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  1. I would like to add an opinion here. I spent months researching the paint and trim colours for my restoration. I have the original interior, albeit in varying stages of deterioration. I wanted the closest match as possible. I worked with Jonathon Skinner over some months to match his available colours with my samples. Jonathon was absolutely outstanding, he must have sent 3 or more samples to me in Australia and me in the other direction. The New Tan leather/vinyl and the brown carpets he has are a very close match to the brown that my car had originally. The interior is very nice indeed. The carpets are more difficult. These cars vary a bit in shape and things like the gearbox tunnel alignment varies a lot. The carpet fit is very good but not as good as the interior kit. Jonathon's after sales service has been fantastic, even from this distance.
  2. My car is not as early as yours, TS3732O, but I have much of the original interior. It has leather cappings on the front sections back to the hockey stick pieces behind the doors, and vinyl on the rear three pieces. Seat faces were leather and the rest vinyl, The wheel arches are also vinyl.
  3. All fixed. The solenoid holding coil wasn't working and the pull in coil was staying on. When we tested it on the bench we didn't have it on long enough to reveal the problem. It packed up after about 10 minutes on the freeway in od. I replaced the solenoid, I wanted to avoid taking the tunnel out again having just had the new carpet installed. I subsequently found the fuse the auto electrician had installed was blown. I didn't do the od wiring so had to trace it all and write it down to figure out what was wrong. The fuse wasn't in an obvious place. In parallel my headlights stopped working. Again I had to trace it all and start a process to find the fault. It turned out to be the switch. I had a spare, that didn't work properly and I was just about to order a new one when I found another spare, this one the original from the car. It works perfectly. The car is back together, the carpet returned to its place ok, and everything is working. Happy days. Three working TRs!
  4. Mt restoration TR2 overdrive dropped out yesterday while driving on a freeway. The solenoid wasn't working. Now electrics are my very weak skill set. I tested the dashboard switch and the cutout switch on the gearbox and they appear to be working. Operating the dash switch and the cut out (by moving the car into 4th and out) you can hear the relay operating which it wouldn't if the switches were inoperative. I removed the dash switch and tested it with the multimeter and it appeared OK. Under the car the wiring at the gearbox was tight. With no obvious faults I took the tunnel off. The solenoid wiring, where it goes into the solenoid was frayed and wasn't in good condition. The solenoid I thought was pretty new but when I looked at it closely it is likely it is the original 1954 one. When I hot wired the solenoid it it did work, once, later attempts it didn't work. After a bit of fiddling the solenoid did work each time I hot wired it. However, if I held on the hot wiring the wires got very hot so I disconnected. The solenoid will be replaced but I'm not sure that is the full problem. When I measure the voltage at the solenoid, cut out switch or dashboard switch I get about 5 volts. The system goes through a relay. I expected I would see 12 volts at the solenoid. I can't see why I am only getting about 5 volts. ????????
  5. Thanks Stuart. Yep, did that on installation. I did it again yesterday morning and the regulator started regulating. It failed again today and a pull through of a bit if thin cardboard got it going again. This is the 2nd one of these regulators in this car. The previous one had similar symptoms and finally failed completely. My other daily driver TR2 had similar problems and I had to use 2 or 3 regulators to get a reliable one. However, at 20 pds each compared to 162 pds to get a solid state one I can carry a spare easily enough.
  6. I do have an original overhauled RB106 which is in an air proof bag. It is made from proper copper, not recycled co. as in some foreign makes, and is a proper dated unit in first class order. I woyuld be pleased to sell it to you. It will need minor adjustment every 18 months but it will work properly. Cox Automotive carried out the overhaul and it is like new.

    Send me a personal message if you need it.

  7. I'm not feeling too pleased. The long door TR2 I am restoring to original condition is overheating, not badly but not good enough with summer coming. I fitted an original 4 blade fan to keep it original not knowing that the 6 blade fan as found on later 6 cyl Triumphs was a "tropical" option down under. I have had a 6 blade fan in my boxes of bits for 20-30 years so I measured it up and figured I could get the fans over the fan extension bolt, between the bolt and radiator. I got the 4 blade one out easily and then found the new one wouldn't make it by about 1/4". Undid the radiator, drained it, disconnected everything and with my son's help to move the radiator as far as possible tried again. This time I got the new fan jammed between the bolt and radiator. It wasn't forced in, maybe 1/8" in it and it caught on something. I got it out but did minor damage to the radiator cooling fins. 4 hours work and went backwards. The front apron will have to come off to do the job. With the new paint job I don't have the courage to do it.
  8. Thanks Bob. I will do that in the morning. I did that to the last one which got it working but it didn't last. The ammeter shows no charge, 0. It shows a discharge with lights on but no +ve. These regulators are supplied to Fergie tractors through a dealer here. I don't think they are up to car use.
  9. Thanks David. These look promising. I am trying to keep this car original as it may have left the dealer. As such I am retaining +ve earth. But I will look at one of these if I can't find another solution. I haven't fitted the carbies you provided yet. At the moment I am just enjoying getting a few miles on the car to sort out any issues. The only main one I have, apart from the charging, is it overheats too easily. I put an original 4 blade fan on, to keep it original, but it just won't do it. I have a 6 bladed fan which I subsequently learnt was an option out here, what was called a tropical fan. I just need to work up the courage to take the front apron off to change them over.
  10. I have just returned from a drive in my restoration project TR2 and have the symptoms of a failed regulator. The charge light glows brightly at higher revs and glows faintly at idle. I have done 500 miles in the car and had to replace the regulator once already. I suspect the quality of the regulators from my supplier. Recommendations of where to get a high quality regulator will be gratefully received.
  11. My head leaks the same. Standard on a TR6 although I think a gasket with a good sealant might fix it, at least for awhile. I live with it, it isn't too bad so I just clean the engine occasionally. I have a Moss replacement water pump on my TR2. It has been there since the late 90s and over 100,000 miles.
  12. A bit of good news on this clutch issue. The pedal rubber on the clutch was extremely worn, essentially smooth all over. When driving my foot wouldn't slide over the pedal as I released the clutch and when I felt it after a drive it felt very sticky to touch. Owning a few of these cars I found a new pedal rubber in a box of bits and put it on the clutch pedal. We just got back from a 50-60km drive and while there is a slight jerkiness the problem is 90% solved. The principal problem was the sticky rubber not allowing my foot to slide as I eased the clutch out. The new rubber allows a smooth sliding action. It didn't cost anything and I didn't need to take the box out. :-)
  13. A look alike. It was rough the last I saw it. I am sure there will be photos of the car with the real one and with Jan.
  14. Jan Pearce's daughter now lives in Sydney and has Jan's replica JPV 374 TR2. he used it on occasions where he didn't want to take the real car out. I did a bit of work on it a few years ago to get it registered here. She contacted me yesterday to tell me it will also now be sold. Would there be a premium value on this replica TR2?
  15. Any suggestions how to best attache the bar to the wishbone?
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