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  1. Mine was the same about 15 months ago. I find you make great progress combined with periods of work with little to show for it. It took me 3 days to get the bonnet latches restored and working properly.
  2. For those who have been following the restoration of my TR2 it is getting to the end. Originally delivered to Perth, Western Australia it came to the east coast soon after. I am the 3rd owner, the first raced the car until 1965 and the 2nd owner started working on it in 1966. He never got around to finishing it before he became ill and I bought TS3732O 2 1/2 years ago in two trailer loads. It was registered again 5 weeks ago. Nearly 500 miles have been covered since in a variety of conditions. It took a bit of work to get a good load on the engine to bed the rings in because it has so much power very little throttle is needed even at 110 kph. This morning I took her on a Register coffee run 80kms from home. The drive combines built up areas, 110kph freeway and winding hilly old highway roads. It is the 2nd similar drive since it was back on the road. It is a delight to drive, heaps of power and the clutch, gearbox, steering, brakes and suspension all work well. The new standard rear springs have solved the rear end issues from the competition springs that were in it. Not too many rattles or squeaks and many of them should be resolved when I get the rest of the interior installed. The overdrive needs work so when I got home today out came the gearbox. It isn't anything major, I hope. A fellow Register member is going to fix it in the next week or so. An oil leak from the fuel pump to be fixed and the low port head and 1 1/2"carbies to replace the high port head and 1 3/4" SUs on it now. A bit of work on originality still to be done, e.g. the screw on oil filter to be replaced with an original by pass one. Once the gearbox is back in we will complete the Jonathon Skinner interior installation. Another car rescued.
  3. I cleaned the points and it is working fine. I did buy a new one from our spares so can replace this one if needed.
  4. New standard springs went in today. It now drives like a normal TR.
  5. Thanks Richard. The first thing I noticed was your cars owned and likes. TRs, old houses (all old buildings really) and dogs, especially retrievers, would fit in my description. Next time we are in London I'll contact you. I repaired the bad regulator (cleaned the points) so it is working and I picked up a spare regulator today so am right for awhile.
  6. Thanks all. Gearbox out next week to fix the overdrive. I'll take the pump off and see if I can follow one of the ideas above.
  7. This car is to be as original as I can make it. Foibles and all.
  8. The fuel pump is leaking oil from the pivot shaft. I would much prefer to fix it than put on an after market one. Any ideas welcome.
  9. Spot on. My friendly auto electrician dropped by. The regulator points are burnt out after 240 miles.
  10. Thanks Hamish. I have been told that the springs on my car may have been locally made to provide a stiffer spring for racing. The extra thickness of the spring is the cause of the harsh ride. I have a new set of Moss springs coming through our Register parts supplier. That should sort that problem out.
  11. My long door car regulator is sticking occasionally. Remove the cover and give the contacts a flick and all is OK. What might cause this and how do I fix it permanently? The regulator was new when I fitted it recently. The car has now done 240 miles.
  12. I was right there on that spot in June. I should have contacted you to say hello and compare cars. Next time, our son lives in Canada so we will be back pretty often.
  13. I don't understand cars with original steering boxes having bump steer. R&P conversions are known for it but not original cars. I have a daily driver TR2 owned for 43 years with no bump steer issues ever. I installed a Revington spring loaded box top and phosphor bronze bushes about 5 years ago with a total steering rebuild which improved the steering immensely. My recently restored TR2 has standard steering and again no sign of bump steer.
  14. I believe my long door TR2 has competition rear springs on it due to the very stiff ride. The manual says the springs are 30mm (1 1/14") thickness across the 6 leaves. The long door car measures around 34.5mm. My other daily driver TR2 has new springs from Moss which measure a touch over 31mm. Can anybody advise me if the thicker springs measure up as competition springs?
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