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    Sydney Australia
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    Short door TR2 daily driver owned since 1976 and a TR6 daily driver owned since 2016. I have completed restoration of my long door TR2 acquired in Jan 2017 so now have three driving TRs. The S&S34 has sold (with much sadness) but it does give more time for the cars.

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  1. Hi Laurence, I've sent you a private message. Cheers John
  2. Hi Laurence,

    Yes I was in the RAN full-time from 1972 until 1998 and then on the Reserves until 2020. Most of my full-time career was in the Fleet Air Arm, flying in Grumman Trackers when we had a carrier and then a couple of years on helicopters off frigates. Then a variety of jobs paying off in 1998 as Commanding Officer of the submarine base in Sydney.

    If you can figure out the cost to package and post to the following we can sort something out.

    15 Henry St

    Leichhardt NSW 2040


    1. Mr Blue Sky

      Mr Blue Sky

      Hi John,

      My Dad was FAA back in the days when we had numerous carriers - his last one was HMS Centaur.  I did 14y in the Royal Marines and then studied engineering - the combination of which has led to career that has taken me around the world.  Had the surreal experience of going to an Army barracks near Perth airport where I was required to attend a suppliers briefing.  I got some strange looks when I registered, as the hall was named in honour of Lawrence (Dominic) McCarthy VC (WW1) and my name is Laurence McCarthy.  I think they thought I was taking the mickey!  Anyway, I'll look into freight costs - surface and air and let you know how I get on.


      Yours aye,

    2. John McCormack

      John McCormack

      Hi Laurence,

      That would have been Swanbourne Barracks, home of the Australia SAS regt. I did a lot of work with them back in the early 90s and spent a night in the lockup. I wasn't in trouble, a flight was cancelled and the only bed they had was in the cells.

      Cheers John

  3. I think I used a pair of circlip pliers. They shouldn't be too tight.
  4. Thanks Laurence. As a 27 year Navy veteran I can fulfil your wishes.
  5. If it is in good condition and you can get it pressure tested, I'd happily pay the freight to Australia. How much do you want for it? Can you send me some close-up photos? Thank you.
  6. That is what my spare one did. To test the bulb just put a lead from your active battery terminal to the centre terminal on the flasher unit. The dashboard indicator globe should light up. If it doesn't it will be either the globe or the wiring to it
  7. They fail pretty rarely, cost next to nothing and it is 5 minutes to replace. The new one I bought from a reputable supplier rather than a Moss one is working very well, better than previous ones I've used.
  8. Blinker box might be an Australian slang term I picked up off my father many years ago. I think the unit in dad's old Cambridge or Morrie might have been rectangular. Anyway, it is a common term amongst older car people here. I had a spare laying around in my garage, fitted it in 5 minutes. Blinkers work, dash light doesn't. Probably a defective blinker box but thought it could be the globe failed. Contort left forearm under the dash (Smiths heater fitted) and replace globe. 1 hour. Dash light still doesn't work. Note a loose/broken wire under dash. Centre dash lights not working. Th
  9. The indicator light on my original TR2 stays on permanently with the ignition on. The indicators aren't working. All other electrics are working normally. The car is completely original. I'm assuming the blinker box has failed. I gave it a tap or two with no effect. Anything else I should look at?
  10. After a short while the same problem, too rich at idle with the nuts all the way up and not rich enough at speed, returned. I fitted a spare set of carbies I had and it transformed the car. Mixture can be set accurately, and it idles and performs really well. I took the suspect carbies to an excellent SU man we have here and he just rang me that he has replaced the jets which were worn. He said there is no sign the needles weren't centred; it was just the amount of use that had worn the jets. I will continue with the set on the car for a few tanks of petrol and then think about
  11. I have CV axles with hubs. Much better ride and no maintenance.
  12. Thanks Rob and Mick. I've posted your comments, without names, in a post on the TR Register Australia website to provide your views to our members,
  13. We have had a few cars with the Evans coolant suffer major engine damage. Most recently in the past month requiring, I understand, a full rebuild. I don't know the cause but my gut feel is that the Evans coolant allows the engine to run too hot causing a breakdown in the oil properties. Any knowledgeable advice would be welcomed.
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