenoid

    When I did mine I couldn't for the life of me get the solenoid undone, with a proper spanner. I had a mate in the garage and asked him to try. He got it in a minute or two. It can be stuck so keep persevering.
  8. John McCormack


    Here is a not very clear photo of the cracking on my lh suspension pillar. There is also one small hairline crack on the rh one. It will go to a workshop to remove the shocks and top wishbone to repair both sides. The cause is unknown. I doubt the shocks are set too hard. I took Tim Hunt for a run in the TR6 in December and he didn't notice anything untoward in some spirited driving on uneven roads.
  9. John McCormack

    TR Shop Fuel Tank

    I ended up using vinegar which removed a hell of a lot of rust flakes. However, I then rinsed the tank out with water, let it dry in the sun on a 40degC day and rinsed it with petrol. Now a few days later there seems to be a lot of surface rust and a fair few flakes come out when I rinse it with petrol. Help!!
  10. John McCormack


    Thanks all. I don't weld so it will be done by our faithful Triumph specialist, the only one in Sydney. I am away for a few days but will take a photo or two when I get back
  11. John McCormack


    For the last few months the TR6 has had a clunk from the front left when turning into driveways, parking spots etc. It only occurs if I turn a bit fast or hard. Investigating yesterday and we found that the top of the suspension pillar either side of the top shock absorber mount is cracked through. The right side has a small hairline crack. I understand this cracking occurs but isn't common. I did replace the shock absorbers for spax adjustables a year or so ago. I wonder if I have set them too hard or done something I shouldn't have. Any ideas?
  12. John McCormack

    TR Shop Fuel Tank

    Not far from me. I live in the inner west about 5kms from the city. Let me know when you are here. I had Tim Hunt from the UK along to a TR Register meet last month.
  13. John McCormack

    TR Shop Fuel Tank

    I am in the process of getting the fuel tank ready to go back into my TR2. It had a new bottom fitted by the previous owner so I have had a fuel outlet fitting installed by a tank specialist. The tank is very clean inside visually so I didn't have them clean it, it costs a small fortune for tank cleaning here. Fuel cleanliness isn't as critical with the TR2 engine as it is with a TR6PI but I do want to get the inside of the tank as clean as I can before I paint and install it. I have been flushing it out with petrol and now have it so very little debris, rust flakes, are coming out. Although the fuel is pretty clean I would like to get it better. What alkaline solution did you use? Did you need to do anything else to the tank?
  14. John McCormack

    Moss radiator drain plug leaking

    I have just fitted a second Moss radiator drain plug which also leaks around the shaft. Anybody got a solution apart from fitting a bolt into the drain hole?
  15. John McCormack

    Energising a new wiring harness

    Thanks David. Yes, I will do that. Grazie Marco, I thought of that too. I have a flat battery that probably still has enough charge remaining to get a reaction when I turn the ignition on and a reading on a multi meter as I turn things on. At least that will identify any major shorts before I put in a good battery. Other ideas would be much appreciated.

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